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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Why Would You Want to Be a Shareholder in a Bankrupt Corporation?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let me ask everyone who is aching to vote and eagerly joining political parties and getting all revved up over politics a big, glaring question: why would you want to be a shareholder in a bankrupt corporation?
All that makes you is a mark, as in scapegoat, responsible for its debts.
You thought your taxes were high before? Just wait.
Americans elect fiduciary deputies to make accountable business decisions.
U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States vote and thereby give away their proxies as shareholders in their respective governmental services corporations to representatives who aren't accountable to anyone at all.
Why would anyone in their right mind voluntarily do this?
It's a fair question, especially when people now know that both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc., have been run into the ground?
And neither successor organization has a contract with us, so there is no way for them to start the cycle of charge-to-the-moon, go bankrupt, and charge the dumb Americans over again without new negotiation.
Standing there in your stocking-feet, do you have any crazy idea on this planet what you are doing to yourselves by continuing to vote in these foreign, corporate elections?
Instead of tending to your own business and attending your own State Assembly and electing your own fiduciary deputies?
Come on, America, this is not that difficult!
Do you want to be financially responsible for buying solid gold toilet seats for crooks?
If your answer is no, then don't vote in these whiz-bang political party elections. They may be bright and shiny and "exciting" and competitive and all the rest of it, but they are essentially phony substitutes for actual public elections and they result in allowing political lobbyists (think Tobacco lobbyists, Big Pharma lobbyists, Big Oil lobbyists) to access your pocketbook with no accountability and no concern for you.
Political parties are foreign in origin and didn't exist in early America. They only arrived here from Europe about ten years before the Civil War. They became popular with our foreign federal Subcontractors, and in the wake of the war, they substituted their elections for our elections.
Thankfully, not everyone was fooled.
They also made it illegal to vote in their private corporate elections, unless you are adopting their foreign citizenship, too.

So, both from a carrot and a stick standpoint, any American with a brain in their head needs to run like an antelope away from any association with the political parties and these party-based elections and has no reason in this world to step forward and volunteer to be the scapegoat responsible for paying the debts of these run amok foreign governmental services corporations.


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  1. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in getting this information out to all AMERICANS! God Bless all of you and in my opinion all of you desire the Noble Price Award

  2. Most life time victims want to get their earning, taxes back....and can they survive? A giant pozi games sank most people, how do you live in smallville without enough resources, community and trying to start fresh as walking into a complete foreign nation?

  3. Foreign for profit corporations that call themselves governments.
    Corporations do business with contracts so all monies offered to local cities and states are by contract and binding.
    Corporations also have to act like corporations bird of directors,keep books of meetings separate accounts under the authority of who they incorporated with .
    Legal fiction in adamant object can’t testify.thus relies on hearsay from attorneys inadmissible.

  4. Um... Real quick, the definition of "in the wake of", means 'following", as in a wake follows a wave. So when you say there were no American political parties until about ten years before the civil war, in the wake of war.. which war are you referring to? There is no historical record of an American war ten years prior to the civil war

    1. george washington warned about parties (farewell address IIRC?)

      there were always "parties" -- whatever name they masqueraded under -- just like there were always different religions.

      perhaps with the "social revolution" and karl marx arriving on the scene, it picked up more steam so 1840s onwards led to more "consolidation"

      likewise, there were always rosicrucians and other masons ( religions and parties are the same thing).

      religions try to get their people elected, so are indistinguishable from a political party. same as masonic clubs and similar.

      why split hairs? because political parties are just religions. it is the 1/2 blind tunnel vision "secularism" that blinds so much of masonic america, and leads them into nonsense like saying they are not a "person" but are a "living man or woman" instead.

      masonic "secularism" and the idea everyone has the same "god", is as blinding and corrupt and mind controlling as any other state religion.

      parties are just state religions, nothing more.

      it is a 1/2 truth there were not supposed to be parties in america. this is true.

      the other 1/2, is it was always masonic/jehovah/father in heaven/ "the law" and old testament-ish. thus, you get the mason party in america no matter what, overt or covert. masonic values are american values.

      it mostly doesn't matter, the state assemblies reject christ for lord god elias/yezidi peacock angel/nature's god/"the creator".

      you get the party of masonic gnostic "father in heaven" that denies christ and denies the new testament and denies grace no matter what. that is a permanent feature it looks like.

    2. also, lincoln was a rosicrucian. so was woodrow wilson.

      somehow rosicrucians always seem to start wars -- why?

      andrew jackson, andrew johnson, george washington, you get the masonic party that denies christ no matter what, whether there are overt "political parties" or not.

  5. shining,
    people are now being highly encouraged to go JOIN the political parties: *be* Republic-an or Democra-t and, essentially, solve our problems by TAKING OVER the CORPSes Foreign OFFICES ourselves!: (Foreign Corp School Boards, Foreign "City Councils", and so on) instead of CLOSING THEM DOWN or PUSHING THEM BACK TO D.C. OR EUROPE where they came from!!

    so the people are made to THINK they are LEAVING a system when all thats been done is to traffick people more deeply into the same/ similar system!!

    remember, these people have no morals or conscience and are proud of it!.. the more "crafty"
    they are, the higher up they go in rank in their "religion".
    they have perhaps also been generationally inbred, making for severe genetic damages, including in their brain tissue.
    the people in the local neighborhoods might consider their first order of business to be:
    (referencing and/or using the four points *bubbapatric* made in his comment below, in the order he listed them, as my points:)
    1. let them know we are aware they are a for profit foreign corps: that is NOT *our* "Government"; and that they are corpses Officers and are NOT our lawfully elected Servants.
    be polite. :)

    2. let them know that the contracts between the u.s. inc. federated corps-e pretending to be "our govt" and the state and local corps-es are contracts AMONG THEMSELVES!
    And that we know we do not have a contract with them;
    and that "the constitution" was one of their contracts between themselves,
    and it does NOT bind the American people.
    our present conclusion:

    3. they are a private foreign commercial organization; they are absolutely NOT IN AUTHORITY over free and independent American man and woman who are creators of the original and true Decl of Indep and the Art of Conf and Per. Union (that one needs amendments!)!!

    4. the inanimate objects known as corporations/legal fictions cannot testify and must be represented by attorneyfictions; we are not legalfictions: we are man. and attorneys and their commercial/ other inferior private tribunals, by-laws, codes, statutes, and "courts" and "Officers and Offices" HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER US!
    they are NOT *our* Servants!!!
    theyre just Corp. Actors *Act*ing *As* *IF* they were a rightful man who chose to benefi-cently serve his own neighbors!

    so: they have to:
    1. prove, lawfully and peacefully, that we authorized their corps to be here and act as they are acting;
    2. leave. now.


    Simple. Lawful. Peaceful. From our right being man.

  6. then, we make sure no one is hungry, hurt, unsheltered.

    allow time for recoveries. exhaustion. let people have time for it to sink in whats been being done.
    and by whom.

    then get our peoples encouraged to engage themselves in creating the neighborhood (and world) they desire!
    keep the riffraffers out.
    let the people elect their own deputies and delegates.
    small elections.
    triplicated ballots: you put the yellow carbon copy (second copy) in the ballot box; and keep the white original (top copy) for your records; and also keep the pink (third copy) in case there would need to be a recount.

    this stuff is simple.
    things have to be complexed and complicated when there is dishonesty going on to try to cover up whats being done.
    doing things honestly and fairly is very very simple.

  7. peaceful.
    ref: "you will know them by their fruits."

  8. wait a minute..SNAKES GONNA SNAKE... so, make that:
    WITH SECOND-ary BACK UP:):/:).
    not that that would be

  9. As I've been saying all along this shit Anna is building is the bottom rung of the ladder in their World Parliament and the Democratic Federation of Earth leaving all the other pieces they have in place in tact

    It's just another adminstrative level but you're being fooled by what you are being told

    Go read it all of it and you will see this is exactly what you are doing with the World Parliament pulling the strings behind the scenes

    Your self government is getting a UBI through your vendor card and replanting trees and whatever shit jobs they can think of while they steal you blind in your virtual reality prison

    Hell she already told ya once the Coordinators have done their voluntary services and provided their contributions given freely to the cause they will be dismissed and no longer required

    So you just keep right on giving them your time, money, energy, work and your birth records with two witnesses, THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT

    Keep in mind now they have already made a WLA World Legislative Act to remove the corporation person status from these bad corporations and near as I can tell they are on a February 2022 time line according to Miss Anna here
    They can change their evil ways and come home to being the good guys where she will recharter them
    World Legislative Act #52
    Ministry of Commerce and Trade:
    Democracy Enhancement through Corporate Personhood Prohibition Act Short Title: Corporations Act

    Aren't you a corporate persona based on the information being told?
    Is it prohibited from them doing this to their flock?

  10. continued from above

    Ahh me thinks the 'public utility' banking WLA and declaring banking a 'human right' is also in the making
    A schedule determined by the World Parliament shall convert banking on the Earth to a public utility. The schedule ends private banking with due haste. Public banks shall democratically operate local, regional, national, and planetary banking in the service of the people of Earth and their universal prosperity. Banking is clearly the most fundamental of all public utilities to be used in the service of equitable planetary development. There is no good reason for private, profit oriented banking.
    4. As determined by legislation by the World Parliament, the World Financial Administration and the global banking system shall spend primary created money directly into existence as needed for infrastructure and other essential services and shall itself incur no debt in the process of doing this.

    And there build back better BULLSHIT and their infrastructure legislative acts in washington and other imagi nations is being directed by this world parliament today
    See the Trillion Trees Act where under the earth CONstitution you will be paid to plant fucking trees while they burn hundreds of thousands of acres up clearing the land of people and making way for the forest surveillance systems to be put in place

    It's a world wide CON folks and their intent from the onset is exactly what you seeing today and their soon to be released fake ass messiah

    ShelbyAugust 11, 2021 at 6:28 PM
    1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill

    Have a look at the per mile user fee for traveling
    This will be most likely on top of the toll roads that they have put in place complete with surveillance set up every mile for tracking and tracing of your every move

    There is no doubt what so ever that these intitatives are being handed down from the world parliament that no one knows a damned thing about and all of it UN and sustainable development driven

    These bozos on display in washington are nothing more that fucking television props keeping the masses engaged while the plundering continues

    GITMO given to the Earth Federation too

    Me also thinks the World Parliament is the World Jewish Congress thats been operating out of Swissy Land for decades
    The crooks being the ones who set it up too along with your friendly neighborhood boot bank, IMF, World Bank

    Then of course they faked putting the counterfeit federal reserve banks in place labeling it 'owned' by private bankers when in fact it was CONgress who created it and the family ACTING members that came before them
    It's generational and they pass the real story down to their acting family members to carry their GOLDEN GLOBE con forward

  11. Shadow Bank is it

    How about a world wide heist all done on conterfeit federal reserve notes, lots of insider trading and the worlds largest ever pyramid ponzi scheme

    And hey haven't I been tellin all of you about nevada just heard there was some earth quake activity near lake tahoe

    And this one here just beautiful and this is kept from all of us unless of course we obey the rules and visit their parks and ranges but to live free in here is a no no BECAUSE THEY SAY SO


  12. Someone in the Michigan Assembly may want to look into the following. Probably some pedo put in an order for a child. Maybe the Allegan County Health Department should mind their own damn business.

    1. have actually been warnings in the past (two years or so ago) that pregnancies are tracked using obgyn visits/ other; to track the "desired" pre-born sons and daughters... according to desirable genetics, bloodlines, physical traits. supposedly there are lists people can peruse.

      most of us have already heard by now what might happen to them. if true.

  13. The COVID Post August 16, 2021
    Find a Doctor to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Early Outpatient Treatments for COVID-19

    Directory of Doctors (by State) Prescribing Effective Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy

    Joe Rogan Announces He Has COVID-19 And Feels Great After Ivermectin And Multi-Drug Treatment

    •Monoclonal Antibodies
    •Z-Pack or Zithromax (Azithromycin)
    •NAD Drip
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    This is similar to the multi-drug early treatment protocol that Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Zev Zelenko, and other doctors have recommended which they claim would reduce deaths by as much as 88%. COVID-19, no matter what the variant, is easily treatable at home with simple, available drugs, according to McCullough, who has stated that “about 88 percent of hospitalizations and deaths can be avoided” with early treatment.


    federal reserve was both; privately-owned money, declared legal tender for all public and private debts. uses public credit. feds on the hook for FRS debts. which they then pass on to the states.

    "corporation" in bouviers 1856 has some tests. one dimensional "public" or "private" is a good deal of the brainwashing. many things are combinations at different levels, especially with the modern "public/private" partnerships, and "government service corporations" and contractors, etc.

    "spending into existence" means starts debt free. doesnt guarantee it stays that way. whoever receives the "spent" can still loan it out or otherwise tie it up.

    better than "loaning into existence" insofar as debt goes, but does not stop inflation nor prevent gov from managing the economy in a cartel-like fashion, "spending" into the hands of all their buddies -- public or private

    could be publically-created (gov) money, routed to private hands, not all one way or other. where do they get the credit or other backing to publically-create the "money" ? do they bond only public people, or private people and their property as well?

    other relevant questions:
    chartered? all legal entities are public in that sense. every (in)corporation is "public" in that sense.
    where do profits go?
    who owns the stock?
    publically traded?
    what purpose was the corp created for?

    anything can be private on one thing, public on another.

    another q, who sits on the councils or boards or other employee or member groups? gov-appointed (public) (this is how they say the federal reserve is "gov." but as bouviers makes clear, isn't a controlling factor whether a corp. is public or private or not)? private elections?

    lobbied public officials (i.e. private people bribing "public" people supposed to be serving the "public") ?

    law merchant was always private (because it is customs of merchants/traders, from nowhere in particular, international in scope), then various gov. decide how much to implement, how to deal with conflicts with prior local law, etc. such was lord mansfield. such is UCC. such are all the notes and credit and "money of account" and bills of exchange ad naueseum

    likewise, "markets" back when it was a real market, is an illusion. different companies got charters from the king/government, even centuries ago.

    private trader hawking their wares at a market behind a stand, while other private people browsed and bartered etc. was replaced long ago.

    "free market" gets twisted around, as if private people go to a private market in-person and trade 1:1 with another private person.

  15. corporate personhood is a red herring, as soon as you have a "spirit" and "corpse" (flesh and blood living man or woman) you have personhood again; the body is just the persona for a particular spirit. we get "persons" no matter what. there is no other way to define a living man or woman except "they have some spirit inside them animating them". anything else, whatever words are used, will be some variant.

    not to say (in)corporations are not corrupt and way out of bounds, but there is no avoiding "personhood".

    spirit, flesh. heaven, earth. aristotlean "only precious metal or similar can be money", platonic/hermetic "metaphorical paper money or credit can also be money".

    rights are quasi-property. again, multiple levels. tangible property, intangible. spirit versus flesh again. law versus grace. again, "persons" result inevitably.

    anything with multiple levels (EVERYTHING) we end up with "persons" no matter what. call it what you will. it is a fact of there being more than a single dimension to any topic you can think of. and the fact we are not all "one". and not all religions are the same "spirit". for those reasons, people have different "spirit(s)" inside them. not a religious statement, call it what you will, "persons" are inescapable and everywhere.

  16. being alive to the world is being dead to christ.

    galatians covers "grace" versus "law"

    there is no answer to "i am a living man or woman, not a person" because living implies a spirit inside a corpse -- personhood no matter what. even when your (or whatever) spirit leaves your body, then it is just lacking a persona, and may possess some other body, or reincarnate, etc. these are religious questions.

    different religions want a particular spirit inside a person to determine if they are "alive" or "dead". these are religious questions.

    the "alive" or "dead" being made single-dimensional is just more deception. it all depends on your religion whether you are "alive" or "dead" or not.

    relevant question: alive to who or what? dead to who or what?

    new testament is alive to christ, dead to the world, dead to the law, alive to grace.

    old testament is alive to the law, dead to grace.

    despite all the corruption, persons are inescapable.

    the personhood or not is just more distractions from the devil.

  17. Isn't this really all about saving the children! All around the world from these sick , evil "person's".

  18. "The US Supreme Court 2013 Ruling Establishes That Genetically Modified Human DNA Can Be Patented

    Meaning that if you've gotten the gene-altering franken shot, your DNA is now legally owned by the patent holder. The Covid-Shots from the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (pharmaceutical companies) make the recipients their property by rule of law. So if the shots kill you, sterilize you, or otherwise cause harm, the companies are no more liable for murder than a farmer is for slaughtering livestock. Are you awake yet?

    Yes, the US Supreme Court has effectively legalized human slavery
    Don't believe me, then check out the decision for yourself"
    Here's the link -->

    United States Supreme Court

  19. xerces,

    sorrie luv, if youre going to use the bible, you have to include:

    job 19:26-27
    vs 26:
    ...and though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall i see god:
    vs 27: whom i shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me.

    1 corinthians 13:12
    for now we see through a glass, darkly; but then FACE TO FACE.

    John 17:1, 2, 5
    (...father, the hour is come; glorify thy son, that thy son also may glorify thee:)
    vs 2:
    as thou hast given him POWER OVER ALL FLESH, that he should give ETERNAL life...
    vs 5
    ...with the glory which i had with thee before the world was.

    romans 11:29
    for the gifts and calling of god are without repentance.
    Psalm 51
    vs 10 create in me a clean heart, o god; and renew a right spirit within me.
    vs 11

    And many many MANY more!

  20. Eustace Mullins prolific writer lecturer wrote the Illuminati,Secrets of the federal Reserve,murder by injection, the curse of Canaan, and some erased out of quote Eustace money is not power knowledge is power “. True he educated many and I often reach for his book to illuminate current events in how. We got here .
    Realize the Illuminati is a merger of more useful idiots under the Masonic oath of secrecy.
    Massive most European elite are masons our founding fathers many were masons ..

    Yakir points to Rosicrucian others point to Catholics the Romans on and on the origins are all the same back Babylon and before the evil Canaanite tribe canibal and Baal worshipping otherwise generally called the ((( Black Nobility))) teaming up with other scum Turk Mongolian (Askanizi) the Meads, Black Egyptians, Assyrians,Babylonians,Persians Ganges ,kaun or hun ,trying to propagandaize
    Europeans and Americans into thinking Germans were the dreaded Hun.
    As Weishaupt said controld the children &media .
    As Mullins said knowledge is power you can expose the rats in public.

  21. The following research by a team of scientists is a MUST READ. It will send chills down your spine. Something that is masquerading as your government wants you dead and/or controllable using semi conductors like Cadmium . The bastards who created these Franken shots must have attended the Joseph Mengele Medical School for creative torture..unbelievable.

    Can you imagine this collection of shit coursing through your veins and tearing up your blood vessels, heart and brain causing strokes, heart attacks and blood clots? Why didn't they just go ahead and throw in some broken glass while they were at it !

    "The 50-micron long body is a mysterious presence in a vaccine. It could be a trypanosomal parasite".
    Oh by the way, that parasite is the African sleeping sickness parasite. These parasites intentionally placed in these vaccines are tissue borers and blood sucking parasites. They cause Chagas Disease–which results in heart failure, colon breakdown, skin, brain effects, etc–are described by Mayo Clinic . Also aluminum and stainless steel nano particles, magnetic particles.

    Dr Trozzi - Nanotechnological investigations on Covid-19 Injections

    Newsbreak 133: Team of Scientists Confirm Presence of Toxins Graphene, Aluminium, Cadmium Selenide, Stainless Steel, LNP-GO Capsids, Parasites, Other Toxins Variously in 4 CO VID Vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson

    "Sharp-edged nano metallic sludge and debris in various shapes were found in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, variously found to be aggregates of aluminium silicate, bismuth, chromium, lead, titanium, cadmium, copper, selenium, calcium, potassium, silicon, carbon and organic matter."
    Looks like Fauci had a hand in the following:

    "As if all the above isn’t bad enough, it appears parasites are also extant in the Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine. This just lifts the whole horrifying drama of what’s in the vaccines to a whole new level of horror-show, noted scientifically in Dr. Young’s report thus:

    “A 50 micron elongated body, as seen in Figure 13 is a sharp mysterious presence in the Pfizer vaccine. It appears and is identified anatomically as a Trypanosoma cruzi parasite of which several variants are lethal and is one of many causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS.[Atlas of Human Parasitology, 4th Edition, Lawrence Ash and Thomas Orithel, pages 174 to 178][8]“

    "This is seriously unsettling and should invoke a rousing call from all readers to bring an immediate halt to these terrifying “non-vaccines.” Wikipedia informs us these creatures are tissue-borers and blood-suckers: “Trypanosoma cruzi is a species of parasitic euglenoids. Amongst the protozoa, the trypanosomes characteristically bore tissue in another organism and feed on blood (primarily) and also lymph. This behaviour causes disease or the likelihood of disease that varies with the organism: Chagas disease in humans, dourine and surra in horses, and a brucellosis-like disease in cattle.” Visit the CDC website on Chagas and Trypanosoma Cruzi here. The horrific effects of this parasite on the human body in Chagas Disease–heart failure, colon breakdown, skin, brain effects, etc–are described by Mayo Clinic here."

    1. there was a "dr. patti", a vet, who used to be one of jeff rense's guests and she talked often about shaugus?.... how it liquified the internal organs.
      ...wicked, wicked stuff.

      ...wicked, wicked people doing this stuff too.
      unredeemable. and so it is.

  22. Dr. Rudy also discusses “parasites” in the Pfizer shot. This may explain why there was such an assault on HCQ and Ivermectin, both anti-parasitic drugs.

  23. I am getting my State National Passport. Does any body know of any web sites that have info on using them? Or possibly any of Anna's docs? I need to know full well my rights with these. Thank you.

  24. Without prejudice, And to further prove the uselessness of annas docs, for example in the Philippines, the corrupt law - legal system merely sideshift a “tortfeaser” I establish a common law commercial lien with to ANOTHER position in DIRECT violation of the professional indemnity insurance law/s (UCC law) of not being able to hold a position or office for crimes against 15 USC and other code violations.


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