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Friday, May 18, 2018

Hey, Fake Lawyer Larry! The Definition of Bar Attorney Is.....

By Anna Von Reitz

This is really too good.  

From the same "British Merchant Marine Service Manuel" published in 1801 that yielded the definition (finally) of "Withholding Agent" as a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service comes this gem: 

A Bar Attorney is a Shipping Clerk in the British Merchant Marine Service. 

A Shipping Clerk.  That's what Larry Becraft is. 

Oh, my...... and the numbers on their Bar Cards?  Those are shipping ticket numbers.   That's how they tag cargo and get credited for their work. 

It makes perfect sense, too.  

They are shipping our "vessels" and "cargo" all right--- as inland pirates and smugglers illegally de-camped on our shores and operating under conditions of fraud and color of law.  

They're not lawyers.  They never were lawyers. 

They spent all that money going to "law" school, and all they learned how to do was process claims for the British Merchant Marine Service.  

No wonder they are so blissfully ignorant of anything and everything concerning actual law---definitions, jurisdictions, legal research all goes right over their heads for a reason, folks.  

The only question left is --- why are these cretins here doing what they are doing? 

And thanks to some older patriot friends from Colorado, we are ready to definitively answer that question, too.  Keep tuned, Campers!  

I don't believe in calling people names or defaming their character when I disagree with them or when they are simply ignorant and making false assumptions, but after having Larry Becraft calling me a "Fake Judge" all this while, I thought it was only fair turn-around to expose what he is ---- and isn't. 

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  1. Very Tactful and True of you Anna!! Thank you for sharing these sources of reference, they are timely and much appreciated!!!
    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  2. Truth's job is to cut to the core; truth is designed by the living God to stand as an impregnable defense♥️♥️♥️

    Thank you Anna & team for your diligence in untangling lies, disinformation, misinformation, deception of all kinds🙄
    A full x job isn't it? There are sooo many of us who love you & pray for you & teams' safety, divine intervention & protection.
    Thank you for giving so much selflessly all you guys fighting & paving the way are precious treasures of hope for a better future & renewed expectation;even to the slightest degree of reminder...of the good in mankind. Thanks for being a Lighthouse for those yet in the fog.

  3. Bravo Bravo! Nice work Anna!!

  4. Where can one find this 1801 British Merchant Marine Service Manual ?

    Looking around the net... I found nothing.

  5. I too cannot find this manual and would like to do so. If you find, would u please share? Thank you.

  6. So if I hire a lawyer, are you saying he will stop a foreclosure in its tracks, no matter what the BAR judge says..!! Or that he won't threaten him with losing his license..!! Do you think lawyers are treated special compared to you realize how much fraud is involved in "real estate" from beginning to end...Will a lawyer sue the bank for creating a Promissory Note, that I signed and prove that the bank committed fraud and that I already paid for the house in FULL as soon as escrow closed....please point me in the direction of this honest lawyer....!! If you think lawyers know anymore than attorneys, you never hired a lawyer...!! By the way isn t there a difference between a "judge" and a "justice of piece"..!! Which side are you on..!! You should be proud not to be called judge..!! That is strictly a Corp term..!!

  7. And certainly, no one has "honor" in a court..!! Calling a judge "Your honor" is a oxymoron...!! It's not going to matter very soon because Trump looks like he is going to implement "The chip" like India because he is totally behind law enforcement and the military...and it's coming soon..!! Before his WALL..!! Also, there is a different type of chip that looks like a tattoe, which people, especially the younger generation will think is cool, but it is even worse than the chip..!!

  8. This is great, because I just put law firm on notice which is acting in a very deceitful manner in the delegating of a Will of a close relative. This will add to my rebuking language re BAR attorneys!

  9. According to title 28 section 607 they arn't allowed to practice law in a court in this country. We bring it up every time we go to court, and the judges we have faced have given us answers all over the place, from dead silence to you have to enter that as a motion. No i don't, all i have to do is make it known to you that the attorney is violating federal law. Everyone should do it every time you go to court.

  10. Mike, please explain, how would you establish that they are employees of the administrative office of us courts?

    1. NM, Mike, I did a little research and believe I answered my own question. Here is a motion to vacate void judgement you maybe want to try:

      This is notice that on __(date)__ at 9:00 AM, defendant will move before this court to vacate void judgement for the reason that plaintiff attorney, Mr. Pompous Windbag, ESQ violated federal law in prosecuting this case to obtain judgement, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 670 which states:

      An officer or employee of the Administrative Office shall not engage directly or indirectly in the practice of law in any court of the United States.

      As an attorney, Mr. Pompous Windbag, ESQ is an officer of the court as determined and confirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States as held in Ex parte Garland:

      "Attorneys and counselors are not officers of the United States; they are officers of the court, admitted as such by its order upon evidence of their possessing sufficient legal learning and fair private character." Ex parte Garland, 71 U.S. (4 Wall.) 333 (1866)

      Therefore, by engaging directly in the practice of law in this court of the United States, plaintiff attorney, Mr. Pompous Windbag, ESQ has violated federal law and all his pleadings must be considered null and void ab initio.

      For the foregoing reasons, defendant moves this court to strike all pleadings by plaintiff attorney, Mr. Pompous Windbag, ESQ and to vacate the record and vacate void judgement.

    2. This IS great info and awareness of the facts, thank you Mike and 1freeman for sharing!!! Much appreciated!!

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

    3. My only reservation with the above is documenting the connection when challenged between an officer of the AO and an officer of the court since Wikipedia claims that: "The Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO) is the administrative agency of the United States federal court system. It was established in 1939." It would appear that an officer of AO as a separate agency of the court system is not necessarily an officer of the court. But it can certainly help,you throw a monkey wrench into their spokes to slow down the machine from advancing. If somebody has that reference to establish the connection and can share, that would be awesome,


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