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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Public and International Notice --- It's Not "My" Process -- to the Generals 5.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

From time to time I overhear some Wiseacre snarking that "my" process doesn't work, or "my" process isn't necessary, or "my" process is suspect because I have a foreign last name, or because I'm a woman (as opposed to being a transgender man?) or because, because, because.
I want to make it absolutely, explicitly, and forever clear that "my" process isn't "my" process.
The process used to declare yourselves as Americans in possession of your birthright political status is the result of fifty years of study and work done by thousands of Americans over the time period from 1860 to today.
The process and paperwork used by our State Assemblies is dictated by International Law, including The Law of War and Occupation, The Geneva Conventions, and International Public Records Law. It is also "informed" by the answers our Founding Fathers developed when they were faced with similar problems in the early years of this country.
That this process is anti-intuitive for a great many people is understood, especially as most Americans don't have the faintest idea what has been done to them or their country at the hands of their own military, but once you do know the history, it's obvious enough. Our identity has been stolen, we've been doubly impersonated and human trafficked, and grossly defrauded in breach of trust and violation of commercial service contract.
We've been "occupied" by our own military since 1860, and they've made merry at our expense ever since. They've played all sorts of games to evade their Constitutional obligations and limitations, told all sorts of lies, engaged in all sorts of war for profit, messed up our monetary system beyond belief, illegally confiscated trillions of dollars worth of private property under color of law, enslaved, press-ganged, and subjected their Employers, failed their duty to defend this country and our people, and have generally taken on the character of an illegal and predatory foreign mercenary force that doesn't pay beans.
They've lied to us, lied to the rest of the world, and lied to every new inductee since 1860.
It's in response to this overall situation that our paperwork has been framed to protect individual Americans and make it increasingly difficult for these Perpetrators to continue to pretend that we don't exist and/or that we "voluntarily" joined them in their insurrection against our lawful government.
As for the paperwork "not working" -- and "being spotty" -- sometimes working and sometimes not, remember who you are dealing with. These are mercenaries. They are not nice men. They aren't operating courts of justice. They are operating private collection agencies "as courts" to collect war reparations owed by Municipal citizens of the United States.
And absolutely every American they can lay hands on is being mischaracterized and misidentified as both a British Person and as a Municipal citizen of the United States for obvious and self-interested reasons.
These are the facts and if our paperwork isn't working 100% of the time, we can only observe that it should be working 100% of the time, and if it isn't, it is the fault of the United Nations Organization, which is supposed to be enforcing the Geneva Conventions and preventing such gross crimes against individual Americans and their property interests.
Our American Government has not agreed to the "Great Reset" which amounts to amnesty for thieves and zeroing out the bank accounts of the victims. Please note that there are now many thousands of Americans all over this country who have awakened and reclaimed their birthright political status, and their intent is absolutely clear, even if their paperwork isn't perfect.
We are in favor of gradual repayment of prepaid credit to the victims of this scheme, relieving them of all debts addressed to Municipal CITIZENS and all expenses related to these now bankrupt individual corporations.
It is well-past time for the Americans to be recognized as the "long-lost" owners and inheritors of the land and soil of this country and all assets derived from the land and soil. And it is also past time for our Employees to read their contracts, do their jobs, and obey the actual law of this country.
I know that there are many in the military who don't like being criticized, but it is what it is. We are standing here with our Southern Border wide open and our economy and health under assault from a foreign enemy (with respect to us) and a domestic enemy (with respect to the U.S. military) and every branch of the U.S. Military is in Gross Dereliction of Duty for failing to protect this country and its people--which is actually their only job assignment and reason for being.
So, take that, full in the chops and realize what it means.
If our military isn't going to support us and defend our people and our country, what obligation do we have to support them? And what do we need them for? Just more harassment and surveillance and trespass against our Constitutional Guarantees? More theft of our money and our credit and our assets in every respect? All under conditions of deceit and color of law?
As the lawful civilian government of this country, we are owed the return of all our property interests, all our land grants and patents, all our people safe and sound, the value of our labor that has been purloined, and our money (gold and silver) safely returned. And all without False Flags, criminal collusions, and failure to perform.
All this terror and predation and theft and destruction is not the fault or failure of the civilian government. It's the fault of the Territorial Government. Shame on all of you who inherited this situation and did nothing about it, not even the common courtesy of telling your Employers what was happening, much less fulfilling the responsibility to assist us in restoring the civilian government and holding new Public Elections. For shame on all of you forever.
So much for protecting and upholding the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic, for you have allowed yourselves to evade the Constitutions and to illegally conscript Americans, and do all sorts of criminal things against the people who have paid your wages and paid for all your expensive equipment and kept faith with you all these years.
If the U.S. Military doesn't grow a backbone and damn straight quick, it will go down in infamy as the most notorious and deceitful and incompetent and disloyal military force in history. It will be found serving the interests of the Queen, the Pope, the Belgians and all the ugly old European Colonial Powers and all while betraying the American People.
The "decline" of the American Dollar and the hideous inflation and counterfeiting of "Federal Reserve Notes" is all down to British finagling, criminality, and self-interest that the U.S. Military has turned a blind eye to, sat on its rump, and allowed. The rising threat of China and the escape of the IRS, Goldman-Sachs, and Federal Reserve interests to China is all on the Joint Chiefs of Staff and those underlings who have trimmed their nails and watched it happen.

And none of you have any plausible deniability with respect to any of this, because you have had copies of your contracts all along and you have had reason to know who your employers are and you are being called on the carpet by the common people of this country who despite all their handicaps can nonetheless see what is going on.


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  1. no contract exists: no one is going to "hire" anyone to do the things so-described to them.

    The men who take what belongs to the American people, including our labor, are not the employees of the American people who they cause harm to, they are being paid using what they help take from us, using force to take it.... same as they have done to indigenous Americans.... do they say the indigenous peoples hired them too? they do the same harms to both groups of people, and others.

    if there was a contract, i believe that even in their system, it would be "void" for the "Unconscionable Acts" andor "null" for "Fraud".

    so no, no contract exists.


    1. yes, youre making alot of errors.
      and no sense.

      do you sincerely have a topic of discussion or are you merely Grabbing at Straws, using criticism of people as a SUBTITUTE for having no actual points to make?


    2. no contract exists with the American people to "serve" them in such a way as does harm to them anymore than any such contract or Treaty exists with indigenous Americans to do harm to them either.

      those are facts.

      sincere discussion begins with facts.
      its as simple as that.


    3. well, where are my accusers?

      im here.
      brings your selves out here and lets discuss the points of your "arguments".... oh, thats right... you dont have any. :):):)


    4. youve already used all those lines 3 maybe four times now. low eyeq or bot? :):):)


    5. bring youre points for debate.
      i will gladly debate you!!

      itll be fun! :):):)


    6. anonymous,

      who is asking? :):):)


    7. what people? :):):)


    8. and no anonynous,
      *youre* commenting as anonymous,
      *im* commenting as woman:janmarie....try to keep up, eh? :)


    9. very very interesting.
      • never heard of w. brigands.
      • where did our gold go then, in your opinion? is it in ft knox/other?
      • do you mean the Banksters HAVENT been deceiving for centuries?
      • how do they rob only 200 homes per week?
      • and VERY interesting... will look up the Amer. Currency Act!
      great! i will probably have questions.


  2. Don't waste your time with this troll. She has nothing to contribute but bullshit. She offers nothing but bullshit. She does nothing for anyone. She is a hypocrite and is of no importance. Just ignore her and she will go away. Don't even bother reading her babble. Don't give the. It the satisfaction of even acknowledging her pathetic exsistence.

    1. does *SOMEbody* need a nap? :):):)


    2. OMG janmarie, good one, that is hilarious, nappy time huh?

      Lifesmirage, there is something you can learn right there. You can beat the daylights out of her and she still will respond with calm grace and style. We can all learn from that, especially you. You may not like the message but it doesn't help to kill the messenger.

      What kind of insight can you bring to the table if you are so unhappy with her? You can't even name something that you don't like or don't agree with. People are such butches on the internet in a way that you can't be living side by side and talking over the fence. If you did that face to face everyone would think you are a retard. So why do you want everyone to think you are? What do you bring to his. I have news for you the stakes are getting bigger all the time.

      I am pleasantly surprised by John III, he may have the fierce bipolar temper of a junkyard dog but he brings something tangible to the discussion. What the hell do you bring? I will wait until you go look up the word tangible.

    3. willsmith!
      aww, thank YOU!


    4. What it negates is his credibility when he goes on a tangent about being the owner of everything. Mind you Pope Boniface III did the exact same thing in 1302 as a result of a little dust-up with Philip of France. For the most part everybody let that slide. Well actually they didn't let it slide but in the fullness of time it doesn't seem to have mattered.

      Perhaps JC Chapman 111 fancies himself as a new Pope of sorts. It's also possible that there are pharmaceuticals (or worse) involved. Either way there is some sensibility there if you can get past the last angry man persona. Every contribution potentially can add value to the whole.

    5. well, at least JOHN111 puts his name on his comments ANONYMOUS!!!

      and i agree with willsmith, JOHN111s comments can be very informative and well researched.

      so, listen, if JOHN111 decided he feels heard and regarded, or whatever, by some of us and changed up his tone to a lil bit friendlier one, why would that be cause for concern ANONYMOUS?... you really think thats all we have to deal with? its a problem to you that someone is feeling friendlier? :)


  3. Why is it always "our" military, any more than it is "our" government? Maybe from the rebellion until incorporation, but not since then. It is probably the scariest THING in the world, but it is not 'our thing.'

    1. yes, not our "Military".
      not our "Government".
      not our "Wars".
      not our "Debt".
      not our "Employees".
      not our "Federal/-eration".
      not our "Contract".
      not our "Constitution".
      not our "Congress".
      not our "caste-system 'Republic'".
      not ours.

      theyve crapped all over the world and us, and said we volunteered.
      but you cant volunteer for something thats done to you behind your back.


  4. Everyone loves pointing fingers, but I don't bother to see anyone actually reading

    I've already described the fraud with THE CONSTITUTION's, following them will only continue to fuck us, yet oddly, the only one to actually look into it, was the woman you PERSONS are harassing.
    It's literally all easily findable
    Do yourself and your fellow Americans a favor, get your mind's back, quit giving it to people with an easy answer as their answer will 9 out of 10 times, not be in your best interest

    1. Like I said, ya'll can't even be bothered.
      and ignorant.
      Can't even bother going to read the history, but jump to insult
      Bless your little hearts

    2. TRUTH,
      yes! it has been AB-SO- LUTELY AMAZING to me, the number of people who do what you just described!!........... but i aint a'blessin' dey harts! :):):)

      they have to do absolutely NOTHING except read, and they wont; they go straight into name-calling!! i guess that speaks volumes about their intent doesnt it?

      oh, and of course theyre posting as "anonymous" :):):).
      coward "Hit-and-Runners" hoping to "blend in" to the crowd. :)


    3. Guessing you're not southern jan? The way I use it isn't exactly how it reads.
      Ever see a "brain stem"? Heart? Very similar looks in my opine

    4. TRUTH,
      no, i knew you were being sarcastic. :) i cant even give 'em nice sounding sarcasm though.

  5. "Financial Chaos is imminent. If you are not prepared when reading this, you will become a refugee in your own country. All warnings have passed."

  6. I found this to be interesting

    Just like they planned the last big event they are leading up to the next
    Subliminal from hell this one is and an election idiot doing his commercial