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Friday, May 18, 2018

This United States or That United States?

By Anna Von Reitz

As we've learned, the favorite fraud technique of these con artists is called "mirroring" ---
They mirrored the Sacred Office of the Pope with the Secular Office of the Pontiff. They mirrored The United States of America (Unincorporated) with the United States of America (Incorporated).... and so it goes all the way down the line. Sometimes they even multiple mirrored things, as in the case we look at today: The United States (formed by the Colonies under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence) and the United States (the Union of National-Level States of States) and the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States.
Which United States are you talking about, eh?
It all depends on context, doesn't it?
And if you don't know the context, or, aren't aware that there are multiple entities that can be called "United States" ..... you can now see how easily the unwary could be entrapped, how you could assume that the "United States" you were thinking of was the "United States" being referenced on a form, for example.
And that is precisely what the vermin have done with all those many, many forms that have asked you if you were a "US Citizen"?
You were thinking of the only United States you were aware of -- the one formed under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence.
These Euro-trash employees, however, were talking about their own dear [Territorial] "United States".
And they just conveniently neglected to make that distinction clear.....
And entrapped you in no end of vicious commercial fraud and inland piracy.
That's what these people have done in the name of "Federal Cooperation" and "Federal Corporatism" or what I call it --- British Commercial Feudalism.
Make no mistake, this semantic similar names deceit was deliberate and self-interested and intended to deceive.
They could have asked, "Are you a Territorial United States Citizen?"
But they didn't.
They deliberately entrapped millions of Americans in bogus commercial contracts obligating them to pay taxes they never owed, obtain licenses they never needed, pay mortgages they never owed, obey "laws" that never had anything to do with them.....
Oh, and serve prison time and accept forced military service, too.
These criminals have all but ruined America and they are still strutting around on our streets pretending to be the "elite" among us.
So, here's my thought ---- Don't get mad. Get even.
Begin the word-of-mouth chain of command. Explain this "little situation" to everyone who will listen. And begin bringing pressure to bear on every corporation official, every military officer, every agency employee.
Let them feel the hot, heavy breath of public outrage flowing down the backs of their necks and begin the process of "addressing" the Queen and the "United Nations" and the "Joint Chiefs" and the rest of the schmarmy worthless BS artists who have betrayed their Allies and Employers, acted in Gross Breach of Trust, and practiced inland piracy, unlawful conversion of assets, human trafficking, press-ganging, and other crimes too numerous to mention including treason and conspiracy against our country and our lawful government.
It took 150 years to get into this mess, but if we all put our feet down and shove, it will take a lot less than 150 to get out of it.

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  1. For now we stay in common law call your name don't answer directly hold up the corporate birth cirtificate in front of you and say the defendant is here that meet the summons yet remained out side of jurisdiction . Ask if it's a court of record if answer is yes by default your in a common law court if not say I require a court of record.require a flesh and blood man to come forth with a claim so as to pay him chances are that's not going to happen . Require the judge to dismiss no valid claim.

    1. Thanks, bubbapatric, that's good advice there.

  2. Hear, hear, Judge Anna! Here's to the hot-breathed, dug-in, collective push-back upon these moronic monsters!

  3. I am spreading this word as far as my influence will take me.

  4. It is all too true. Never assume anything that says United States. First ask. Which, the devil, United States are we talking about?

    1. Also, try checking out the flag being flown or display. If it's not purposefully masked or has a fringe, it can be a dead giveaway. The court room flag is a big hint.


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