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Friday, September 3, 2021

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated



  1. It boggles my mind that none of these folks know about ClO2. Here is one of many definitive studies that proves its efficacy in eradicating covid, and all its mutations

  2. They know, they all know!! ClO2 did not fit into their evil plan. It was always easily available in Canada by commerce and consumers (because it is long known to be a very effective sanitary product). That's why they BANNED it in Canada the moment the lockdown began. The US kept selling it (but did much propaganda to discourage it's use, remember the two fads of eating Tide Pods and drinking bleach?) but importing it into Canada was also banned the moment the lockdown began. A year and a half later it is now being sold in Canada again. WHY? $$$ It's always about the money and it's only about the money, money, money.

    The money system is:
    - The Global Estate trust
    - Cestui Que Vie trusts (and many others for similar purposes)
    - The Vatican Bank
    - The Central Banks
    - Fiat money
    and all the associated FRAUD required to build and maintain this global system of the Air/Sea jurisdiction that has completely encroached, both illegally and unlawfully onto the Soil and Land.

    They don't want us dead because of global warming, overpopulation, or any other such scams that the news propaganda machine broadcasts 24/7.

    They want us dead because of the global bankruptcies! What is the easiest course of action to get yourself through a bankruptcy? LIQUIDATION!

    Every living breathing man and woman that dies during this lockdown becomes part of the "liquidation process". In other words your value to the system becomes lost at sea and subject to the Maritime Laws of Salvage. Once the value of the deceased has been salvaged it is then rolled back into the new system (post covid) needed to replace the old one (pre covid).

    It's ALWAYS and ONLY about the money money money. There is no disease, only money.

    It's not about disease and viruses, it never was. That is merely the cover story behind which they hide their fraud and criminality.

    COVID-19 is a program, not a disease.

    C = Certificate
    O = of
    V = Vaccination
    ID = IDentification
    -19 = 2019

    Our Birth Certificates (aka Cestui Que Vie trust bank accounts) have expired because of the global bankruptcy, so now they need to get our consent to create a new form of global ID. This new ID is called the COVID-19 passport.

  3. This is a lie, period. Let's start by defining what a Covid 19 case is?! After all, that is the reason for lockdowns and the news screaming pandemic every night. In order to do that one must understand what the PCR test is all about! The cycle count specifically is what is important! However, no one asks the question, "What was the cycle count?" There is ZERO accurate data of any kind regarding the case number or deaths from Covid 19!!! No virus isolated, no accurate tests, a boatload of lies, and everyone wants to blame the unvaccinated!!!! It's radiation poisoning people!!! You drop dead on TV in China from being zapped with the newly weaponized telecommunications systems being fired up! Please tell me I'm not the only one with a clue?!

    1. Spot on, Each, and everyone of US has our own unique "frequency fingerprint" that we emit. "They" have known about this since before the 1960's, and have done extensive research, and found out how to paint any one with a Bulls Eye(Zero in on) in order to target the one "they" want eliminated. Cell phones just make "their" job easier.
      These Frequencies that are used against the unsuspecting can also trigger responses within our bodies that can either multiply, or minimize the potency of any medications one might be on.

  4. They have internet governance for the serfs but not for SpaceX

    Just like the camera trickery and editing done on Warren here

    These hollywood ELite think this shit is funny and they are using the same methods of deceit all over the internet

    1. Musk or someone using an alias and camera trickery

      How about ole Billy Goats here

      How about some 9 1 1 truthers
      And when you scroll down the left side of the page ole Ed Asner aka Brady from the Reagan shooting that brought on the Brady Bill and gun control bullshit is still at it and working the 9 1 1 story in plain sight
      And low and behold he dies 33 years later and it's ruled a homocide?
      Robert DiNiro aka LBJ
      Make note that ole Barry Diller is a billion dollar donor to the Illuminati ONE WORLD AGENDA and so is fake ass GATES AND CO

      His other actors in arms that fateful day of filming were
      Ronald Reagan aka Frank Sinatra
      John Hinkley Jr aka Vincent D'Onofrio

      This mob is your fiat money counterfeiters and they created the federal reserve bank and the stories to go with it

      And bankruptcies all fraud period, none of the nations are bankrupt
      It's their creation to keep the so called nations under their control
      These corporations are all owned by hollywood ELite

      I've read that some of these 'news' stations are all CGI and the characters reading the telepromters are all actors hidden with CGI
      George Clooney OWNS a few of them like the Oprah Winfrey Network and couple of others
      Oprah relates back to HARPO as in one of the MARX brothers

  5. And you know if the shit is being broadcast on VICE and the guy and the story are coming out of MARICOPA COUNTY ARIZONA
    And lookey who we have here david straight too
    And Q Anon too

    How many more clues do you need provided to you that all of this shit was a set up

    Pay close attention the the woman in Irving Texas referring to folks such as this as either 'high' or 'mentally ill'

    1. And as you keep watching you will find Chris Hallett

      Isn't he the guy working with Kirk Pendergras????

      So is Chris Hallet dead? Dates in the documentary show 2018?
      The woman is awaiting trial sitting in jail for murder of Chris Hallett?

      And the father from Maricopa County is now in jail for violation of his lifetime probation that he received back in 2003 for sex with and underage minor
      Now lets see Sheriff Joe was the sheriff during that time and oh I wonder how easy it would be to create these documents and make the story appear to be true??

      I've said from the word go this was a set up

  6. And what are the odds that I would find BONANZA and BELCHER in the same video

    Now I should remind you that Harold Heinze worked for a company that assisted in the gobbling up of Alaska's natural gas resources and the powering of HAARP in Alaska
    Anna's partner up there in Alaska is a fellow by the name of Harold Heinze
    Her invisable husband is Clinton Belcher
    And these Belcher Islands seem to be full of natural resources

    Interesting to note Hudson Bay, Greenland the Kingdom of Denmark and all these other locations I have spoken about

    And Greenland well

    And I found this series by this you tuber of some interest as the story being told today and the Belt and Road Intitiave aka the Silk Road of old as it pertains to what they are supposed to be working to build today as Brendon OcConnel speaks about all the time

  7. 1851 and the rewrite?

    So 20 years prior to 1871 when this name game supposedly started the HIStory is fabricated and written for the serfs as the grand plan is put in to action?

    Interesting to say the least

    1. Destroying financial districts and the physical original paper records

    2. And at 11:58 in to this video you will see
      Bank of Italy which today is known as Bank of America

      Interesting that this is the only bank that somehow knew to evacuate their 'funds' from the building prior to the fire???
      Funny too this bank was founded in 1904 just prior to all the other bullshit stories and narratives we've been fed about the cause of the great depression just prior to their introduction of their fake ass federal reserve and them supposedly placing all these lands in to land 'state' land trust in 1915
      Implanted in to this narrative is a Winsor, Mulford Winsor as in the fake ass Windsors the so called royal german jew british royals

      The ASLD and the system by which State Trust lands were to be managed were established in 1915 by the State Land Code. With its authority vested from the Enabling Act and the State Constitution, the State Land Code authorized the ASLD to manage and control all Trust lands and the natural products derived from them.

      Today on some of this so called state land they hold events like this
      Burning Man
      Make special note of the special networks between the military and the hollywood ELite and their communications networks they use during this gathering
      Black Rock desert in northwest Nevada

      And isn't black rock the company that supposedly owns the world?
      Their intent is to make this world a living ugly hell and if you are not

      And is it not interesting that this VICE video comes out just a few days ago and says this man received a life sentence of probation and they have removed his ability to use the internet

      You will notice the reporters emphasis of the word DISOBEY the terms of his lifetime probation

      And who is filming the shit of him in court and the udge sitting behind plexiglass and the other idiots with them in the room?

      Can we verify who any of these players are?
      Who is this guy and his wife?
      Are they who they tell us they are?
      And MARICOPA COUNTY ARIZONA with the election fake shit and now this guy here out of the same damned county???

      And lets not forget that ole Sheriff Joe and ole Jason Goodman here were at the 3rd continental congress in Philadelphia not so long ago
      Started in Chicago and moved their operations to Colorado


      Like a digital ILB? Tell me how is that helping you?

      This was a trap from the word go folks and the obective was data mining and collection


  8. American Luxfer Prism Company
    Pretty intersting as it pertains to underground lighting as they dug out from the disasters created in the early 1800's - fires especially in areas holding valuable paper records in financial districts and the stories fed to us about the civil war HOGWASH
    As I said that Arlington Cememtary is hiding some very valuable land and not a burial site at all

    At 15 minutes in
    The STORIES we were fed and still being fed today all BULLSHIT

    So isn't it interesting that this so called peace proclamation for a war that never took place just happens to be part of the narrative here on this site and being taught to you in a different 'light'

  9. The name Belcher and the desk that the commander and chief use to this very day

    And have a read at this

    So let me get this straight, the Titanic, the unsinkable, sinks, and yet these boats made of oak, stuck in the ice and abandoned and yet somehow survive unscathed in the mid 1800's?

    And isn't it touching the story of how they get to keep the boat under maritime law and the godvernment comes back in a buys the boat, restores it and sails it back to england all while we are suppose to be independent
    And well why queen vicky is just thrilled
    She saves its timbers and gives the president a desk made of it

    It's lost for a very very long time and ole Jackie brings it back to life right before they whack her fake husband
    Giving us touching pictures of his fake kids playing under the desk pulling at those heart strings and then pulling the fucking rug out from under the entire continent as they staged the fake Dallas event

    Hmm I wonder if it's really Noah's Ark??

    1. And geez
      Gold, Gold everywhere - mines everywhere and the same outfits controlling all of them across the board
      And DIAMONDS too

    2. And coal folks

      We not burning any here thanks to their deindustrialization and yet north dakota being mined the hell out of

      And strategically harvested in my opinion
      Moving waterways and creating dams and many other things like fracking is done so they can create the future disasters they need to wipe out large portions of the population and reclaim the land
      It helps alot when you can make a killing on the climate stock market and buy up all kinds of now rezoned not for human use land for pennies on the dollar

  10. Removal of mountain tops to get at the mineral wealth

    Relabel it an ancient site and pass off complete fabricated story of its origin

  11. And those there land trust in the desert southwest
    Billions upon billions being mined right now folks

    Maybe lookin at the future story of another grand canyon and an ancient civilization

    Zacharia is a free mason same as Jordon Maxwell aka Richard Pine or Russell Pine

    Just as they claim to have found the babylonian tablets in the mid 1930's over in syria being clay and all and the tale told in the late 20's early 30's about these tablets and then they unleashed their banking hell on the world and the babylonia story as they started up the insurance buiness, hospitals, stock exchanges, doctors and all their alphabet agencies

    These stories of these ancients come down here bullshit is their excuse for what they are doing and they make up these fucking stories and all these fake findings to create the narrative and the outcome

    I've personally witnessed the removal of mountain tops in my home state of west virginia

    Check out the gold mining operation especially all over Nevada

    You mine the land like this and reroute some water and hit a fault line and wala you get climate change disaster 101

  12. And all that so called organic eating everyone is being encouraged to do

    Well have I got an eye opener for you
    Heart issues, resporatory issues and death from eating your organic vegetables


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