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Friday, September 10, 2021

Whistleblower! Nurse DESTROYS "Delta" Narrative, VACCINATED Patients Fill Hospital!


  1. oh lookkeee, another post NOT by bannannafannafofffanna:):):) so the comment section is open!!

    well, i guess thats one way to control the free exchange of ideas on a freedom website. :):):)

    1. so now theres jibberjabber "out there" that:
      weve always been able to remove ourselves from Public Law by removing ourselves from "The Public":
      we were always supposed to have be able to start or join Commercial-jurisdiction Private Member-SHIP dues-paying Associations where:; we promise to do no substantive harm to others.... and then were not even subject to legislated Public Law they makeup because Public Law is for The Public!!!! and The Public are those who cannot take care of themselves and are "on the Public dole".

      so really, imo, all theyre trying to do now (since their Tyranny Plan isnt working) is:
      1. have us move, NOT into American common law where an
      American man belongs, but theyre trying to move us out from under VATICAN Roman Civil CORPORATE "ecclesiastical" law,
      into a different "jurisdiction" of Commercial Corporate Law of the Sea:Merchant: Commercial Public:Private law using The (unsigned, unratified, untitled) Constitution as our contract!!!! theyre trying to say now that. the Private side has always been open to us, we just didnt use it!
      when what happened was, they trafficked us into the Public side of their madeup Commercial jurisdicyion and put us on their "books" *as* their collateral for their wild spending; ...but as we know, the Private side was closed off to us... ya'kno, cuz we VOLUNTEERED to be The Public ...and put ourselves under their arbitrary legislated Commercial Public Law... rather than the use the Private side of Commercial Law or use our American common law.
      me either.
      dont EVER forget: we never authorized our property to be put into The Public by the [flupping Baal war-shipping Temple] Bar Attorneys in the first place anyway.
      they kept the Private side of Commerce for themselves, cause how the gottammned hell are they supposed to rob us and beat us down and freeload and feed off of us if we dont have to be their slaves?

      but SEE HOW THE so-called "TWO-TIERED" "JUSTICE" SYSTEM WORKS??? it IS two-tiered....
      they go into the superior, *Private* side of their madeup Commercial Fiction (and its books) where they dont have to follow the Public Law that they make up for The Publicslaves to follow; and then they LordSHIP over you and charge you of your riches for breaking their rules that they made up for you to follow VolunteerSlave.
      they dont care if were hungry, sick, homeless, dead.... they gorge themselves on our blood, sweat, and tears while were alive, then: all the better if we're dead??... so they can collect insurance.

      i dont forgive them.

      janmarie, woman

  2. being American and woman and not EVER intending to separate myself from my god gifted state and condition for ANY reason, i and others are noticing:

    the glaring cracks in the detpstate "influencers" "stories".
    thats all they are...stories. yes, theres a kernel of truth to start the spinoff of the story they make up together as they go; but just like they build false profiles and false records, they also build false their narratives that create "their world" when the people do not discern the overlay being spun over the top of their own right to build the world, THEY, the people want, but instead defer to the man and woman spinning "The Big Lie" for profit!

    that is, again:
    tell whats actually true once.
    then roll "The Big Lie" out over the top of the truth over and over and over.... those who will profit from it all spin "The Big Lie" out to the people... putting themselves before the people as the (self"elected"/ appointed) "experts" and "authorities"!

    example: trumpthing:
    step 1. true: "its a hoax."
    step 2. "The Big Lie": spends the next two years helping create and promote what he said is a hoax.

    "i will never concede; i will fight for you!"
    walks off back to his home (where 5G is forbidden) to play golf. and now supposedly contemplating a "2024 run" rather than staying and fighting for the 2020 he "won"...
    knowing, but never admitting to the people that its just a Foreign Corporate APPOINTMENT anyway?

    well, on this 9/11, 2021 hopefully those who claim freedom is being restored to mankind IN SECRET are not just spinning a storyline to cover over for the implementation of
    a landgrab and oneworld financial system being claimed.

  3. saying what is true is protective.

    it marks you as "not one of theirs".
    you are marked with a different "energetic fingerprint" when you stay out of lying with them.

    they will experience serious backlash, usually health. thats the worst, when they cross that line.
    and we should be agreeing that they receive their "reward" from creator, if we're so inclined.
    i am.

    heart attacks seem very common. often theres a warning one first. it seems to be their notice perhaps of last chance to turn around.
    i do not think this is going on with everyone who has a heart attack. some people just have heart problems.
    they can see you dont have their "smudge" on you. youre not their property and when they mess with you they will have heart/spirit attacks or other, especially if you are in total spiritual agreement with the universal law that is:
    no man has the right to harm another man without right reason.
    ******being/ consciously activating that universal law to work on them pertaining to them harming you is part of the prevention of them harming others. we have not been using that enough imo.
    they will experience the rightful universal law "reward": we can choose to participate in shutting down what theyre doing by invoking it over them and their works. This is very very basic spiritual stuff -- part of the "weapons of our warfare that are not carnal" ref: 2 corinthians 10:4,5:
    "...for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through god to the pulling down of STRONGHOLDS;) 5. CASTING DOWN IMAGINATIONS and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God,..."
    i just listened to this michaeljaco guy: ytube. he was talking about how he involved himself in secret collection of info about men, and used it to target then, "pre-crime"; to capture men BEFORE they ever did a crime!!!
    ---hey, -you know, why wait until someone DOES something? hell, just make it up! keep your contract going.
    hell, you can "prove" theyre a "threat" if they wont follow The Big Lies, ...
    so being a perceived or contrived or constructed threat is enough...?
    its precrime.
    for the protection of the people, of course!!!
    right?!?!? :)

    well lol!, he said:
    "...maybe ive got some karma coming, i dont know."

    yeh michael, "maybe" you ALL who have targeted innocent people without questioning anything about it for pay or favors do have some "karma" heading your way..
    ..Like a runaway train.

    1. Check it out
      And what are the odds that I would find BONANZA and BELCHER in the same video

      The unsinkable the TITANIC sinks after being hit ny an iceberg but this oak boat of ole Belchers here survives it's icy waters after being abandoned and floats right in to the hands of a whaling vessel and salvaged by the founders
      US gov buys it from them sails it back to our enemies the Brits and queen Vicki and she has a desk made of it couple decades later and sends it to her pals at the white house
      It gets shuffled around but ole Jackies resurrects it in the oval office just in time for photo ops with her fake hubby JFK and their fake little jon jon playing under it
      Few years later they whack the actor in broad daylight in Dallas and write the story of camelot and make billions upon billions of dollars along the way
      Trauma based mind control through television media

      LBJ aka Robert DiNiro steps in to the fake office and it's business as usual as they continue to depopulate and plunder viet nam

      Hollywood ELite, siliCON valley and military industrial complex collaboration - burning man festivities held on BLM land in Nevada desert

      They're all in on it I tell ya

      And this one here

      Ole Zach is a free mason and wrote this series of books long ago and it was a prelude to the annunaki set up and their release the aliens CON job
      Tons of gold being harvested from all land right now on a vast scale but the aliens are doing it
      This is why the southwest lands were blocked off from prying eyes and those there land trust were put in place so they could steal the mineral wealth
      At the 31 minute time in the below video check out the four corner states in the map he depicts

      All of this is a cover story and was made up to cover who's really doing the theft, the hollywood ELite and the military and the mining corporations along with their acting government accomplices

      So where is all the gold they harvesting and why would this nation ever be bankrupt?

      I would also add that all this blasting and rerouting of water sources and the like are what will also aid and abet them in their climate change disaster they have planned all across this nation
      They trading weather derivitives and seeding the storms to create the narrative and their accomplices on the ground are clearing the path for their 5G surveillance grid once they clear the path and the people

      And all you so called American Nationals, VICE has a story about you
      Of course this actor here had a previous incident involving sex with a 14 year old and he decided to DISOBEY the terms of his plea agreement
      Maricopa County in Phoenix Arizona and ole Sheriff Joe no doubt in on this ruse - possibly falsified court documents to get this story out on VICE and BROADCAST to the world
      Sheriff Joe in a whole lot of places here lately
      The END TIMES and the 3rd CONtinental CONgress
      And it all ties to Colorado and this nifty little document here for the creation of the EARTH FEDERATION started in the mid 50's in Chicago

      Problems, reactions and they already have the solution in play 50 years before they launch the events to crash the whole damned thing leaving millions billions dead in their quest

      They're all in on it

    2. Pre planned whistle blowers like SNOWden and ASSange were deliberate just like this nurse
      Created special lawyers to represent 'whistle blowers' and the whistle blowers receive kickbacks from any monies awarded as a result of litigation wins

      SNOWden, ASSange both front men and members of the families not whistle blowers - books published, endless stories about these two all the time while the swindle and their surveillance grid, land grab and UN agenda 2040 and 2050 set up moves forward

      CMAP On to 2050
      The 2040 comprehensive planning being done in Chicago and all over the United States by unelected boards of directors working directly for the UN and the banking frauds, the hollywood ELite

      Your in home re education and involvement at the local level is a requirement for the Democratic Federation of Earth and you to self govern while you're being bilked of what money you do have and working for free and bringing your skill sets and ideas to the very crooks who are working to enslave you

      A Business Plan for World District Cooperative Enterprise in Conformance with the Earth Constitution and World legislature.
      Plan dated 2019

      World Legislative ACTS
      Number 44 is of interest
      Non Violent Civil Disobedience Act

      Corporate Personhood Prohabition ACT and the United Nations MERGER

      2022 recharter of the same corporations who contributed to the overall plunder of the entire world as they retire to their golden age private island hideaways and the inhabitants from all walks of life are reduced to UBI and civil obedience to their every fucking command/whim

  4. If a virus mutates every couple of hours then how can the Delta virus have existed for more than that amount of time. The Delta would have been through the alphabet thousands of times since it was ever thought of. I have an FOI (Freedom Of Information) reply from the Australian Government Health authorities saying that the Delta has never been isolated, via the usual means, and the audio of a phone inquiry I made confirming the veracity of the contents of that document. The document could not be authenticated because the entire document is visible on the page I received by email (lots of people have been sent it) but the lady I spoke to-the Australian Government Health Department FOI people-confirmed that what you see is in the actual reply document. I will forward the document and the audio to Anna's people.

  5. May I remind everyone of this VICE piece

    Now you will notice that this man knows/was exposed to this American National and four corners and all his little pre made stamps should know these are not the courts he should be in and so on

    You will also notice there is no mention of the nations incorporated status or mention of maritime admiralty or the birth certificate registration or any of that stuff

    My question becomes if this man has been serving a life long probation from 2003 then where did he come up with the notion of claiming himself to be an american national and the stamps and all this shit

    Reference to David Straight and CPS but yet where did this guy get his information if he could not use the internet as part of his lifetime probation?
    And during this probation and his monitoring through the 'authorities' how was he able to claim american national status and find all this other shit on line from 2003 until present day without being identified and now he is the STAR in a VICE documentary along with Q Anon and the rest of the sovereigns

    Says nothing about Maricopa County and it being a for profit private corporation or anything about the birth certificate or how he became an american national, NOTHING and yet VICE does this expose on him?

    He mentions nothing about CPS being a for profit private corporation either and those CPS workers are lining up for target practice at gun ranges to protect themselves from these 'high' or 'mentally ill' perpetrators

    No doubt they expect many many viewers of that piece to go in search of this David Straight and have a peek at what this is about snagging even more people in to the narrative and the capture of their online comments and activities as it applies to their new OBEDIENCE RULES AND INTERNET GOVERNANCE

    And this one here
    2. The statutes violated by civil disobedience protests shall govern the charges brought against the violators, for example, the statutes governing trespass on Earth Federation property or those governing the defacing or damage to property.

    Earth Federation Property
    Hmm I wonder if this has any relation to State Land Trust and their harvesting the gold all over those lands for their own profit while they plunder the worlds populations in to abstract poverty

    Might I highlight the following for you
    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction
    (I wonder if this is what American Natiionals are part of building
    that mayberry rfd level of the administration, me thinks VERY MUCH SO)
    World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments
    World Legislative Act #54 Remedies and Corrections Act
    World Legislative Act #55. Surveillance Limitations Act
    World Legislative Act #56. Crowd Dispersal Ban
    World Legislative Act #57. Collegium of World legislators
    World Legislative Act #58. Neonictinoid Ban
    World Legislative Act #59. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Act
    World Legislative Act #60. Paid Informant Ban
    World Legislative Act #61. Fracking Ban
    World Legislative Act #62. Fission Power Generation Closure
    World Legislative Act #63. Cooperative Communities Empowerment Act
    World Legislative Act #64. United Nations Merger
    World Legislative Act #65. Global Sustainability Directorate
    World Legislative Act #66.
    World Legislative Act #67

    1. continued from above

      And while they preach global sustainability this is what they are doing in the desert to harvest the gold and other minerals for their own gain

      And while doing that ole Zach here the free mason brother has come up with the answer to those questions of WHERE ALL THE GOLD IS BEING CARTED OFF TOO
      Our alien brothers need all they can get ya know

      And I wonder where the HIStory channel and their Vegas crumbles into the desert sand came from and their 'Life After People' BULLSHIT

      Well I guess if you are setting the stage to have it crumble in to the desert and prove your climate change con then you gotta do what you gotta do

      All pre meditated murder of hundreds of thousands of millions of people to maintain the course of their end game while they destroy evidence of their crimes as they go

  6. The golden globe trotters and war games to further their agenda

    All of these militaries are working under this World Parliament
    no ands ifs or butts about it

    And well this one should speak for itself

    So while they work to protect the environment and these lawyers write legislations for endangered species bullshit their is not one mention what so ever about these operations going on all over the place
    I guess blowing up the earth and creating these messes are perfectly acceptable, they don't address these glaring environmental plunderings, their concern is the other bullshit while this mining continues

    And another front group

  7. And what do ya know, Vice on location to film the 'environmental protest'
    At around 16 minutes
    And the young man and his painted fingernails hmm I wonder how he got the part?

    And his quote of 'Immense SYMBOLIC Power'

    And can't do the production without Getty Images getting exposure

    Go check out Getty Oil and the Bush clan and the deal that is responsible for the largest check every written for a deal in history

    Yep it's the annunaki, my ass
    They created these stories to have the people stay complacent and ignore their massive crimes and the fucking militaries and all these other brain dead entities are helping them do this all over the world

  8. Data folks

    Around 14 minutes in he discusses logic gates

  9. VICE does a piece a week or so ago and now Santos publishes link for this one

    So you see this is how you get the people to take the action you were looking for them to take and leading them right in to the Democratic Federation of Earth and the Earth Constitution where you are 'self governing' and taking an active role in the adminstration of the entire fiction

    You still have not left their fiction you just operating at a different level and it's this they were looking for you to do

    No accountability for the harm done and still being done but leading you right in to the shit they had planned all along

    Instead of addressing the source of the problem which is the pricks who operate this massive ponzi scheme and killing this whole damned mess this is the means to let them keep operating as usual while the piece meal work at the state level and rustling up the escaped cattle and herding them up and working towards this Democratic Federation of Earth self government BULLSHIT builds their final layer of madness

    And I beg to differ with some of the information one being that it is not a copyrighted name it is a TRADEmarked name
    The TRADEmarked name links to a FAMILY ID and a PERSON ID as far back as the 1600's (records I uncovered have now been removed from the internet that pertained to colonial Maryland or at least that is what was in these records)

    The county courts, districts, liber code, state and all were active back in the 1600's as these records showed liber book pages and names and dates and counties and everything from that time frame

    So the story of this name game bullshit taking place in the 1870's here in the United States is FALSE it's been going on for centuries according to the records I had uncovered
    Some of the estates from that very time period are STILL IN PROBATE according to the records I had uncovered and the names all linked to a TRADEmarked FAMILY ID

    1. And look at this BULLSHIT

      And they have many many avenues to get you there
      Notice this is a service provider and you become a member of a private membership association

      An absolute bullshit process all the way around and all digital complete with a QR code that you scan with your phone and pulls up your complete profile and your so called documents that sets you apart

      I've read that Rome had nothing but all capital letters there was no other alphabet besides capital letters?

      And until we have our own money printing presses and continue to use their monopoly money this plunder will continue unabated

    2. you are absolutely right shelby,
      the only answer is complete separation. this is apparently what our grandparents had figured out in 1776 too! :):)

      we have to separate.
      and they have to let us go...
      WITH A.L.L. of our and our familys property.

      the lengths that theyve gone to to participate in this Massive GASLIGHTING "Military" Operation is absolutely pathetic and is so ridiculous looking now that its crashing that they look cartoonish but dedly.

      watching them carry out "fraud" day after day has proven to me that they are incapable of being in a society with us free and independent man.

      they have to let go of us.
      and then leave us alone or suffer even more spiritual and other consequences than they are already suffering now: that they bring upon themselves and that i/we agree should be their "reward"/"harvest" for wrongdoing.
      and it is so.

    3. Check this out

      And again Santos and his the earth will become this beautiful space where we all sing fa la la la la la la la la
      Syncretism School sound like HIVE mind to you
      Flat or globe, it's yet another dialectic to split and divide

      VICE does a piece a week or so ago and now Santos publishes link for this one

      So you see this is how you get the people to take the action you were looking for them to take and leading them right in to the Democratic Federation of Earth and the Earth Constitution where you are 'self governing' and taking an active role in the adminstration of the entire fiction

      You still have not left their fiction you just operating at a different level and it's this they were looking for you to do

      No accountability for the harm done and still being done but leading you right in to the shit they had planned all along

      And UNIDROIT?
      Why is there never a mention about this ancient organization when it comes to this world wide scheme?

      Ancient and pointing to
      Ancient view of UNIDROIT HQ,
      Villa Aldobrandini's gardens.

      And isn't it interesting that they are creating the FRAMEwork for cultural property and the role of ownership
      These Model Provisions, established by a group of experts convened by the UNESCO and UNIDROIT Secretariats, are intended to assist domestic bodies in the establishment of a normative framework for heritage protection, to adopt effective legislation for the establishment and recognition of the State´s ownership of undiscovered cultural objects with a view, inter alia, to facilitating restitution in case of unlawful removal. They are followed by guidelines aimed at better understanding the provisions.



      And shit they even have this project with the same legal term used in their UNIDROIT proposed cultural property and their friggin right to claim the fake shit they create and deem it's age, if it's 'ancient' 'carbon dating' from the age of the Flintstones or the DINOSAUR
      Funny too that ole Dino of the RAT PACK and DINO the dinosaur in the Flintstones

    4. continued from above

      And hey when you run with the actor who played the role of FDR who signed all those 'legal' documents and plunged the United States in to the 'new deal' and launched hell across the land what do you expect
      And these same hollywood actors and their heirs have been giving the land to themselves through legislation that their lawyers write for them
      Millions upon millions of acres where they now hold shit like this with the massive cooperation of their other alphabet gangs and with siliCON valley accomplices
      And mining the hell out of it while the entire nation is subjegated to their brainwashing on television and radio by the actors on the stage
      Interesting is it not they dated these so called Sumerian clay tablets (yet again they could only come up with writing on clay but they could mine the shit out of the earth no problem)
      Ole Zach here is a free mason like the fake ass Jordan Maxwell aka Russell Pine
      What better way to steal shit out in the open then to tell the fucking sheep that it's the aliens doing it
      And we have the EXPERTS to prove it too - we know we do because we pay them to lie for us and create the actual artifact being 'translated'
      You know that TOGETHERNESS bullshit and the brainwashing of the young populace for their mind fucked new world
      This site is for the reeducation of the Europe sheep

    5. And it appears thatdavecaresforyou has jumped on that wagon too

      This guy appears out of nowhere and he is clammering all over the place
      Again this is how you get the sheep involved when the reality is that these organizations were created for the sole purpose of exactly what they are doing

      You make the sheep beLIEve they are saving the nation and leading the way for all the others to join the new world order of mutual offset credit/debit cards distributing you a UBI but until then you volunteer, share your knowledge and skill sets to assist them in their final push to seal your fate and the fate of everyone on this planet

      While they steal you blind

  10. Interesting page here

    On that page is a picture of Villa Aldobrandini with the following caption
    Ancient view of UNIDROIT HQ,
    Villa Aldobrandini's gardens

    But when you go to the wiki page holly cow for something being so 'ancient' and 'famous' you would think that there would be a shitload more information about it and this promenant family

    But few references, books, citations you name it hardly anything on that there wikipedia page

    And low and behold they seem to be of significance when it comes to this UNIDROIT arrangement as it stems back to the league of nations and yet mums the word
    They seem to have been lurking in the shadows for over a century and working their magic on the world and seem to be linked heavily to UNIDROIT in a century and YET THERE IS NO INFORMATION ON WIKI???

    Kind of like no one ever heard of Medici either and who knew they now Medici Land Governance a creation of CEO who stepped down to man the post at Medici
    And the CEO of Medici Land Governance went to Overstock

    Pretty nifty swap yea

    Funny too in all my 'studies' the only mention I have ever heard this name is from Santos Bonacci and maybe IZREALZEUS

    And isn't it funny too that they are working to secure the rights to yet to be discovered cultural artifacts?
    Hmm maybe like how they found those their artifacts about Babylon over in Syria in the mid 1930's and soon after Palestine was devoured then Syria and the rest
    And recently artifacts from Iraq were discovered in a ship that their other brothers 'discovered' in the UAE

    Don't forget that their museum that Rockefeller built in 1938 to capture all the cultural artifacts over there right in the time line where babylon clay tablets are to be found/uncovered

    Maybe this record on wiki will expand like those colonial Maryland records and then they will take it down and say it doesn't exist

    They're making the shit up as they go

  11. Rats in the ranks

    And open source means all your data EVERY PIECE OF IT

    18 minutes in he speaks about Fred Smith CEO of FedEx for the last 30 years
    And remember what I told you about FedEx Express facilities that sit along the Mississippi in Memphis
    Flood that sucker out and you got big time insurance pay out on very very old facilities not to mention hundreds of aircraft cargo carrier planes
    Employs a shit load of people in Memphis alone

    This shit is all a set up and they spawn more and more outlets to sucker the people in

    1. Make sure you watch his other videos

      This is their Build Back Better BULLSHIT


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