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Friday, September 3, 2021

First Announcement for Researchers -- Additional Information For the High Courts

 By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, folks. Game on. The Native Tribes are claiming that they own the land mass of America based on old treaties with King George and the Scottish Interlopers. We are saying, nah, the land belongs to the States and always has, ever since the Revolution.
The clueless military after umpteen years in charge is throwing up their hands and saying, "I dunno!"
We are looking for collaboration and support for what is already established and widely known, except, it appears, to the Military.
According to our records, the United States started out as a Pennsylvania- Maryland (mostly Dutch) investors club soon after William Penn became Governor of Pennsylvania. The United States of America started in 1727 as another (mostly English) investors club, spooled out of the break up of the Virginia Company.
Does anyone have additional or different or more or better information about this early commercial history of both the United States and The United States of America? Please email jpegs of early documents and/or copies via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, at Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
Leading up to The War of Independence these investor groups split, with the American pro-independence investors separating from the largely European anti-independence investors, so that we had in effect, two "United States" investor groups and two "United States of America" investor groups operating at the same time.
Does anyone have more, different, or additional information about this circumstance?
Benjamin Franklin and several other well-known Colonial leaders were members of both original investor groups; it was Franklin who set up relations with the Holy See to secure Postal Treaties and Postal Service in the then-colonies. He acted as the first Post Master/Postmaster and established the seat of the international land/sea jurisdiction government and the original Post Office for The United States of America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1732, and established a secondary seat of government and Post Office for the United States acting in global jurisdiction in New York ten years later.
Does anyone have any different, better, more complete information about these topics? Please send jpegs of original documents and/or hard copies to: Anna Maria Riezinger, at Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
Then, we had the actual War of Independence.
During The War of Independence the Government of Spain remained neutral, except that in 1777-78, the Spanish King granted the land being wrested from King George (who was acting as the Pope's Commonwealth Overseer and therefore had no claim to land in America aside from actual Church property) to the former Colonists to use as collateral financing loans from King Louis of France. At the same time, a group of financiers including LaFayette, St. Germain, and Hiram Solomon stepped forward and leveraged large sums of money as gifts, grants, and support for the American investor group doing business as The United States of America.
Does anyone have different, better, or more information about this particular subject and time period?
As part of the Treaty process ending The War of Independence, The United States of America -- the American version of the original investors club doing business under the same name prior to the war --- inherited the war debt being held against their land grant. This debt owed to France (and as it turns out, ultimately to King George) was finally paid off during the Andrew Jackson Administration (1829 -1837). Thereafter, The United States of America, the American Federation of States (which was reorganized as an unincorporated Holding Company in 1777), has held all grant, right, title, and interest in the land of this country via its sovereign member States, and it has never authorized any further borrowing or spending against these land assets ever since.
Does anyone have any more, different, or additional credible information about this topic? If so, please send jpegs of original documents via email and/or hard copies to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska, 99652.
It is our position--- and the law and customs of land administration support us--- that the Spanish King, not the British King, held control and ownership of all international land interests during the years 1700 through 1850 when these issues were definitively settled and all debts related to them paid off.
All subsequent chicanery pretending a custodial interest in our land by the British Monarchs and their Territorial Employees, while under contract and exercising enumerated delegated powers "in our names" as "the" United States of America--- is fraud on the face of it. So is any claimed ability to indebt our land assets or transfer our land assets to Native tribes.
Quite simply, any Treaties held by the Lenape and other East Coast and Southeastern Native tribes prior to The War of Independence were lost as a result of the change in government, and any residual payment or consideration due them as a result of their treaties with King George devolved upon his government doing business as "the" United States of America, not ours, and as that government never had any substantial land interests in this country other than the land assets explicitly deeded to and belonging to the Roman Catholic Church in the first place, it cannot be held that any "law of the land" invoked with regard to native land-hold treaties prior to The War of Independence have anything to do with The United States of America and our sovereign States.
As I told Chief Fast Horse and as I repeat for the High Courts, this semantic deceit based on similar names will not bear examination. The Federal Subcontractors cannot give what isn't theirs. The Pope can give the Native Tribes all his Roman Catholic Church properties throughout the country, and the British Territorial Government doing business as "the" United States of America can similarly give them any property that they obtained by any unrestricted permission of the Several States granting them property prior to 1860, but otherwise, these entities simply don't own any land in this country--- didn't win any for themselves by law of conquest, didn't pay for any as we did, and weren't granted any by the Spanish King.
And, similarly, any treaties formed after The American Civil War with the Native Tribes were formed by the same Bad Actors pretending to have authorities never granted to them; show us any proof in any Constitution that we ever granted them any right or duty or delegation of power allowing them to exercise any custodial interest amounting to an ability to buy, sell, encumber, entitle or otherwise use our land as collateral to cover their debts? Show us where we ever enabled them to enter into any treaty contracts of any kind other than international trade treaties, like NAFTA?
Such authority simply doesn't exist.
As the victims of fraud and kidnapping and impersonation, our long absence "at sea" is not our fault; the misadministration of our presumed-to-exist estates is entirely upon the guilty Principals and their respective Employees. If they owe treaties and debts to the American Indian Tribes, let them pay using their own assets and resources, without making any more false claims about us and ours.
And please, note that the States include the individual Native people as full-fledged and equal Americans having ownership interest in the land as part of the population of their State of the Union. They already have standing as Wisconsinites and Texans and New Yorkers and so on, just like anyone else born in this country.
We contend that they already have their equal share, and that at least from us, they are owed no more.

Anyone having records, information, data, historical documents, and additional evidence in support of our position is encouraged to contact me immediately via email at: or via phone at (907) 250-5087, or by Snail Mail: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.


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  1. AMEN.. AMEN.. This information detailed is welcomed to fill in the blanks of the basis of our claims... Thank you !!! And Thank You for challenging the "opposition"... put up or shut up. Often wondered how are historians ie. Doris Kearns and legal scholars (Harvard Types) are so clueless about this information.

    NOW, the MILITARY... IF we wait for them to agree to this history and that the civilians are in charge.... Well, persuasion is a very long road... "How can you expect them to understand, when their ability to control events over the population depends on this misunderstanding."

    1. And I'm tellin you this is a set up

      The latest article about this so called blue dot world banking shit is EXACTLY the blueprint for their banking transition as clearly as it is written in their own damn documents
      Interesting tag line here
      Article 1.
      Only natural persons (human beings) have the rights of legal persons as identified in Articles 12 and 13 of the Earth Constitution.

      And I stress look at the words above closely

      natural persons (human beings) have the rights of legal persons

      Connecting dots it appears to me that this NAC CODE is being assigned and linked to the person and so far I have only found one entity assigning a NAC CODE to the persons who seek out their assistance

      NAC Codes are assigned by TROH as per your address/residence
      These NAC CODES are latitude and longitude gps coordinates of your location
      I suspect that the hijacked 175 million ip addresses from the pentagon by Global Resources LLC has a hand in this
      I also suspect they have a completely different database for these operations
      Its building the upper level and redefining the inhabitants
      ie natural persons (human beings) have rights of legal persons
      natural person (human being) ONE AND THE SAME?
      Does an ILB qualify as this?

      Key word in her last article is Bilateral

      It is my belief they working in tandem
      If one side doesn't snag you another one will
      Each providing a flavor to choose from but in the end building the infrastructure to support it

      LRS and Medici Land Governance digitally marking your land within the galaxy and Medici the service provider will provide you with your authorized use of the land

      TROH getting the NAC Codes assigned and they too are building a portion of the database and datasets they need to map and link all the new data elements being assigned as folks choose their path

      These groups are like recruiters - sent out to scout
      Plus the controllers of the data can guage the pulse of the separate COMMUNITIES as it is being built
      Each has it's separate part to build but the key is to not detect that the end road leads to the same place just at a different level
      TROH your up with the UN declaration of human rights hence the NAC and their nation building pitch

      One this side we have nope we aint going there we are doing this
      Plea with pope queen and international court
      Little ole grandma here is building banks and getting voucher cards in order and golly gee where oh where are her objectives being defined and distributed from?

      ALL OF IT

      Chicago is already on to 2050


    2. So I guess we're screwed no matter which way we go.

    3. richard connelly,

      AMEN AMEN????

      ...oh so grateful you are to "anna" for "filling in the blanks" for you??
      you do realize that "anna" has furnished no proof concerning whats written in this article!??
      AS USUAL!!!

      where is the proof?
      go ahead richard and ask.

    4. Aside from the PROOF.... Do you disagree with this story line ?? first things first...

    5. G2B.... please give me your story line of this history , Thank You.

    6. and oh golly, lookie here now!:

      1. Galloping Horse gets let out of being held unlawfully in prison (?);

      2. Galloping horse/ other cashes in on the multiplied trillions of fictiondollars worth of the slave bearer fictionbonds fiction"anna" has (unsuccessfully!?) been claiming "she" had in "her" physical possession:....for a paltry couple billion fictiondollars. (thats not smart!:):) )

      3. claiming all the american people and all the land as well;

      4. and claims to be settling EVVVVVERYbodys claim and all land and labor claims for the past two, three hundred years for a paltry 2billion$ in gold!

      rich, your share should amount to a couple pennies!!
      wowee that little storyline would work out veeeeery nicely for the thieves and robbers and liars!!!

      so, no, "anna" [bananna], no deal! :):):)
      janmarie, woman

    7. richard:

      glad you answered. :)

      "aside from proof", what *is* there, richard?
      just storylines.

    8. richard,

      even though i meant for you to go ahead and ask "anna" wheres the proof that what "she" is saying is true, again, i still thank you for answering and am happy to again provide the same proofs i have been furnishing all along:

      i have been consistently pointing out the long-established, unobscured facts that we all have ready and plentiful access to:

      the Declaration of Indep
      and the Articles of Confed.

      i never change the facts:
      these papers are right where theyve been from the beginning: right out there in the open for all the world to see.

      janmarie, woman

    9. now, where is "annas" proof?

    10. You're 'voluntary' consent, marketed and sold through various service providers

    11. LaFayette, St. Germain, and Hiram Solomon stepped forward and leveraged large sums of money
      anna is more or less correct on "american" things. it was founded by "illuminists" and will remain so, see above names. the alternative is accepting christ, which they deny. there really isn't much new over the past few centuries. solomon was right about that. see jewish encyclopedia "hiram" "hyrum" which is why "god" cursed everyone.

      there is no surprise. as "gnostics" might say, illuminism and masonry seeks and strives to return to its roots: the earth. we can call it aristotlean logic as opposed to platonic.

      "proof" "facts" these are religous wars. those don't matter. besides, all "proof" and "facts" can be 100% true -- and selective, and hence distort a picture and frame someone, etc.

      proof and facts, 100% true, carefully omitting things that don't fit the story, is arguably the best way to spread lies and misinformation. 2nd best is arguably partial truths, i.e. some small amount of lies.
      It is my belief they working in tandem
      If one side doesn't snag you another one will
      Each providing a flavor to choose from
      shelby is spot on. when france fell, illuminism gave the world official "left" and right" aka hegelian dialectic aka spinosoan synthesis aka luciferianism aka heraclitus things turn into their opposites aka "unity of opposites" aka hermes "7 principles" aka...these things always were around, before "christianity" was supposedly "light only"

      if you want "out" of their machine, pick a trinity, ANY trinity, is the easiest way out. that was the prior system before "left" and "right"

      "so we are screwed either way?" well, the world always belonged to the devil aka elias aka elijah aka "lord god" aka asmodeus aka yezidi peacock angel aka elohim aka enoch aka metatron aka...

      christ (or tetragrammaton -- whatever old testament is) has power in heaven and earth.

      the earth, "lord of the earth" etc. has always been the devil.

      islam knew this, said the peacock angel hid azazel in his mouth.

      you are up against asmodeus, king of the demons, personification of lust etc. he supposedly helped solomon find the shamir. (compare claims about comte de germain and ability to fix up gemstones, etc.)

      same old asmodeus, tries to take over the world. he was even said to be "torah following" and sometimes helpful, like a jinn without the negative connotations.

      that is not to say people "deserve" all this garbage, but when you get rid of a trinity, and build an entire country based on that, it is kind of inevitable. break a trinity, you get luciferinism. action, reaction (meronvingian)

      there is no good answer. do you want freedom of religion or not (which the devil offers) or pick a trinity (or similar).

      "illuminism" "masonry" forever refuse to officially take a position. this allows them to play all "sides" as needed, anything goes, nothing is bound, as above so below.

      all that natural persons means the "spiritual" dimension gets wiped out. this is what america has always done, what masonry has always done, what "enlightenment" has always done. same thing as "living man or woman". "persons" -- pro or against -- is all distraction. either some spirits are better than others, or they are all "equal" and you pretend to be "neutral" like masonry.

      there's no home to return to, earth belongs to the devil, always has, always will. its either pick some trinity, ANY trinity, or bite the dust. same rules as always.

      there's no secular solution here. asmodeus is king of demons and rules the earth, same as always. love not the world, or any thing in the world, etc.

    12. xerces,

      "granaanna von bananadanna" is INCORRECT:

      the Vatican/ Masonic /Jewish: ILLUMINISTS: a singular group working together as one, using Secret Societies, are the ones who are ILLUMINISTS who set up the United States Incorp. WASHINGTON D. C.
      that has nothing to do with the American people.
      And that is not America.
      And the two ARE NOT blended together.
      And they never will be.
      : the Confederated Union, still and always up and running in perpetuity, was set up by the people.
      that is "America".

      America is not ILLUMINIST, Washington D. C. is.

      America was not created by Illuminists, Washington D. C. was. Fictions.

      America was created by the common law people. Non-fictions.

      big difference.

      it already IS. nothing can change that. :)

  2. I don't claim to know history very well, but I keep coming back to the one question: Who was here when this country was "discovered", and who has been given the royal shaft ever since "we" set our little flat feet on her shores?!

    1. and also jewellsmom, we must look carefully at who are CONSISTENTLY the ones who give other peoples and nations the royalshaft after making treaties with them?

      perfidious Albion:
      "Perfidious Albion England or Britian considered as TREACHEROUS in international affairs,..."

      signifies one who does not keep his faith or word.

      a pejorative phrase used... [in] international relations diplomacy to refer to acts of diplomatic sleights, duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity by monarchs and govts OF THE UNITED KINGDOM IN THEIR PURSUIT OF SELF-INTEREST!!!
      partial paraphrase: wikipedia.

      i think weve found the tip of the royalshaft???!!

    2. Jewellsmom: Isn't that the ultimate question!!! I'm looking forward to hearing the answer to that one. Easier to fit a square peg in a round hole than to come up with a satisfactory answer for that question.

  3. The way the Canaanite Black nobility and co. Roll is color of law and lots of guns .
    Don’t play footsie with the murder inc mob
    We’re the owners prove otherwise.

  4. agreed bubba.

    our living physical body: property, is composed from this very land!!
    that is our proof we belong here!!
    where would be their proof we dont?
    are we part of the land like the trees and deer? no! we are the caregivers of those things and the land!
    we belong here taking care of it.

    sounds like they might be slithering toward trying to piece together a storyline to cover for attempting to move people off this land.

    too bad. S'not working. were staying put.
    and so it is.

  5. Cheif Stealth Seattle of Dwarmish tribe in response to offer from a president said his people did mot understand orning land or the glint on the waters or the eagle or trees and that all things were sacred and respected as part of our family with people being one strand of the web of life but that they would consider the offer to move to the reservation the new people offered likely knowing more death would come if refusing the great white cheifs offer

  6. The president offer for 2 million acres of land

  7. Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbard Vol. 1-5 are an excellent history and contain references to many books that may answer many of Anna's questions regarding historical facts. Here is the link to volume 5 that can be found online: ConceivedinLiberty It is believed by this researcher that Conceived in Liberty Vol. 1-5 will be an excellent foundation for which to proceed.

    1. ¡¡¡caution!!!

      this tome's foreword is written by "judge" andrew p. napolitano!!
      "judge" napolitano was recently accused in a lawsuit of SEXUALLY HARASSING A MAN he worked with (8/2021) and was fired from his job as chief LEGAL LEGAL LEGAL analyst at Fox over it.

    2. further:
      napolitano is a British and Vatican Temple BAR member;

      he is NOT, and cannot claim to be AN AMERICAN: he is, instead and in fact: a British Subject in service to the Queen and the Pope!!: a British Subject/ CITIZEN/ "noble"man = Esquire!!!

    3. also, take a good long look at the HUGE list of DONORS who financed this in the 1970s.
      (after/around the time nixon removed the usinc from the gold standard.)

    4. and VERY IMPORTANT:

      Is writing about: a Republic; starting in 1784. That is NOT the kind of govt the American people created for themselves!!

      a republic is a caste system: think of india with:
      and serfs.

      the nation and government created by the American *people* is NOT a Republic, we are free and independent man!

      THIMK people, THIMK!!! :)

      ...or perhaps missed it:
      if someone can find the word "Republic" in the true and original Declof Indep or Artof ConfedUnion, i will rethink this.

    5. Rothbard the author of Conceived in Liberty was long dead before your claim above. If you are looking for good historical information from a Libertarian perspective Conceived in Liberty is a great place to start. I have read all 5 volumes and Anna's work since back in the 4-500 article range and can say that these works will help give historical support to her work. The problem can be stated simply: The check and balances on the Federal government are missing, that being the State governments. Anna has it correct we need to rebuild our State governments to keep in check our run away Federal government. Reread your 85 Federalist Papers to also support this view.

    6. Hey Goode2boots, I remember you from many moons ago, we both have been quiet for some time. Well I think Paul demoting you to persona non-grata might have had something to do with that. Nice to see you back again you were a voice of reason and clarity I remember, and still are.

      I understand your instinct to pull back from Judge Napolitano. I didn't know him well enough to know about the scandal you describe.

      But Murray Rothbard is considered a legend in Austrian scholarly circles for his prolific writing and support for the Austrian School economics theory. I have found myself in the position of following and spending many hours learning about the Austrian School and it has made great headway and has attracted many scholars and academic devotees.

      I know this is an aside from your warning about Judge Napolitano, I would only suggest to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is a misesmedia channel on Youtube that is chock full of what I consider very interesting videos. But I could be called a bit of an "eclectic nerd" for my range of philosophical interests. Conventional economics thought doesn't agree with much of what the Austrian School has to say about the world, and I am no expert but my sense is that they have a lot of things right that get discarded because it doesn't fit within the inner workings of criminal socialist governments. Oops, did I say that out loud, with witnesses? Take care...

    7. hey will smith :)
      will comment later, but nice to see your comment... i miss hearing your input. and thanks for your kind words: right back at you for sure.
      after i read your comment i pulled up classical gas... replay... doing chores to it this gorgeous sunny morning. :):):)

    8. baldwin,
      i hope youre up for some discussion/debate! :) i am.
      please bring it.
      that is a friendly-type challenge, but it is a challenge nonetheless.

      to save time and effort though i will tell you up front baldwin that this is my basic point and is where im always going to land my debate, that is:

      i believe with all my heart and soul that every man¹ is *inherently* (from nature) responsible only to his creator if he isnt harming anyone;

      and no other man has anything to say about what hes doing, unless he actually and truly agrees from his own free choice to allow that.

      and if another man harms him, he, the man harmed, is owed full peaceful immediate restoration, with him claiming the worth of what was harmed.

      ¹man always includes man, woman, son, daughter.
      we need free and open debate... do you agree? are we going to come, peacefully and lawfully, to the best solutions that way? .... ones that work for each sever-al man? with no pushing and shoving, no secrets: no secret accusations, secret laws, secret courts with men claiming to be divine "overlords" over other men?; no false claims on other mans property? no forced compliance? no compelled benefits? no selling other men? and their water sources, their food sources? how about claims on the air?
      "Air" jurisdiction??? PHOOEY!:)
      oh, or taking other mans sons and daughters away from their families because someone in the non- elected and compelled "society" likes their, perhaps, the little sons with the red or blonde hair and blue or green eyes for some reasons that we're now hearing about? or maybe its their melanin tone that is desirable. for bun. knees., white ones?
      see what im saying?... presently it looks like this is what one man having authority over another man careens off into. sheer horror and abuse that one cant even imagine -- and doesnt want to either.
      so there baldwin, i gave you a summary of my position, would you mind disclosing yours?

      then let the debate begin.

      if youre up for it! ;)

      janmarie: woman

    9. All of it a smokescreen including their so called Austrian BULLSHIT

      This is all a set up by the money changers PERIOD
      The banner in this one is a no brainer
      Everyone has the 'right' to take part in the government of its own country?

      Hmm sound like so called self goverment to you where you get a pre paid voucher card for all your essentials while they steal the rest of the earth for them selves

      I suggest you go watch Yellowstone the series they put out
      Defines how they team up to steal the land increasing their property taxes and forcing the land owner to have to give up his land
      Back room deals indian reservation representatives working behind the scenes with Hollywood billionaires to force the land owners out

      This isn't rocket science folks they planned every last bit of it and this so called rebuilding you neighborhood Mayberry RFD sheriff and shit is the lowest rung of the friggin pyramid

      Has nothing to do with self government or your friggin freedom it is the final stage of the grand plan

      MOB RULE IS WHAT IT IS AND WE ARE DEALING WITH A WORLD WIDE COUNTERFEITING MONOPOLY MONEY PONZI SCHEME CREATED BY THE SAME CROOKS WHO PULLED OFF THE SHIT IN 1918 putting land trust in their names as CONgress granted them exclusive rights and access to public lands for their exclusive use

    10. there you go baldwin and will smith!

      shelbys in.

      the info ive come across indicates the names Austrian, Bavarian, and Swiss are all cover names for the very same dxxth/ debt slavery-of- man system that was shed off of the Veneician, Phoenician, Babylonian Talmudic/ Ba'al/ Molech/ star-god Saturn/ and so on, system... however, ALL are under REMPHAN's (ref: Acts 7:43) /CHUINs:kijun's (ref: Amos 5:26) 6-pointed star that has the black cube center: presently best known as: the Star of David; and it is, in fact, the very system that has so brutally and callously tortured and abused people, even as far as *to dxxth* for their refusal to participate in that system. sacrif little ones, drinks bluude, has no soul (ref: jude).
      has no redemption.

      did i find incorrect info? if yes, what is the correct info? how can that info be verified?

    11. oh, and baldwin, before we begin the friendly "debate" that i hope will take place:

      your comment:
      "Rothbard the author of Conceived in Liberty was long dead before your claim above."

      you must have misread my comment; i wasnt making any kind of claim at all about when Rothbard lived. what i wrote about the 1970's was only:

      "also, take a good long look at the HUGE list of DONORS who financed this in the 1970s."

      ...which was what i found on the MISES.ORG Mises Institute/books own website (and others) when i took your suggestion and looked it up!

      here, i copied it for you
      directly from mises institute website:

      "The original four volumes were published in the 1970's,..."

      have a great holiday tomorrow :)

    12. goodE2boots: Let's work towards a solution with others that has a chance to succeed.

    13. baldwin,

      your response above sounds like youre giving yourself a pass on debating me (and others here) by posing as a "high ground taker".

      im not impressed.

      you know that your Rothbards premises are from the white slavery feudal system Crowns perspective?
      ...imo, they are presented deceptively to the free and independent American people *as* American History, when they are not.
      please. prove me wrong.

      however, imo your premises and arguments are just way too flawed for you to take on the risk of exposing them to actual free and open "public debate"!... causing you to back off and shut down a public debate before it even gets started?

      you too will smith?!
      if so, i am truly truly disappointed.

    14. reminder:
      a summary of my pre-debate position that baldwin has, lacking any articulated reasoning, characterized as:
      NOT working toward a solution!
      NOT working with others! and
      NOT having a chance to succeed! is:

      "i believe with all my heart and soul that every man¹ is *inherently* (from nature) responsible only to his creator if he isnt harming anyone;

      and no other man has anything to say about what hes doing, unless he actually and truly agrees from his own free choice to allow that.

      and if another man harms him, he, the man harmed, is owed full peaceful immediate restoration, with him claiming the worth of what was harmed.

      ¹man always includes man, woman, son, daughter."

      now i ask you....
      who besides men trying to take other men as their slaves finds fault with that?

    15. GoodE: The problem as I see it is that there is no check and balance on the Federal Government (Illuminati). The unincorporated States were some what of a check and balance until they were distracted away. Our goal is to re-establish the check and balances in our government. I believe that Anna is correct in her vision. I have no chance of winning a debate with you as I lack the mental capacity.

    16. baldwin,

      i agree with you, checks and balances need to be restored and enforced.
      That system of checks and balances is the vision that our grandparents/ others had and built so man can be free from enslavement by other men.
      we have points of difference on how that would best be done.

      im still interested in hearing what your reasons are for thinking a Federated Republic, Colonial-style, with a Head of State is superior to a Confederated Union.

      we dont have to have an adversarial-type debate where someone wins and someone loses.

    17. GoodE: Agreed, last sentence. Article IV Section IV of the Constitution is where I believe we need to go that is the government of decentralization and libertarianism fought for by many but not all of the revolutionaries. A republican form of government.


    Many many traitors among us working to get you to comply with these world rules

    And make not this so called CONstitution was sent round the world several times and yet millions haven't a clue that it exist

    I take special note to the role that a couple of real traitors living in Colorado started
    And just who are the players in this so called 3rd continental congress held that no one fucking knows anything about - blowing smoke up peoples asses while they work this other agenda behind the scenes

    I keep telling you she is working for the FEDERATION

    Found this to be interesting
    World Federalist Movement, Citizens for Global Solutions, the World Mundialist Movement (with its World Citizens Registry), the Association to Unite the Democracies, and the World Constitution and Parliament Association.

    World Citizens Registry hmm I wonder if that can be defined as an ILB registration?

    1. excellent tie- togethers shelby!
      you just keep crunching the data and bringin' it!

      yes, absolutely right, FEDERATION(S).
      = (few or) NO.
      INDIVIDUAL. (national/other)
      just unelected /selected Boards, NGOs, committees.... like what is operating now, only multiplied!

  9. Daniel

    Patrick and CHECKMATE?
    As Patrick claims very few people ever get out of this system?
    Are you really getting out?
    Is this process Patrick teaches the ultimate answer at the highest level?
    Elevated to walk upon water above the admiralty/popes sea
    Or does it make you no better than they are?

    The only kingdom being built here is the Democratic Federation of Earth under world government

    This rechartering shit is all part of the paradigm and this so called CONscience shift?

    1. 9 minutes in to Daniels video

      Speaking of captain and shipmate

  10. Now remember where I talked about an NAC CODE

    And here is the role out of those apps



  12. United States holds titles in fee simple (of Indians too...)

    1. oh cowpatties!

      how would you know wilma? youre not a natural born american if i recall correctly. :)

      tell us where youre sourcing your incorrect info from please!

      that nonsensical "fee simple" jibberjabber just hearkens back to the britishvaticanjewish slave subject serf feudal system.

      you can be in it if you want.
      please, be my guest.
      enjoy yourself!

      but natural born americans arent under that and neither are the indigenous people.

      fee simple! lol!
      phooey on "fee simple" baloney:):):)....
      ...all the kings horses and all the kings men... ! :)


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