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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Dr. Jane Ruby - WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC - Stop Getting Vaccinated IMMEDIATELY - SHOCK Images



  1. Worm Eggs Found In Vials: German Doctors Report Hatching Eggs In Vaxx

  2. i believe cv was actually "out" around sept, 2019.

    repeat: look at the dresses ivanka and melania wore while accomp. Trp. to india: mels white dress had stylized tulipy-looking "crowns"/ "corona"s and ivans light blue dress had red stylized roundish "flowers" on it with "spikes".
    there were/are also photos of them releasing red flower petals into the wind. pretty sure that was October (2019).

    1. also, im noticing distinctly "male" features about this "Dr. Ruby"[Red], but it could just be coincidental... probably is; but

      • the HUGE hands! omg! at LEAST 25, maybe 30% larger than womans typical hand-size (proportionate to the rest of the body)! :):):)
      • the heavy-boned face/jaw
      • the "squared-off", rather than "gently-sloping, curved" horizontal shoulder-line.
      • shoulders go well outpast the ribcage, rather than "just barely" past it.
      • deep voice.

      also, having followed a couple of channels for awhile that were pointing out how many "trans-" there are/may be that are put before us "to lead us", some of the PHOTO visual "trickery" that are supposedly usually used by "male-to- female" transgendered persons are:
      • loooong hair.
      • long hair pulled forward:
      ^ covers thick neck, (generally about as wide as the skull in men)
      ^ covers big trapezoid(?) muscles that jut up in the back between the shoulders and the neck
      ^ covers sides of the heavily boned skull, wide face, and wide jaw, making face appear smaller and thinner
      ^ covers up the squared off, back part of the jawbone that juts upward the ear, (womens jaw is curved.)
      ^ covers the large earlobes
      • bangs or hair pulled uncomfortably far forward on one or both sides to cover the fact that theres no curvy" widows peak" at the hairline but the hairline just runs straight across the forehead.
      ^ covers/distracts from the brow-bossing/ thick brow ridge
      • long fingers, big fingernails, thicker fingers
      • knuckles go straight across
      • index finger shorter than ring finger
      • prominent collar bone: stands out and goes straight across toward the shoulder to hook to shoulder, rather than being recessed and curving downward to form a "sweetheart" neckline
      • always the full makeup:
      ^ always the bright, drawn-on lipstick making thin lips look fuller
      ^ heavy eyemakeup, use of highlighters brings deep-set eyes forward visually, out from under brow bossing.
      ^ false eyelashes, same as above.
      • distractive earrings; choker necklaces, high collars, mandarin collars
      • breast implant "cleavage" often on display
      • long fake fingernails, red or bright nail polish, rings
      • overuse of hand gestures
      • use of "blocks" of dark or light colors strategically placed in clothing design:
      ^ light block of fabric over bosom area, brings bosoms forward: looks larger.
      ^ dark colorblock of fabric UNDER bosom area, to "create" the illusion of receding body part
      ^ white colorblocks under the arms, takes attention away from wide, v-shaped upper back that tapers down to straight up and down waistline and hips.

      (almost) always the long hair, pulled forward; full heavy makeup and false eyelashes, heavy jawline, pronounced brow ridge, deeper voice, adamsapple and or very noticeable throat cartilage, wide mouth/ dental arch, bony knees/ankles, no curve from waist to hips, large/huge hands/feet, long arms, ...
      this is probably just coincidental!!! but, once you ever see it, you cant *not* see it anymore.
      it just looks like a man in womens garb. yuck. imo.

    2. and very important:
      its said to be able to be factually shown that:
      each one of us have approximately TWO, often THREE, features that typically are expressed only in the opposite of our own gender.
      you have to take the total man or womans "build" into consideration

      however its presently considered accepted that if someone displays 4 or 5 distinct features typically found only in the opposite gender, they are most likely trans-gendered.

    3. Is s/he a doctor at all and is the guy really a coronor or mortician (magician)
      Hell they can fake all the shit like we pulled this out of the leg of this one here and careful it's graphic the corpses real leg is beside it

      If folks don't think that hollywood can do all of this and much much more you best think again

      Computers to me and all this video shit is another extention of the military industrial complex, the hidden hand, hollywood
      They've been in on it since day 1

      I can't help but think of Dr OZ!?
      Is he a doctor or one dressed up like one passed off as one to help the narratives along

      Like Clif High and his shit the WOO - do you know that is WIZARD OF OZ
      He did a video while back about your esoteric knowledge and how it relates to the WOO movie
      Well when you are all related and in on the CON then you know the game

  3. And I've got a question how is it that you can buy gold and silver with debt notes?
    Means you didn't buy the gold and silver at all now doesn't it and you've contributed to the 'national debt' as well

    You know those songs these media moguls sang for all of us
    Silver and Gold

    While they were mining the land for the real sources they were paying us with their counterfeit monopoly money

    Astaire/FDR knew the secret
    Hell they all do

    So while they got the stupid fighting over the bible they don't give two shits about any of it
    While they got folks believing we are heathen pagan sinners they skate out the back door with all the wealth the real wealth, the land, minerals, water all of it and sell it back to us at a profit

    Shew they put on last night about the moguls in the food industry
    The Food That Built America

    Just like the shew The Men Who Built America praising their creations of JP Morgan, Rockeyfellers, Carnegie, Ford

    Hollywood created the narrative for those days too

    No disrespect intended but until folks can wrap their heads around who the real thieves are the bullshevick fucking lying pack in hollywood none of this shit makes a damned bit of difference
    Post Note: Danny Kaye was Mr. Green Jeans, of the children's show, Captain Kangaroo and Fred Astaire was aka David Niven was Captain Kangaroo! An amazing Monopoly Lockdown Entertainment Society, staring Adolf and his family members in every T.V. show, movie and or record produced!

    And I say Green Jeans and the 'character' Rothchild is played by the same guy

    Their new world order land grab under the guise of their made up UN and World Bank and UNESCO and UNIDROIT

    1. Hollywood and DC two wings of the same bird

      Their Phoenix BULLSHIT and all this other BULLSHIT is their doing with the help of brain dead lawyers, cops, doctors and the entire worlds populations and in the end they WANT IT ALL

      They can sleep with their moms, sisters, brothers, egg up each other and inbred til their little hearts content with no constraints from a pesky God or the people get in their way

      Talk about nations who lost their way and their morals and shit like that through their organized BULLSHIT while books like this are written about how the church sold out for INCORPORATION or non profit tax exempt bullshit

      You'll have to root out every clone they have ever produced on this planet to rid it of the filth these people really are
      None of them absolutely none of them are worth a shit

      If they're on the world stage they are part of the inbred bunch you can take that to their fake ass federal reserve world bank

      I'm sick of all their shit and all this other shit where these judges and cops and lawyers haven't a fucking clue as to the part they play and in the end they will get what they deserve too
      Same with all the fakers in DC

      I want nothing to do with their new world order of global slavery for all except their inbred bunch and I don't give two shits what anyone says until you rid the world of their monopoly money gang of counterfeiters none of this will ever change

  4. This is the end result of the BULLSHIT Hollywood and DC just pulled off

    And the money keeps flowing and flowing and flowing and the peoples pockets keep getting picked and picked
    No different then 9 1 1 they now have a new business model to ensure that you now test before you go anywhere and take off your fucking shoes and walk through a death xray machine before you board one of the airlines these fuckers OWN

    The stupidity of it all that we have to take such measures to even roam around the earth that God gave us while these fucks do nothing but place everything under their control and the profits in to their pockets while sucking the life out of everyone else