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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Yes, There Are No States .... Wake Up, Oh, Glory, Wake Up!!!

By Anna Von Reitz

Thanks for the best laugh I have had in a long time.....

Bill Henshall has concluded an investigation and found out that there are no states!


Hello, America?  I love you all!  --- But really, this is too droll!

Surely, you realize that the entire concept of a "state" or a "nation" exists only in your head?  That the reality of any such political entity or subdivision or kingdom or country is a legal FICTION? 

Surely, you have seen the names and borders of countries shift and change even in your own lifetimes?  Where is "Burma" now?  What happened to "Yugoslavia"?

My sides ache.  My mouth is dry from gasping.

Lord, Lord.....

Yes, it's true.  There are no states, no provinces, no kingdoms. 

And that is why the actual basis of "States" in this country have been summoned to assemble: people.

People create States.  People are states.

If anyone ever challenges you to show them where you own any sovereign piece of land, dig a hole at least six inches deep in the ground, stand in it, and pound on your chest.  Take a photo.

It really is as simple as that.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is an organization of what?  People. 

It is a business structure, an unincorporated Holding Company.  And what's that?  It's people organized to do a job, fulfill a function, for still other people who are organized as what?  State and County Jural Assemblies.

Lions and tigers and bears!  Who knew?

Yes, this is why it is so absolutely and urgently NECESSARY and important that you all heed the call and "return home" to the land and soil jurisdiction of your States of the Union (get your political status records corrected) and join your State Jural Assembly----because you are your States. 

Your Jural Assemblies are what create and maintain and give life and breath and authority to your Counties and your States. 

If you don't make the commitment to live on your soil and land, then it stands vacant. 

If you don't make the commitment to occupy the Public Offices of your Counties and States, then foreign corporate employees will be happy to do this "for" you, and claim that you are "absent". 

Which then ALLOWS them to do whatever THEY please with YOUR assets.

Honest to God, this entire country has been bamboozled and our people have been reduced to walking, talking zombies, still more than half asleep--despite me and many, many others banging a gong as loud as we can.

Re-convey your Trade Name to the land and soil of your State.  Seize upon your Assumed Names/NAMES.  The forms you need are already on my website:, Article 928, Editable documents. 

And then, join your State Jural Assembly.  Go to and connect. 

You are the sovereigns of this land.  Nobody else on Earth is.  It's up to you to breathe life and meaning into your States of the Union---and if you don't do it, nobody else can. 

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is still alive and still standing in the doorway like a lion---the lawful government of this country with all four paws on the floor.  But you have to answer her call.  You have to re-boot your States and your States have to re-boot your National States of States. 


For your edification, and if you are like me, your "Ouch!" sense of humor --- I am including the research (thus far) into the profound truth that the "States" do not exist (without you).     Constitutional discussion with Bill and friend--there are NO States, Article I, Section 2, Cl. 3     

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  1. Someone knock me off the fence

    It is fear that stops me . In the past I tried to do this a different way and ran into a brick wall ,was identigied as a nutjob and ignored... so will this method actually do something ( like not get me arrested or thrown in a nuthouse ? ) How do we inforce our authority ? How do we het the criminal foriegn bastards to stand down ? In New York we have a vast majority of insane communist do we steer them off a cliff and get rid of them or their way of thinking ?...15 or so years in this and it has only gotten far worse !!! HELP !!!!!!

    1. This is my hesitation as well. I have asked several times and even asked for the responses to be made out in open forum (here) so that others may see as well. So far, to no avail. I know Anna and company are very busy, but I did ask some very pointed questions and hoped to see a response. She says she cannot address everyone's issues directly, and I understand that, but it does seem that it would be beneficial to many if she would write one of these articles and tell us what the ramifications and effects are of doing the filings, which in all actuality, is still "participating" in *their* scheme as you have to file. . . paperwork. . .to . . .free. . . yourself from their. . . system. . .
      I have mine all ready to go, but am awaiting some direction and information on the ramifications.

    2. It shows and takes great courage to confess/acknowledge the FEAR that consumes and stops you. This IS a huge personal awareness and IS the key to peeling away all the layers personally, and getting to the root s to discover what your true moral values are, and to guide you in overcoming the fear, and be INpeace.
      This IS Huge internal work for each of us, and no two of our life's experiences have been the same, so our journeys of learning, growing and overcoming are ALL going to be different as well. There is not a one size fits ALL "form" or "solution" to this system of worldly betrayal we've woken up to. It IS exactly the ONE SIZE FICTITIOUS “BOX" and mindlessness that got us into this Illusionary trap to begin with. That's why "individually" has to be worked out/accepted and acknowledged by each and everyone of us, individually first, as we ALL have our own baggage of burdens(internal state) we've collected and carried around to be freed of first, then we can peacefully come together to INforce our balanced true will, based on our divine values and INtruth living spirits. We have ALL been hugely fooled and betrayed by this False system of "appearances" and "illusions" for a reason. Everything happens for a reason and serves a higher purpose...everything. We just have to be willing to seek deeper to SEE and understand so that we Can overcome, and get "unstuck" and be guided by our true knowledge and wisdom within, and learn how to trust our internal guidance to show us how to "let go" and lead the way. Know one outside of ourselves can do this internal work for us, we have to own it and take all responsibility for our own personal betrayals, fears and life's experiences that have brought us here Now. We are a wonderful work in progress! All the "fire" we come to, we Will get through Stronger, wiser and Lighter!!
      I continue to go through the fire daily, however the size of the "fires" Appear from the outside to be HUGE and out of control, but that too is just "appearances" and internally I know that the fire is serving a much higher purpose, and I simply have just learned to seek within and Trust the process thats been put before me to learn from and grow. Its all good, its All serving our highest good and purpose at All times. There are no accidents, or coincidences. We All have been/or are being Shaken on purpose, and by design in our own times. This IS a personal spiritual awakening and Shaking we are Now experiencing, whether knowingly or unknowingly. willingly or unwillingly Is our own personal awareness and choice Now.

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be In All

    3. would be much more believable if you went to court, in front of a judge, for the least little thing, like a parking ticket, or infraction....but I'm sure you obey every single speed sign, and make complete stops at every stop sign, just like any slave would...!! There is something called "common sense" that trumps all codes and regulations of the Corp state....!! I can go as fast as I want when no one is on the freeway at 2am in the morning....RIGHT..!! Or why don't you sue a govt agency like I'm about to do with the county recorders office for filing "notices" of tax liens as real liens without a "court order" to do know what there answer was to me when I pointed it out and threatened to sue them criminally....."We reviewed your response and determined we aren't doing anything wrong, besides our job is strictly "ministerial" and therefore we aren't liable...!! That was their answer...will you help me sue the county recorders office and the District Attorney that oversees that dept....!! They have litterally destroyed lives here in Calif. because this is a non- judicial foreclosure state, which means they only need the county recorders office to accomplish a foreclosure, unless the person being foreclosed on challenges the foreclosure which 99% just takes a bribe in the form of an for keys to the house...!! Most people just take the money and leave....but the whole foreclosure process is fraudulent from beginning to end...and it's easy to prove..!! Are you with me...but remember, just like Jesus and John the Baptist and everyone of the apostles did time in jail and were all executed....are you willing to spend time in jail to fight this beast.....!!! That's where faith really comes into play...!! What do you say...!!You will be doing God's work and helpingbinnocent people from losing their homes and families....there is no greater reward than to give up you life, for another....!! Chap ?? Verse..?? But you know it's true..!! If not you, then WHO???? If you wind up in jail, it's because there is a reason for it, trust me I know from experiance...!! It's time you see how this system treats people from the inside...!!

    4. The whole damned problem is NOT 'inside of us people'....its IN the Court Rooms, on the bench, in government offices of all kinds. So stop with this flimsy jargon 'we have to work on the junk inside us, and get over Fear'.
      Also, stop with that nonsense that 'everything is for a reason, and serves a higher purpose'. THAT is the biggest pile of bullshitt of all Poop! Sheesh, most people sitting in prisons and jails today do NOT deserve to be there. They are Pawns of this crooked system which is ordained and operated BY the devil himself, and those who work for him.

      The FACT is, ANY one of these judges can Order anyone to undergo a 6-week 'vacation' in a mental institution for even bringing up this stuff about 'their Rights'; be force fed their mind drugs, brainwashed to see things their way......which RUINS their life from then on. OOPS, I forgot, it ''serves a higher purpose''.
      Stop with this New Age nonsense. !

    5. James, making assumptions based on no knowledge of the facts IS a rampant sickness that HAS infected every one of our lives. Do you personally know me, how many times I've been or not been in a courtroom? How I "Drive" or what Drives me?
      You know what can be said about "assumptions" right? They only serve to make an "ass out of U or Me" and hopefully we learn from making these false "assumptions" and STOP participating in this INSANE thinking and behavior once and for ALL and seek facts instead. It IS time to get really Real and stop justifying "Common" incorrect and blatantly False, and mindless assumptions created by worldly "FALSE Authority" and Programmed FEARS of punishment for staying true to ourselves, and having principled integrity within to light our way and see us through. I trust that whatever I am brought to, I WILL be brought through. No if, and or buts about it NOW. Its All Good, Always!!
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be

    6. still didn't answer my question..?? Have you ever defended yourself in a court of law or bring charges against public employees..!!

    7. Sorry, James, but their "Corporate Courts" are NOT my business nor are they "Courts of Law." I have learned enough to know that NO JUSTICE will EVER be served in their "Colorable" fictitious "Courts" that merely serve and protect the "Bankers." property and interest, not ours.
      Good luck with your process!

      As Anna stated today and IS my shared sentiment as well;

      "Hey, fella, you can do what you want to do. If you want to subject yourself to the Queen and be plundered for your trouble, that's your business. Leave me to mine. I obey the Public Law, which is sufficient."

      Some learn, some don't, and those that don't keep going back for more!!

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

    8. Abby...i was simple testing Kellis ridiculous comments about having "NO FEAR"..! It's a complete lie..! How do you plan on changing things in this country Kelli if you don't stand in the light of God without FEAR..!! Makingbcomments on this site won't help people being foreclosed on....does it..!!Your all talk and no action...Didnt you see the two comments above..!! They fact is we are all scared, your just to PROUD to admit it..!!

    9. And what PUBLIC LAW are you talking about...All we have is PUBLIC POLICY..!! Show me any example of public law going on today...!! Had judge Anna had any success yet....NO.!! Good luck with her process too..!! Nothing, and I mean nothing gets accomplished without a lawsuit...Anna is finding that out quickly...!!So far i havent heard of any truely successful wins worth a damn..!! Klick you heels 3 times Dorothy and maybe you will come home....but I doubt it..!! What good is it to change your status if you don't plan on using it for everyone's good, not just your own...!!

    10. Well I tend to agree with patriot 58, and Doug....besides, what assets..they already took all my assets. What else can they take from me...nothing, except my freedom and stuff me in a 6' by8' cell...there is nothing left to fight for , at least for me...!! But I will pray for everyone else...!! And for the country..!! Sorry, but that's all I have..!!

  2. Thx One thing on my mind... isn't America a continent.. hence we are still the colonies?

    1. There was, and maybe still is, a program on the history channel called "How the States got their shape".!! You would not believe how many times the States have changed their boundaries since this country was first conceived..remember we stayed at the East coast and moved steadily West to states like Calif. being one of the last states to be populated....but the boundaries from the beginning were mired in politics and resourses, especially GOLD..!! It was all those resources plus the main one GOLD, that played a part in the shape of the States. Calif. initially started out as a smaller state, but just as they were to draw up the bounderies, they discovered tons of gold up in the appliation mountians, so Calif insisted and fought to extend the boundaries all the way up to where it is now, which made our state huge compared to what it was originally supposed to be..!! So what is the meaning of all this....that all state boundaries are nothing but fictions of man...!! Can someone in space point out all the states...of course not..It doesn't look like any map.. States are and always have been fictions for the purpose of money....period..!!

  3. Patriot58, AND Doug, I agree 1000%. I have been to jail for trying to form and operate an assembly, and ended up with a felony charge on my record, although I did no harm to anyone and was operating under the direction of a guy that also called himself a Judge. He had solid argument that the Assemblies were LAWFUL..... but as it turned out they were not LEGAL, that is in accord with the UNlawful state statutes, et alia. And, guess what, when I was arrested and thrown in jail, the Judge never turned a finger to help either personally or via contacts. Note, the Judge was also arrested! Without the back-up of a legal team like The Living Law Firm, I am very cautious and reserved re jumping into another "assembly", although I am interested and willing to consider same.
    Tom Dooly

    1. If you ever get to talk to a judge, he will tell you, courts are not about the law...they are all about "proceedure"..!! And even for law students that just past there BAR exam, they are totally green when it comes to the real world in court.. that's why more than half of them start their career in public service working for the court..!! Very few start their own law firm unless they have a father or mother as a judge...!! And for one of us to try and understand all their procedures for the first time is like trying to play chess with a master chess player and hoping to win...!! In order for a master to be good at chess, he first had to lose many times himself...!! However, if you just take a case all the way through to a trial, you will have learned more than any law student who just graduated, especially if you try your best to act exactly like any attorney would , not a patriot, because you are there to learn who they work, not how a patriot works..!! How do you expect to win a case if you don't study how your enemey works first..?? Ues, I took the chance of going to jail because in order to fight an infraction, you have to raise the ticket to a misdemeanor, which can include jail time, but really not when a judge sees you are there to learn and your trying your best to learn there procedures and you go in looking respectable with a shirt and tie...if you go in looking like a bumb on the street, don't expect the judge to be nice to you..!! If you are tru ely there to learn Law and procedure....look the part..!! Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world.. No one can escape being judged without saying one word in the mind of a judge when he first sees you..!! My judge helped me all through the entire process, including "voir dare"(to speak the truth) when picking a jury...quite interesting..The prosecuting attorney actually taught me how to deal with juries, and if she didn't want then , she only said I would like to thank juror #4 and dismiss her your honor..!! And she already has a chart made up with squares representing all 12 spaces for jurors that she would use paperstickits for jurors names , and would be ready to change whenever she or I would dismiss a juror, and be ready to replace it with a blank stick it when the next juror took their place....very clever..!! I was learning chess for the first time in my was actually a good learning experiance. Eventually I started copying all the prosecutors actions to mimic courtroom proceedure...and the judge absolutely took "judicial notice" of it...He was secretly hoping I knew enough to kick her ads and gave me a wide birth to do it, more than reasonable..!! The most important thing I learned is the importance of the word "Objection" !!! If you go into court, you better know and use that word like water.. It's the only word that works in you favor, and you can never let a prosecutor get away with an infraction (against you) without objecting to it, because if you do, forget about appealing your case. If you let her get away with that without objecting to it, it acts exactly like silence, and that you aquianced to her infraction against you... she used that word against me from the very start. As soon as I was allowed to cross examine her witness...three questions, and she stopped me all three times with an objection..!! Now she had the psycolgical advantage and fear took over..!! That's the last thing you want happening and she knew it..We all learn Law on these sites, but no one goes over procedure....but no matter how much patriots tell us to stand on the law, you better be ready to change ships and prepare yourself for a battle of wits...!!

    2. Tom...why was the judge arrested..!!

  4. What is a Certification of Birth? That's a phony document sent to me by Cook County, Illinois when I paid for a copy of my BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Where do original BIRTH CERTIFICATES go?

  5. Keep shaking Robert because it's not going to get any better..!! Not unless there is a mass rebellion of Americans against this govt and all its courts...I say get rid of anything called a court, so attorneys will all be out of a job once and for all..!!


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