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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Vaccine Holocaust Is Well Underway—The War Against Humanity

The world has been ambushed.  We are in the midst of a war against humanity.

Yet most people aren’t aware there is a war going on.


  1. no, theres no war, just like there was no "civil war"... war can only be declared upon men offensively attacking other men without right reason.

    and then unless a war is declared for right reason, then:
    its murder.
    and no, they are not forgiven.
    their plans will fail.

    without right reason for DEFENSE:
    its MURDER and they are not forgiven and their plans will fail and are failing now.

    *NOTICE*: their plans will fail because they are not forgiven because they attacked men who are causing no harm!!
    and it is so.

    1. "Yet most people aren’t aware there is a war going on."

      exactly right!
      even people who are not following along with the "movie" "script": know that were NOT at war
      because no war has been declared!

      theyre using the "were at WAR!!" narrative to try to GOAD the people unto declaring war on them! and using all these false flags and so forth!

      its not working!

      but it is comical now watching all of these "Emperors" authoritatively spewing out their scripted lines, still too mezmerized by their own intellectually- deficient storylines to realize that they are being LAUGHED AT by us as they parade around showing off "their new clothes" that dont even exist.

      geez. blech. yick. CREEPS!!! :):):)

    2. My hunch for a long time has been:
      if they get *the people* to *say* "were at war!!" (that is, to *recognize" what is being done *AS* war) ....then the insurance policies underwritten by lloyds of london would not have to pay claims for damage.

      most insurance policies in the past do not cover Acts of War or Acts of God, so if they can pawn this off AS Acts of War, then they would do little if any pay-out of claims on the policies held by the people/ businesses in the devastated areas.
      same would be with hurricanes, climate, and so forth, if pretending like its an Act of God.

  2. More fake trials on the horizon as they move forward with their script

    Again they have been faking shit for centuries

    Like I said lets all go take a look see at what is really buried beneath those stones at these huge ass cemetaries like Arlington

    How many acres of land would you say is there?

    Anyone ever survey what might be under that piece of ground they have a sealed off?

    They hiding a hell of a lot more than we know folks

    1. It's all in the family

      Now look at the information on ole Ronnie Howard Don Knotts and Andy Griffin

      And this time line goes before the early 1600's in the colonies here of which they are now removing the records I uncovered for those???

      Again though we have conflicting stories of who these people are

  3. This guy here has been telling it like it is for many many years and yelling from the rooftops about their UN plans and the shit they pulling in California

  4. Interesting infor in here about how the Heritage Foundation actively contributed to the Arizona 'voting' circus act we are witnessing today
    At 8:51 it appears this heritage foundation has their little fingers in race theory, voter fraud and many other things they got put in to bills of ACTS to be passed to assure they other brothers return on their investments

    1. Adam something here supports whole lot of shit like climate change and yet mentions nothing about the UN plan and how they herding us all in to the sities creating this problem and not at all related to climate as in weather but to the overal climate of the populace that is being forced in to these densely packed urban human settlement zones on purpose

      And the land grabs that go with them

      The TRANCEportation BUSINESS has a lot to do with the TRANSformation and people climate change taking place today

      I could go on and one about his assessments but in reality he does give some tidbits to truth

      All the universities are told what to do as the fiat dollar and their so called 'educational' materials go hand in hand

      Like harvard that teaches their lawyers and udges how to be crooks, detroy familes through incarceration of fathers on dumb ass changes they wrote in their code bypassing their county charters and everything else

      It's one big shit show and their end game is you idiots self governing while the syndicate stays in tact and keeps right on pillaging

    2. And as you can see they have thousands of videos of how roads and highways are just a nusance

      Ever heard of a STROAD well look no further

      This is how they justify and write in to legislation the future of their you walk bike and public transit because they promotes HUMAN ACTIVITY AND INTERATION

      Meanwhile house arrest, mask wearing, vaccine pushing bullshit continues in their other arsenal of brainwashing bullshit to affect
      If you guess CLIMATE CHANGE
      Then you would be correct

      So there are several versions of CLIMATE CHANGE in play here

      The young are being taught in school that you may never need a car because you will wlak, tricycle, bicycle or public transit to work and in most cases you will walk downstrains from you $3000 a month one room shit hole to you job and walk back up at night
      Never having to leave the containment zones

      A 7 11 CVS Walgreens and the groger or walmart and tons of fast food shit stores are in walking distance and your food consumption is curbed because you dont buy as much if you have to walk home carrying the groceries
      The introduction of uber eats grub hub and the now made even lazier crowd orders junk food out the ass delivered directly to your dooand then the consumer gets diabeties overweight and chaching for big pharma

      And lcok dwns complete with mental health issues and depression loniliness and so on are pushed endlessly to fuck with the masses
      No doubt legislation out the ass on these things already in the rat packs pipeline

    3. Notice that cities like this is the united states and canada are like this but not in europe where they have already TRANCEformed the areas in to their green spaces human settlement zones while the fucks hoard the land and resources for themselves and their progeny

      They get to raom the land free of prying eyes
      THey fly without encumbrance
      And sail on their yachts free to enjoy the oceans as they see fit
      While we get charged a fee to park on the beach front
      parking provided by the very crooks who set it all up in the first place

      And in their new BUILD BACK BETTER legislative act they have agreed that you will be charged a per mile fee for every time you get in the fucking car and think about leaving your designated human settlement zones

      Now don't forget within those human settlement zones they have tolls on the highways for ya too even though the roads were paid for long ago
      But as a result of their backroom deals and their BUILD BACK BETTER UN AGENDA PLANNING special contracts were afforded to 'families' to collect all those fiat dollar tolls to suck your purse dry

      And geez the only way to fix this is democratically self govern yourselves and work at the lowest level to rebuild your so called state assemblies and somehow all thes thieves keep their jobs while you donate your time, energy and fiat dollars to sustain their efforts to re educate you on their new scheme of telling you this is your way to freedom
      It's either you do this or you will be subect to the still exisiting infrastucture as they pillage those who didn't paperwork up and agree to their pre paid credit card and a UBI and serfdom

      You know because banking has now been declared a HUMAN RIGHT, should not be controlled by private entities (hogwash from the getgo) so we must outlaw the fake fucking couterfeiting private money with their end game of you accept this or else


      I wonder was Germany scheduled for another round of a fake bankruptcy and new infrastructure UN planning when they pillaged it with their fake ass hitler?

      Palestine was it in bankruptcy and in line for a UN MAKE OVER

      I know for sure Iran is in for a UN Make Over their 'leaders' have signed on for it

      You know that so called non binding agreement that these imagi nations seem to sign up for and their followers have no idea what they've been signed up for

      The whole set up is trash and it all started with their world wide fake bankrupting the imagi nations and it's people and their money laundering counterfeiting operations could be spread across the galaxy

      And the only way to fix it is DEMOCRATIC FEDERATION of EARTH
      MY ASS

  5. everytime i see your opening line here bellarian1 i laugh out loud!


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