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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Statehood is a Capacity

By Anna Von Reitz

It really does not matter for the purposes of the Federal Union that Texas came in as a "republic" or a "territory" or a "colony" either --- Texas agreed to act as a State of the Federal Union.  

Being a "State" is a capacity --- for example, you might agree to act in the capacity of an elector, or in the capacity of a wife, or in the capacity of employee in a book store.  

In the same way the Body Politic of Texas can act as an independent republic, a State Republic, a State, or a State of State, or a Council of County Governments or, or, or. 

Having agreed, Texas joined the Union and has been part of the Union as a member-State ever since.  If it joined some other Union it might be called a "region" or a "borough" or a "principality".  

So in its own internal affairs, Texas functions as a republic--- as all the State Republics are supposed to (though largely don't) and with respect to its relationship with the other States functions as a State of the Federal Union. 

I wish people would take the time to understand capacity.  It's really not that foreign to us.  We all act in different capacities all the time.  Why is it difficult to conceive of our government acting in different capacities?   Especially when it is right in front of us?  We can literally see that "Ohio" is different than "State of Ohio"---right?  So why don't people pick up on that fact?  

I spend a good deal of time explaining the fact that The Texas Republic is a different entity from The Republic of Texas, which is a different entity from Texas, which is different from Texas State, which is different from The State of Texas, which is different from the State of Texas, which is different from the state of texas, which is different from the STATE OF TEXAS or TEXAS...... and you can plug in any other state in place of "Texas" and find the same array of capacities. 

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  1. So, in commerce they (the lawyers/attorneys) create entities for various 'capacities' OUTSIDE of the understanding of the People who are supposed to be in charge..... That makes it confusing. How then do the People gain control of ALL those capacities? I guess it's first knowing who We are, determine what must be done, get the organic/original states' assemblies going, and then take control of ALL THOSE entities in their different capacities!!! Boy "they" won't like it!!! So, the key is to get the People in one 'mind set' of knowledge... Father help us all with understanding!!!

    1. You are so right about that, my mind is whipping my brain about right now, every time, there is something different happening !!!

    2. A country that works under the doctrine of "clean hands" and in "good faith", should not have to unravel attorney made you really agree that we should have to know all the different capacities judge Anna, which only is in place because a country built on FRAUD constantly has to come up with more and more fraud to cover up the TRUTH...!! And people are surprised why cops are being killed...!! Capacity is just another attorney word for FRAUD...!!

    3. No, I think the 'key' is to kick their ass and tell them enough of the jargon.....Speak English''!

  2. Their capacity doesn't matter! It's your capacity that matters. What are you? A DRIVER A HUNTER A FISHERMAN A HUSBAND A WIFE WHAT WHAT WHAT? WHAT every it is it takes a license to do it with limited legal capacity! You're a man (woman) with full legal capacity and inherent rights.

  3. There is a reason, you know, why "free" public education was given such a high place in The Communist Manifesto. People have been conditioned to be slaves to reacting to emotional states triggered by any mention of reality. That is actually the most important "state" here, since it will need to be dealt with before this plan can bring much success. Better figure out how to do that. -- Ghost Who Walks

  4. Another thing that hangs on capacity is race in the democracy or the Republic. Capacity black white red or yellow it's not determined by your skin color but by the fact that you are a man. With full legal capacity as a man. Being born with inherent rights and Freedoms! Never let anyone tell you that your capacity is diminished by the color of your skin. You have a right to choose your political association! No matter how they LABEL you in law.

  5. If free range souls don't go into the government store, all is well.
    We have nothing to fear but wickedness in high places, and forgetting the wife on Mothers Day.

  6. When one pays attention to the "news" it's obvious sometimes they'll say "Florida State" and sometimes "state of Florida" I just wonder if the news people even know what they are saying

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  8. great read Johnson and in it it mentions Jacob/Israel had twelve sons aka tribes of Israel and a 13 th child a name give or tribe.


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