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Friday, March 26, 2021

Overview for Those Who Need It

 By Anna Von Reitz

Be patient. Be strong. Keep walking forward.
I've explained the situation --- (1) what the Plotters originally intended (corner the gold market during a fiat debt-credit legal tender system, then sell the gold back at a huge profit margin resulting from inflation and devaluation of the fiat money) and (2) what has subsequently happened (demand for viable currency and crimes including counterfeiting and securitization of living flesh have increased to the point that a gold or silver-based commodity currency would require gold prices to be set at ridiculously high rates --- in excess of $100,000.00 per ounce, and nobody in their right mind would believe that.)
So here we sit. The Numbnutz in charge are so lacking in vision and creativity that their solutions involve catastrophic disruption, killing their creditors, enslaving the world population to serve as collateral for their debts, and more fraud.
They just don't get it. Fraud vitiates everything.
It vitiates treaties. It vitiates international law. It vitiates handshakes.
And no, you can't give someone something that doesn't belong to you in payment of your debts.
That is known as embezzlement and theft.
These are things that are so simple, and yet, full grown men and women who have spent their lives in responsible positions in the military, in government, in international diplomacy---- doctors, lawyers, and Indian Chiefs ---- don't get it.
This is largely a bookkeeping boondoggle of epic proportions, caused in part by the decision of the U.S. Government to adopt a new bookkeeping system known as "double accrual accounting" after the Second World War. This is more popularly known as "keeping two sets of books"-- and it allowed the appearance of insurmountable debts on one side of the ledger, while hiding even more unimaginable credits (Slush Funds) on the other.
So it's a crisis on paper, and all that really needs to be resolved is: (1) a degree of amnesty; (2) balancing the books; and (3) who controls things going forward--and, no, it should not be the same people who created the Mess in the first place.
I have suggested a moderate and common sense approach that: (1) holds harmless the vast majority of those who implemented and ran this system in ignorance; (2) restoration of our complete traditional government; (3) creation of an honest world currency in addition to national currencies; (4) returns power -- and responsibility -- to the people of each country; (5) erasure of False Debts and payback of accrued credit to individual people and unincorporated businesses; (6) issuance of credit cards to Americans and people of other countries who are in similar situations, to pay for any and all public debts; (7) restructure of the taxation functions to live off Slush Fund earnings instead of preying upon living people; (8) liquidation of offending corporations and punishment of corporation officers who have acted in a lawless and predatory manner against the Public Good; (9) complete overhaul and migration/transition of the courts and court systems; (10) simplification and re-tasking of the bureaucracy; (11) retirement and culling of millions of statutory laws, codes, and regulations; (12) removal of agency administrative "law" and its misapplication to average people; (13) end redundancy; (14) reform all operations of the U.S. Patent Office/US PATENT OFFICE, the respective Trademark and Copyright Offices, and the various Postal Services; (15) open public discussion and international treaty negotiations to establish a realistic and solid foundation to go forward.
It's clear that these issues and topics that I have highlighted, including the illegal securitization of living flesh which is a crime and a central issue, have all contributed to the deplorable state of world government.
It should be crystal clear to all concerned that the only reason to have a government or pay for government services is to protect the bodies and other assets of living people.

If that is not obvious, it needs to be made so.


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  1. .
    We could stat the old methods --- tar and feathers

    Posse and a good tree

    1. .
      "I have suggested a moderate and common sense approach that: (1) holds harmless the vast majority of those who implemented and ran this system in ignorance; "

      Ignorance of the law is not excuse

    2. But the big question is do we have enough rope ??

  2. Get ready for the " nuclear option" ..Jesus...the way , the truth , and the law..!!
    Dont laugh..its getting close..!! Trump has been trying to work with these people , only to have many of them killed ...they all walk into a room , then the military gives them one last chance and no one walks out of the room...thats the epitome of these people.
    They will choose death instead of doing the right thing..!!

  3. Amen brother James! You are spot on.


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