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Saturday, May 14, 2022

CRYPTO CARNAGE and market mayhem foreshadowing the “mother of all collapses” to come

The absurd but often-hyped claim that “crypto is digital gold” has collapsed. The LUNA token, part of TerraUSD “stablecoin” ecosystem, turned out to be entirely unstable, collapsing to zero after a massive hyperinflationary LUNA token creation event (combined with a redemption / selloff factor) that plunged into a death spiral this week. All LUNA investors are completely wiped out, and the very idea of a “stablecoin” has taken a huge hit in credibility. (Only in the crypto world could something described as “stable” by the entire community collapse to zero virtually overnight, with almost no one calling out the irony.)

As I’ve repeated warned for many years, crypto is a technology with many significant advantages, but don’t ever make the mistake of thinking crypto is a “store of value.” It isn’t. If you want to hold on to something with value, buy physical gold and silver. Crypto is for transactions, not savings, and all the crypto “hodlers” have been pleading with people to “hodl” their coins (avoid selling them) solely because that was the only way to keep the Ponzi pyramid intact. But if the “value” in crypto depends on nobody ever redeeming it or selling it, then there’s really no depth to that “value,” is there?

Bitcoin has plunged nearly 60% from its highs, and the bloodbath of crypto carnage that unfolded this week was psychologically jolting to crypto “investors” who have long thought that crypto would go up forever, never facing corrections or reality checks.

The Wall Street bubble is also about to burst

But crypto isn’t the only bubble around. By any honest measure, we are currently in the “everything bubble,” with perhaps only gold and silver representing any real bargain that can be found. Nearly everything else is in a bubble: Stocks, bonds, real estate, crypto, used vehicles and of course fiat currencies backed by nothing. The bubble is, of course, epic in scale and soon to be devastating in its unwinding. No bubble in history has been this large and widespread, and no crash in history can compare to the crash that’s coming.

What this week proved is that crypto is not a safe haven from crashing stocks. In fact, the downward trend in crypto appears to be strongly correlated with the selloff on Wall Street. As stock traders get triggered with margin calls, they sell off crypto assets to meet the margins on plunging stocks. This, in turn, cascades into margin calls in the crypto space which only accelerates the downward spiral of crypto.

This is why I believe the Fed is going to be forced to reverse course very soon and drop interest rates while flooding the market with new liquidity by buying up stocks, bonds and everything in sight. The Fed’s balance sheet is about to explode in size, which is the opposite of what the Fed claims to be trying to accomplish. But what they’ve come to realize after this week is that even the slightest nudge to interest rates can crater this fragile, overblown stock market. It’s only a matter of time before they reverse course, which means the Fed will be choosing hyperinflation as the course of action from here forward. That also means the stock market will skyrocket one more time as the Fed injects more liquidity into the system. But it also means the final crash will be so much worse than it should have been.

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  1. wow, after all these years of paul stramer generously inviting all kinds of
    • genuine, referenced, Good Faith comments;
    • as well as allowing "debate", disagreement, wildly differing points of view, and
    • even a moderate amount of vulgarity;
    • while NOT allowing "Anonymous" comments,
    now all of a sudden most of the comments paul has previously allowed for years are being deleted??? and almost all of the comments that arent deleted are "Anonymous"!!!!

    hey, thats pretty noticeable...:):):)
    Did someone take over pauls website?

    why not allow the comments to remain, but furnish the facts that show them to be wrong if they are?
    and if theyre not wrong why delete comments that are right and are true?
    because you want to? :)


    1. hi janmarie, there is something going on, I got into a dust up with Landlord John Curran i.e. the new self-styled Jesus Crist some time ago. He was insisting that he could only comment Anonymous and that he did not have a URL to use and thus it would not work, and thus he had to be Anonymous. I merely corrected him and received a torrent of verbal abuse that spoke to a troubled mind big time. His stubborn rejection of logic and vulgarity allowed me to realize that if I was going to publish comments like that I might want to be Anonymous too.

      All the Anons came out of the woodwork and I said it is making the blog virtually unreadable. I realized that something could be quite wrong since Paul previously voiced disapproval for that. The entire tenor of the comments shifted somehow, especially with JC trying to dominate. I agree with your speculation that someone took over Paul's blog in some way. He was quite meticulous and suddenly anything is acceptable. It is odd after all these years.

      In spite of his weird approach there was one post he did that seemed quite sensible and added to the discourse but it is overshadowed by the insanity of being the owner of the planet and the landlord. Silly boy, doesn't he realize that Anna already claimed that position? Oops, there is still the pesky problem of Unam Sanctam the papal bull in 1302 which you mentioned recently which is one of the few things that Anna has been silent about.

    2. hi willsmith :):):)
      after pauls return from taking time off was when i started noticing changes ...that was also around the time when the blog comment section was closed down for several weeks but i havent notice a corresponding difference in the tone or content of the Articles except that there are more of them and they wind around through several topics rather than sticking with whats in the Title.

      yes, the most recent comment JOHN111 posted about the concepts: money vs. currency was pretty good! and a few others too. i think he has some relevant things to say --- then the other stuff -- uhh, no. :)

      it looks like these "Anonymouss" who are being vulgar directly toward other active commenters are trying to exert their self- fabricated sense of importance over others and make other commenters *realize*:
      you. Are. *NOTH*ing!... do u hear me..????!! NOTHing i say!! :):):)
      well....its to be expected from those who nothing going for them ...:).


    3. ...who have...

    4. janmarie, I agree with you about his post about money and currency it was quite sensible and helpful. I was surprised that it came from the same guy, and although he does have a vivid imagination at times, there are also some gems there.

      Agree there is some ego from some potentially unknown contributors as well that think highly of themselves. It's getting old and annoying.

      Hey question, how did the American version of the truckers convoy turn out after the one we had up here? I guess it was not an occupation, but I lost contact. There was not much coverage and I found it hard to find anything. We had a bikers convoy a few weeks ago that turned out to be basically a drive by through Ottawa and not much coverage. I think they learned their lesson about media coverage and kept the whole thing on the down low.

    5. wiilsmith,
      i didnt follow the news about the American convoy because it was put together by Attorneys....guess it was huge though.
      if i recall, the people who put the Freedom Convoy together arent Truckers, or Farmers or Cowboys either!
      ...actually saw more about the Canadian Rolling Thunder, espec. after that Corp. Policy Enforcer gave that woman a shove and threw her on the ground.
      other than that, it looked like alot of people attended and it seemed very peaceful, like people were having fun.
      [i noticed in the videos that right before that PolEnf pushed her, he hesitated, looked down, looked back up, THEN went ahead and pushed her -- it certainly took away from it looking spontaneous to me.]


  2. TO ALL THE MOMS THAT CANT FIND BABY FORMULA....go to amazon...go to the bottom...change from US to Canada. You can get all the formula you need. They are not having a shortage just the US is. Have it shipped right to your front door.

    1. Well of course you can
      The plan is digital buying and the 'free trade' zones are working as designed and as they planned
      NAFTA super highway comes to mind
      Mothers on WIC cannot buy that way unless of course they have some kind of plan to hook them in that way to buy on line instead of in the local store
      The local stores are becoming warehouses as they now emply warehouse pickers (personal shoppers) to do the shopping for you

      And what gets me is that in the above video they claim that all this geneology shit with all these presidents and rothychilds
      Now they have lied about absolutely everything else and yet we take the information fed to us about their family ties as fact and true?

      Now if you are the creators of the story you could make up whatever the hell you wanted just like the rest of this fake history?

    2. The script and the new age lying ass piece of crap actor they have filling that role as

      The shew must go on

    3. Hmm 'baby' 'formula'
      Hidden in plain sight

      Ya know like the breaking of water and birthing of a baby coming from Canada
      The 'formula' they cooked up for the 'climate' 'change' new age birth of a new savior BULLSHIT

    4. Funny too that Roe versus Wade is front and center and the very time that you cannot seem to find 'baby' 'formula'?

    5. Couple that with this

      Omnicron variant anagram it moronic

      And David Bowie aka Koresh of the waco bullshit
      Also known as Howard Stern

      They're all in it together

  3. Funny how history repeats itself, sometimes from day to day, and a comment on yesterday's article also bears repeating today:
    Ann Barnhardt's "We are the gold":

    1. someone said: "Spinning the straw(man) into gold.


    2. Where's the 'like' button when you need one?

    3. Jake...
      Ann Barnhart didn't coin that term. lt comes straight from the bible in black ink on white paper. Ecclesiastes 20: 21 [in part]..."and if a man smite his slave or
      maid" ->.............."he shall surely be punished."
      22..."Not withstanding, if he continues {to live} a day or two, he shall not be punished, for he is his "gold" {money"}.

      Wouldn't this be robbing God's bank?
      "l THINK?...........SO."

    4. ecclesiastes only has 12 chapters karen.


  4. They do not do anything that is not subliminally connected to the trance state
    By concentrating on Alaska and Montana, both locations critical to their overall end game, it creates the HOT SPOT (G SPOT) they need


    The name Montana itself is a subliminal referring to the Madonna, the Virgin Mary. This is the same goddess as Inanna, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. She takes her son for her lover, just like Mary and Jesus, who is also called the shepherd king. Inanna had full power of judgment and decision. Just like Mary! So Mary is the Madonna, the Queen of Heaven, who is Inanna, who is Mount Anna, who is Montana, and is part of this Rock of Judgment.

    1. great summary shelby.
      much appreciated!


    2. ls this S M U = •sh¿t made up?• bcuz you're really getting too close to the borderline of
      " A Beautiful Mind" where a Harvard professor starts tracking words in every form of literature available from newspapers, magazines, books, even advertisements, etc. conecting the dots & lines from the words written on the page receiving messages from an unseen entity leading him to insane conclusions. Just a tap of the finger and you'll set him off in a spiral of insanity. Everything's a conspiracy. So what's your point?
      Montana is Mount Anna?

  5. Buffalo Shooter is Jewish.....

    General McInerney:

    "Hunter Biden emails just dropped. All 125,000 of them. just a cohencidence the mass shooting occurred the same time as this"

    "Warning: White liberals being portrayed as conservatives for false flag shooting attacks. Several dark operations are already underway.
    Use extra caution everywhere."

    1. "False Flag Again. These shootings are done by the FBI. They recruit mentally unstable individuals and brainwash them into killing people."