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Friday, March 4, 2022



  1. i just heard on mcallistertvonline dutt cam
    • to be looking for "debt forgiveness" soon.
    • also saying The Truckers all over the world are providing distraction for bringing down "The Deep State".

    oh, really? i betcha "The Deep State" isnt distracted at all because Trucks had to knowingly or unknowingly play a part in Trafficking if that is going on!!!
    done with the GASLIGHTING.
    Many of us can think straight.
    cant harm us for that. thats our true and natural God-given state of being!

    i didnt finish listening to her after that, im totally done with trying to make sense out of the GASLIGHTING.

    1. on any so-called "DEBT FORGIVENESS" "OFFERS":
      We never agreed to stand for any of their IMAGINARYDEBT anyway!!
      so then its all fraud.
      from the beginning.

    2. like?: ooooh, YOUre making me an offer for YOU to forgive YOUR OWN DEBT THAT YOU OWE TO *ME*?

      hahahahahahahaha gasp!!! hahahahahaha hahaha haaaaha!


    3. sounds like theyre trying maybe to sneakily get the IMAGINARYCreditor (us, the people) of their IMAGINARYBIRTH CERTIFICATE, to forgive *THEIR* DEBTS again!!!! hahahaha by switching places with us (again) and defrauding us (again) into thinking WE are the DEBTOR, when **THEY** ARE!!?

      hahahahahahahahah lolololo heehee haha teehee hahaha!! :):):)
      toooooo dang funny!!!
      WHAT A BUNCHA BOOBS! :):):)

    4. and hey! get this one:
      American common law:
      **i:woman called by janmarie naturalborn daughter and descendant from father:man:simon from family called by 'kenton': have no intent to forgive any debt/other and do declare that i require all debt/other be paid and do peacefully and lawfully record same before man and my/our creator!!!**

    5. or hey, here're some things from "their" rules:

      and how about,:
      ooooh, and how 'bout:
      and theres:
      and more!

      THEN: No lawful agreement has yet been shown to exist.
      hahahahahahaha haha hahaha what a bunch of pathetic lying goofs!

    6. so, it looks like parasites dont just give up the host?

    7. maybe thats what fraudci meant when he gave out their fivestep plan he said theyre using to get rid of "viruses"
      1. disrupt
      2. decelerate
      3. control
      4. eradicate
      5. eliminate.

      good plan imo!

    8. theres so much FICTION, its really impossible to know what theyre talking about unless you get all the DEFINITIONS for ALL their TERMS and so forth and then ... they change the definitions, dont they? yes, they do.
      ...well then that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to ever get a MEETING OF THE MINDS!!! and so on and so forth.
      so then you end up back at SQUARE ONE WITH NO AGREEMENT IN PLACE!

    9. so, i guess theres just NO AGREEMENT!!
      and then NO AGREEMENT = NO OBLIGATION!!!

      See there, how easy that is? :)

  2. the witness/ whistleblower confession part of this video really shows the danger of having a system that uses FICTIONAL PERSONS. its just a layered elaborate theft scheme.

    1. but this is the same thing the Attorneys have done to us, the American people, using the Birth Certificate:

      • made up "dummy-people"
      • using actual Foreign peoples names
      • used the "dummy-people-names" to register "dummy-companies"
      • then gave themselves Power of Attorney over the dummy-people so they could run the dummy companies that they registered using the actual peoples names
      • without telling the people.

      now, tell me:
      what is difference between what the men are talking about during the video and what the ATTORNEYS, VATICAN & BRITH-ish have done to American men and women using the Birth Certificate?
      absolutely NOTHING.

      but theyre admitting during this video that doing this is horribly WRONG!