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Monday, March 7, 2022

Who Saves Humanity?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I was asked a provocative question this morning--- who saves humanity?
People seem to think that this rests on one teacher or teaching or individual, such as Jesus or Brahma or King David or Buddha or the Mahdi---- but it does not.
Instead, humanity has to save itself, by discerning and following all teachings which honor life and health and love.
A choice is set before each one of us: what do you want?
Life or death?
Peace or war?
Lies or truth?
Under the Universal Law of Freewill, it is our right and duty to choose. This is why the True Creator, AOUA, exhorts us to choose life. Choose life for ourselves and our planet. Turn away from choosing death and destruction.
He gives us all the tools and information and trusts us to see the reasons, but it is still our choice.
Like a good parent teaches their son how to drive a car, goes over the rules of the road, practices with him until he has the skills, makes sure he knows the laws, makes sure he has a car that is mechanically sound, does everything that can be done to prepare his son to drive ----- and yet, there comes that moment, when the son drives out onto the open road, and it is his decisions that determine all the outcomes.
Will he go wildly over the speed limit? Stray out of his lane into oncoming traffic? Take a turn too fast? Not recognize the danger of black ice on the road?
We are all like that student driver.
Our Creator has sent us teacher after teacher, road map after road map, and has lovingly and carefully prepared us, yet, it's still up to us. Will we save ourselves or not?





    And swissy land is their DEN

  3. Where do we find the teachers and roadmaps?

  4. humanity has to save itself from itself. Sadly most don't see that they are blindly participating in their own destruction and enslavement

    1. Since it has been like this for quite some time,most probably there is a good reason.Looks like there is nothing we could possibly do to make it better.
      In the Kingdom of lying and cheating,truth and good stand no chance.
      Is it any wonder that the saying goes like this:
      " good remains unpunished..."

    2. wow... who and what is this "AOUA" stuff...???

      is this referring to Almighty YHWH (Yahweh), the Creator... The One and only Living God, the Elohim (God) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

  5. Hi. Richard here.

    I’m in agreement with Anna’s overall sentiment here.

    I also think it is an error of judgement to introduce unqualified information that the majority of people will not relate to and not be able to process.

    In this case, Anna may be 100% correct in naming the true creator as AOUA, but most people have never heard of AOUA and have no framework by which to process its - to me anyway - sudden introduction.

    I did a quick search online and did not find any reference to AOUA as some kind of deity. I’m sure the information is there somewhere, but the average person will likely experience a significant disconnect with apparently sudden claims made about a here-to-fore unknown deity.

    For me, it would be easier to swallow if some context and references were provided that might allow me to understand something at least, about AOUA.

    In the absence of those kinds of things, I feel moved to ask whether or not Anna might not be taking advantage of her status and influence to lean on her audience somewhat, regarding the acceptance of a spiritual school of thought that she may be passionate about, but regarding which, the average reader has no context and would struggle to process.

    1. Brilliant observations, last sentence nailed it! It appears what she practices is called a 'mark in trade' aka TradeMark. The pig in Rome has used the practice for millennia. By creating and instituting a unique, intentionally flawed thus defining characteristic, the people 'following' it are 'marked' and thus claimed. As the pope demonstrates in his boast that the protestants observe the Lord's Day on Sunday by no Scriptural imperative, but solely by decree of Rome, evidencing they yet willingly subject themselves to him. The people choose to ignore Scripture and follow doctrines of men opposite the revealed truth, is testimony and witness against them which god they worship and serve. "You are servants to whom you obey." Not surprising there is little or no support for her claims (aoua,anu/ana house of hotep...) that is the point. She undermines the truth with all manner of vile filth of false gods and religions to come up w her own unique form. Since she created it, anyone believing and accepting is 'marked' as one of 'hers.'

  6. I too would like some clarification of AOUA.....

  7. Ambiguous, how about what Christians call the law :the Ten Commandments.
    All else is private law man made judge William Blackstone said to be the father of common law in America .
    “Any conflict between mans law and God’s law God’s law is superior because God is infallible.”

    1. bubba,
      ive been re-searching about Blackstone after reading your comment.

      im tired right now and dont want to go into the details... will connect with you later on this but: short version:
      he was a Temple Bar Member; an Attorney! so he could not have had anything to do with our ACTUAL and TRUE American common law.
      what i think we may be looking at is him being the father of the "Blended Jurisdictional" Brith-ish *LEGAL* System that the Attorneys/"Pope"/ Monarchies have tried to cover over our pure American common law system with.
      Anyway, main point for now is he was a BAR ATTORNEY, so if sources are claiming he was instrumental in establishing or was otherwise involved with American common law, they may be propagandizing.
      what do you think?