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Monday, March 7, 2022

First Recoupment Notice for All Governments and Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

The fact that there is no British Monarchy and the historical reason why, has been brought to your attention. William the Conqueror destroyed any possibility of a British Monarchy under the terms of The Norman Settlement executed upon his death in 1087 A.D.
The fact that the current Queen is German, not British, has also been brought to your attention.
On July 17, 1918, with White Russian forces loyal to the Tsar approaching, the Communists slaughtered Tsar Nicholas and his helpless family.
This left ten billion (with a "b") metric tons of gold belonging to the Kingdoms of Russia and Prussia on deposit with the Bank of England and in the custody of the British King --- who wasn't British and wasn't a King, either.
This imposter in league with the Roman Pontiff paid off the war debts from the First World War with German and Russian money, began extracting additional "war reparations" from the victims, and also immediately began planning the Second World War--- as a war for profit.
Remember, these are all Germans, not Brits.
And now, you will notice that Emperor Wilhelm II was an Emperor, not a King.
He started out being the King of Prussia, but thanks to the manipulations of Otto von Bismark, he was eventually persuaded to accept and occupy the Imperial Office of Emperor.
Prior to World War I, there had already been a separation of powers and jurisdictions that took place in Germany, with Wilhelm II, the Kaiser, occupying the separate Imperial Office and jurisdiction, and his son, the Crown Prince, being elevated in his father's "absence" from the throne, to serve as King of Prussia.
You can't wear two crowns bound to two separate jurisdictions at once.
When Kaiser Wilhelm II signed the various abdications, etc., he did so as Kaiser acting in the Imperial Office and with respect to himself as King of Prussia, a role he had already abdicated.
Strictly speaking, then, the Kingdom of Prussia has survived as a legal entity, and the Survivors have standing to claim back these gold deposits on behalf of all the German, Polish, Slavic, Hungarian and other people who lived within Prussia's borders. Certainly, the Russian nation has survived intact despite changes in the form of its government. It has a similar right and standing as heir to reclaim its gold deposits on behalf of all the people and progeny who lived within the borders of the Russian Empire.
With war on the horizon, the Kaiser placed the Prussian gold reserves in a trust assigned to Tsar Nicholas, who deposited everything with the Bank of England --- so it was that the two greatest European Superpowers of the age wound up with all their eggs in one basket.
All the Rothschild bankers had to do was incite the down-trodden Russian peasants and hire some mercenaries to do the actual killing, and they could claim that 10 billion metric tons of gold had been abandoned in the Bank of England, with (almost) nobody the wiser.
By 1920, Tsar Nicholas was dead. The Prussian and Russian banks were closed. Prussia, as a country, had been erased from the map. The Communists in Russia were deeply in debt to their Rothschild Bank sponsors. The "lost" accounts went dormant.
Enter the Reichstag Bank, which grew out of two prior German Government Banks --- even though all these banks folded in due course, their records remained, showing the Prussian and Russian deposits of gold bullion in the Bank of England.
One copy of these records was kept in Constantinople and one was kept with the Holy See and one was kept with the Danish King and one was kept with the Spanish King and one was kept with the Order of the Black Arrow and one was kept in Indonesia, by Muslim Bankers, who, as it turned out, merely kept the record without ever translating it, and didn't know what it was until October of 2018.
The Bank of England and the House of Wettin appear to owe the Prussians and the Russians ten billion metric tons of gold. Plus interest.
This Notice concerns one of four immense asset accounts that the Office of the Fiduciary is responsible for researching and recouping. All honest bankers and fiscal account officers worldwide who are aware of "abandoned" gold accounts must step forward at this time and assist in the effort to identify the provenance of these accounts.
The Bank of England is asked to peacefully surrender its Abandoned Account Records from the first of January 1900 to date.

So said, so signed, so sealed by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. Czar Nicholas mother posted an add in the New York Times stating the gold taken from her son was in the New York Jewish Federal Reserve Banks the bankers weathered the storm .
    Kept it the Bolshevik funded by Jacob Schiff Wall Street money .
    That’s right the Royals are just store fronts the same international zionest that created the city of London.

  2. Ok I will comment but most people will not agree with me. There has been a genealogy done on the kings in Britain and the presidents of The United States and all go back to King David. David through Solomon shall always have a king on the throne until Shilo comes. Shilo is the Messiah (not the Savior because YHWH is our Savior). And Shilo is David's name during the Millennium. The Messiah's job in the Millennium is to be YHWH's right arm carrying out His will and establishing righteousness and justice in all nations. Look it up in Scripture... It's all there. If you do a study in Scripture you will find that Ephraim is Joseph's son and is the Royal Tribe. Ephraim is Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations. Manasseh (Joseph's eldest son) is The United States. The blessing of a great nation and multiple seed went to Joseph's two sons. Judah (the Jews) got the scepter and lawgiver promises. These promises were given by Judah (renamed Israel by YHWH) so the Name Israel actually belongs to the Lost 10 Tribes which is Ephraim and Manasseh. YHWH's forever promise to David was that he would always have a descendant on the throne until Shilo comes which is in the Millennium. These promises were given to Abraham and went through Isaac and Jacob. I know this sounds strange but if you look up everything I said in the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures) you will find what I am saying to be true. All religions are a deception tactic from the Evil One to hide the truth and steal our love from our loving Creator.

    1. Scriptures are quiet as after the Assyria and Babylonian captivity however archaeologists have discovered the trail their names were changed by captors not Jews who were actually Canaanite who flood in after the captivity of Israelites.
      Everyone and his brother want to claim to be Israelites they are Edomites.and kazarian.