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Friday, September 10, 2021

No Valid State Legislatures, No Second Declaration of Independence

 By Anna Von Reitz

International Alert:
Attempted fraudulent enclosure action is underway.
For the ignorant among us, the legal process of enclosure was used to "enclose" the original Territorial Constitution, The Constitution of the United States of America, and use it as the Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America -- Incorporated" in 1868.
This act of fraud and self-interest resulted in the First World War.
Similar acts of enclosure unlawfully converting our nationality and natural political status served to reduce necessary public records into registrations of property chattel interests held against innocent Third Parties throughout this country and throughout the world.
Now the Perpetrators of these acts of fraud and violence are attempting to pull another such enclosure, claiming that there are valid "State Legislatures" in existence where none exist, claiming that those "State Legislatures" have acted to issue a "second" Declaration of Independence, which is self-evidently impossible, and presenting this Bar Attorney drivel as something coming from "the People" of this country.
The complaints and abuses described in this document may be genuine and heart-felt, but they are no different in nature and severity than those same complaints and abuses that were inflicted upon us and which resulted in the first and only Declaration of Independence and the only such Declaration that we depend upon.
Rather, this so-called second Declaration is being presented as an alternative to the actual and already settled Declaration of Independence in an effort to legally enclose and convert it, and thus make our 1776 Declaration of Independence and the basis of our lawful Government, impotent at law.
We are not going for the bait and we are objecting to and protesting these false acts and claims and fully rebutting any presumption that these are acts by "the People" of our States of the Union.
We are aware of the fact that embracing any second Declaration converts and disembowels the first Declaration, and this would deprive us and our progeny of the protections and benefits and sovereignty already won by our ancestors.
Whoever these persons are who would declaim all of that which is our inheritance, they are not members of our State Assemblies, do not qualify to be members of our State Legislatures, and are basically fraud artists engaged in another commercially-motivated rampage of ignorance and deceit.
We call upon the High Courts and the members of Interpol to put an end to this outrage against us and against our country. We have no intention of fighting again for something that we have already --- and long ago --- won. It is the responsibility of the High Courts to see to it that our sovereignty and peace is not disturbed by our miscreant foreign employees acting in breach of trust, and it is the responsibility of Interpol to apprehend criminals promoting fraud in international jurisdictions.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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