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Friday, March 4, 2022

There Is No British Monarch

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have pointed this out before, but it apparently needs to be repeated, written in bold, with an underline. 

William the Conqueror made sure that the British Monarchy was forever doomed. 

It does not exist now, and it hasn't existed since 1087 A.D. 

This is the historical, actual, unavoidable fact --- despite nearly a thousand years of deceit and avoidance and ignorance of the masses.  

There is no Queen.  There is no Royal Family.  It's all bogus with a capital "B" --- and quite beyond being a facile fraud, the purported British Monarchy has been used as a storefront for crime syndicates for the past 170 years. 

Just like the Roman Catholic Church. 

Just like the United Nations. 

The authority and trust vested in these corrupt institutions has to be reviewed and the frauds and criminality exposed if we are to have a solid foundation for the future. We must be clear-eyed and determined about this, and give no loyalty where it is not due. 

A collusion between elements in the Roman Catholic Church, disinherited Norman Princes, and Baal-worshiping Templars has resulted in the establishment of what can only be called an illegal, immoral, and illegitimate worldwide Raj. 

What Gandhi fought in India, we must fight again.  What was decided there and then, must be decided again.  


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  1. "The authority and trust vested in these corrupt institutions has to be reviewed and the frauds and criminality exposed if we are to have a solid foundation for the future. We must be clear-eyed and determined about this, and give no loyalty where it is not due."

    yes, right, .....including, i say, giving such authority, trust, and loyalty to *other* men and women who perhaps want to INSTALL THEM*SELVES* AS THE RULERS OF OUR UNIVERSE!!

    like bubba mentioned above: common law. [American].

    we have a right to American common law
    we are going to have to make the move and split off from the IMAGINATIONS OF MEN... i guess like the Amish or like the unincorporated indigenous nations and people.

    1. Janmarie we lost control by gangsters with small hats and black cubes on their heads.
      It’s no doubt from anyone on far right .
      It’s a matter of secession because many are cool with the present conditions.
      The problem we see is the so called federal ZOG has been building a arsenal the Mossad agent Chertoff (((patriot act ))) but FDR,The Fraud (((Lincoln ))) Springsteen wasn’t eligible to being prez of nothing but his corporate world . However as we see today (((war by deception ))) they attain some semblance scrap of lies will do like admiral Mc Cain and fake torpedoes to kick of Vietnam. My missions to confront fake tight wingers and correct there half truths on the air .
      Not pretty but if it’s what’s kids enjoy confrontation maybe use it to deliver a message while you got there attention.

    2. hi bubba!

      and there isnt anything *lawful* they can do about people desiring to not be part of their horrible, unlawful, lying "society" of thieves.
      we never had any intent to join them in the first place.
      they dont speak for us.
      were not their "property".

      and they have to restore us; and also they have to release and return everything they took without our agree-ment; along with every bit of the increase and benefits from the use of what belongs to us that we didnt tell them they could use. and MORE. and they know its true. there is no way out for them.
      even (perhaps) trying to merr derr us didnt work...? so then, whats left?
      nothing but their own guilt that they will carry for themselves.
      im not carrying it.
      and i dont forgive them either. for any of it.
      i dont think im going to use the word/ concept "secede" myself because, to me, that implies that at sometime i had agreed to join them. but i didnt ever agree, so i think im just going forward with whats true for i:woman: that i never joined them in the first place.

      of course, i know you are talking about your State, but did the people ever intend for the State they created for their good, Texas State, to ever knowingly join a criminal gang?
      No. Of course they didnt. its absurd for "them" to try to pull that crap.
      whats the secession from? the Confederated Union, still standing?
      youre going to make sure Texas stays in the Confederated Union, arent you?
      all States who joined after the original thirteen are admitted using something called "The Doctrine of Equal Footing". i remember that from Jr. High history class, before the construction of the JFK national trauma.

      what did Texas say they had a right to secede from? the Corporation?
      well, these will be very interesting details to work out, for each state; there will no doubt be some overlap and also some differences.

      this really is historic.
      i am looking so forward to ripping the "mask" off of the monsters right out in front of the good people so the people who want to can make their own choice that is in line with their own conscience, and turn their back on all this merrr derr and lying and corruption, and live in relative peace... or at least have a chance to try!

      theres nothing "they" can do to stop it either.
      theyre quickly coming to the end of their rope... so to speak.

    3. Totally agree in the world of the blind a one eyed man is king .
      We all thirst for knowledge, insight into past present future.
      The boys (klan) that formed to counter the carpetbaggers and self appointed judges and appointed minions.
      We used common law grand juries by day of lawfullocal peope by day and raids and skirmishes at night by default confederate army (klan).
      The I know the leaders spoken with them and confronted them on thair radio show the attorneys fight me but I can counter and lively debates ensue .
      Lot of truth settling from the dust when our top attorneys chime in and say (the bill of rights is law) . Correct declaratory of the common law .
      That was perfect conformation.

  2. Hi Anna, I just watched The Tiny Dot, on YouTube! The guy puts the pedal to the Hard Heads, if you can get them to open their ears, and turn off their Dumb Phones, some people call them Smart Phones, so that would imply a Dumbo is using the Smart Phone!

  3. Is there a thing called the 1099 process that cam after 1087? Can Anna or someone expand on this?

  4. Is there a thing called the 1099 process that came after 1087? Can Anna or someone expand on this?

  5. Right about that Anna Royals are just used as a store front 4 ( international middle eastern mobsters) Russian mafia, askinizi,French Jew Rabbi said it in public we have managed to kill millions of whites but there is more to do paraphraseing .
    The Goyim know.
    We’re engaged in a battle NOW the war will not be televised.
    Unfortunately the military has been purged multiple times but they may have screwed up and don’t realize the number of right wingers in military .
    Smelly Butler sound familiar?
    Sabotaged the Jewish oligarchs like DuPont’s coup .
    Patton turned on communist allied nations we know the illegitimate fourth branch of government deep state don’t have a fig leaf of cover no provisions in contract no syphon, amoulument..
    Job bot fraud William Barr saying on the payroll not justification fraud mr deep state tool .