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Monday, March 7, 2022

Protect Yourselves and Others

 By Anna Von Reitz

These supporters of the Trucker Convoy are flying the American Peacetime flag, and by doing so, they are identifying themselves as peaceable Americans --- people who are NOT at war, NOT soldiers, NOT here to blow anyone up, shoot anybody, etc., etc., etc. --- and that is important.
If every American War Flag in this convoy was converted to a Peacetime Flag, there would be nothing at all that any of the Rats could do to attack or complain or harass anyone involved. They would all have to stand down and watch the parade.
Flying the right flag can save your life or the lives of people you care about. Flying the right flag can protect your property and your Natural and Unalienable rights and Constitutional Guarantees.
Remember that America --- the actual America and the actual American Government --- has been at peace since 1814, and all the "peaceable" Americans are owed the full support, protection, and respect of their government employees without exception.

So stand up for who you are and what you are doing and use the proper flag to make your silent declaration of your standing and peaceful intentions. All over this country, more Americans are waking up and catching on. They are flying the Peacetime Flag. Isn't it about time you did, too?

Check out for the honorable and venerable history of our Peacetime Flag --- and stop a moment to think: do you want war or do you want peace? It's up to you to declare.
To get your own flag go here:


  1. Anyone that believes a flag will make 2 shits worth of difference to the criminal and corrupt government, needs new medication, PERIOD!

    1. If flags mean absolutely nothing then why do flags exist? Isn't a flag the identification of a vessel and to whom or what it belongs or does pledge allegiance?

      Seems like all those who believe a flag has no significance need to seek more mind altering medication.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Annie McShane.... can we talk please...???

    4. i agree with you 100% Jack.

      you specifically said that you were talking about "... the criminal and corrupt government", --not just any government-- and you are 100% spot-on about just exactly what you said....: no flag is going to make any difference whatsoever at all to CRIMINALS!!!
      theyre the ones who use OTHER COUNTRIES' FLAGS/ FALSE FLAGS to lure-in the people theyre planning to attack.

  2. i have diligently looked for ANY verifiable historical proof that there is now or ever was anything known as an "American Peace Flag"; and while historical proofs show various flags, NONE AT ALL HAVE VERTICAL STRIPES and LIKEWISE, NONE HAVE BLUE STARS ON A WHITE BACKGROUND.

    Does anyone have any proof that any such so-called "American Peace Flag" ever actually existed?
    and was ever actually used?
    If yes, then:
    who authorized it?
    which congress? corporate? continental? general? other?
    exactly what law was used to authorize it?
    did the States legislatures have to approve it?
    which States approved it?
    which ones didnt.
    when did all this take place?
    what were the circumstances of the time that the people believed they needed two flags?
    who designed it?
    who crafted the prototype?
    did the people vote on having two flags?
    where are all the records pertaining to all these questions?

    if it turns out that there IS no proof, law, records, and so forth, then WHO US MAKING THIS UP?
    AND WHY?... to get us out from under our true American flag, and have us "willingly, voluntarily, move OurSELVES to under a different flag" or something of that nature?

    it doesnt add up. something isnt right. we:man require these answers.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    3. anonymous,
      put an identifier somewhere in your comment, unless you want to drop in here and bat unsubstantiated comments around from time to time without us knowing how many times youre wrong. K? :)

    4. janmarie, you make a number of good points regarding the origin of the peace flag.

      But is there more info with regard to the gold fringe on the flag? I know that it is called up as a warning of Admiralty in court, the origin of which not many people are privy to I think.

      I haven't noticed much use of a gold fringe on our Canadian flag either publicly or in government. Maybe in court but I haven't seen inside a court except once a long time ago and I wasn't aware of the gold fringe so I wasn't looking for it.

    5. Actually using the gold fringe around a flag as a de-facto war flag could have some merit. So the question may be is there any other country that supports a dual mode flag? That would be very disorienting to Americans to have a dual flag.

      Actually I did see photos of the Canadian flag flying upside down in photos that I saw of people on the sides of the roads that they convoy was travelling on. That apparently is a distress signal, or government under siege I think.

    6. oh, and speaking of you being wrong anonymous!:
      lololololol omgosh! your "source" for verification on a second American flag (that is known to ACTUALLY historically appear ABSOLUTELY **NOWHERE**) is the Dark Romance Novelist NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE from Salem, Massachusetts; and his FICTIONAL WORK The Scarlet Letter?
      OMG! I just cant quit chuckling!
      **THATS** YOUR "VERIFIYING SOURCE"?!!.... Not Congressional Record?... or Record of any State Legislature?... or any vote from the people?... but **Nathaniel Hawthorne** the FICTION writer!?!:):):) lololohahahaha oooooooweee, haha!! now thats funnee!!
      lolololooolol tickled me funneeboane. :):):)

      hey, ):):/
      for a few more grins:

      betcha you dont have a CLUE about what time period The Scarlet Letter FICTION/ NOVEL was even set in, do'ya? :):):/

      no, you DONT! :):):)

      Here! i will fill you in on what youre too incompetent to look up for yourself:
      in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

      lololooololloloool!! 1640s!!!

      and hey! if you were not so busy flapping your gums pretending like know what you are talking about you might have even taken time out before you (ignorant-ly) spoke to actually also look up the flag they were flying there in 1640, and then you would have seen that that flag was all bright red with a white rectangle in the upper left corner with a red horizontal cross on the white background, NOT red and white vertical stripes, white square, and blue stars!!

      your incompetence is underwhelming.

      oh wait!!! you have a second verifying source dont you?!?!:):)... :):):)
      oh,.Hank Hill is it? did Peggy Hill design it?:):):) loololol

      tell us all, anonymous, which session of which Congress did Hank and Peggy Hill get approval for the second American flag from? and which session? and which page is the approval recorded on in the Record? lolololololl!!!
      ....i will wait....lool :):):)!

    7. will! you disappeared!!! :):):)

      so far i havent read anything about the gold fringe that sounded conclusive to me.
      but somewhere, within probably the past 6 months or so, i did run across one reference suggesting that the gold fringe may (technically) not signify Admiralty, but Maritime. they always say "Admiralty and Maritime are the same", but i, presently, dont believe they are. it looks to me like Maritime is Commerce and Admiralty is the enforcement arm of Commerce.

      somebody is long overdue in letting the facts come out about just exactly what that fringe symbolizes, under what conditions.
      im about fullup-to-the-gills with their secret "code" crap.
      we require all facts concerning the tassels, and the eagle and/or globe on the flagpole too.

    8. will, what you said about putting fringe on nations' flags does seem like the type of thing "they" might think up to do to turn our national symbols of pride, freedom, and peace into a gaudy warflagrags of THEIR making.

      thats such a good point you brought up about whether any other nation has had two flags. i dont know of any that ever have. ...yes, different factions within the same country during times of internal struggles have, but one flag for peace and another for war?... No. Never heard if it.

      i think someone is making this shit up. :):):):):)

      agree. i dont think Americans would accept two flags! why would we? were the same people whether we are being attacked or not... we didnt change anything.... we dont attack others, we can only defend if someone else attacks us. so why would we ever need two flags when our natural state of being is being at peace?
      its simply not necessary.

    9. hey janmarie, I am back yes. I got busy recently and just getting back to it all now.

      You know what? You definitely have spunk! You call it like you see it, you are persistent with your reasoning. And you are happy to smack somebody upside the head haha!

      You asked a series of questions that have not really been answered, even by Anna herself. How does she know what it is about?

      Yeah ok, so there is some empirical evidence that the flag was referenced in a novel but was then lost to history.

      That's a bit like saying that God created the universe and the whole shebang and then was never heard from again.

      So...I wonder how the person holding the "peace flag" explained it to the other people around the group? Two flags is too much to imagine. Isn't it Betsy Ross who created "old glory" isn't that the colloquial name for the American flag? Even I have seen cultural references and depictions of the flag being sewn by her and the ones I have seen look like it does now.

      And yes by changing the flag with a gold fringe is like hijacking it for their purposes.

      See this must be the reason why Paul stopped allowing comments with Anna's posts because a lot of controversial subject matter comes up that really is never addressed and that is why dissension broods in the ranks. There are many, many unanswered concerns that go on and fester...

      It's all so tiring after 2 years of Covidity. And they won't let that go either, there are too many stupid people who will lap it all up continuously. By the way, there is talk that the vaccine mandate that Trudeau destroyed his job over WILL go away at a time in the future when it doesn't appear to be linked with the truckers convoy.

    10. will, yes, OUR AMERICAN FLAG is nicknamed Old Glory.
      the point i was making without saying it (so i am going to say it now) is that:
      even that one bit of possible empirical evidence is actually not applicable:
      heres why:
      • the scarlet letter was set in 1640
      • Massachusetts was MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY, A BRITH-ISH COLONY, in 1640, not a State in the u/United States of America until 1776;
      such that:
      • *NOT* a flag belonging to people or the States in t/The u/United States of America.
      okay, so, redundantly bringing that point in for a second landing:
      even if the so-named "Peace Flag" was, in fact, flown in the Massachusetts Bay COLONY during the 1640s, The Scarlet Letter FICTION time period, it could never be said to be a United States flag because it would have been flying over a BRITH-ISH **COLONY**, not a State belonging to the United States of America.
      aaaand my final and third landing:
      therefore then,
      no such BRITH-ISH COLONIAL FLAG can ever be said to belong or to have belonged to the American people; that is: if it belonged to anyone based upon its claimed description in the Scarlet Letter, then it belonged to the PRE- American War for Independence BRITH-ISH COLONY named the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
      youre right will, all of this crap is exhausting and its supposed to be. its designed that way.
      its supposed to dishearten us and sap us of our strength and rob us of our time and energy and take away the joy of life.

      its the modern day equivalent of the ancient merr derr ers practice of Poisoning Someones Well.

    11. So I noticed that Vaccine Passports are being promoted in America, it's odd now because it is interlinked with the vaccine mandate that our truckers convoy protested over. And with little success actually, the federal mandates are still in place with Trudeau having moved on to another cause in the Ukraine. No resolution over that as far as I know. And no resolution over the requirement to vaccinate.

      So with the convoy in America to DC now in place, is the end game the same there as it was here in Canada? Truckers are forbidden from entering either country without a vaccine I believe.

      We have had the vaccine passports since last September, about the same time that numb-nuts was elected again. Trudeau of course.

      Those are all provincial mandates, so the passports would have to be implemented at the state level for you in America as well I believe.

      What is strange is that all that stuff is collapsing here during the month of March. All the restrictions and mask mandates are collapsing here. You all have been without any real restrictions basically for a year maybe longer.

      It seems odd that the vax passports are just coming to you when we and many other countries are leaving that behind. This is all meant to be a digital ID tracking system in reality.

      It's weird that this is happening with the mid-term elections coming along this year.

      Life has to get back together again, commerce has to flow again, people have to go to work. When you look carefully at what the government "says" they are going to do that can often be derailed by circumstances unforseen. Like the trucker convoy we just had, that wasn't built into the plan. Some have speculated that it was in the plan, but when you look carefully at who was there and what happened, it doesn't seem so.

      With the vax passport, you can't go to a restaurant, or any commercial or retail space without proof of being vaxxed. Take out food from restaurants is the only thing you can do. Until 6 months later now it is being lifted. We have been in lockstep with what happened in America and the rest of the world, but your vax passport is bucking the trend. Maybe just another test trial to see how the little people respond in store for you.

    12. will, yes, the overall entirety of the construct:
      cv, elder abuse and isolation, convoyarrests/ theft of funds, rigged elections, russia, ukraine, attorney:judges and corrupt courts, brutality, ignoring mans rights, ignoring rights of fathers and mothers, sixual izing sons and daughters, glutting PublicFunds, inflated food prices, psychological abuse of sons and daughters in PublicEdu., seemingly-engineered weather disasters, supplyline slowdowns, shutdown of our own anundant energy supply, skyrocketing energy/gas prices, inbelievable increases in so-called Public Debt, constant fearmongering, contrived news "stories", false arrests, theft of natural re-sources, and more all seem to be running at 2.5x speed -- to me its like theyre trying to get all these contrived disasters jammed into a tiny window of time.
      almost none of it is necessary, maybe a little of the weather is from natural source... but the rest is all man-made.

      agree, having Amer VacPassports be "a thing" at this time is way out of sequence and completely illogical. frankly, have not paid attention to it because i see almost no one even wearing a mask around here... maybe one in one hundred, if even that... almost all are between 20 and 40 yo. so yes, it does seem like a test...
      tending to think that many people are "awake" but feel they cant speak up, because of their job or something but really, it just seems like 99.5% of the people are "JustOverIt".

      numb-nuts!! omgosh lololol! my dad is the only other person ive ever heard say that! he called stupid men Monkey-Nutz too. haha!! hahahah!!! my dad!!! he was right about so many things. i wish i could re-do and give him more respect. he deserved more. he did so much for us and also for his grandmother and mother and for my mothers family too.. he was a truly good man.
      so was my grandpa.
      we need our men again. even with evil around the world was a better place to live in.

    13. i didnt say that right... what i meant to convey was, "we need our good men to take back over and be running things again because even with evil around the world was a better place to live in."

      Respect to all you good men out there!! not the numb-nuts. :)

    14. janmarie, it's nice to read as you remember your Dad. I like seeing people remember fondly the people around them perhaps in hindsight which sounds like your case. Be good to the people around you as we move along through life, and try hard to leave the world a better place. Be someone that is authentic and have a keen wish to understand the truth about everything and share that truth when possible.

      It's sad and difficult to keep that kind of perspective when we look at people who make it hard to hang on. I have called people that frustrate me stupid with their response to the whole 2 year Covid thing we are dealing with.

      It's not very charitable I know, and intellectually I am not proud to feel this way about people sometimes. But this experience has been a window on the world. Being alive at this point in time, and going through this and seeing the response by a large majority of people has been a very painful experience for the most part. Perfectly rational (and educated...ouch) people that should have better critical thinking skills are reduced to idiots over this. It would never have gotten the traction that it did, but then again we were programmed with mass psychosis with everything they did. Why are some of us able to see the truth? I know part of the answer is that a large percentage of the population just isn't willing to red-pill themselves and shatter any long held illusions / delusions about our reality.

      I might have mentioned this before but I refuse now to engage the guy I work with that owns his company where I am working. I red-pilled him a year ago, he told his wife who decided I was crazy and he was crazy and he should get back in line and think the way she does. A well educated woman with a high end job and career and she is neurotic and germ-o-phobic anyway. He tries to engage me a little bit about the Russian war situation right now and he has no clue about what is really happening, and I would be the conspiracy theorist if I tried to red-pill him on the reality of the Ukraine. It is basically a failed state since easily 2014 and maybe longer. The truth is out there if you look for it and read with an open mind.

      Sorry I think I strayed a bit, but I realize that knowing the truth in all its aspects happens to be very important. Really, what more important thing could we accomplish here in our lives then knowing the truth and living in a way that honours that reality. Look where it could have gotten us with Covid if we all could do that. We wouldn't all have two years we will never get back, that's the tangible result of truth unlived.

      We are just getting our mask mandates released within the next month overall, less here in Ontario. But as you said you haven't seen masks for a long time. I look around and just shake my head at the number of idiots who must be neurotic to cling to the mask like there is something to it. Like they all have Stockholm syndrome for heaven's sake. And I can't see them letting it go, we have had at least another year exposure than you have had in America. Well, discounting the blue states I guess. I saw Texas lead the charge, but nobody here seems to notice or even ask how it's ok for another country to leave it behind.

      There are few things that annoy me like this, I have to stop analyzing it or my head will start rotating it's that insane LOL.
      Oh and the media says don't get too accustomed to your "freedom" it could all go away any time we say that "cases" are spiking again. About 20% to 40% of the population is neurotic enough to be a magnet for this kind of crap, and I know they are helpless but I still want to yell at them all for being so stupid haha!

      But, I still want to try and I still want to reach out and help other people navigate this mess for anyone that wants to know.

      I must be a glutton for punishment...

    15. will, im moving forward to the march 10 Starvation Matrix article so we dont get lost back here again :).

    16. Right got it, will post tonight over there.

  3. It's not a fake flag. There most certainly is documented proof of it and as I already stated, Nathaniel Hawthorne describes it in detail in the introduction of 'The Scarlet Letter'. It's real. It is existed. Get over it and stop being so silly and paranoid.

  4. Silly and paranoid sure let’s let the neoconservative run the nation as they have for at least 160 years .
    The sparse few like ZJFK was ritualistically killed on the 33 parallel videotape by Jewish Zecruder

  5. Not a word about the Victoria Notelburg and Blenkin rabid Jews and on and on no it’s more of the same question is how does this fit in the picture get my drift?
    Controld soft soaping the common law now to use policy statutes and codes and case law and use jury nullification your mixing apples and oranges .
    And trust the zionest to now respect your rights has not worked much if at all they just back off when your to sharp to take on . That’s rare the double down contempt for hesitation double team you to declare you insane.
    Only way honestly is to due what gun owners of America suggest move into countries were predominantly right wing then your a hard target

    1. And lets not forget they can paint an artificial reality on the internet as well - paid agents working on the final stage of your enslavement and calling it self government, my opinion


  6. totally agree with you 100% bubba!

    false flags are the name of their game... run *this* kind of false flag or *that* kind,..
    sheee it! it doesnt matter to them!!
    . just so theyre causing confusion and taking over other peoples identities, its all the same to them.
    ..., because just like you said for them ITS ALL ABOUT THE OUTCOME!
    • the same clan... agree!
    • spys and agents everywhere!... agree!
    • until we get serious.... agree!

  7. anonymous and unknown:

    you are both an embarrassment to yourselves. imo.
    you know nothing about what youre didnt even bother to research your own reference before coming on here pretending to have pertinent facts to share with everyone.
    youre disrespecting your own selves by your trying to pass off inaccurate information as fact; and what you have written is a waste of the peoples time.

    its no wonder neither of you want to be identifiable. i said above:
    The Scarlet Letter youre both using as a reference for the verification of a "second American flag", is a NOVEL: A WORK OF *FICTION*, and was SET in 1640, over 135 years BEFORE the American War for Independence.
    in Colonial Boston.
    and their Colonial flag of that time period was solid red.
    hopefully you two will realize you cant drop your incompetent, irrelevant, inaccurate, unverified, uneducated misinformation off on the people who come to pauls blogs comment sections to share their verified and verifiable facts gleaned from actually doing serious research and expect to be taken seriously.

  8. Documentation for those ignorantly doubting or are seeking to disqualify the US CIVIL PEACE FLAG... (happy reading, research, and becoming informed)!!!

  9. MGS
    Thank you. Ive easily found articles before... I wonder how ‘miss’ above had such a hard time finding proof? And the misunderstanding of the proof in the Scarlet Letter work parallels to what you shared. There shouldn’t be any argument on the Peace Flag’s legitimacy or its history.

    1. anonymous,
      just keep commenting so people will realize that you have absolutely nothing worth them spending their time on!!!:):):)

      herez you anonymous:
      doh, i founda article before..... it waz ezee.
      .... i caint find it now, but i know i found one sometime....
      doh, wass missy mean by "Congress"?? whas'sat?
      wassa "Session?" doh! wass missy talkin bout?

  10. Hidden in plain sight perhaps
    MRNa - MEDICAL RECORD NUMBER, A, possibly for Administration?

    I've seen covid test results and cards that reflect an MRN number
    MRN as above is Medical Record Number
    Just like PHR, Personal Health Record

    All linked to the PERSONfiction

    I believe all of this has to do with 5G folks and frequencies

    In one of his writings a while back he states that they can flip their frequency switch and those innoculated can become happy people and not a care in the world
    The frequencies at this time are not being used in that manner

    I will try and locate his exact article on that and come back and post

  11. Can anyone verify if Montana Business Communications is a CORPORATION?

    When I did the search above I got the following and then I clicked on it

    Remember the other day that I showed you this

    At 3:16 seconds in see where it has
    Members in the tree = 2006
    Subsidiaries of this company = 105
    Branches of this company = 1885

    Now look at all the companies under that LEE ENTERPRISES INCORPORATED

    I'm tellin ya there is funny business going on here and this unincorporated state BULLSHIT is part of the set up and IT TIES DIRECTLY TO WORLD PARLIAMENT

    Found this to be helpful somewhat and if you look at those there family trees and all those corporations under them they will all tie up to one PARENT COMPANY/CORPORATION

      3 16 MINUTES IN

      So while these fucks have us focusing on our family tree and DNA (funny how DNA rearranged spells AND) and all this other bullshit their PARENT COMPANY/CORPORATION FAMILY TREES ARE GROWING

      Their focus is on the MOTHER CORPORATION of which I have no doubt is HOUSED IN SWISY LAND - THE HEART OF IT ALL
      Swissy land shaped like a heart (earth, when you rearrange the SPELLING)

      Go watch some old episodes of Hogans Heros and the idea of these city states and their importance will become evident
      They put London and Swissy land and all these others into our collective and then they rolled all the shit out to support the narrative


    2. Hogans Heros is a product owned by BING CROSBY ENTERPRISES or something like that

      At the end of these shews they have DISTRIBUTION companies/corporations that now hold copyright on these shews

      Funny Bing played a critical role is the sacking of the German economy just like ole FDR did here

      At the end of these shews they are now placing disclaimers on their FICTIONAL portrayal and that any resemblance to a real person is just that
      This is why folks are getting copyright stikes on the NET
      These other distribution corporations set up by these same families are new and they transferred the copyright to another entity thereby protecting their BROADCASTING EMPIRE

      I believe that ROTHCHILD is a fictional character and that the role is played by an Astaire
      Say they are jews but are not jews because they are literally crooks hidden in plain sight
      These 'jews' play by no rules they make them up for everyone else in fictionland and then they can steal it all in plain sight as they hobnob all over the world unencumbered ACTING out their roles
      They created the federal reserve and all the fucking stories that came with it while they hid in plain sight on the fucking movie screens entertaining us to our death as their media, their big pharma and all the rest set out to destroy the rest of us

      I wonder if this ole Ruby gal/guy so called doctor here is any relation to ole Jack the liar here

  12. Friggin off the charts

  13. "anonymous",
    you sound bitterly jealous of us.
    Yeh,...i have to admit, WE ARE PRETTY GREAT! :):):)

  14. Which is it? I've read previously on here that we've been at war since 18something, now we've been at peace since 1817?

    1. ivan,
      bubbapatric could tell you for sure and in more detail, but:
      no war has been DECLARED since the War of 1812, that ended in 1814 with Treaty at Ghent Belgium, effective 1815 (Feb.?).
      however, there have been attacks either upon the American people; OR our own American men have been MISUSED to perpetrate completely unnecessary and unlawful COMMERCIAL ATTACKS (not Wars Declared "for cause") upon the men and women of other nations by the Foreign Corporation pretending to be "our government" (the people are the government)and/or its Affiliates in every generation since the so-called Civil War that no one can find a Declaration for either because the American people were at peace on the land.