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Friday, September 10, 2021

What Part of "Only Way Forward" is Hard to Grasp?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The "People" who created and signed the three Federal Constitutions were Lawful Persons acting as State Citizens.
The only such Lawful Persons now in existence are those Americans who have reclaimed their birthright political status and recorded it and joined their State Assemblies and accepted the rights and duties of State Citizenship.
They are the only American Parties to those Constitutions enabled to enforce them and to hold the foreign Principals --- the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor -- to account for their breaches of trust, lapses, evasions, and oppressions of the innocent people of this country and the pillaging and plundering of our assets which has gone on for six generations.
The State Citizens of our State Assemblies are the only ones enabled to stand as "the People" of this country. They are the only ones with that crucial element of standing and of being true "progeny" in Law of the Lawful Persons who established the Federal Constitutions.
Everyone else who is blithely assuming that they are "People" --- are not acting in any such capacity.
There are no "State Legislatures" empowered to speak to our Federal Constitutions, except as constituents bound by them --- anyone engaged in any kind of State Legislature is not a Principal and not acting in the capacity of "the People".
They are acting as Persons --- and not even as Lawful Persons --- as Legal Persons.
Our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, is a Holding Company created in 1776. What it holds are all the mutually-held "Powers" of the sovereign Union States. Our Federation is the Delegator of all these "Powers" in international and global jurisdiction.
And all those delegated Powers returned to us by Operation of Law the moment that the Federal Service Providers succumbed to bankruptcy. Whereupon there is no presumptive further contract in the face of our refusal to accept their offer of Succession.
They are out of a job, unfunded, on the bricks. That's why Joe Biden is trying to force everyone into the jab. They think that they will claim the victims' death dues and life insurance if they die, and claim them as "trans-human" chattel if they live. But it's already against the Public Law of this country to make any such claims or take any such actions.
At this point, Joe Biden's version of "United States" is nothing but a criminal organization running amok on our shores, a governmental services corporation without a service contract, still under contract with the foreign Principals who chartered it, and they are still 100% commercially and personally liable for any damage that this entity and its officers does to us or to our country to the tune of one trillion dollars per death or permanent injury, plus 800 times damages for breach of fiduciary trust. And yes, that is stare decisis.
So, while they try to force themselves on us, the actual American Government has booted their butts to the curb and set them up to bankrupt themselves and the Principals who have chartered them and allowed them to promote these egregious fraud schemes and acts of genocide against the innocent Public.
It's time someone told the Pope and the Queen and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Just keep on doing what you are doing, and we shall own you all down to your eyelashes and then some.
This is non-negotiable and already cured. The liens are already in place. And any further enforcement action by Crooked Joe of this insane depopulation scheme is just more icing on the cake.
China? If you are backing these Principals, you should know that you will be named as a secondary and charged for your part in this genocidal madness. We will own you, too, because every single one of those Americans who die as a result of "Covid 19" and more to the point, the fake vaccinations ---- are worth $801 T.
Perhaps you all ought to look at how many Americans have been reported as deceased because of Covid 19? That's your product, being coercively applied to our people, and unlike the pharmaceutical corporations which think they will weather the storm based on a "home free" card provided by a defunct corporation's "Congress" ---- the Principals are not so lucky.

Bank of England? HSBC? Still think of us as "livestock"? Well, that may be, but the American "livestock" are costing you $801 T each. And China will be named as your secondary, along with various other entities masquerading as governments.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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