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Friday, September 10, 2021

A Mandate is Not a Law

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is no "force of law" connected to a mandate, which is a private appointment matter, thus you see that we provide for decrees of the sovereignty over mandates established by trust agreements.
Therefore, all the "mandates" and "proclamations" issued by Joe Biden and by the various State-of-State Governors are not enforceable as Public Laws that everyone has to obey --- contrary to what many people and even some law enforcement officials are assuming.
Joe Biden and his franchise State-of-State Governors have no authority to say one word about your health or any procedure related to health concerns, unless you are employed by their corporations.
Just as any CEO can "mandate" that his employees wear blue uniforms, Joe Biden can mandate that his workers get vaccinated, or in this case, take part in an untested experimental procedure.
Are you an employee or a dependent of the brand new US, INC.? Do you work for the Federal Civil Service? Are you a dependent of a Federal Civil Service worker?
If not, none of Mr. Biden's mandates apply to you and they cannot be imposed.
If so, it's time to change jobs or tell your Unions to go on strike.
Please note that the CDC admits that there is no reliable test for anything called Covid 19, and no tests at all for any variants. Put two and two together, folks.
For the sake of your health, your wealth, your sanity, and your future --- you need to realize that these foreign, for-profit corporations in the business of providing "essential" government services, are not trustworthy and not honest and not doing anything good for you.
They are parasitizing their own employees and killing off their dependents -- who are also their Priority Creditors -- to protect their bottom lines.

It's past time that we did our Due Diligence and Discovery to unearth exactly who has been telling these corporate "Presidents" what to do --- and started chewing our way up the food chain.


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