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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Long and Short of It All -- Part 2

By Anna Von Reitz

All you currently active duty and reserve and retired United States Marines out there--  what was it you were shouting every day of your Marine training?  

Was it, "I am an American!" --- or was it, "I am a United States Citizen!"? 

All you United States Army guys --- which one are you?  

This same question applies to the Air Force, the Navy, even the Coast Guard.  

The answer determines whether you are an American and an honorable member of the American Armed Forces  or you are acting in the capacity of a filthy commercial mercenary -- albeit, not getting the big bucks of merc wages.

Did anyone ever tell you that when you signed up to enter military service you were enrolled as a mercenary in the employment of commercial corporations
and given a share in the profits via a stock portfolio?  No?  

No doubt this is coming as Big News, but yes, the rats set you up with a stock portfolio they were supposed to give to you when you left military service.  The catch is that so far as their records show, you never left their jurisdiction.

This is another example of the criminality infesting every aspect of the "government" corporations --- your DD214 is not  a discharge from "US citizenship".  So you are still snagged. 

You have to go back to the head of your branch of service and serve Notice that you have returned to your birthright political status as an American State Citizen.  Otherwise, they just presume that you are a "Lifer" and still obligated to bow, scrape, and salute. And they just keep your stock portfolio and manage it "for" you until you die, at which point they claim it as "abandoned property". 

 And you thought you were serving your country all the while you were serving the "US CORP".  Nobody told you any different, either.  Until now. 

So fire up your writing instruments and re-convey your Trade Names to the land and soil of the state where you were born (, Article #928, Editable pdfs) and give Notice that you left "US Citizenship" behind effective the date of "Discharge" noted on your DD214 and you are owed a stock portfolio and/or income therefrom earned while unwittingly employed as a commercial mercenary.  

Direct the Service Branch Office to update your political status records and forward your claim to the Office of Military Settlements. That should put a bulwark in the retirement resources of a lot of American veterans.  And when you get a chance, say, thank you, to the True God.  The rats didn't intend for it to be any actual benefit to you. They just wanted to stand around and say, "Gee, look at all these accounts nobody ever collected.  What a bunch of patriotic guys!" 

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  1. “Long and short”… Kinda like the insurance policies on Servicemen during WWII.

    The KIA's beneficiaries received $10,000.

    BUT... the Policy was written for $1,000,000 (that's one million) !!! [lotta money in the 1940’s]

    Where did the other $990,000 go? Come on…guess…

    So if there were 407,300 U.S. KIAs... then 407,300 x 10,000 = 4,073,000,000 was paid out.

    Where did the $ 403,227,000,000 go ? That’s BILLION !!!! 403+ BILLION !!!! Come on…guess…

    That's just the USA !!!

    Same happened to the Brits, New Zealanders, Australians, Canadians... (Allies)

    You do the math....

  2. And of course, those who have been such easily-fooled bumpkins must never be criticized or have reality pointed out to them because "muh service" and "I defended your freedom!" -- Ghost Who Walks

    1. Unknown, well here's a good story for you, lol. My son was a doctors assistant at the dept. of veterans affairs. The vets would have an appointment and come into see their doctor without having taken a bath in a year. One day one of them came in with bedbugs and contaminated the doctors area, and nurses had to remove their own clothes and burn them, get cleaned up and change of clothes.
      They deserved every bit of criticism they got, and I know you agree. They would also come in with a cough and demand a flu shot....after they had spread it to as many employees as they could. Some very uncouth inconsiderate people on the planet.

  3. Here again another example of insufficient glib information....''forward your claim to........'' Really?? How? We know the military has Forms for everything, and processes, yet all that detail is totally left out.

    1. Whilst impatiently studying commercial law for years it eventually became clear that the better part of all the questions were ultimately answered but only with time and diligence in following the curricula.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. If there are any veterans that are engaged in this site, would you please tell us, and then let us know if you will do what judge Anna says to do and report back to us with your success....PLEASEEEEE..!! Or, just tell us if you are just to scared to try...But if she is right, and it works, you stand to make a lot of money you rightfully deserve and then help your fellow veterans to do the same...!! That would certainly drain the swamp in our "industrial military complex" and thin it out so we aren't putting trillions into the military where all that money can be used for our infrastructure....!! At least let us know there are some veterans on this site..!!

    4. Abby, the letter clearly indicates: Go back to the Head of your branch of Service and serve NOTICE. Is Anna supposed to do all the leg work? If a man/woman can't take that initiative to look up a name and address then shame on them. Why don't you look up each branch Head and each address and post it here instead of criticizing all the damn time. A man does not use Corporate Forms to give NOTICE!

    5. James:
      I'm a Vietnam Veteran. I'm thinking about trying this.
      David Snieckus 617-964-2951

    6. Annie, I am not a veteran, so I really don't care. However, when somebody says 'forward your claim' can You tell us all what you claim it ON? since you are so smart.
      But if you just want to whine, then go whine to kelli; she loves to spar, LOL.

  4. Off topic for those doing Tax Court process..heads up;
    Of course nothing in this "System" is easy and we have to go through hoops and rabbit holes of disinformation (to intentionally confuse and distract us from our intended actions/desired results) in order to obtain certified true copies of the petition and final order to dismiss for LOJ, avoid the clerk all together and instead call: Records and Reproductions 202-521-4688 to order your certified copies @ .50 per page and 5.00 per certification.
    I personally just ordered 5 certified copies of petition and 5 of final order only-nothing in between.
    Records dept will call you once the case is found and give you a "Control#" for your order requested, along with instructions to complete form and order online by visiting:
    along the top of page click on "find an Agency"
    Find and select: United States Tax Court
    Than choose "Copy work order" Form, then fill out and submit.

    I hope this helps any of you wanting certified copies of your process, and avoiding the Court "Clerk" making false claims and giving you the run around.

    I personally ordered 5 of Certified petition, and 5 certified copies of Final Order for a total cost of 60.00. Might be overkill, on my part but I DO plan on putting them to work for me,lol

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

    1. And you got the order of the court already...that is great info if it's true...!!

    2. I filed mine 3 weeks ago and did Not include the $60.00 filing fee, as instructed, already received back from the US Tax Court, a letter and the form for submitting the $60.00 filing fee by June 22nd, which I am not going to do!

    3. That's correct fruit Inspector...PAY NO COURT filing fees regardless of what they say!
      Good job!! Next will be the "motion to dismiss" from respondent, followed by judges "Order" to dismiss by such and such date which petitioner (you) are being noticed and given this time to object to. No Objections here!!! We silently AGREE (no need to respond) that the US TAX COURT lacks jurisdiction....
      So Yes, by All means allow the court to SET a DATE for Final ORDER of Case Dismissed for LOJ.

      The process took almost 3 months for husband and I from start to finish.
      Stay patient, no response needed.

      Much gratitude, love and peace

    4. Thanks for the info Kelli. I am just waiting for the final order to be filed. Good post, much appreciated. Are you going to go the 843 route? just curious

    5. Your welcome zulu. We haven't decided on 843 route yet, since that wasnt our main priority for doing the process. However now that ex employer submitted in error 30% plus in 401k dispersement to IRS, we definitely plan on claiming those funds be returned asap.
      I am interested in hearing success or derogatory experiences regarding those submitting 843 refunds for All tax years remitted in error. Should be interesting!

    6. Kelli, I did not get the dismissal for lack of jurisdiction. I got a dismissal for lack of jurisdiction for not paying the filing fee. Cary told me I am the fourth guy that has gotten that response. I sent off a second tax court petition and got the typical you did not pay the $60.00 filing fee. We will see what happens this time. Can you tell me what that 843 refund is about? I missed the last call. I would love to try it if it is not a recipe for disaster. Thank you for your response.

    7. Kelli, all I got back from the clerk was a notice to pay the 60.00 and a form stating My court case would be in Los Angeles. If not received by June 1 st they would dismiss case...should I resend petition without the money and try again?

    8. Doonstr, that is normal response from court wanting you to pay filing fee, that We ARE NOT paying. So all is well, its our turn to just ignore their request,lol
      Just check docket for progress, and there shouldn't be any issues. Remember We want Case dismissed for Lack of Jurisdiction as Final Order.
      There shouldn't be any reason for you to start over...its all good😎

    9. hmm good to know John. Well doonstr, I answered your ? Before I read Johns comment, so it sounds like you will definitely need to wait and see what the final order is decided upon, and then possibly having to resubmit....sounds like their attempting to fill the crack!

    10. Yes I will wait. They may be catching on. How exactly does a motion to dismiss=a no jurisdiction admittance? Maybe I missed something?

    11. John Henry, the 843 refund process was shared by 1freeman in comments sometime at the beginning of year, based on the successful completion of the USTAXCOURT process of FINAL ORDER of Case Dismissed for Lack of Jurisdiction signed by District Judge, and obtaining True and Certified Copy of the final order to serve (present) to IRS along with a completed 843 form for EACH year you remitted a "Tax in error" and are now requesting the amounts paid each year be refunded plus interest.
      I looked for 1freemans explanation on this topic, but unfortunately I couldn't find it. Maybe he would be willing to share the concept again?

      I too never heard it on the calls presenting the original premise of taxcourt filing and purpose for this process, so its unknown if this add-on will bear any fruit or simply just amount to a recipe for disaster as you mention.
      I personally have experienced and observed way too many times to even count in the past that the one thing this BEAST system will absolutely reign its wrath on you for IS when it comes to it's "MONEY" that they are the Supreme RULER over, and truth or LAW be damned at attempting to get any back that you "voluntarily" gave to them, whether by mistake or under threat and duress, DOES NOT MATTER as we are dealing with a Souless, ruthless BEAST and the "MONEY" IS IT's PROPERTY.....not ours.

      doostr "motion" for anything is simply a request to move the court in a direction that suits/benefits the "mover" and doesn't admit anything in and of itself. Ask instead "why" is respondent requesting a "motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction"?

    12. Thank you kindly for responses Kelli, I am asking if the response received from the court, in a form of dismissal, is just a dismissal due to non payment, or an actual dismissal due to no jurisdiction? Does yours actually say that?

      On April 4, 2018, respondent filed in the above-docketed case a Motion to Dismiss for Lack ofJurisdiction, on the grounds: (1) As to 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012, that the petition was not filed within the time prescribed by section 6213(a) or 7502 ofthe Internal Revenue Code (I.R.C.), nor had respondent made any other determination with respect to such tax years, including any determination pursuant to section 6320 and/or 6330, I.R.C., that would confer jurisdiction on the Court; and (2) as to 1980 through 2007, 2010, and 2013 through 2017, that no notice ofdeficiency, as authorized by section 6212 and required by section 6213(a), I.R.C., to form the basis for a petition to this Court, had been sent to petitioner with respect to the 1980 through 2007, 2010, and 2013 through 2017 tax years, nor had respondent made any other determination with respect to such tax years, including any determination pursuant to section 6320 and/or 6330, I.R.C., that would conferjurisdiction on the Court, as ofthe time the petition herein was filed. Although the Court directed petitioner to file an objection, ifany, to respondent's motion to dismiss, petitioner has failed to do so.
      Upon due consideration, it is
      ORDERED that respondent's Motion To Dismiss for Lack ofJurisdiction is granted, and this case is dismissed for lack ofjurisdiction."

      Interesting to note: "lack ofjurisdiction" anytime "of" is written here, it is JOINED to the word it is followed by....interesting.
      False use of grammar intentionally, for their benefit as usual?

    14. "Upon due consideration, it is
      As the principal/Executor and the Beneficiary of ALL consideration, I will be executing a "acceptance and acknowledgment of both the certified Petition and the final order, with proper endorsement capacity and authority. By: last, first For: First Middle Last as Executor/ Beneficiary, Autographed, seal and date
      Then I will make black and white copies to present in support of any commercial corrections needed to establish correct reporting of Private Status and any false "public" reporting therefrom.
      1 Wet ink acceptance/acknowledged by principal of Certified True Copy will be recorded via Registered mailing for my private, sealed records

  5. I decided to repost this to Bob Smith's comment here in comment section. Why? Why not?😅

  6. My brother is addicted to that site...Qanon...!! He makes outrageous claims....I told my brother, how do you know if it's true or not...!! He says Trump is manipulating the media, and not the other way around..he says everything Trump is doing is planned...Sessions is actually helping Trump no matter what the media says....I don't know...its just doesn't all add up.

    1. James...perhaps this meme from this Twitter account referencing Neo as us & the Oracle as Q from the movie "Matrix Reloaded" of the Matrix trilogy will help u understand your brother's passion for qanon better?

    2. Seems pretty clear to me that Sessions is not doing his job. He's been there well over a yr. now and he still has not had one single bugger arrested yet. That tells me he has sold out to the 'enemy of the people'. Baffles me why trump hasn't fired him yet.

    3. Seems pretty clear Abby u haven't read Qanon's posts, too, Abby😉 Perhaps for starters check out a April 2nd Qanon post on Mueller 😎

    4. My bad...April 4th post by Q here I was referring to Abby: owAT4Z3VQ ID: 8071a4 No.893904 📁
      Apr 4 2018 14:52:00 (EST)
      It was not supposed to be revealed POTUS is not under criminal investigation _ NOT YET.
      Massive intel sweep.
      Manafort was a plant.
      Trace background.

  7. I thought that the oath given me was to my country. Many years later, If began to look in to things and discovered something amiss. Now years later with help from Anna, and others as well as doing my own research the path is still being followed to set things right. I could have stayed in the military, had a relatively easy job making 6 grand a month and earned a larger retirement. Now retired for several years, IRS place me in a special tax tracking office saying I am a federal employee. I have been a federal employee, that includes full pay checks, full medical and dental benefits, clothing allowance, travel and school stipends and cash etc. I get none of that, only what was earned for retirement based on rank, higher rank, more retirement pay. Enlisted can according to some regs I read, expatriate, for marriage or other reasons to another country as long as the country is friendly with the United States, like perhaps Israel, or England. Due to the fact United States has not been friendly with The United States of America, and deems them enemy, if I expatriate to my own country, Kansan and a state national, since United States is not friendly, as a state national I will be an enemy of our hired government service providers, possibly jailed under civil law and even stripped of civil privileges issued by United States and enforced by barracks full of armed police across the land. I would be risking that God is on my side or being truthful, where if I accept lying for the boss, who happens to be the most popular ruler, I can get material benefits and even phony awards and hugs from people thanking me for fighting for their freedom ( that is what they believe so does not matter if you are sent to murder innocents)
    Still I work toward what is right and true, the pay may be low and the material rewards non-existent. It is the virtues we fight for, it does not matter if anyone is being honest or their freedom is returned. Without the virtues, peace, truth, forgiveness and these things, there is no hope for anyone but death and destruction.

  8. I searched and searched and searched and could not find the information below...

    (, Article #928, Editable pdfs


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