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Friday, May 18, 2018

Clearfield Doctrine

By Anna Von Reitz

The Clearfield Doctrine (which Larry probably can't find, either) arises from a 1943 Supreme Court Case, Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States, 318 US 363-371.  

The essence of the case is that when an incorporated government uses private bank script as its currency it sinks to the level of any other incorporated entity, loses its sovereign status (if it ever had any) and becomes subject to the same laws as any other corporation.  

You can look up the actual case to your heart's delight, but it is also reprised in CJS, as I was kindly reminded tonight by a friend: 

Corpus Juris Secundum (CJS)  91 CJS United States sec. 4
".....when the United States enters into commercial business it abandons its sovereign capacity and is to be treated like any other corporation."
Now, if you have followed along you know that the British Territorial United States was never sovereign with respect to us.  It was merely a contractor providing us with specific governmental services and acting under our delegated power to do so.  All "federal" powers were delegated to them and all federal powers are limited to the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

So the Territorial United States was never sovereign on our shores and by operating as an incorporated entity, it suffered no loss of sovereignty it never had, nor did it affect the sovereign status of our lawful government by its actions. 

It did however reap the wrath of the court for its self-serving semantic deceits and corrupt attempts to exercise the coercive powers of our government for its own business advantage and enrichment.  

Just like BLM and the Territorial United States franchise doing business as the "State of Nevada" and the Municipal United States franchise doing business as the STATE OF NEVADA.  

All these agencies and entities play upon our ignorance and let us assume that they are "government" entities, when in fact, they are commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services --- no different than Burger King, International. 

The Clearfield Doctrine strips these pretenders of their "government" cloak and when they attempt to use the abusive powers of government to enrich themselves, it's time to remind them of exactly who and what they are.  

This can be used against them in any number of contexts.  

They claim to have a commercial interest in your marriage and children?  Prove it. 

They claim to have a commercial interest in your home and land?  Prove it. 

They claim to have a commercial interest in your estate?  Prove it. 

They have a right to tax you for anything?  Income?  Property?  Prove it. 

They're not the government and they don't have any special government powers when they are operating as commercial corporations. Instead, they are subject to all the same regulations and limitations as any other corporation --- including the requirement that they operate lawfully --- not "legally", lawfully.  

If you are standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of this country neither they nor their courts have any excuse for even addressing you, and if you are operating as a private American "vessel" conducting international trade and not allowing yourself to be misrepresented as a federal franchise PERSON, they are obligated to protect you and dismiss any action against you.  

Use the Clearfield Doctrine to expose their feet of clay and then stomp on them, assuming that you have completed your own due diligence and re-conveyed your Trade Name and Assumed NAMES to their permanent domicile on the land and soil jurisdiction of this country, they have no right to trespass upon you or presume the existence of any contract with you. 

Use the Clearfield Doctrine and object the moment any of these jokers contact you. Remember that a "Summons" from a court of foreign jurisdiction is a solicitation for business that you can object to and deny with the same impunity that you would reject a proposal to sell you twenty tons of cheap pizza. 

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  1. Awesome! Thanks, Anna, I will cite this Doctrine when dealing with bully government corporations and their goon squads, put a Burger King crown on them and send them back to Westminster.

    1. make sure to get a certified copy from the archives and enter into evidence where we often fall short. it is hearsay, similar to what they do, we just never understood court rules, unless it is entered into evidence properly. same with the Constitution, if not entered properly that is why they say it has no place in their court. get it.

  2. Wow love to see some cases were this was used what a white pill as matrix devotees say.

    1. has to be entered properly as i said above or blah blah blah blah blah

  3. Thanks, Anna I will do the same! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Except for one very distinctive exception....they have police robots that obey anything the courts say to do if they don't like your other words, they are Nazis and this is Germany in the 2nd world war...!! Rebel at your own peril...!!

    1. Watch the "news" how many police shootings are repoted daily? It's almost every day I see one or more on the news.

    2. Be a man Pansini.. I stand up to them all the time and they back down..maybe its you .

    3. Having read the Declaration of Independence, it appears to me that sedition and rebellion can only apply to those in government, since it is the right and duty of the rest of us to overthrow and replace an oppressive government.

    4. Great point Ys Geye !!! It is our right and duty, only the HOW has been missing but now that genie is out of the bottle and they know it can't be put back in.

  5. Yes we Are C.!!! Thank you for all your valuable contributions!
    It's time to Own it, and take full responsibility of our jurisdiction Now!!
    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  6. are you sure you can prove they dont? how? they have a preponderance of evidence of minimum and in some cases maximum contact. remember you are talking to a ton of people that have MANY implied and expressed contracts and are 14th amendment/U.S. citizens, by implication prove that they are guilt as charged, that is the privilege they have earned for their benefit of being citizens of the United States.

  7. So why would any American choose to remain a US CITIZEN? They branded us all traitors and "domestic terrorists" for asking Questions. SOVEREIGN CITIZEN MORONIC BS. I'm sick and tired of living in Fear of these bullies. My paperwork is all done and I sent the BC back last month. Every two weeks I send a set to the next office on the list, certified mail.


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