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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Bears in Springtime

 By Anna Von Reitz

You may have noticed that the stock market is not merely imploding quietly into that good night, but is actively exploding and self-destructing.
For those of you still letting your employers and other "fund managers" make your decisions for you, your retirement funds and 401K's are already decimated and plummeting downward, downward, day after day, while inflation is skyrocketing upward with the same monotonous regularity.
What's going on?
The so-called Tier Two Investors got paid off a couple weeks ago, or in the vernacular of such things, "got liquidity", and they have promptly sold off all their hyper-inflated over-valued stock shares to "top out the market", and they are now safely out of the way of their pre-planned destruction, letting everyone else --- all the "small holders" --- take the losses in the shorts.
When the market "bottoms out" these same villains will come back in and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar, just as they did during the 1929 "Crash" which was equally scripted. And they will keep on doing this, until the rest of us get wise, get organized, and arrest them for their crimes and confiscate all their ill-gotten gains.
It's that simple.
They are the ultimate "inside traders" because they control and manipulate these markets on a routine basis, dictating which industries develop and which ones are never born according to their own self-interest, dictating the price of stock shares, too, and thereby controlling and dictating the value of pension holdings and how well people who are invested in the stock market can live now and in the future. They even control the currency markets -- because, remember, currencies are commodities.
And who are "they"? Well to put it bluntly, they are the Bank of England and its affiliates --- the Bank of England owns the Federal Reserve and is accountable for all its malfeasance, theft, and fraud. The Bank of England also controls the vast institutional pension fund investors, so that it is a two-pronged control mechanism, both a "gee" and a "haw" that can be used to fine tune the fraud and make it appear as erratic or as gradual or as abrupt (as in this case) as the Perpetrators desire.
So, in one week, they have pulled the plug on the stock market, increased the prime lending rate to make money harder to borrow (not that anyone is encouraged to borrow anything in the midst of this total mess they've created) and that will do nothing to stop inflation which is not being driven by cheap lending rates, but is being driven by insane night and day printing of more and more and more "Federal Reserve Notes", deliberately tanking whatever value may still be attached to them, and deliberately driving the price of everything skyward in yet another predatory attack on this hapless country and its people.
You can thank the so-called "Royals" --- knowing that virtually none of them are "Royal", Yet, the blame goes around and around like water swirling in a toilet. Half the people just waking up at this late hour can't tell friend from foe, or fiend from fellow sufferer.
Everyone can blame "the Royals" mistaking these imposters as "Royals", and we can all blame "the Brits" though the actual British People lost control of their government long ago, and it's now a bunch of Nazis in charge ---literally.
Everyone can and should blame the British Crown and their feckless commercial corporations impersonating the actual government of this country, both the US, INC. and the USA, Inc., being foreign service providers and having nothing to say about this country--- but nonetheless pretending to have the right to sell it out from under the actual owner's feet.
And finally, experience shows that most of the rest of the world is totally confused, as well as many Americans, about the difference between "the US" and "America", and are pretty much blaming the American victims of "the US" Raj as if we were the rotten nogoodniks responsible for all of this crime, corruption, manipulation, war-mongering, violence, and malfeasance of all kinds that the British and Papist controlled mercenary corporations have foisted off on every living soul.
Blaming the Americans is how our "friends" in Whitehall contrived it to look --- always hang the blame on the victims, and always accuse them of doing what you are doing yourself. That's always been their mantra, and here they are, accusing "the Americans" of all this fraud and deceit, when the Americans are the marks in this horrid international con game.
Where is Matt Dillon when you need him? Showing up with a star and six gun? Or even Steve McGarret, saying, "Book 'em, Danno!"? Elliot Ness? Anyone?
No, they are all gone, now employed by usurping foreign franchise corporations, telling these dolts (falsely) that average Americans are dangerous "Sovereign Citizens" and "domestic terrorists" when they are the ones acting as domestic terrorists themselves.
All par for the course.
In 2017, these foreign corporation interests signed up for the "Great Reset" which means that robbers will be forgiven and sheltered, and you, the victims of all this crime, will see all your bank accounts zeroed out so that the non-tax paying criminals among us can slake their greed and start over.
I hope you are all paying attention because this is presently happening right in front of your noses and your vaunted, useless, emasculated, deluded, deceived military is failing its duty to protect you and your country. They are off dabbling around in the Ukraine, instead.
I think we should fire the whole lot of them, don't you? Pack up and head for the Southern Border to defend it ourselves. Nobody else is doing their job, though SERCO keeps on paying them with our money and misdirecting them right down the line.
It's springtime, and the "bears" are coming out of hibernation. For many Americans, it's not going to be an easy wake-up call.

But at least you now know that the Enemies are the same Enemies that we fought in 1776 and the same all down the line since then --- the Bank of England, aka, Federal Reserve and Federal Pension Funds, the Government of Westminster, the Government of Ghent, and the denizens of both Washington, DC and Whitehall --- and most recently, the UN CORPORATION.


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  1. Is this intended to be helpful? Or make one feel more helpless in this pit....

  2. Considering Vanguard owns every company in the world. And it is owned by the Rothschilds, Dupont, Rockefeller and Bush Familes. How do fight them ? They own everything.

  3. The twist and turns of life never end...

  4. Hey Anna,
    We are " Matt Dillon, Elliot Ness and Sherriff Clark "
    We are also the Judges, Juries and Executioneers.

    Is'nt that what you have taught for some 15 years ?

    When your servants become your Masters, its up to you to punish them and get them back in line.

    Doing it yourself instead of letting others "do it for you " is what this whole exercise is all about , no ?