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Monday, March 7, 2022

Vladimir Putin: Russia’s Trump?


  1. we will find out what is true.
    whats true cannot remain covered.
    too many of us have said and PROVEN that we REFUSE to willingly participate in their lies and harm, no matter what they offer in exchange for our souls.

    manymanymanyMANY of us... most of us, already said an emphatic NO! And they heard us too.

    the fact that we were coerced, deceived, or forced to COMPLY with certain amounts of their crap takes NOTHING away from the fact that we did NOT do those things under full disclosure, knowingly, willingly, or when not under threat or duress and so forth.
    THEY are responsible for ALL the harm done. THEY are. not US.

    1. imo they are just presently fully realizing that, even as they continue to flail around, there is nothing for them to grab onto... the lies are all worn out. the fearmongering headlines are just digital bullxhit; the "attacks we need them to keep us safe from" are being done by THEM; our bodies heal-- even from their poisons and harmful energetics;
      we are not greedy, self-absorbed and ruthless; we are not without faith in God, our neighbors, and ourselves; and we arent tempted by the promise of being handed what our neighbor worked for in exchange for "keeping our mouth shut".
      are we perfect? no, but we try.
      they will never gain understanding of what makes us "tick" this way and we need to use their lack of comprehension about our desire to do whats good and healthy and uplifting to our maximum advantage. imo.

  2. Replies
    1. why do you keep posting that?

      is that for us as a reminder of the past or is there a specific present day situation that people arent aware of that you could give us some details on?


  3. Putin never committed war crimes... Never forced civilians or tourists to mandatory vaxine either...big difference

  4. And this one well it speaks for itself

    They taking bets on who's gonna take the bait?