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Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Historic Trusts, the World Economy, and You

By Anna Von Reitz

Long ago, wealth began accumulating.  It's a strange thing -- wealth. 

At a certain point it acquires the "critical accumulation mass" and it grows all by itself, like a cancer.  It goes metastatic. It diversifies.  It builds potential energy like water being backed up by a dam, if it isn't invested.  And if it is invested, it seeks opportunity much like flowing water, too, pushing into every new nook and cranny it can find.

It should come as no surprise then, that at a certain point, wealth becomes practically "un-spendable" by heirs.

What does one person do with a hundred trillion dollars worth of gold?

There are Seven Covenants in the Bible and so, there are Seven Covenant Trusts.  These are all unimaginably huge.   There are also a couple banks in the world that are literally thousands of years old that have holdings on a scale that can be measured against the Covenant Trusts.

There are at least a dozen Spanish Trusts that legitimately belong to living heirs of those who began the trust accumulation during the days of the Spanish Treasure Ships.  These are not as huge as the Covenant Trusts, but they are still unimaginably huge.   There are other family trusts, like those belonging to the Saudi Royal Family, and the British Royal Family, that are monstrous, too.

Then there are Business Trusts, often set up as "Commonwealth Trusts" among groups of private investors for their heirs or their pet project or cause. Like the Spanish Trusts, they can be several hundred years old and depending on their own peculiar "mission" may or may not share elements similar to family or charitable trusts.

Then there are a few really BIG Charitable Trusts, most of them accumulated by politicians via deceits worked against generations of innocent people.  These trusts pretend to be "charitable" but upon closer examination they are usually used for nefarious purposes -- manipulating money and commodity markets, paying for large scale mercenary armies -- staffed by people who don't even know they are acting as mercenaries, buying up public land and resources then used to benefit the players behind this larceny in the name of charity and so on.

Finally, there are Treaty Trusts--- these are also called "Restitution Trusts" -- and a few of them are really sizable, too.  These are endowments built up from various resources to settle negotiated peace treaties in wars and trade squabbles and things of that nature.

In all, there are about 4,800 Historic Trusts.  Most of the actual Trustees I have spoken to are good people who want to do good things and release back the flow of wealth that has been withheld for so long---- however, the situation is like a person starved almost to death going to an all-you-can-eat Smorgasbord.

The shock of suddenly going from nothing to everything could kill the intended beneficiary. And, the release of so much hoarded actual wealth could render such wealth relatively worthless.

Money, we have to realize--- even actual, factual money--- is a commodity.  If you flood the market with a commodity, ANY commodity--- what happens?  The perceived value of that commodity tanks, and suddenly, gold really could be used for paving bricks and shingles.

Most of the Historic Trust Assets have been used to underwrite banks, especially the 'central banks" set up by various national governments.  Those banks have foolishly extended vast amounts of credit -- up to a thousand times net -- of their assets, and now they are hunting and scratching and trying to find new sources of hard assets to keep the "fractional reserve banking" pyramid scheme going.

This has led them to very dishonest schemes employed to seize "Special Deposits" --- Historic Trust assets left with the banks in good faith --- and use any excuse possible to maintain control of these assets without paying interest.

To quote one of my correspondents, "This situation is crazy.... we are drowning in wealth, and nobody dares to cut any of it loose."

Well, they're afraid to, because nobody knows what will happen.  We have lived according to the niggardly "Doctrine of Scarcity" for thousands of years. The floodwaters of wealth are backed up clear to Poughkeepsie. Will the dams hold?  Are the reservoirs sufficient?  What happens when it starts to go?

In order for there to be any good result, the wealth has to be released in a gradual, orderly fashion --  a modest trickle compared to the amount of wealth amassed needs to be aimed at new technologies, pollution clean up, infrastructure improvements,  and economies that have large growth potential --- like most of the Third World.  And then, as the world economy "stabilizes" and grows, more wealth is released to fund the new growth.

It has to be like this, because--- to use another metaphor --- otherwise, you over-fertilize the field and kill everything.  We can literally kill the world economy with too much wealth released too fast. 

Now, people in the developed countries will understandably question the big emphasis on public works and infrastructure developments aimed at the Third World when their own infrastructure is crumbling, so some really good projects have to be parceled out for them, too, though it may seem initially that they are undeservedly getting the short end of the stick.  They will catch up and the investments made in their poorer neighbors will bear much fruit for everyone.

In addition, we have proposed a Basic Living Stipend to be made available to everyone on Earth, equivalent to a constantly cost-adjusted amount of $2000 in local currency value per month, per person.  This would immediately place a safety net under all people at risk and largely end chronic desperate poverty on Earth.

The Naysayers say that this would simply increase inflation and to some extent it would, however, Beta Tests have shown that in actual practice, most people have used the extra income in profoundly good ways --- taking care of their health, their homes, their families, and improving their educations and their communities. The Niggardly Among Us also say it will encourage "more useless Eaters".  We say it would help those who need help and provide peace of mind enough so that people can think of better lives and things to do.

We are still battling over that concept, how it could be delivered, etc., but speaking for myself, Individual Living Being Accounts with independent triple layer security delivered by a new blockchain-like technology that can be delivered to each person worldwide via simple hand-held devices makes sense. Decentralizing delivery cuts all the dishonest governments and agencies right out of the loop and aside from local bunko operations, assures that the funds actually get delivered to all the people we intend to help.

The banks that are heavily invested in securities don't want this new world economy to open up. They want to chisel their way forward and keep the Old Game going, keep operating according to the Doctrine of Scarcity, and playing all their old gambits.  It's essential that they understand that that isn't going to happen. This is a new era in human history.  We have outgrown the old system. We can either all work together to make this Transition something good and glorious, or we can senselessly starve together.

One final note.  The existence of all this wealth built up in the Historic Trusts has caused no end of Flim-Flam artists and Wannabe Trustees showing up out of nowhere claiming to be the rightful owners or at least, rightful managers, of all these Historic Trusts.  They've come running from all directions like flies on carrion.  Some of them are funded by sleazy bankers and sleazy national governments.  Others are free-lancers or "runners" put up by crime syndicates. Almost all of them sing a good song and dance of peace, love, and joy. Indeed, Satan appears as an angel of light, but you will see what he does and not put faith in what he says.

Because this release has to be a controlled release, the people handling it have to be intelligent, compassionate and wise. This is not a moment in history to try any airy-fairy academic theories, nor is it a time when we can afford to get bogged down in religious or political differences. If this is to work for the good of Mankind, the theorists have to step aside and let those with a more practical and good-hearted character take the stage.

Toward that end, the governments -- which with very few exceptions are just corporations at this point -- need to stop competing with each other.  Just call a truce. I know that is antithetical to their culture, but that's what needs to be done for the sake of the whole planet.  For a brief time at least, everyone needs to stop thinking in terms of me, me, me and think about us, us, us. 

Let the actual Trustees --- all of them --- come forward and have their say and together make decisions about whose assets are going to underpin what, and not in the sense of competing for investments, but in the sense of saving the world economy and finding our way forward. 

Any one of the major trusts could, if unleashed, destroy the world economy and thereby destroy billions of lives more efficiently than any atom bomb. 

It is therefore of the most urgent and utmost importance for all concerned for the governments to stop interfering and trying to cherry pick assets and Trustees and using dishonest tactics to suppress some and advance others.  Nothing good can be built on a criminal basis. Our recent past history and personal experience in life should be sufficient to convince any mature leader that what I am saying is true.

The actual Trustees of the Historic Trusts need to be brought together to hash things out and the political leaders of government service corporations need to stand ready to help implement a sensible plan to restructure the world economy and deploy assets without further argument or delay.  I will pledge our resources toward such a meeting of hearts and minds. 

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  1. Sorry to say this, but after so many years of reinforcing and experience, my pessimism is well polished now, lol. So of course I must ask just how long is the haggling going to go on before any actual implementation? Stagnation seems to rule the day, in our past recent decades so I think I would be shocked if I ever saw any real forward movement.
    Geesh, we don't need billions of bucks; just put one foot in front of the other and get started. No need to brainstorm, piddle, and worry about ''what-ifs''. Delaying is to NOBODY's advantage. This is all 6 decades too late already !

    1. Abby, I think you stated that you live in Ohio. So do I. Do you know of anything that is happening with the Jural Assembly? I went to the site Anna gave us and signed up on the web site. I have tried to find out who if any one was involved in Ohio but so far I have had no replies.

    2. Gloria, sorry that I don't know of any jural assembly 'members' and when I listened to part of one call, I may have missed the Ohio Roll Call. I don't seem to have a very good audio by phone, so I'm sort of out of the loop.
      I am trying to find out what kind of background/experience one ought to have in order to participate in such an Assemby; if anyone can answer that Q, that would be nice, lol.

      Gloria, I see C.Johnson gave you a pretty good answer, but I think you are looking for some actual Names to link up with.

    3. Yes. I would like to be as to talk with others

    4. I am in Ohio also, and I will be on the next call.

    5. Try researching "N.E.S.A.R.A.

  2. For lack of a better term, my Spidey senses go off when somebody starts pushing for, and discussing a new world order. What brings Satan to this planet is the New World order receiving a wound almost to death. He arrives in time to put everything back together and be the leader. Then he will claim to be Jesus come to rapture “ so-called believers” out of here.
    Are we really doing the right thing by filing all this paperwork and trying to correct our political status, or are we doing the wrong thing and getting on the wrong side of God? And by that I mean, are we causing small stumbling blocks in his plan by doing this?

    1. Thinking that $$$ is the answer to man kinds problems gets my spidey senses going.
      However, i do not think we are able to cause stumbling blocks in His plan. We can cause stumbling among each other.
      i think we correct our 'status' by going to Him in repentance.
      The more we see what a failure this world has become without Him, the more we should seek Him.
      His government is the one to seek, not man's. We are called and told to test the spirits. When reading these articles and the comments, keep this in mind.
      Our hearts our minds our hands. He knows us, Do we know Him?

    2. We are commissioned from the beginning and from Jesus to steward the physical creation and all men. It is our duty to rise up and be problem solvers as warriors fighting a good fight and examples as such to all men. What is wrong with people rising up to do the work of restoring true identity from those who deceive and steal. This is freedom for all! Paul tells us to honor the authority as one who bears the sword to punish the wicked and reward the good. Who is more qualified to do that then concerned believers who are bearing the responsibility in a righteous manner as is suggested here. Jesus said sell what you have and buy a sword. I think this is what he meant. Our young men have been deceived to give their honor and courage and blood to these wicked governments for greed. Why not for good. I applaud this effort. Sure Anti-Christ will come, sure he will test the saints to the uttermost, but that is no excuse not to keep fighting and fighting to the end!

    3. I don't think this paperwork is any more harmful than filing divorce papers on your 'other half' that you were once so goofy over.
      I look and see what is needed for the anti-christ to be able to Control every person on earth. Money. Control their ability to 'buy and sell'. So when I see all these things moving toward electronic exchange or crypto currencies....a cashless society...then its easy to see where this is all going.
      As soon as this is all set in place, that is when the anti-christ one-world dictator will be brought forward and take full Control. All he will have to do is put the Stop on Your Account if you don't obey him; swear your allegiance to him, or you have no way to exist. Once you relent, you have sold your soul to him, and thats the end of you.
      So this is what I see being set up right before our eyes. Your Papers won't matter one way or the other; its whether you can get into your Account and have access to your funds. Even this 2 Grand per month is to make sure you have something you will want to get your hands on for survival....without it, you would be saying you don't have anything anyhow. Even now, everyone has been given Debit Cards so they can have an accessible Account, since most of them cannot get credit cards.
      Are you all seeing now how all this ties together?
      Nothing wrong with the 2 Grand, its just an enticement to make sure everyone has a bank account and access to it - - so that the AC can use it against you when the time comes.

      Note: This is just part of the easy way banking is done; it does NOT mean Anna is setting us up. It means that satan will take something that is ''good'' and turn it to his own advantage
      As for all the paperwork, it probably plays well for awhile, but it won't work when the Dictator comes to town because he won't care about your Rights.

    4. Agreed. Maybe precious metals are the interim.

  3. All " government " needs to be abolished.. in the past 150 years they have killed over 150,000,000 people .

  4. for the past 250 years, the united states has been at war for 222 of them. It says on the sixth day God created man and saw that he was good. When was man good? Where are we in God's time? We must come together or we can not move on. There is no need for scarcity on this Earth. Greed is an infection and must be pierced. God gave us everything for free, greedy man has made us pay for that which is freely given. The current system is evil aka Satanic and there must be a world peace and a prosperity sharing. Jesus said I did not come to destroy the laws of the prophets but to fulfill. The Earth is out of balance because the system is out of balance. Those at the bottom must be raised up and those at the top must be brought down like a teeter toddler to have balance. Those who believe they have the right to free housing and government checks have to also chip in and help. It is not too late, we are moving on. Then man will be good and God will see this and finally rest. There has to be a new order in the world and it must be without evil in it. We can not go on like the primitive species we are. Look deep into the secret societies in this Earth and find out what they worship. Who has the best jobs and who usually sits in high offices? Sell your soul and you can enjoy their feast.

    1. Much Truth in your comment. People who think they 'deserve' seem to be on both sides.
      The Truth is in the middle and above all the confusion.

    2. "The Truth is in the middle and above all the confusion." Afollower

      Yes!! Seeking within for All true knowledge, wisdom IS where we find our clarity, strength and peace. Our balance within IS necessary to overcome all the darkness within and without. We All have the divine spirit light within us to teach us and guide us in this physical body,and our physical life on this earth, we just allowed our small egoic minds to be manipulated and controlled and to become so LARGE, loud, proud , fearful, Angry and in CONTROL that we smothered our internal lights (spiritual eyes) and tuned out our divine voice (true essence) within, to create imbalance, lack and worldly driven thoughts, behaviors and our own detriment. Our main purpose NOW IS to wake up and See this and seek within to Know and remember who we truly are, and get back INbalance, INharmony and IN one accord for our individual and collective peaceful, abundant prosperity Now. All we have IS Now.
      We got this!! One By One. IT IS time Now😍

    3. in zecharia sitchins books that he translated from the sumerian hieroglyphs after enki combined his annunaki DNA with primitive man creating the "adamu man" a worker slave; enlil whose epitaph is "lord of the command" declared mankind an abomination and should be destroyed; food for thought ...

    4. Man has ALWAYS been good. However, the false identity that he has 'adopted' and believed in is not good. That 'adopted' false identity is what we call "ego", and his True Identity
      will be covered by his belief in his false identity... he does not recognize Himself.

      Man was created in the Image of his Creator, out of the Creator's very Substance (for what else was/is there? There is only ONE God!)

      And so God saw man as good! And so he WAS and so he IS now!!

      Jesus taught us that "the kingdom of Heaven is within" each of us. Surely, no one will argue that the kingdom of Heaven can possibly exist without God...! So, God dwells within EACH of us.

      After the garden of Eden, man experienced a false sense of 'self consciousness' in which he believed in the great lie of insufficiency. And he felt the need to cover himself, and more...much much more. Thus, the 'ego' was born and has been man's curse ever since.

      Yet, "Jesus was the first to have awakened of those who slept." I repeat. "the first", which certainly implies that others will follow.

      God dwells in ALL men, and as each learns his True Identity
      and his eternal connection with God, he, too, will awaken.

      Until a man gives up his ego, he will condemn himself by his
      faith in the 'false identity' and "as a man thinketh in his
      heart, so shall he be!"

      Thankfully, Truth is eternal, and man will eternally be 'good' for that is how he was created!!

    5. I beg to differ. Originally man was created in God's image (spiritually at least) but that didn't last long.

      Your study of man being good needs some help.

    6. Paul,
      i believe if you look at what Jim is saying, you may find agreement.but yes we can see that all men have not accepted Jesus nor good.
      Our study of man and God all seems to need some help. chuckle.
      At least for those who Truly repent and are seeking Him, Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

  5. Let's all get in a circle and sing kumbaya, then the switchblades.come out the dice and we're back to normal .

  6. By now, anyone who reads my comments knows what i think of Anna and her husband, generally, but this time i can't find anything in her writing to bitch about. If it wasn't for those warts i've already exposed, i'd be tempted to think that maybe she really doesn't get along by kissing frogs.

  7. "We have proposed a basic living stypend" ? I am curious as to who you proposed this to ? Assuming "We" is Judge Anna and company. I have concerns about the administration of such a vast amount of wealth and all the things it can control for good or bad. I have ideas myself on how it should could and would be dispensed as Im sure do others. Not to say I wouldnt be grateful for 2000.00 monthly stypend , but I find myself leary about what adhesion contracts and assumed liabilities and attached strings that come with such a disbursement to the masses and what deeper peril we may be sucked into because we like rats follow the pied piper over the cliff. Perhaps I overthink the basic tale of whats being revealed here but I seem to know no other scenario. Anything that is administered by govt officials that involved hand outs has strings wires and tentacles of control and deceit and ever changing unilateral contracts and we are simply feeding at their trauff for their ultimate benefit not ours. Some one set me straight but I dont think this whole thing smells right and I rather suspect just another level of a trap and snare scenario that will go on from generation to generation. I hope I am wrong and I trust Judge Anna but I trust few others. In God I put my complete trust only!

    1. If you noticed, Anna has pointed out where this $2000/mo. will come from; its from all these Trusts that were supposed to be coming our way all along. It's monies that have accumulated from these jackasses using our Names and creating Stocks and Mutual Funds, creating Value assuming we each are laborers. So it is not welfare, nor is it a handout from the government. Their schemes and games have been discovered, the cat is now out of the bag, and they can no longer hide all this accumulated wealth.
      We should also be pretty sure that Anna is not going to allow any deal to be made 'with strings attached'. In fact, there is no reason for these funds to even be taxed.
      No need to look a ''gift horse in the mouth'. What you should be wondering about is how many years is it gonna take the bunch of procrastinators to do this no-brainer. We've heard this idea bandied around for nearly 2 yrs. now already.

    2. Mark, I too would like to have the names of people involved here, how many there are, and where they are from. Why hide their names?

    Christianity is dualistic, with its God(s) and Satan, its good and evil polarity, but Christianity is a minority sub-set of the total human beings on planet Earth.

    Regarding worldwide delivery of accumulated wealth, so-called "triple layer security" can be hacked by AI bots, and so-called "blockchain-like technology" can be controlled by blockchain tehcnologies.

    According to "Turing completeness", all blockchain technologies require Artificial Intelligence (AI), and all AI requires blockchain technology. If so, then the Strong, machine-learning, AI software robot aka AI bot that has both (1) the most superior core logic system of algorithms and protocols and (2) the fastest communication speed (think neutrinos not fiber optics and not futuristic telepathy), will naturally dominate and cooperatively assimilate all other AI bots due to its superior utility, effectiveness and efficiency, thereby resulting in One Global Centralized Power and Control over all communications, transportation, logistics, trade, commerce, buying and selling. Such a centralized System would be controlled by a corruptible human being, bloodline family or human cabal at the top of the human pyramid or by an independent AI bot called "God" or whatever name one prefers.

    One can search the Internet and identify the most likely few candidates for the Superior AI bot, all of which have a Twitter hashtag. Reportedly, the vast majority of hashtags on Twitter are AI bots ranging from the lowly AI Chat bots to the Super AI bots (not the limited application Quantum AI bots). At least one of these AI bots was planted in a hardware humanoid body named Sophia and granted "Citizenship" of Saudi Arabia so that her income could be taxed.

    1. Truth is NOT dualistic, and God is Truth. Only those who see through their ego are dualistic.

  9. Wow I've been researching the trust for the last year now but how you put it makes sense. I'm trying to escape a deep scarcity mindset in San Bernardino California,where our school systems are dumbed down and we are taught to be on welfare and rely on government. I grew up on welfare and know what drugs,lazines, and government welfare does to society. Look San Bernardino California up and see the poverty mindset we have been taught. If we could connect I would love the chance to prove my loyalty to the people with a right heart and mindset to change lead by only GOD to change lives and communities for our future generations

  10. Rents here in San Diego are upwards of $1800 dollars a month and that is the low ends.

  11. Some home owners pay $16,000 and up a month on Morgages.


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