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Friday, March 4, 2022

From the Office of the Fiduciary Regarding World Bank Transition

 By Anna Von Reitz

This announcement will doubtless come as a shock for many of you who have not been fully informed prior to this, but I have been named Fiduciary for all assets belonging to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, and more recently asked to function in the same capacity with respect to the resources of over 200 nations ---including yours, if you are receiving this communication --- so as to expedite repatriation of resources and organize a new financial system and provide for an orderly resumption of public government functions. 

The first thing I wish to communicate to all of you is that there is no National Debt nor is there any interest accrued against any National Debt.  

The appearance of a National Debt and accruing interest has been manufactured via phony bookkeeping. 

These allegations of national indebtedness have been made possible via a simple ruse played against the national governments by the Central Banks.  

These same Central Banks simply neglected to balance the books and apply your equal and answering National Credit and the interest owed to you on that credit.  

As of March 9, 2022, at noon GMT, I am ordering this long-overdue bookkeeping to be done and for all purported National Debts to be erased and counterbalanced by application of the respective National Credits owed. 

This necessary accounting and debt relief will not, however, automatically restore your credit liquidity as each country must undertake resumption of its public government functions for that to happen.   

I must also tell you that your actual government has never been bankrupt in the history of the world.  Sovereign entities are not eligible for bankruptcy protection.  

All pretensions and claims of emergency and of emergency powers resulting from bankruptcy of incorporated government subcontractors are bunk.  They were bunk in 1907, in 1925, in 1933 and ever afterward.   

We have been asked how we have the authority and resources to do what we are doing, so I shall very briefly explain.  

All Legacy and Historic and Bank Trusts, all of what you know and think of as "Off Ledger" accounts and as assets of the World Trust and so on, have been administered by Trustees acting in our names. 

We are the Donors. 

The Donors, not the Trustees, ultimately control all of these trusts --both public and private.

All assets belonging to each country and to each of the people living in each country will be returned and fully restored, debt free.  Ample credit and underwriting for national currencies, will be made available, as well as access to prepaid credit.  Ample Restoration Funds for infrastructure and environmental remediation and enhancement of natural resources will be made available interest-free. 

Unlike the Trustees who were obligated to penny-pinch and make profit their primary objective, the Donors are free to extend interest free credit, engage in true philanthropic enterprises, entertain long-term and visionary investment projects, and take other initiatives that would not be possible for funds managed by custodial institutions and trustees. 

The corporations that have been functioning "as" governments are bankrupt and will not have direct access to the new banking system. Each country's Master Account in the new system is established as an unincorporated International Trade Account; commercial corporations are not eligible to have Master Accounts, but may access and interface via subsidiary commercial accounts, so long as they are in good standing.  

                                 Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                 The United States of America [Unincorporated]
                                 The Divine Province
                                 The Land and Soil

                                 The Flesh and Blood


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  1. Anna, I would very much like for you to explain, in layman's terms, what will this practically do to and or for the people of this country?

    1. Nobody owes you an explanation. She just made her declaration. You may wish to avail yourself of the brain cells Creator bestowed upon you. Can anyone really say how this will affect "your" life. We have never done this before, all we can do is our best effort to be honest and deal accordingly. Maybe you will have some input once you evaluate the situation and think about how it will affect you. That would be welcome input... thanks in advance!

    2. I've stated in my unpublished work that this nation self-governed collectively without politicians many moons ago in which it should return quickly in hopes of saving citizenry. There was never a time politicians worked for our benefits worldly; therefore, self-governance is your one and only answer. I hear mouths utter christian idealism with great frequency---but never see ecclesiastical carbon-prints. If those in question regarding christian acts are real---then self-governing should be a cinch.

    3. Mack- see today's previous article for Anna's expected results from decades efforts for Highest Good of All. Read & learn; then go & make it so! Each chooses how to participate in manifestations for Highest Good of All. We are truly blessed to be Blessings... In Joy, Peace, Love & Truth - FreeMom7 :)

    4. william d

      i will explain to the people then!:

      • politics
      • religion
      • money
      NONE are found occurring anywhere in nature: so no *man* is bound by ANY OF THEM in anyway whatsoever at all!!


      and **FICTION** IS ***LIES***!!!


      got anything cogent to add to my explanation william d?!
      i bet not!!!

    5. this smarmy crap gives me the giggles! :)

    6. has annavonink convinced people that they are about to be little fifes over little kengdoms or some darn thing like that?!!

      hahahahaha ooooohahaha heehee ha!

      they seem to be getting pretty excited all of a sudden?... maybe not!?
      or pretty bossy!! :(:):/:+:#!!!


    8. From my understanding...
      Being new to these understandings over a year or so...

      Once we suport our local communities by taking office in your district in your county... Then... we can structure our communities & start adopting all of this that Anna has helped create, unto our communities!!!

      God helps those who b help themselves!!!

    9. From my understanding...
      Being new to these understandings over a year or so...

      Once we suport our local communities by taking office in your district in your county... Then... we can structure our communities & start adopting all of this that Anna has helped create, unto our communities!!!

      God helps those who b help themselves!!!

      Also, sending emails to sheriff & health advisor of county is the push we all need to make to stop mandates!!! No jab. No mask! No more segregation of the people!!!

    10. You could also try tuning into her webinars and/or watching the replays on the American State Nationals website. She has gone into much explanation on this subject.

    11. ref: woman,janmarie,, or shill,, at 4:50 to 5:01
      I,m not sure which at the moment, but leaning heavily to the shhhhh.. side of the equation..

      as you admit, you do enjoy smarmie... at the expense of infringing on other people rights an emotions for some childish glee..

      Get over yourself..

      It's easily understandable in terms of jurisdiction..
      Living people live on the Land Jurisdiction..
      Ideas exist as thought constructs in the Air Jurisdiction. (patents and ideas on paper.)
      Corporate Constructs exist as fiction in the Water Jurisdiction.. Land, Air, Water,, LAW.

      Land and water do not mix,,..

      People have been frauded from land law into the sea law.

      We reinstitute Land Law (public law) and use our God given Rights to control the Corporate entitys, currently controlling the world.
      The only barrier is "living people" so brainwashed as to "believe" any corporation has the ability to controll them.

      Do no Harm,, Keep the Peace,, Report Crime.
      And the devil is in the details when good men do nothing.

      So learn what Anna Teaches, regain your natural "un-uh-lein-able" God given rights and take you lives, family, an propety, back.

      Simple,, not easy,, not insurmountable,, simple.

    12. does a woman having an opinion aggravate you fred? :×:×:×
      make you unhappy? :(:(:(
      does a woman who speaks up threaten you fred?... make you feel unsure, anxious, angry?

      well, i just dont know what to tell you.

    13. but i think youre softening freddie. i dont think youre quite as aggravated at me as you used to get. :):):)

      heres a question for you, so fire up your brain cells!! :):):)
      who told you its "un-uh-lien-able" rights?
      because that is incorrect.
      yes, it is, its incorrect.
      i know youre going to want to argue with me about it but the correct word and pronunciation is "un-Alien-able" rights... meaning rights you cannot be "alien"-ated from.

      what is an "uh-lien"?
      it isnt a word, is it?
      it isnt.

      more bullxhit crap-information being shoveled at us?

      i will be checking back to hear back from you on this very important concept you brought up.

    14. un a lien able (lien not alien) They can not "knot" or "bind" your rights. Lien is a French word meaning "knot or binding" that was brought to Britain with the French language during the Norman Conquest in 1066.

    15. noname,
      are you trying to pass off misinformation here to confuse the people?

      "un" means not
      "a" means not
      and two negatives equal a positive. figure it out from there, if youre able.

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha!
      "prove it"
      thats a ribtickler!! hahahahhahaha :)

    2. hey, how 'bout:
      "by what authority?" ooohhhahaha teehee haha!!

    3. then, next question:
      "using exactly what law?"
      hahaha giggle chuckle biggrin.

    4. and how about this one:
      i:woman *require* that you prove exactly how:
      • that same authority
      • that same law
      lawfully apply to i:woman.
      oh gosh, this is funny funny stuff... i wonder how they even make it up!!

    5. So these relies sound very Democratic! So you who think that you are smart don't say it is the Law show me that Law you are quoting! Anna should stop helping those who are followers of the Foreign Land called District of Columbia, Oh I forgot you might call it DC, The Hill, A White House, some kind of Congress! Oh Good luck with those of you that are mindless!

    6. migbest,
      you commented under creatorsdaughter and me, woman:janmarie, are you talking to one or both of us?
      if so, your comments dont seem to fit!

      who are you talking to migbest?

    7. ref:: migbestMarch 4, 2022 at 6:48 PM
      You are not paying attention AVR is NOT supporting WA DC.
      Nor the "congress" she repeated has called fake and both of which she has refused to contract with.. they are both bankrupt financially and morally and america/America refuses to finance them..
      It is the living people who word for corporations an still believe they are U.S. "Citizens" who are keeping that fiction afloat and giving it subtance.. they are terribly misinformed..

  3. So have you told Klaus Schwab and the WEF to stand down ?

    1. ahhahahahahahahaahaha!
      i had just quit laughing ETTishbite and then read your comment and started giggling again!!

      "...have you told Klaus Schwab...... !?" hahahahaha!!!

      ...will be laughing over that one all evening!

  4. This seems like pulling all your cash out of the bank and stuffing it in a mattress. Once the dollar is devalued then what? Owning physical gold is like asking to be robed by criminal from the fed. or the criminals coming over our southern border.

    1. blessed family member,
      thats why our own local BANKS are so important and are one of the first things we must concentrate on finishing.

  5. I am Jeremiah Ezekiel, I already claimed my nationality before I met with Anna's articles. With her articles, I increased my knowledge 300% thank you Anna, you and your team are doing an excellent work. If is possible, I urgently need to be in contact with the Living Law Firm by email or phone: 909 756 97 27. Thank you for the great job every one, especially for you Paul.

  6. Anna great work and effort!! Congrats! Thank you and much appreciated.

  7. William D, the question was to Anna. Not you and your rude and ignorant answer. Great unity.

    1. Good response, and the question was not unreasonable.

    2. Anna is very busy and does not have time to do babysitting. He can figure it out just as we all can in due time.

    3. well victor,
      then, is this Plan so complicated that NONE OF HER PROTÉGÉS can answer a simple question or two???? :):):)

      one would think that at least SOMEONE sitting at annavoninks IMAGINARY feet would understand enough about what is IMAGINARILY going on to answer simple questions since annavonink is too busy. right??


    4. It means "Anu"--- God the Father
      "Hotep" means "House of"
      The she subscribes to the Irish version having Anu's wife as Ana, rather than the mesopatamian myth. I almost threw up in my mouth. It appears the ananaki do not prefer disclosure or transparency, and resent ever having to 'answer' to grubby mortals. Notice the 'spirit' of the words, on rare occasion a response does come; always w a begrudging backhand smackdown. Compared to the Grace found in "fruit of the Spirit," and remember, "by their 'fruits' you shall know THEM." ex; 'lick my feet you dogs' shows humility? A foreign endorsement of her 'fiduciary' status has apparently been received and is welcome confidence boost. But,
      Whoever "called" her that, gave no legitimacy except to 'recognize' her defacto status. She is "acting" Unless or until she is elected and sworn. As for her claim to the people and land, fully rebutted. Divine Province is another manmade fiction of papist name-it-and-claim-it disease. It is inner treasure of curiosity (the "want" to know) which has lead every one this far, and to this point. Beware that tendency upon a great breakthrough or advance, to feel you have 'arrived,' and like those first disciples, want to pitch camp and stay. Surrendering that curiosity for lock-step sycophance, is not wise. Is it high, holy ground? Or, a "high place" dedicated to a foreign god? See that no man deceive you. Let us examine ALL things. Our Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joshua our High Priest who also is not ashamed to call us His brethren, IS Light. And in Him is NO darkness at all; Father of lights, which 'lights' we are who descend from Him, let us walk as children of Light. All there is, is light and darkness. This is the key to everything. Discovering which is judging again, by the fruit. "The fruit of light is..."

    5. If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally, and without finding fault. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened to you. The Father has no greater joy than that His children walk in truth

  8. These slippery devils runnations as foreign for profit corporations that call them selves governments.
    As for being broke hardly, the run insider trading ,short selling with no skin in the game , federal reserve handels the CQV trust that that supply’s the roap to hang ourself with, fake 1929 crash biggest transfer of wealth in history, ,

    Killed the richest man in the world Czar Nicholas all his fortune ended up in NY fed bank.
    The CAFR comprehensive annual financial report off ledger corporate assets make up 2/3 of the investments on wall street.
    That’s three cents to print hundred dollar bill or one dollar bill .
    The own at the close of ww2 half of the wealth of America 90% of railroads. Controld the medical, pharma,criminal. Just us system.
    Attorneys are the army of the banksters.

  9. Let us be patient and see what comes of all this. Please fighting among ourselves isn't good. Let's be nice to each other we are on the same side. But again let's also be cautious.

  10. Gerald George DuffyMarch 4, 2022 at 2:22 PM

    Gerald George Duffy from pennsylvania

  11. What is nesara? Is it the same as what anna has written of? Sounds like the same money becomes gold/ it a descriptive of the same events anna describes?.

  12. thankyou Anna for all your hard work and for standing for the freedom of all peoples of the world. You have made so much possible for us all as we finally begin to live as free happy and self governing men and women.

  13. And the script takes another turn

    It's like watching the old soap opera
    As the World Turns
    Search for Tomorrow
    The Guiding Light
    Days of Our Lives

  14. Congratulations Anna! I must say that I have grown up following your teachings. I have learned and re-learned so many things. Great job. Many many thanks for your love and devotion for "We The People". Peace & Love to all.

  15. This is interesting

    These men were charged for filing UCC 1 statements and liens against judges and cops and others

    They set people up is what they did is my opinion and they are working the courts via these friggin zoom calls so that these crooks no longer have to face their accused?

    As people went to the birth certificate and their states and authenticate and started suing these thieves via a UCC they set them up to put them in jail and formulate a process by which to entrap them all

    Just my assessment but well worth a listen and investigation

  16. Just the facts alone that these courts know what they are doing and they are intentionally going to knock you down is just off the charts

    This guy explains alot of stuff in a good way and to think that all of his is deliberate and that attorneys and judges and cops are participating in this is just sickening to me
    How in the hell is any of this ever going to be corrected
    It all stems from their criminal acts and the use of their debt money

  17. Thanks Anna for discovering all you have and opening the eyes of We The People, stay on your calling / journey, stay the course!!

    Praying your strength, in Christ

    Wanda J Lloyd Daniels

  18. Just pathetic - they have absolutely no shame

  19. Fred all this jurisdiction is the dividing up by the aristocracy, the church wanted control of spirit stuff .
    They parlayed that into fictional realm of trust and corporations.
    The English controld maritime law of the sea
    Land was by king of Spain who being honorable Christian relinquished controld back to people.

  20. Fred, you should join the online forum for American Nationals. Ask your coordinator about it. They'll disclose to you how to join....if you are an American National who has their paperwork documented and published on the public record and can be verified. No need talking to trolls.

    1. noname,
      what makes you say that fred is talking to any trolls? it because you cant comprehend what people are talking about?

      you seem like a troll imo... all youve done is:
      you come on here "explaining' things you dont understand the meaning of, butt into other peoples conversations, and resort to calling people names instead of presenting your facts and having a discussion about them.

      but oh wait, you dont have any verifiable facts. do you? :):):)