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Friday, September 10, 2021

Paul AZ Audit Proves 2020 Election Fraud, Biden Attacks Unvaxed, USA is Broke

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 494 9.10.21)

The results are in, and the Arizona audit of Maricopa county shows massive fraud in a state Joe Biden “won” by just 12,000 votes.  The big numbers include 173,000 missing votes and 96,000 so-called “Ghost” votes.  Keep in mind, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ignored subpoenas and did not hand over all the data asked for by the AZ legislature running the audit.  Will Senator Mark Kelly be recalled?  Will the 2020 Presidential Election in that state be decertified?  All these questions will be answered in the not-to-distant future.


  1. "anna"s closure of the comments on the article above: "what part of "only way forward" is hard to grasp?" (that was published after my previous comments) prevents me from posting/re posting my related comments there!
    so i will have to post them here.


    there are no "signatories" on the Constitution.


    the only signatures on it are witnesses;
    witnesses arent signatories /"parties" on contracts.

    look at it!! :):)

    no one signed it.

    and the people wouldnt ratify it.

    it never became effective.
    it never was, even "legally", in force.

    its a sham.

    1. no doubt that is why theyve tried claim that we participated VOLUNTARILY!!!

      any way you look at that, its not law and never has been law. at all!
      probably why they treat it like its not law....
      because it ISNT.

      its a sham.

    2. our grandpas and grandmas knew it!
      that brought on the War of 1812, that the Americans WON.

      That led to the Secret Treaty of Verona;
      (that was published in their Corporate Register in very early 1900s.,)
      and the Secret Treaty of Verona led to the Monroe Doctrine.

      since God is and was with the Americans, the TreatyBreakers finally figured out that they couldnt win a war with the Americans, so they pretended to be our friends .

      then attacked us, like they did to the indigenous peoples and others ...Perfidious Albion indeed: Abraham Lincoln led the way attacking those he and his brother Temple Bar Baal war-shipping Bar Attorneys who like to refer to themselves as "The Crown":) wanted to steal from, kill and destroy... if these are truly the facts, and i presently believe they are, then:

      the Constitution has never ever been in force.

      its a HOAX.

    3. plus, it doesnt matter what the "People" do, think, or want, how they Act, or what Name they go by: the People can not Act without consent from the people. because the People are just Fictions created by the people for the peoples benefit.

      the PeopleFictions have no property or rights.
      all property belongs to the people only. The People may manage portoins of property FOR the peoples benefit, if the people allow it.

      the PeopleFictions cannot DO anything except what the *people* give their consent to: through the lawful ratification process!

      its a SHAM!

      no signatories, no contract!
      its never been the law because its never even been in effect.

    4. spread the word!

      comment about it after you check it out, in EVERY comment section you comment in!!!!

    5. they owe us for EVERYTHING theyve done.
      (i dont forgive them.)



  2. and "nanaannavongranbananna"s latest jibberings about some "enclosure" of the "original Territorial Constitution":


    oh you mean that thingymaboober that WASNT SIGNED BY ANY SIGNATORIES!!! loololloloooloo:):):)

    Is that the one you mean "fofanna"?

    please! just prove thats wrong! and
    i will apologize and give a special gift of $50.00 to someone in need!

    1.;there is no title.
    2. it wasnt ratified by the people.
    3. and there are no signatories.
    -- it only takes one flaw to void something!


  3. There is no way in hell I will get thi experimental inject of garbage. It is not a vaccine. It has graphene oxide. And it cause the person to create the virus and a total break down of their immunity. Not to mention 80% of it goes right to the ovaries making women sterile. Oh and lets not forget what it does to the blood. These people are executing people under the pretence that it protects them . It murder and they are calling it volentary without full disclosure of the truth. Its murder.

  4. oh look, the comment sections are only open on other peoples' articles but not on "annas"! that way they still get to see which people are catching on to (it must be helpful in correcting themselves)-- but those comments on the other peoples articles wont be archived for people to read in the future??
    with that "anna"explanation about enclosure, im guessing that thats just whats being attempted if the new twenty years younger looking trump character did actually sign a "New Constitution" like his jibbering minions are claiming. Theyre sooo excited! all their hard work is FINALLY going to pay off!! they are going to be rich beyond their imaginations as "anna" described!! that big slush fund will go to them and you get a few pennies... they helped TRICK you!!!? theyre on the team??!! and today they already said gas is going up and the stock market crash is coming, and dont you get all excited because IT HAS TO HAPPEN (in order for your money in the slush.pile to be transferred into their accounts?? see?? :) ) they're happyhappy.

    now the "mandated" "vaccine"... some with saline?
    like BigYellow has said, they are employees/ contractors for the Corporation! they have to do what theyre told.
    WE DONT!
    ive read/heard that they are labeled as to whats in them. maybe they use the red dot and blue dot system on the vaccines and the peoples med charts?
    but anyway, who said he could sign a New Constitution, if he did?
    HIS BOSSES AT THE CORPORATION OF COURSE!! it doesnt apply to the people.

    did anyone besides me notice that in one article here banannafanna referred to us as their employees, and a couple articles later, referred to *them* as *our* Employees? and neither of those is true.
    Neither he nor the other Actors are "our employees". i dont have a contract to employ them, and wouldnt.

    his minions keep saying hes the king of the world! while other of his talking head minions say they dont know whether the new young trump is a clone, or a double, or is actually trump after using a med bed, but .... )))shrug(((.... hey, they dont care! ... just so you call it *trump* and it kinda looks like him, they will follow it anywhere for their payoff? :):)

    so, this Actor signed something himself? and granBananna claims that when people accept a lie, fraud, or deceit and non disclosures as truth, well that is accounted as consent even though there is no intent / and no "meeting of the minds"?
    sounds like "The Big Lie" strategy. HH
    but they even gave it a name?: enclosure.
    that sounds like lockk downe.
    stay in your house.

    so im taking that to mean:
    if they can deceive people then they use that as "consent", knowing no intent exists.

    heres what is true though:
    Like throwing a hambugger in the middle of the room, like piggs at a trough, theyll all drive for it at the same time and have a freeforall. theyre probably used to it.
    my guess is Their handlers are about ready to "cull their herd".

    just speculating.

  5. oh, and today, a couple hours after my previous posts AND being on the phone today saying these same types of things using a cellphone, FOUR Fighter looking jets went STREAKING so fast and low... it sounded like they were right over MY land and property. i didnt see them until they were past my land going from the northwest to the southeast.

    that type of cohen-cidence (bubba) has happened for YEARS... oddly enough. :):):)

    however, they own NOTHING of mine!
    i never had any intention to allow them to use my property in commerce.

    And without our intent: if they take what belongs to us, they trespass, and they OWE US FULL AND IMMEDIATE RESTORATION.

    i dont forgive them.

    im holding them to full restoration and more for every sacred tiny bit they took that belongs to me, if any.
    and so it is. :)


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