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Monday, March 7, 2022

Oh, Boy, Yet Another "Blockbuster" Factoid Everyone is Missing or Forgets...

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I reminded everyone that there literally is and can be no British Monarchy, and that there hasn't been any such thing since 1087 A.D.  ---  because William the Conqueror made sure of it with the details of The Norman Settlement which took place upon his death in that year.   

William was so determined that there would never again be any legitimate British Monarchy that he denied his own sons as much as a cubic centimeter of dirt in England.   

All those people who have been strutting around Buckingham Palace for centuries are not actually British and they are not actually kings or queens, either.  The present "Queen of England" is a German.  She is as British as I am.  Literally.  And she isn't a "Queen" either; she is an Agent for the Pope, overseeing his Commonwealth interests in England.  

Instead of a "British Queen'' we've been dealing with a  "German Papist Overlord of the Commonwealth".  

In the same way, people are still not grasping the enormity of the fact that "America" is in no way the same as "the U.S." or "the United States, Inc."  

America is a good and moral country full of good people.  The U.S. is as foreign to us as France and the United States, Inc. isn't a country.  It's a commercial corporation in the business of providing governmental services.  

The world is still confused about all of this.  

And now we come to another little bon mot in the weird, but obvious, history of Israel. 

Israel is literally owned as a private nation-state by Jacob Rothschild.  Literally.  No joke. 

Some billionaires buy themselves private islands.  Some defrocked priests of Baal get together to buy little mini-nation-states like the Inner City of London or Vatican City or the Municipality of Washington, DC, which are all about one square mile in area---- and completely separate from the rest of the countries they inhabit.  

But no puny islands or postage stamp kingdoms for Jacob Rothschild.  He wanted a whole country.  And he got it.  He basically bought Israel from the Government of Westminster and engineered the entire circumstance related to the British Protectorate in the Middle East and the infamous Balfour Declaration. The rights and needs and priority placement of the people that were afterward gratuitously dubbed "Palestinians" by the label-makers, didn't enter into Jacob Rothschild's head.  Or anyone else's, either. 

"It's his, and he can do what he likes with it." a friend of mine observed many years ago. "Not only did he buy it, the members of the Knesset are his employees."  


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  1. This is incredible news!!!! From DARKNESS to LIGHT!! As they say, you cannot change Truth. What's in the darkness must come to light. are AMAZING!!!! Thank you and again, CONGRATULATIONS!!

    1. patricia, by what authority does a FICTION sell ACTUAL people and ACTUAL land that doesnt belong to the FICTION;
      and CANT EVER belong to the FICTION because the FICTION is FICTIONAL and has no authority over what is ACTUAL and NON-FICTIONAL?

      its FALSE CLAIMS.

    2. Exactly ! woman:janmarie! Exactly!!!

    3. samarkis!
      you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear someone say they understand that! :):):)

      ...that being the very basis and foundation of the deceit that has been perpetrated against us all!!... once you get a grasp of understanding on that one basic concept, so much of the layer upon layer of deceit and lies crammed down our throats and into our eyes and ears and brains all of our lives just begin to fall away!!
      i cant wait until we have more company!! life will be very different when even 10-15% of the people fully understand this and together can safely refuse to participate in the bamboozlement!
      its going to happen!

    4. A Man can trick another man into accepting a title and then that man can sell the title of person just like they use to in the slave days.

  2. Anna, you forgot one tiny thing. The owners of this planet decide if their is or will be a British Monarch, not William and certainly not yew.

    JOHN (GK)

  3. Unknown, You forgot one thing. The owner of this planet is the One who made it. The people you call the owners are little more than squatters.

  4. Anna, it has been said by Mark Kishon Christopher, postmaster Judge that the queen is coming to collect on all death pledges and loans here in Canada in June 2022. Can you please tell me if you know this to be true? Please and thank you . How do we get to rightfully document in our land titles that we own it and are no just TENNENT? Any wisdom would be helpful? Does it help to have reclaimed status to keep this from happening? Thank you for your help.