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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Another Voice Heard -- A New Avenue of Relief

By Anna Von Reitz

We have determined what was done to us, when, how, by whom.  And now, what goes around, comes around --- to quote my Nephew Jonathan's favorite adage. 

I have discussed at some length the pollution of the English Common Law by admixture with British Admiralty and Maritime Law that occurred in the 1750's and which has given rise to "the King's Equity Law" --- in which the King has all the equity and Judges sit as proxies for the King. 

Just as the vermin have mirrored everything else, it turns out that they have mirrored Equity Law, too. 

What they call "Equity Law" --- their kind of Equity Law --- isn't Equity Law.  

I guess we could have all told them that, eh?  -- but their semantic deceit and trashing of the entire concept of Equity Law, their defilement of its meaning and reputation, again conceals the truth of the matter.  

It turns out that there actually is pure Equity Law and it actually does deliver justice and equity---- unlike their cruel sham that mocks the concept. 

Beginning next week, May 22nd, we will all have a precious chance to learn more about Pure Equity --- how to invoke it, how to process claims, how to obtain relief and restitution which so many people desperately need.

The introductory call is next Tuesday, May 22nd, at 7:30 PM CST.  The call in number and access code is:  (712) 775-7035   918810

I asked the instructor to change to Tuesday so that his calls won't conflict or overlap with the National Assembly calls and he kindly agreed.  

The intent is to develop a highly competent core group of students who will be enabled teach and counsel others. Members of the Living Law Firm are being alerted to participate. 

Securing practical relief and restitution for all the people who have suffered is one obvious (and large) goal of The Living Law Firm; restoring our lawful government and getting America back on track is another.  

These major goals have to work forward in tandem, together.  So while we learn about this new avenue of relief on Tuesday, we still need to keep going with the organizational effort summoning the State Assemblies.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! Sounds awemazing and I for one look forward to learning, growing and particpating!!
    Much gratitude for making this happen!

  2. Replies
    1. sounds like what i was talking to you about on that new private process you used. any word let me know via email brother.


  3. Not sure if anyone noticed the access number has 911 and 88 in it.... just an observation

  4. This is great. I will plan on being on this call, as I want to expand my equity and common law knowledge and be able to not only do this myself but rally others to creating jural assemblies. Thanks, Anna!

    1. Agreed Chris! You mentioned in previous comments about filing proper UCC filing statements as "non transmitting utility" with the SoS. Would you be so kind as to explain the proper procedure and necessary info to accomplish this correctly for those of us that have corrected our land records? I'm having trouble understanding the steps and correct info to include and which boxes to check or not check that relates to our intended results.
      Any knowledge you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  5. I'm not going to jump for joy yet, but I have to be open minded until we uncover everything, including Trumps ultimate goal....knowing the "deep state" at some time they just might be able to use Trump to there advantage if they have figured a way to control him at the right time, now that we all trust him....we have no idea of the technological advancements they have access to....!!

  6. For those of us at work during that time will this be recorded and put on the internet?

    1. Most conference line services provide for recording with callback access codes after original conference is held, so I imagine these valuable teachings will have that capability as well.

    2. Kelli, thank you kindly for confirmation.

  7. How exciting! Praise be to the living God♥️♥️♥️

    AVR you & the Living Law Firm + other team members out & competently blazing trails for us all to follow... thank you.

    You all have & continue to give keys, keys that have unlocked many who have been sitting in captivity, hopelessly ensnared, trapped; tossed out of their homes like a piece of trash, thank you. Today they are FREE men and women strengthened and teaching others. May you all find your selves rich in the abundance of the LORD God's presence, His peace & grace rest upon you. Thank you for the great sacrifices you all have made for all the people. I will love to meet you all face to face one day but until then ...shalom & nitenite

  8. Thanks for the 'Heads Up!'
    Much obliged!

  9. Oh here we go again; learning more shit. Don't even know what its about, but the cheerleaders are already jumping onto the field, lol. But Im thinking its going to just be another tennis game.
    K.I.S. and send me the Cliff Notes, lol.


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