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Friday, September 3, 2021

The International Peace Proclamation

 By Anna Von Reitz

It was a sunny day in summer, and unusually quiet. The constant hum of traffic on the nearby road was still. James Clinton Belcher sat down at the old maple table and his hands rested for a moment on its gleaming surface. The late sun slanted through the high windows and cast a warm golden glow over the scene. It was a historic moment: the official end of The American Civil War.
In factual terms, the last shot of The Civil War came in a strange place -- the Bering Sea. It was fired by the CSS Shenandoah, the last Confederate war ship over a year after Lee surrendered at Appomattox.
Officially, however, there was no end to the war, both because of British subterfuge and public chaos. The States of the Federation were not in Session after four years of constant disruption and public hazards, and the remaining Federation Officers, a handful of men scattered from Maine to Mississippi, faced a daunting task.
Their mission was to reinstate the civilian government of this country.
There were never a large number of Federation Officers to begin with, and after The Civil War, their numbers were decimated further by age, by deaths, and by diseases that crippled their ability to travel and communicate. The situation was further complicated by wrong-headed assumptions about them and their role.
Average Americans either never had or had forgotten the role of the Federation of States in the welter of semantic confusion about "the Federal Government" and the common description of the Union Army as the "Federal Army" and their troops being characterized as "Federal Troops".
In truth and in fact, the Federation of States wasn't involved in either side of The Civil War, and the handful of beleaguered Federation Officers left to conduct business were largely assumed to be bureaucrats associated with the Lincoln - Johnson Administration.
Nothing could be further from the truth. These Federation Officers were at odds with Lincoln --- not because they favored slavery, not because they fought for the Confederacy --- but because Lincoln was a Bar Attorney who used semantic deceit to obtain a position of power over this country and the American people.
For this reason, the Federation and its Officers were on guard and did not consider the Union victory any certain cause for celebration. Lincoln's death and the Lieber Code established by his Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief, left the Union Army in control of the country. They feared a military junta, both because they expected draconian retribution against average people throughout the South, and because a military takeover could easily subvert the lawful civilian government that they were responsible for restoring.
Their fears were fully justified.
In the spring of 1865, immediately upon hearing about the Armistice, two Federation Officers, an elderly man named Benjamin Belcher, and his son, also named Benjamin, made their way from their home in the newly declared State of West Virginia to the District of Columbia, where they met with President Andrew Johnson. They shared their fears for the country. Johnson agreed and promised to do what he could do.
Johnson did what he could do by declaring "peace upon the land" via three public proclamations issued May 10, 1865, April 2, 1865, and August 20, 1865. This established a public contract promising peace, but it did not actually establish a peace treaty ending the war; Johnson had no ability or authority to accomplish that, and neither did his Administration.
That would have to wait for the actual State Assemblies to act upon. The remaining Federation Officers began preparations to call the actual States of the Union back into Session. In the autumn of 1866, Benjamin Belcher sent two of his younger sons to Washington, DC, to collect the Great Seals belonging to the Federation of States.
They traveled light and on horseback, and accomplished their mission without disturbance, until they were on their way home. A troop of thinly disguised Union Army thugs attacked them, stole the Great Seals, and left the elder son for dead, and the younger one fleeing westward for his life on a horse he captured in the melee.
It is from this younger son that we know how these events transpired.
The Federation Officers who remained were picked off one by one, and so, the actual States were never called back into Session, and America slipped into a stupor of confusion and deceit and armed occupation by her own bought-and-paid-for Armed Forces.
She was also consigned to a condition of perpetual, never-ending war, because those who had the standing and authority to end the conflict "could not be found".
The disloyal and often ignorant officers of the Union Army and their British Allies went on to rule the world, all under color of law, set to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy. They incorporated their version of "the" United States of America to form a Scottish commercial corporation calling itself "The United States of America" in 1868, and they promptly enfranchised Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens-- subjects and property belonging to the Queen.
This allowed them to import the King's Bench to this country and to practice their foreign brand of Equity Law on our shores, and otherwise to apply "Special Admiralty" provisions, that allowed them to pillage and plunder the civilian populace at will.
They substituted their corporate elections for our Public Elections in many venues, they substituted their foreign territorial business organizations operating as "States of States" for the original American organizations, and they settled in to glut upon their victims in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their Commercial Contracts.
Via semantic deceits and all under color of law, they imposed their Raj-like regime on the American States and People, without firing a shot. In time, only a few counties and one State would prevent them from gaining exclusive legislative control of this country.
In time, most Americans would forget about the Federation and the actual American Government --- but not all.
It was uniquely right and fitting that Benjamin Belcher's great-great-Grandson sat down at his kitchen table and signed the International Peace Proclamation officially ending The American Civil War, 160 years after it began.
All over this country sons and daughters of America have awakened and remembered who they are. They have declared their birthright political standing as Americans, made public record of their standing, and gathered together to bring their State Assemblies back into Session.
By roll call vote, these State Assemblies have adopted a formal Peace Treaty ending The American Civil War and they have abolished slavery once and for all, in all jurisdictions.
The International Peace Proclamation serves as Official Notice to all nations, all subcontractors, Agents and Principals, all elected officials and officers, both foreign and domestic. The American People have spoken at last, and their remaining Federation Officers have accomplished their duty: the restoration of the civilian government of this country, six generations and 160 years after the effort began.

FB Friends go to either: or to see a copy of the International Peace Proclamation.


  1. Everyone in the media, including soical media reports the adverse issues facing the nation but no one is able to stop the loss of our freedoms, keeping illegals out, getting rid of the pro-Marxist income tax, ending the "printing" of fiat currency and declaring the 2020 ellections void and reinstating Trump as the legally elected President.

  2. Trump was not elected. He was the selected CEO of a foreign Corporation no different than Biden bush or Obama. Why does everyone continue to worship the Jesuit Rothschild puppet. He said he wanted to take your guns first and due process later. He put in the bump stock ban. He said he would rather have sex with his 12 yr old daughter than his wife. He hung on Epstein Island. He's a big buddy of the Clintons. Let me guess that's just 20d chess moves. Just like the Bolsheviks told the patriots in ussr. Trust the plan military intelligence will save you and look what happened to them. You don't become CEO of a corrupt criminal gang unless your willing to play ball by their rules. Wake the fuk up.

    1. dam straight freeman!

    2. Freeman Thomas

      You got that right!

      Anyone who still believes that these fucking criminals are leaders is fast asleep
      They work in tadum and believe it or not we helped them build it all with DATA

      Anybody ever play that facebook build your farm game?
      I never did but my sisters and many other folks did
      You exchange things for things and you keep building adding stuff to your farm
      The more participation and cooperation and sharing to build yours the more successful your farm

      How about video games and the end users feeding their X box their every move as they manuvered within these games they can create and implement new military protocol as they gain knowledge from the end users

      That is exactly what these machines are helping them do and we as the end users are feeding them the data they need to paint a picture of where they are at on their projected path, tweeking things here and there in real time but the end users have no idea that their participation and all the data that is captured and analyzed is what is crucial for them to build it
      Like your mental HELLth profile and your online comments and activity
      Pre crime profile - tell me who determines what a crime is and can log that in your pre crime profile and wala you've got a sweeping gun bill that flags almost anyone for this?

      Remember the movie War Games and the computer


      You see everyone thought that was just a movie but it wasn't
      This is war games across all spectrums and a major driving force are the communications operations
      When I think of the electrical energy that it takes to power these massive computer operations it boggles the mind
      Cooling cost alone to keep these massive facilities in operation is critical - the systems must be kept at certain temperature for proper operation
      Massive cabals buried on the ocean floor to connect the CONtinents

      Connected to the world

    3. Their games in the middle east to steal everything

      And on the other side of the world flood or burn them out fits perfectly with the climate change/aquarian narrative and by the book (Bible) they are creating that very prophecy

      This ain't their first rodeo

    4. Freeman Thomas-You are 100% correct. And Trump wants 5G for the whole country except Palm Beach, FL. 5G is not a communication system; it's a weapon system that disseminates radiation poisoning which causes people's inability to breathe. And then other Jesuits like Dr. Anthony Fauci financially benefit by the sale of mRNA "vaccine" which has killed at least 1 million Americans to date.

      VAERS only shows 13,000 as it is woefully inaccurate.

      To learn more truth, log onto my site for top secret history that is internationally acclaimed, and free to the world at Click on the icon that says Magazine.
      To learn the lies you have been fed about coronavirus, log onto
      Arlene Johnson

  3. Anna failed to connect the dots the Great Seals ende up in Rothschild central bank .
    Only fitting conquers should have them .

    1. "anna" has failed at proving ALOT and although i really quite enjoyed talking with the woman who said she was annamaria, this "anna" construct is certainly earning winkwinks moniker: "bananna". imo.

      at this rate, something like "anna bannannadanna" seems to be becoming increasingly more appropriate as the articles get continue to be churned out!

  4. Have to be careful of half truths as Anna suggests,
    “Money is not power,knowledge is power “
    Eustace Mullins

  5. Interesting , put plants in dark basement, put copper plate on roof one in basement copper wire connecting plates .
    Plants grow fine why?
    Because longitudinal waves are the true life force not the light frequency.
    Proof life force longitudinal is the power of nature
    The power pyramids Tesla energy yet it’s not tough in leading universities, Einstein is accepted not Tesla .
    So dumbed down again .
    May the life force be with you!

  6. Conjugation of waves of charge down a vortex spout is cause of Gravity,
    Life force
    In other words swirl down a vortex builds like focusing a laser to a fine point much stronger.
    transformed from speed of light transverse waves to super luminal longstanding dot followed by 33 zeros faster than light .instantanious communication across the universe.
    The navy uses it to talk to its subs or to talk to mars takes 30 minuets for electromagnetic communication
    But longitudinal is virtually instantaneous
    Dan winters sites all the great minds Bearden who solved the source charge problem were does all the electrons come from in a thorium science is silent on lots of issues like what is a magnet it’s magic they don’t know .

    1. fascinating... keep it coming bubba :) makes so much sense the way you explain it. thank you!!!!!

      janmarie, woman

    2. however it is still theo-rhet[or]ical. correct?

      plus it still sounds alot like light particle/wave "photons", but faster.

      sounds also like how our prayers travel. boom! no time lapse,... especially those prayers that get answered before you even finish saying them! like: it got there when you mixed thinking it with talking to creator about it.
      our world is wonder- full.

  7. Lourdes France the spring is famous for healing scientists can measure the energy in the water .Vortices charge the water like organic plants have 5 times the life force than chemically grown plants.
    And will last without decay for a week or more unlike commercially grown that rots in days .
    Shamans can do incredible things by using the life force they conjure up .
    Just saying we all want to heal sick loved ones.
    If Lourdes can do seemingly magic knowledge is power how to use science .
    Bryan O’Leary can bend laser beams just using his mind many can you cannot observe something without exerting an influence on it known in physics as the uncertainty factor .

  8. electromagnetic is limited to speed of light photons are light scalar waves also called torsional waves is longitudinal actually
    The duality of light the double slit experiment were at one time it is a particle an photon and then to can act like a wave .
    Longitudinal is a wave a pulse wave that super luminal faster than light .snd it’s life force energy.a vortex is a mini star gate to quote Dan Winter
    “the most radical breakthrough since the dawn of science “.
    Golden ratio frequency cascade precisely tuned to Planck is the cause of :
    All negentrophy and life force
    Zero point energy
    Core concept of all spirituality.
    In short longitudinal is the field life force
    Professor Bruce Lipton discovery that the DNA is not the controld of life of cell you can remove it and the cell will live on .
    Remove the antennas on membrane it dies instantaneously.
    Meaning we’re all downloading a signal cut that signal and cell dies people with organ transplants often are receiving memories from donor.

    1. this is so helpful and very very interesting...
      had to do a little looking around, got into the info about zero point energy and then saw bosons and then higgs boson and recalled then that was at one time called the god particle.

      yeh, so,... yeh, life force. :) it all circles back around.
      thats very comforting really.

      seeing the enormity of it, its too big to go richocheting off track at the hands of some self-proclaimed "kings".
      very comforting.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Greetings Earthly Mortals,

      It is a good start with the "International Peace Proclamation" Anna has stated, but the real peace proclamation should be between divinity and humanity (especially with the mass murderers among our mist and we all now know who they are [this is where I personally come in to initiate and facilitate the peace agreement with divinity and mass murderers]) to actually save humanity and mass murderers from divine extermination as soon as January 1, 2025 and latest as January 1, 2035 (nothing has changed, the divine extermination of all of humanity including all known mass murderers is still in place as of today since the last time I stated this a year ago on this forum)!!! The hour glass is getting empty fast!!! The whole and only reason for divine extermination is to end all human suffering from mass murderers and from self inflicted suffering by humanity such as poisoning original divine creation and cannibalizing Earth!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Chief-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Special-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Divine-Law ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Divine-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Peacemaker ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Negotiator-of-Peace-On-Earth ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace-On-Earth ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-On-Earth ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", September 5, 2021

    2. Why do you have all these titles are you representing all these positions? Do like your list of criminals that shoul be publicity executed.
      Anna is showing cause as a dog in the fight as deputy of federation.
      Unfortunately it’s just from a survivor Benjamin.
      Statutes of limitations long expired.
      So no eye witness this is just to sway a jury at best but Supreme Court seem to exempt themselves on anything difficult or anti deep state .
      So it’s just a story and shows the structure of America the continental congress that was attacked in 1812.
      Make no mistake same group of zionest with associates mason newly formed Illuminati all following organizations run by Rothschild and friends .
      They run the murder inc insane laws like article 58 starving yo death and can’t work .,shot .
      Broad definition of a wrecker anything construed as a potential loss to communist government end up with a bullet in cranium.
      Same charming people .
      Again the list of criminals was good but just the front men mostly black nobility at top the only way is complete ban on secret organizations.
      Expect storm from the Communist.

    3. Greetings bubbapatric,

      Thanks for your response!!!

      The titles I have created for myself personally is for the purpose to initiate and facilitate the peace agreement between divinity and global mass murderers and eventually when humanity is under divinity (Divine Law, the final divine eternal judgement for all mortals on Earth, absolutely no exceptions)!!!

      It is also to recognize who is in charge (Chief) of reversing the suffering of humanity and destruction of Earth!!! All global mass murderers have a mental blind spot that will be their own demise very soon!!! So, my divine and mortal duty is to clue them in(educate, make the mass murderers aware of what they are truly facing pertaining to their own personal divine eternal judgement for violating Divine Law [you can ignore divine law reality but you can not ignore the consequences of ignoring divine law reality]) on their suicidal mental blind spot before it kills them and get stuck in eternal divine solitary confinement (our divine Father said it is better not to be born than to violate Divine Law)!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Chief-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Special-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Divine-Law ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Divine-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Peacemaker ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Negotiator-of-Peace-On-Earth ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace-On-Earth ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-On-Earth ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", September 5, 2021

    4. You have to know who your enemies are. See this list:

  10. Your aura will tell the story if you’ve been good or bad and the end hole is to gain strong aura to become a high spirit and not stuck in re-education came . The ancients knew and wrote it in all text don’t comeback to kindergarten!

  11. The middle Earth hobbits and elves are mad at Mordor on the Potomac.
    The Phoenician/ Canaanite cannibal adrenalinalcrome drinking child sacrifice moloch FRN worshippers.
    Have set up Homeland kGB capitol police alphabet subcontractors from hell Pinkerton merc’s On every corner.
    33 degree Jewish mason Adam Weishaupt controld the children and media swarm enemy with the army of the catholic vs muslin and creat s trigger in major city act of war .
    Take pictures and dance !

  12. Have a listen and stop and read the documents along the way of the shit they doing in these deserts
    The involvement at every friggin level within this beast

    Just imagine what you can set up in those deserts without prying eyes watching

    Pay close attention at 1:29 seconds in
    Sophisticated Network - Tech and Hollywood Elite via one gateway

    As I have said that 175 million IP address transfer to Global Resources LLC in PLANTATION Florida are key in this as these IP addresses used to be overseen by the Pantagon

    Hollywood ELite do you get that

    1. 54 minutes in - Handing Oliver North a suitcase full of bearer bonds

      Some very telling information in this video

      And I noticed a reference to Sharon Tate the fake ass dead one from Helter Skelter which was a psychological operation and the ranch that they staged this at was an old hollywood movie set complete with actors on the very stage today
      Reagan AKA Sinatra was Governor of California at the time they staged this event

      Hollywood ELite folks
      Sharon Tate in this one

    2. And just in case you don't think this ELite hollywood mob couldn't stage this shit think again

      And these two clowns here part of the operations as well

    3. Interesting too at 55 minutes you will read the following


      Sound like an Earth Federation to you

      The Democratic Federation of Earth and the Earth CONstitution all under the World Parliament

    4. Pay close attention to the mention of the Presidio

      If you review the World Parliament and the Democratic Federation of Earth has Presidium and Presidio written throughout

      And so called Gorbachev has been housed at the Presidio in California since his famous scene with tear down that wall

      And in this one we find who is behind the mask of Gorbachev
      At 15 minutes in

      So you have a shit load of actors and the military exclusively working to the detriment of all people

  13. Shelby dear no way Frank Sanatra was Ronald Reagan.
    I talked with his son nightly on his talk show , he use to call me Art Bell the UFO guy .
    Michel would tell us all kinds on dirty secrets of Fox News and Hollywood.
    Not saying the mob can pull a fast one that’s a sure bet .
    Monday hope the Assembly meets tonight no invitation from Paul yet hell been at this a longtime
    This is probably our most intelligent plan hate for the hot heads to go hot that’s just the excuse that the red Army is looking for .

    1. bubbapatric dear, Shelby has brought this blog an amazing amount of incredible and viable and true information. You may want to look further into Greg Bradford's work before you decide that Reagan was or wasn't Frank Sinatra...:)

  14. And have a seat and listen

    Around the 7 minute mark he speaks about the early 1600's and the founding of washington dc

    And those earlier MARYLAND colonial records I had found (now been wiped from the internet) this fits with the maps he speaks about around that 7 minute mark

    Those records revealed a francis pope and a mary pope from maryland in prince georges county (early 1600's) and the family id and the person id as assigned to that family at all levels

  15. Never received an Webex invite kinda like state of the union briefing.
    Cool our jets is it when we got pawn pieces sliding on the chess board against the target anti communist.
    Kinda like to know what our strategy being planned
    For one thing we don’t have a plan (B) .
    What if the Bolsheviks draft Executive orders to start force vaccines for instance?
    Leave that to your imagination what is our reaction?
    I know Anna says there’s no one here but us chickens often .
    We need not only fiduciary in chief but master At Arms, constitutional sheriff’s we failed to bring On board Sheriff Mac ‘s organization big mistake!!!

  16. Fiduciary and chief insisted this pistol toteing kindered heart was to be leader of her version of constitutional marshals that could enforce international law . Completely bypassing the ones established. That fired Marsha for misappropriation if funds .didnt like the smell of that.
    The trashing of pretty much any contemporary organization.
    Not a good idea
    To the good created a work around recorders office , creating a non commercial non federal coconsperitor. Bank if it will interfaced remain to be seen but currently all banks are mobbed up under private mob treaty and very dangerous.
    All this is critical to flesh out be fighting this animal created by money changers and thair legal arm DOJ and hundreds more.
    There’s friction has to be not going to allow jeopardizing thair racket he’ll it that keeps up they may be held accountable for fraud or worse .

  17. Jessie James & Gang were involved with the then ‘corporate’-Land Barons vs. People dispute-competition. The Rail-Road Pinkerton Security Agency defended the Incorporated which is why he and The Gang robbed these Railroad Barons which were defrauding the People’s Trust (security Bonds). So Jessie, in effect, was a ‘Good guy!’ The Corporation wanted to exterminate him & Gang.
    Actually, this same War still goes on; but under different names & Titles! It has presently reached the Mexican Standoff stage. The JAB is becoming the solution.

    J.J. & Gang were equally supportive of then Patriots under different names. These un-associated groups were well aware of how The Bar attorneys via the British Empire were taking over North America with their Corporation, the once East India Company, now City of London, Inc. It was the basics behind the War of 1812 and the original 13th Amendment of that same Time period. Another method of this London based Corporation was to buy-out or murder all the larger holders of Spanish Land Grants. This was once document and recorded across the Southwest & West as local history. It is more difficult to find these days as old historical records are destroyed by the communists & supporters of Satan’s bureaucratic-octopus Corporatocracy.

    1. Well said , we all know it the best talk show in the south fully aware the leaders that lead the battle of Charlottesville all repeated the refrain Adam Weishaupt created the plan in 1776 same year we declared independence what a Cohen in sidence..

  18. East India company became the city of London (maybe ) that was in place in 1066 .
    They my have withdrawn into the sanctuary.
    This war is ancient to be blunt ,Eustace Mullins who wrote federal Res, Illuminati , couldn’t grasp the enormity till as he said went back in ancient history.
    The duality of dark forces that kept enslaving the white Israelites no not Jews we call today the white European Norseman!
    Long tale but it’s the same old story attack and enslave Muslims,atilla the hun,genius kaun,Indians.
    The black Canaanite that we’re cursed by Noah for innerbreed with Africans, Same old thing Cane and Abel able rejected by God as he was from a previous marriage and dark and evil .
    We have all the Archeological proof thanks to teams putting records together
    I have observed nature for 67 years and all ways she will tell you exactly all about something if you have eyes to see .
    That’s why I favor dogs with white markings or golden sweethearts .
    Yes other colors can exhibit some sweetness but by fat the sweetest it golden/white .

    1. "East-India Co. may have withdrawn into the [London Inc.] sanctuary" true. The point is: the 2 are of the same! London Inc. owns the utility Grid; which includes the commercial trading grid. (see licensing Real I.D. Act which requires your utility receipt to prove you are a "Resident")
      Your [displayed] flag gives NOTICE to all who you are affiliated with (incorporate-contracted as a part of). The auto license plate is your Chief flag.
      Pirate ships of Ol’ were the ones who didn’t have a license---‘Letter of Marque’---from the Admiralty to rob under ‘[Maritime Uniform] Commercial Code’ (UCC). Thus, their flag was the Skull & Bones upon the black background.
      The victor at that Time of any great dispute is the one who writes the ‘history book’/record. Keep this in mind when doing research. It is a key in the learning process! Never mind the present schools, Corporate “news media” & controlled printing press! ..same holds with the RECORD we make with the Assembly... as the corporate County Court houses delete our RECORDs of our true status. I have had this happen time & time again.

  19. Never work for a employer with black eyes, mean and dangerous people with black hair and lots of mail genetics are far more prone to be in prison for violence.
    Black cats ,dogs ,cows etc well known to be mean. I rest my case.

  20. Paul haven’t gotten around to no comments yet want to rebut anas propaganda of Parks/Ward are indicative of all English if I may .
    The Saxon are sones of Issac,British is covenant man.
    Rumor is a woman can cross Great Britain an not be molested .
    The English we’re governed by common law or Viking law or Volks rite the people’s law.
    The Viking did skermish with Anglo and Saxon but eventually the formed a partnership the Viking made excellent transport and could peddle in foreign lands fearlessly.
    Still remains today.
    The Normans stole the land befor everyone had land patents ,and the rabbi’s set up the city of London crime murder inc
    Oliver Cromwell equivalent. To John McCain’s Myer Lansky dupe his rabbi told Oliver to stage a false flag escape of the Christian king he said no good to obvious so zionest said Bering him to court we will kill him .. English were conquered just like America by Rothschild and mason agents .

  21. I, believe that Gods people, hear Him when He speaks, no matter who He chooses to speak through, and Nothing Can Stop What is Coming. Repentance is a gift from God, and their are a lot of people who NEED to repent quickly, and receive the Free Gift of Eternal Salvation, through Christ Jesus, because God's Judgement is coming quickly... Hold the Line " Patriots "

  22. 1215 magna carta to bring the thieft to an end a sword was put to king John’s throat .
    No different today .
    They have built up an army around themselves in preparation .
    Our own solution is to succeed from Union .
    So the eye of Mordor will turn the Assembly’s way and legion,s of Orgs and flying monkeys kangaroo courts abound that’s why we need Sheriff Richard Mac’s group but miss arrogant thumbed her nose at the male presence.


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