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Friday, May 18, 2018

The Public Law and the Private "Law"

By Anna Von Reitz

More mirroring. 

Yesterday, I discussed the necessity of nailing down exactly which "United States" is being referred to in every instance and brought attention to the fact that our Territorial servants have defrauded us via the use of deliberate confusions and semantic deceits.  

This process of "mirroring" everything is endemic, from the sacred office of the Pope being mirrored by the secular office of Pontiff, and the United States of America, Inc. being passed off as The United States of America (Unincorporated) on down.  It therefore comes as no surprise that The United States created by the Colonies back in 1776 has been "mirrored" by the United States exercising powers delegated to it in 1787, and that the Territorial United States and Municipal United States have made merry with the name "United States", too. 

This basic principle of the Satanists holds true throughout their system.  They label everything and mirror everything, even the law itself. 

The Public Law is mirrored by their private law. 

Our Sheriffs are peacekeeping officers.  Their Sheriffs are law enforcement officers. 

These are two different offices, one public, one private, both called "Sheriff".  

Yet another similar names deceit. 

The vermin attempt to confuse one with the other, and to convince you that you are subject to their private "club" law, which amounts to the "public policies" of a corporation. 

Yesterday, we also discussed the Clearfield Doctrine.  When an entity exercising our delegated powers debases itself and engages in commercial activity as an incorporated entity, it loses any special governmental powers or sovereign immunity and descends to the nature of any other commercial corporation. 

Very clearly what has happened here is that private commercial corporations have been entrusted with governmental functions.  They have then hidden behind their government "identity" and used those delegated but still coercive powers to benefit their own bottom lines and protect their own corporate interests at the expense of competitors. 

Imagine giving Exxon the ability to act as "the government"? 

So how is it possible that you, a free born American, could become liable and subject to the public policies of a foreign corporation merely under hire to provide stipulated governmental services?  

By contract --- and in this case, undisclosed and unconscionable contract  employing semantic deceit  (Are you a US [Territorial] Citizen?) and improper use of the coercive powers of what appears to be government (You have to sign up for Social Security in order to have a [Federal] job....) to feather the nests and extend coercive power to private corporations. 

Reclaiming your Trade Name re-establishes your identity as an American eligible to claim back your birthright estate as a living man or woman, and enables you to then lay claim to the derivative NAMES that the vermin have established "for" you in the following forms:  JOHN DOE (a public charitable trust),  JOHN M. DOE (a public transmitting utility) and JOHN MARK DOE (a constructive foreign grantor trust ESTATE)----and return all them to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of your birth.  

This effectively severs the unconscionable contract that they have created for their own benefit and the benefit of their foreign commercial corporation, which is supposed to be providing your States with good faith service, and corrects the falsified public records they have used against you.  

Put another way, when you remove your names from their jurisdiction they no longer have a "handle" to seize upon and manipulate you and your assets.  Whatever contract there is, is re-written in your favor.  It is therefore of the utmost urgency and should be of your utmost concern to "come home" and take care of your own affairs, shed yourselves of these unconscionable presumptions, and stand in your true nature again.  

If anyone asks, tell them that you have "retired" from all obligations and duties of Territorial and/or Municipal Citizenship and "returned" to your birthright political status on the land and soil of your native state, without prejudice. 

This is equivalent to saying--- "Hey, fella, you can do what you want to do. If you want to subject yourself to the Queen and be plundered for your trouble, that's your business.  Leave me to mine. I obey the Public Law, which is sufficient." 

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  1. To many cooks or crooks.
    No one watching the store.
    So much for the title of world police more like mobsters.

  2. The chartered, All-America City of Santa Clara California has an elected, politically active Chief of Police, with "sheriff-like" power, pursuant to City Charter. To fight City Hall, revoke the charter. Be smarter. Prevail. Sheriffs are elected for each County.

  3. The only way around this that I can see without putting all of at risk is to go after the insurance "pooling" companies that insure the city's and counties, and bury them in lawsuits until they can no longer insure them.. Once the city's and counties lose their limited liability insurance, it's game over for them..Even in this system, you can't continue business without ANY insurance whatsoever...!! Otherwise, we can sue every individual personally and the city's and counties cannot protect them at all.. it has to come straight out of the pocket of the individual libalees..!! And just to be really fair, all courts have to be headed by totally foreign entities from a foreign country altogether, like Iceland, who can judge as a neutral party because those people get it...!!!

  4. Yes, mirroring is a good description. Mirror and invert. If you look at it as an "inversion" then you get the essence of it all. They invert everything as they themselves are inverted. This is why bad is good and now good is bad. It's biblical. They are pedophioles and Luciferians and all their operations are inversions. Truth is variable while untruths are sold as law and facts. The health system actually harms you and health enabling technologies are suppressed, ridiculed and marginalized. If they can't suppress it, they adopt it and pervert it. They are completely inverted and want to rule the world. It's not a sustainable methodology, it won't work and it never has worked in the many times this same group/bloodlines have tried it, but the collapses can be terrible. like the dark ages of Europe. This time is different though, it is observable people are waking up and God is moving. They won't win, but how painful the transition is depends on the people.

  5. would do well to drop the constant references to the Pope...he is neither sacred or such office in the church of the bible...and it makes the rest of what you say suspect....thanks for your hard work.


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