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Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Money Spell -- Chapter Four -- Old Gold Revisited

 By Anna Von Reitz

In response to those, especially those, whose sense of self and security is bound up with the purported scarcity and eternal value of gold ---
We now have LIDAR and many sophisticated forms of tomography that reveal exactly where gold deposits, both already mined gold and gold in situ, are located.
We can also locate quartz deposits.
We can do the volume extraction mathematics associated with known and previously unknown mining operations.
This is how we know for a fact that the Ancient Miners extracted quartz and removed it, leaving gold and silver and platinum behind.
Recently, the argument has been advanced that this planet is the "Treasury of the Universe" and that's why we have all this gold, silver, and platinum stockpiled all over the planet. It wasn't just a bunch of greedy, manipulative, self-interested men hoarding up gold and silver....
If you believe that, I've got some Florida Real Estate for you --- but the "given narrative" no longer matters. You can believe that aliens brought all their gold and silver from other planets and stockpiled it here, or you can believe what the hard evidence suggests.
Either way, The Problem isn't a matter of arguing over whether this commodity or that commodity is valuable. Or even which narrative makes more sense.
The Problem is the delusion that one commodity of "Supreme Value" actually "stands for" all other commodities and that it "stores value".
Once we face the fact that gold, silver, and platinum are not magical, and not supremely important, and not existentially rare, we can move away from the blind religious belief in their importance and away from the brain-dead idolatry of money in any form.
Just as nobody "representing" God is God, no commodity representing other commodities is any other commodity.
It does not matter whether we are valuing gold or paper or plastic or some other widget made of some other material, or even if we are mindlessly valuing arbitrary digits written on a ledger. It's the act of valuing things that matters.
As we saw in the previous chapter, it was actually wheat that gave value to gold. And where did wheat get its value? From our hunger and our fondness for bread.
Whatever we value, becomes valuable. We literally give things their value, and we assign values according to our needs and our desires --- yet we don't examine this process of valuation or question the results.
Every single time we use a physical object to represent something that is unseen, we are engaged in a form of idolatry.
A crucifix to represent the suffering of Yeshuah.
A wedding ring to represent the love of a man and woman.
A gold coin to represent the value of groceries.
Once we free ourselves of idolatry, we can set ourselves free of The Money Spell --- and free of the obnoxious institutions and individuals using this delusion to enslave us and our beloved planet.
Long ago, the Kingdom of Sumeria (Shinar in the Bible) concerned itself with issues of justice, especially justice for individual people, because Sumerians valued justice; later, the Kingdom of Babylon concerned itself with endlessly proliferating codes and rules, because Babylonians valued revenue and coercive power.

How well you live literally depends on what you value.


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  1. if (the) men involved knowingly agree to it, ANYthing can be used to re-present/ "stand for" something else... (the) man makes (the) law concerning his own self after he satisfies the one law common to all man: *do no harm to man*.
    and even then, all agreements can be "broken" if it harms (the) man.
    no man is under law to receive harm done to him by another man.
    --- American common law, under authority of mans creator: who is the creator of nature and its laws.

    all harm returns back to its creators: not accepted; and it is so.

  2. Production is the result of labor. That bushel of wheat contains in it the cost of the labor to produce it: Likewise gold, silver, copper and other metals,;] production in this case meaning locating, mining, smelting etc. Because of certain inherent qualities; malleability, divisibility into aliquot parts, relative ease of transport, metals, over time, and with the development of the necessarry technologies, were substituted for the barter system. The issue of supply and demand affects cost, but that cost cannot fall below the cost of production.

  3. Meanwhile gold and silver are being peddled right here on this very site?

    Money, FRN's is debt notes right and yet somehow you can take 'donations' and make those debt notes somehow worth something and work for you?

    Using those very notes or this friggin computer network is participating in the system - you're not free by any stretch of the imagination

    And no neither am I but I damned straight am not lying my ass off and taking donations

    Listen to it - do you read the terms and conditions or the contracts associated with using the internet and the digital products you are using right now

    How about the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service linked to this very friggin page and the comments section

    This site is Protected by reCAPTCHA (kind of 'sounds like' RECAPTURE does it not) and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply

    At least now (NWO) you no longer have to pick out pictures and click on the button to PROVE YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT buttons anymore

    Did anyone not notice the changes made to this site just about a month ago at the bottom of where you comment at?

    1. Google and your GAIA ID, look it up

    2. you point out the use of "disclaimer/acceptance of terms" check-boxes, which are licensing agreements nobody reads, and which are gate-ways to every site visited/service used. These are so common now we almost don't notice em. But, when they were new idea to the people who were used to purchasing "real, tangible things," the concept of "buying" license to use MS Windows, made sense after processing the fact that a consumer does not buy or own MS or IT'S PRODUCTS by his purchase, derrr. We can now see it was introducing us to the idea of "ever buying, never owning." "By reason of use" (Heb 6) we should be having our senses trained. And, turns out we all are! One Way, or the equal/exact/diametrically opposed - "other way." Selling one's soul has been made as convenient as possible, and appropriately, requiring the least, possible exertion of energy by the man - a simple mouse click. Just raise your right hand, strike that! Too much work! Too demanding. "Can ewe raise your finger, little one?"

    3. There's kind of a catch here Paul Raymond Whipple. Theres an interface between us and it, our computer, and technically, we're just clicking a mouse, our computer is doing the "thinking and working", so even if my computer accepts an agreement, can it be said that, I, the man, has as well?


    1 hour 45 minutes in

    Listen until they start talking about UNalienable versus INalienable

    In those words is the word aLIEn
    Lies all lies

    It is no coincidence that they are working the Abraham Accords
    AA = 11
    Like Flight 11 and American Airlines

    Church and state become one
    One religion, Abrahamic Religion

    Abraham Lincoln, the lying king and that bullshit is not an accident
    They're all friggin liars every last stinkin one of them
    Subliminal from hell this one is and an election idiot doing his commercial

    Mining the hell out of everything
    Hmm KING SOLOMANS DOME in Alaska The Klondike
    And to go with this one and we must clean it all up and save it BULLSHIT (from the 25 link above)

    The 11 western United States symbolize that Rock called Mount Moriah, the Rock of Judgment.
    The 11 Tornado Alley states symbolize the Wailing Walland also inspire the name Moriah Conquering Wind, another alias that the illuminati brotherhood go by.
    Mount Moriah was a threshing floor rock, where the grain is separated from the chaff, by the wind.
    That wind is Moriah Conquering Wind, symbolically fulfilled by the Tornado Alley states, whose recent record tornados, (even in the middle of winter, and out of season), have coincided with the Democratic primaries.
    Not only tornados, but record blizzards and floods, all originating in Tornado Alley.
    The Wind of Moriah is separating the grain from the chaff in preparation for the coming feast at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
    Moriah Conquering Wind is conquering the minds of humanity as all are herded into sun god worship under the guise and deception of
    environmentalism and the green movement.
    All of which leads back to Genesis and the fake Garden of Eden and save mother earth and 'nature' like it says in the bible
    And like everyone keeps clammering about getting back to nature blah blah blah

    Clint Richardson and his everything 'nature' 'natural' like it says in the bible that is the 'law'
    Reverse psychology is what it is

    1. Go watch the movie The Croods

      From the cave man to following the SUN
      Ebe the daughter of the caveman who their entire family lives in a cave and they eat eggs for food when they come out in the light and take them from the animals
      When along comes Guy thats his name in the movie and he teaches them about fire, the light and to hunt and wear shoes and how he is following the SUN
      SUN god worship
      There are twin peaks in this movie and how the earth will open up and the ground will split open and how mountains will rise from the earth

      It will take a massive 'climate change' for the earth dwellers to see things their way and they have that planned
      Imagine that, Burger KING and have it your way


      Curious that I listened to this the other day and this so called 'Bell Technology' fell off the radar in 1951 and that Area 51 is in the nevada desert protected at all levels from everything
      Built in 1955 just after WWII
      This conference is from 2009
      I think the tesla shit is all made up too and this just helps keep the story going to their end game
      Now I don't know about you but this Farrell guy and his GIZA Death Star 'community' should have been able to put 2+2 together to figure out that this Bell project fell off the Radar as in 'MASH' in 1951 and that the road to area 51 was paved with gold for the deceivers, No?
      Just what in the hell do you think they been doing on that air force base for the last 70 years?
      Hmm by 2025 or 2030 you will own nothing
      Most likely because YOU WON'T BE ALIVE

      From this link
      we read
      Interestingly, Zechariah mentions, in verse 20, that ‘ … in that day shall there be upon the BELLS (or bridles – bridles is BRIDES) of the HORSES, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD;… ‘ Remember these words as you read through this page. Bell, horses and holiness in the day of the lord’s return. This is a subliminal message referring to Bel, Baal, and Horus, the horse, the sport of kings, and the Bride of the Christ Horus.

      The NOT SEES for those who can't see

      Shit Bering Sea Gold is a television shew right now for fucks sake

      So while these billionaires mine the hell out of it for prophet they expect you to save it
      Under the guise of their Green New Deal

  5. siri backwards is IRIS

    Tom Cruise and his Mission Impossible bullshit movies and his daughter named Siri - you think these hollywood inbreds don't know the score

    They're all in it together

    1. I read in a comments section the other day that Anthony Bliken is Tim Robbins the 'Secretary of State'

      Hmm just like this fake bitch here was the 'Secretary of State'
      And she is also playing the role of a Senator too

      And according to this writer she is a 6th level Illuminati Witch

      In Texas the 'attorney general' is a Paxton
      The new representative in the Texas legislature Dan Crenshaw is Bill Paxton (they killed him off in hollywood) then moved him back home to fort worth to play the role of a Texas representative
      He's wearing an eye patch (like the pirate thieves they are) claiming he was injured in the war in the middle east

      They're all related to one another

      We're gonna do it our way yes our way
      Make all our dreams come true
      There is nothing we won't try
      Never heard the word impossible
      This time there is no stopping us

      On your MARX get set and go now
      They are your land thieves and military interlopers
      Those generals and all these others are most likely family folks

      Now is it me or does this awaken with JP guy resemble the animal man that played in the shew Alaskan Bush People
      And geez check out his supposed real name
      34-year-old Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown
      And holy cow his sons name is River
      You just can't make this shit up but they can
      And who would the fraud behind the host of TMZ you ask

  6. This one is good

    The globalist script to crash the financial system and create end times at the same time