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Friday, March 26, 2021

Deconstruction of the Great Fraud for The International Court of Justice:

 By Anna Von Reitz

After the so-called American Civil War hostilities stopped in April of 1865, our two Federal Subcontractors, one British, one Holy Roman Empire affiliate, incorporated their organizations as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.
They continued their commercial mercenary "war" against each other on our soil, without our knowledge. The colluding Principals used this mercenary conflict between our Employees, their own Instrumentalities, as the excuse to establish an international military protectorate on our soil---- in contravention of the controlling Treaties, and later employed a double-ended impersonation scheme to embroil completely innocent and clueless Americans in this perpetual war-for-profit con game.
They claimed that we were "absent", "missing", in "interregnum" --- none of which was true, and which still is not true. It is not possible for a government composed of living people and Lawful Persons to disappear. They also held private corporate elections which appeared to be public elections, and on the basis of this fraud, claimed to represent us, the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and our Federal Republic.
This military occupation by our own paid military forces has lasted for 158 years, all without the General Public of this country being informed or assisted to address the situation.
The British Territorial Subcontractor set up "State of State" franchises for itself and usurped our lawful government by secretively substituting these entities for our American States and our American State of State business organizations.
All that the General Public might have noticed was a change from "The State of New York" to "the State of New York".
These con artists also pretended to be "The United States of America"---Incorporated. And they claimed, without any granted authority, to have the power to create other corporations "in our names" (Corporations Act of 1870) and to have "Emergency Powers" never granted to them.
By 1907 all the corporations that they created "in our names" were bankrupt and we were "presumed" to be responsible for their debts.
The deliberately confused and deluded American Public mistook these con artists for their own lawful government, due to the similar names deceits, and accepted the charges.
Under Municipal Law, otherwise known as Roman Civil Law, these Municipal Corporations are allowed to cheat and deceive people, so long as they don't know that they have been cheated and deceived.
Once the victims realize it, however, the fraud involved erases everything, rendering even the most solemn covenants null and void.
The victims have uncovered the fraud --- all the way back to 1860.
It's all null and void including all the debts they ran up "in our names". Also including all the bogus court actions they've engaged in by entrapping Americans and impersonating them, including all their claims of undeclared mercenary "war", including all their insupportable bankruptcies.
There is no doubt in the rational world that the Perpetrators of these crimes in Breach of Trust and Public Law owe us more than they can ever repay, so an amnesty and debt forgiveness and reconciliation process must be engaged.
As part of this first round of the national identity theft, credit fraud, and bankruptcy fraud scheme unfolding in 1906-07, the so-called U.S. Trustees took title to our land as collateral backing these bogus commercial debts, and instituted a system of property taxes which is completely foreign to us.
Millions of Americans who were never any kind of "US citizen" were deliberately misidentified as co-signers and accommodating parties and their land was seized and held under force as collateral for the debts of these foreign commercial corporations.
Bear in mind that Americans didn't know what was going on, nor was the General Public told anything about this. The Perpetrators acted under color of law, once again, pretending to be the government, when in fact, they were only government subcontractors, that is, Employees usurping their Employers.
In 1933, they did it all again. More money and power for them, more debt for us, and this time, they latched upon the value of our labor and our individual physical assets. To grasp the full extent of their heinous and insupportable claims, read the Buck Act published in 1940.
Again, the clueless American Public had no idea what was going on and nothing approaching full disclosure was ever given. Except for a cryptic reference to a "holy cause" and a "consecration" in FDR's First Inaugural Address, which was technically addressed only to Municipal Employees, the American States and People were kept in the dark --- the better to prey upon them.
And their assets.
This all began to unravel in the 1970s and 80's. By 1998, we knew we had been defrauded and suffered identity theft, human trafficking, and unlawful conversion, though the full extent and complete mechanism of the crime was still to be uncovered. We served notice on the Municipal IRS and Territorial Internal Revenue Service, both.
From this date, 4 April 1998, the Perpetrators and both Federal Subcontractors organized as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, have been under constant Public Notice and Due Process.
At this moment they are attempting yet another bankruptcy fraud and the substitution of a new Municipal Corporation for their old bankrupt shell ---and they, represented by the Biden Administration, are attempting to act as Successors to Contract by a process of assumption.
We have refused for cause and published our determination.
Meanwhile, we have discovered the Perpetrator's mischaracterization of Americans as both British Territorial and Municipal Persons/PERSONS, taken action to record our actual identities and political status, and called the actual State Assemblies into Session.
We are telling The Court of International Justice that we don't have a contract with the Biden Administration and we are not allowing any process of contract by assumption or accommodation.
Furthermore, we are fully informing The International Court of Justice, Vatican Chancery Court and Court of the Lord High Steward of all these facts. We are moving all three courts to proceed to discovery, investigation, and prosecution of these offending corporations and their officers for criminal breach of trust and contract and violation of their treaties and the Public Law and Constitutions that define both classes of foreign citizenry that have been employed to accomplish this Great Fraud.
It is not sufficient to bankrupt these entities while allowing them to incorporate an endless stream of successor organizations. Those responsible for these crimes must be stripped of their privilege to form corporations and it must be recognized that as they never actually had any authority to charter corporations in our names, those corporations are indebted to us, not them.
Indeed, it has been recognized for a long time and in several venues that all US CORPS and all USA Incorporations are our debtors, and remedies related to these facts have been on the books since 1863 without due enforcement by the other Principals involved in these criminal Breaches of Trust, and without
intervention by the courts or the international community, which for the most part, has benefited from these crimes against America and Americans, who have been blamed for the criminality of these same Oppressors doing business "in our names".
Inasmuch as there are international laws and treaties, solemn conventions, and international courts and forces dedicated to enforcement of international law, it is more than past time for these institutions and their agents to put an end to this outrageous international fraud, Breach of Trust, and breach of our Public Peace by these foreign commercial corporations working against their Employers in violation of their well-known international service contracts.
Our lawful Government is back in place and catching up on long overdue business, including the formal Enrollment of the states formed since 1860 as States of the Union. This action established by Roll Call Vote of the actual State Assemblies took effect 1 October 2020 and is retroactive to the date when each such incipient State entered into Territorial Statehood.
There is no longer any excuse to pretend that our government is absent or failing to take care of its business interests, nor is there any reason to presume any custodial interest by any Federal Subcontractors in our land and soil assets, assets at sea, and assets of the air jurisdiction including the patents, copyrights, and trademarks we are owed.
The non-judicial courts established on our land and soil, which are being operated under color of law as instrumentalities to collect debts Americans never owed, are illegal and unlawful racketeering operations employed by the Roman Catholic Church and its affiliated organizations, the Government of Westminster, and British Territorial United States Government, all of which owe us Good Faith and Service.
Our assets must be returned and our sovereignty recognized as a first step toward sanity and upholding the Public Law without which all civilization devolves into a nasty form of Feudalism, in which gangs of thugs or gangs of commercial corporations, which is much the same thing, overturn the lawful government and prey upon the Public they are paid to serve.
The conscience of the world must be aroused and alarmed by this circumstance and action taken by every law-abiding nation to examine the condition of its own government and courts, as this parasitical infection of commercial corporations masquerading as lawful governments has spread far and wide. America is not alone in having been victimized by these same criminally-minded charlatans.

More details are available in the form of our wet-ink published Affidavit of Probable Cause, beginning at page 222 of our book, "You Know Something is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" which the Prosecutor's Office of The International Court of Justice has had in its possession since September of 2015.


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  1. I thought it was STATE OF NEW YORK fraud but real name is New York State.

    1. Yor right on point. In the Pennsylvania constitution it states all the courts of Pennsylvania shall be article three courts. Where oh where did these courts go ?
      It never mentioned THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA courts.
      The grammatical style is extremely important.

  2. Anna why are you asking the international court of law for a remedy...none of these courts are ours and there is only one way to get rid of them....WAR...!!
    They left us no other way to get remedy...and when this war is over " we the PEOPLE will determine there fate and write the treaty ...without recourse..!!

    1. James thank you for pointing this out.
      All courts are sanctioned by the elite criminals that have pillaged and plundered this world for thousands of years. So to even suggest this court is going to take Anna seriously .
      Criminal courts protect criminals .

  3. Now Anna lets use our trained eyes. Grammatically the State of New York is written in proper English.
    And when these parasites incorporated every State city town ect, they used all upper case letters. Like STATE OF NEW YORK. Now my eyes are not 20-20 i can see the difference. Does this make a difference ? Well if its not english it must be some unlawful babble.
    A great

    1. Yes "brickguyo" it is all "unlawful babble". Rohan Lorian, and Romley Stewart found it in the 17th Edition of The Chicago Manual of Styles on pgs. 665-666. This was a big breakthrough for all of US that have been working on this for over ten years.
      ROM-AND-ROHAN-TALK - YouTube
      In this video they even use one of Anna's analogies.
      It appears that these two might have gained their Credit side of the ledger.
      Hope this helps.

    2. This a foreign language, and no foreign language can be on a contract without an accompanied translation of said foreign language. This translation will never be offered, so it makes the contract void, unless ewe sign it. By signing it ewe then have agreed that ewe can read, and understand their foreign language.

    3. It is referred to as "DOG LATIN"

  4. Here is a point to ponder a woman gets their new husband's last name once their married. So their maiden name has no lawful force and lawful standing on any lawful document. This abandoned name is considered an assumed name. Now on the information document why the hell is a married woman required to use her assumed name? This unlawful scam if changed will free the people. But that will never happen, too many compliant brain dead sheep. And the fact is once there informed the get horribly upset and quickly walk away.

  5. Affidavit ?? Has anyone that has completed Anna's process seen any court reckon in their favor . Did this process get anyone a positive result in property tax situations
    Traffic court ? Criminal prosecutions that had no living victim ? Please anyone please post your positive outcomes.

    1. agreed: please post any successful award/reward/remedy--->positive outcome

  6. Talk is cheap ! All these thousands of words have resulted in the restoration of anyone's creator granted rights= dominion ? Please post the fantastic change of status that blocked the so-called legal system to leave you alone.

  7. Beautifully explained, thank you Anna.

  8. Thinks for sharing. I have watched all of the Justinian Deception videos. As well as the GLOSSA channel videos. There is another great channel its- .
    There is a very interesting site on the inkedin channel. A man named Raymond Karczewski kept THE STATE OF OREGON at bey for over 10 years by challenging Jurisdiction. A agent from the STATE outright admitted that his parents gifted his name to the STATE . That's an eye opener. And the agent then stated that as Raymond claimed to be an AMERICAN he belongs to that enity. Like property.
    As we all know the corporations calling themselves governments are just fictional enitys ! So as i see it they need us to assume the same fictional status.
    Now that's where the person i.e. human resource" non living man resides.
    There black magical deceptive words of art
    are used to get joinder. Persons have dutys and privileges . Is rights missing ? Also the person in definition is gender neutral and lacks specificity. I would call it void for vagueness. All seeking truth must gain the knowledge to keep these parasites at bey.

  9. A very impressive video on bitchute is frequently unanswered questions or FUQ .
    This man in Australia found that two very different governments exist in AUSTRALIA
    he called out customs on this. And they avoided answering his questions.
    He had them in commercial default.
    This provides proof the actual government
    was taken over in 1927.


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