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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Breaking Our Contracts with the Dead

by Anna Von Reitz

It always comes as a surprise for people to discover that I am a Christian.   How, they ask, can someone like you--- a scientist, a jurist---clearly an analytical thinker and skeptic from Day One, believe this clap-trap?  How can someone who has so easily (at least so it appears to them) torn apart the history of the United States and seen through the illusions of money, continue to cling to anything so outmoded? 

To me, the best argument generally in favor of believing The Bible, is that its prophecies come true.  The proof is in the pudding.  There are by my count anyway, 648 prophecies in the Bible, and all but a few have come true.  We are right now seeing and experiencing another one of these prophecies coming true before our eyes and even participating in it--- God’s promise to break our contracts with the dead.

Read Isaiah 27 and 28.  Isaiah is one of the oldest Books of Prophecy, dating from the reign of King Uzziah.  Here Isaiah speaks of Our Creator’s promise to break our contracts with the dead.....what could that possibly mean?  Many generations of people have wondered about this mystery.  How can anyone have a contract with the dead?  The dead are dead.  They can’t do business or keep promises, buy or sell---so what is this crazy prophet talking about?

It must have seemed crazy to Isaiah himself, but that is what he heard God say, and that’s what he wrote down.  Only now, in what I firmly believe are the Latter Days, is the truth and the meaning of this prophecy now clear to see.

We, the living people, have been yoked to dead things.   Our names (Mark of the Beast) have been used to link us to and characterize us as incorporated “persons” ---and what are these things but dead legal fiction entities?

Indeed, by contract we have been married to the dead, lived as the dead, become enmeshed in the dead world of commerce, given the dead our life force, allowed dead things to buy and sell through us, eaten the substance of the dead (graven images, generation skipping trusts, and more contracts), wagered with the dead (insurance policies), and lived among these dead corporations --- and taken them for granted since childhood.

Now, we have come face to face with the dead things “representing” us---- john michael of the House Doe has met and realized what “JOHN MICHAEL DOE” is---- a dead, corporate “person”, a Cestui Que Vie trust established in his name for the profit of yet other dead, corporate entities operating as the UNITED STATES and STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

As he jolts awake, he realizes that another dead person is using his given name: “JOHN M. DOE” is a public transmitting utility created to profit THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and its CALIFORNIA franchise.

Poor john michael now realizes that his identity has been stolen as part of a massive fraud and that the only solid public proof that he is or ever was alive, his Birth Certificate, has been converted to a Death Certificate---- a document that proclaims the “birth” not of a living man, but of a dead, corporate fiction named after him.

All these dead persons are being “represented” by dead office holders--- SENATOR NANCY PELOSI, for example, and they work for dead states like CALIFORNIA, in organizations of dead, fictional entities like the US CONGRESS and the MUNICIPALITY OF SACRAMENTO.

Indeed, as john michael comes out of his stupor, he sees that he is utterly surrounded by dead things claiming to be him or offering to sell him stuff.  They are everywhere: First National Bank of California, Chepo’s Mexican Grill, McDonald’s, Chevron, Sears, First United Baptist Church, Jake’s Transmission Service, Best Buy, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Birnbaum’s Funeral Home----they are all incorporated, all dead. 

Being dead, none of them can be responsible or accountable for anything.

Thus, we have MONSANTO poisoning the whole world, MERRILL LYNCH and BANK OF AMERICA stealing millions of homes, and the BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON and THE DEPOSITORY TRUST CORPORATION enslaving and selling all the dead “persons” as chattel on the stock market----and they are doing these evils with impunity. 

Why?----- because they are already dead.

The “corporate veil” which is nothing more or less than the “veil between life and death” protects them from any accountability.  

All the once vibrant private businesses and companies are dead.  They signed away their lives by incorporating.  The shell that remains is only that, a shell, like a sea shell on the beach.

We live as zombies, half dead and half alive, living in dead cities, filled with businesses that are dead and going to churches that are dead.  We even use dead money---- I.O.U.s that are never actually payable.

When a friend of mine--- let’s call him William---- died, his girlfriend kept getting bills addressed to him from the IRS, the telephone company, the clubs he belonged to, all sorts of vendors eager to extract more promises to pay from HIM.  This went on for six months, and eventually, after being presented with an actual Death Certificate, most of these bill collectors went away, except the local telephone company.

Finally, many months after his death, his girlfriend set up an appointment with the CEO of the telephone company.  She took a copy of the Death Certificate and the urn containing William’s ashes with her.  She marched into the executive office and plunked both items down on the desk in front of the astonished CEO.

“I keep talking to him,” she said, bursting into tears---“and I keep telling him that he really ought to pay his phone bill, but he just won’t listen to me.  Why don’t you try talking to him?”

Why was this seemingly obvious situation so difficult to resolve? 

WILLIAM ROBERT MASON was already dead.  The phone company had been siphoning off his ESTATE for years.  Why should the actual death of william robert make any difference?

This is how crazy things have gotten---- and how evil, too.

Read Isaiah 27 and 28.  Read it with great joy and wonder.  Thousands of years ago, Our Creator declared an end to this evil system of things and it is ending.  Chalk up another Bible prophecy fulfilled.

We are alive though our Enemies would pretend we are dead.  We hold ourselves accountable even though our Enemies would offer us “benefits” purchased with our own labor and “insurance” based on our own deaths. 

We are even now casting off these dead things that have attached themselves like vampires to us, awakening from our zombie-like delirium, and reclaiming our names and estates as living men and women. Incorporated businesses are being dissolved right and left as people come to their senses and return to their natural unincorporated business structures instead.

Our Creator is fulfilling His Word, through us here and now, and the strength of His Will in this matter will not falter; our contracts with the dead are indeed being broken. 
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  1. Your Christian name is the only thing that is not a fiction upper case lower case, not the all upper case fiction on your drivers lisence it's a legal fiction not alive a LLC.TRUST .

  2. what I see here is an error of I agree with anna 100% about whats been done to us via the Cestui Que Vie trust.what the majority of people do not understand is the creative process that we all possess.this book has been preached for a couple of thousand years as a programming tool to control the masses through fear and manipulation via the catholic church and organized religion.when you put the history of the church and what it has preached to the masses and understand the creative will begin to see how we the people have created this bullshit we find ourselves in far as prophecy is concerned there is no wonder we see whats unfolding before our eyes today after this book has been preached to millions of people for over 2 millennia and in turn they have preached it to their family and friends.children are programmed from the time they are born to adulthood about religion and government and have the same core of beliefs.just like the majority of people today believe about the authority that the government has over them.think about this for a while programming the war on terror that's all we have heard for 15 years fear and manipulation.the church fear of the devil the gov fear of terror.we have to wake up people.we are much more than what we have been programmed to I applaud anna for what she has done about bringing truth about the real law and the lies about our status that they have put us all into.but as far as scripture is concerned I understand why these so called prophecies are coming to have to do your own dudiligance and not rely on what some one else says is truth on the matter of religion or scripture.

  3. Now this is the kind of thing you need to keep doing is meaningful and informational. Please don't get involved in this money thing, as it paints the wrong picture of the Christian.


  4. Unknown,
    Your problem with Scripture is YOU have not read it. As you have stated, you were taught Scripture by the church (also a dead corporation). If you had read/studied it yourself, you would have seen the verse that tells us "Let no man teach you...". Get out from under the oppression of corporate "religion", and know the Truth. It really does "set you free".

    Keep up the amazing work you're doing anna, we love and pray for you.

  5. I don't know where you get the Idea I have not read scripture I studied scripture for 35 years and came to my conclusions after researching Christianity and the gov over the last 18 years.I know scripture very well and I also expatriated 13 years ago.So I am well informed thank you. I don't know you so I can't form an opinion about you so keep yours about me to yourself.


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