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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Long and Short of All of It

By Anna Von Reitz

Either these people are: (a) my employees, owing me good faith service, or (b) they are foreign commercial mercenaries trespassing upon me and engaging in inland piracy.
In the first case, they are obligated to honor and protect my person and property. That is the only credible reason for any government to exist.
In the second case, they are pirates and every anti-piracy law ever created kicks into gear, including the international treaties that directly obligate both the Holy Sea and the British Monarch and their respective organizations to protect my person and property.
Read that: Checkmate.

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  1. Um, I'm going to guess pirates. Now the white queen is on the diagonal and the black rook in front of the king is moot.

  2. Yes, I am sure this information, that they already well know, will MAKE them honor their side of the treaties!!! If nothing else, we can get that phony "hereditary Secretary of State" to issue ANOTHER "decree" and THAT will scare them straight!!! Same old situation here folks, nothing is going to change until they are FORCED to do so, and just how do you think that will be done and by whom!!!???

    1. unknown...Dont know, but now pope Francis is supposedly retiring...arent popes elected for life, until there death..!! So what is this about...!! It can only be one thing...."LIABILITY"...The death knell for any Corp CEO like the pope...!! First Benedict, now Fransis..!! The church is even changing its laws/rules as they go along now....interesting..!!

  3. re: pirates, Holy Sea and the British Monarch
    Holy See and British Monarchy are the correct terms.

  4. Like Anna repeatability says everything lawfully done call ourselves militias ,assemblies all constitutional . Then step by step with land based (law of the land) common law they know it can't be suicidided and eloquently argued in any court with sane jury. Check mate

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Yes, checkmate, and this beautifully boiled-down ultimatum can be handed to any trangressing public official within Notices of Liability that will eventually help you cure and perfect a commercial lien against them, provided you have your correct UCC non-transmitting utility filing, etc. in place. But, even those simply enacting ALL their rights and guarantees citing the international treaties must have their new assertions and affidavits of fact honored.

    1. Oh great, another "Common Law" Lein with no enforcement capabilities of collecting...!! It's a great piece of paper you can show people but where's the beef (the money or property you can legally take)...!! That's what people want to see if you are trying to prove something to someone..!!

  7. Re: "(a)" - May be only applicable to the several (dejure) states[2] rather than to individuals (despite all appearances[1] to the contrary). (b) is most likely the truth!

    [1] aka "color of law", "shows", "distractions", and/or "entertainment".
    [2] especially if one chooses to be a "free inhabitant" as per the second Organic Law (Articles of Confederation).


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