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Monday, March 7, 2022

New Guardians to Be Named

 By Anna Von Reitz

A couple months ago, I announced that John Franklin Hein III was removed from the Office of Fiduciary Guardian.  While I continue to hold John in great respect for his mathematical and engineering and linguistic abilities, continued lack of progress toward the actual program goal was not allowing a positive or productive relationship between my office as Fiduciary and his office as Fiduciary Guardian. 

The Fiduciary Guardian's Office is one that requires not only intelligence and maturity, but an ability and willingness to protect the interests of those who are most vulnerable --- the young, the very old, the injured and disabled.

Public Fiduciaries unavoidably inherit what is called the "Duty of Care" --- to assist and educate members of the public about their rights and responsibilities and options, and to provide for the continuance of care for those who are significantly unable to care for themselves.  This role can be temporary, as when people are impacted by natural disasters and need help getting back to normal, or it can be permanent, as when disease, age, or accident take their toll. 

As we transition back to a Public Government System, the Office of the Fiduciary Guardian is meant to develop programs and provide access to programs that will run in tandem with and gradually replace programs like Medicare and Social Security and VA Hospitals, as well as offering services that are badly needed but not currently available. 

We will be refocusing our efforts in this area and revamping the Office of the Fiduciary Guardian to accommodate comprehensive planning;  we will be naming multiple Fiduciary Guardians who will be working to flesh out program goals and interfaces with the existing system(s) so that overall care, including preventative care, is improved, and there is seamless continuance of care available throughout. 

I hope this fully and completely describes the changes being made and the reasons for those changes.  For the time being, questions and interests that would normally be addressed to the Office of the Fiduciary Guardian can be passed on directly to me.  


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