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Friday, September 10, 2021

The NLA -- Thirty Years of Failure

 By Anna Von Reitz

How often I would have taken you, NLA members, to my heart and would have cherished you and healed your infirmities, but you would not.
We have talked to all the other major patriot movement
organizations and after a good deal of disclosure and discussion, it has been agreed that not only are the actions of the American States Assemblies correct, they are the most beneficial actions to take.
Call it the most direct route home and the only one that keeps our right to claim damages intact.
I have often admired NLA's finely crafted writs and brave words, only to despair because you refuse to see the charade being played out right in front of your faces. These aren't your courts. These are foreign courts that have no right to even address you.
They practice a form of law called "Special Admiralty" to disguise the fact that what they are enforcing is Roman Civil Law, and they are in fact operating as Bill Collectors, not courts.
They can't even hear your fine words and don't bother to read your writs. They openly disclose that they can't address the facts or the law of any case. They admit that they are only providing an appearance of justice.
What more do you need? A brick wall?

And still, you won't come home and join the actual struggle. Still, you persist in bad-mouthing me and stubbornly cling to your own "idea" of how things are or should be, like maniacs who believe that a hat is a fountain.


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