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Friday, March 26, 2021

Notice the Sequence of Things

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who have profited themselves at our expense have done so using a very ancient form of law—- Roman Civil Law.

They have subjected each one of us individually to their foreign and ancient law by “conveying” our names into their jurisdiction via a process of multiple registrations.

So we start out as babies on the land and soil of our country and then are conveyed successively into Territorial Jurisdiction under the Law of the Sea, and then into Municipal Jurisdiction under Roman Civil Law. 

Think of this as moving from Point A to Point B to Point C.

Unknown to us or our parents we were trafficked off our native land and soil (Point A) and transported to the foreign jurisdiction of the sea (Point B) and from there transported to the jurisdiction of Municipal Government (Point C).

We have to start out at C, move back to B and from B move the rest of the way to A.

There is a process and steps and procedures that have been employed to traffic us from land to sea to air, and there is a process to convey us from air to sea to land again.

And it is one more step from the land to the soil. 

Success in unraveling the mess depends on us deconstructing the process that put us at Point C and doing it step by step— backwards to Point A.

What they did to us in transporting us off the land and soil is a crime known as unlawful conversion and they followed that with another crime known as impersonation—-which is a form of identity theft that allowed them to access our credit.

Unwinding it requires careful and knowing action on our parts.  If we try to go directly from Point C to Point A we quickly find that we “can’t get there from here”. 

If you want to think of it in terms of political units, you start out on a county in a State of the Union, get shanghaied and transported out on the High Seas, and from there, you are sold as a slave to a foreign Municipal Government.

The only way home is to travel overseas again. 

People get confused about “where they are” as a result of being moved around like this and many assume that they can take one step back and be home again, but it is more complex than that.

You come back the way you came.

You “lawfully convert” the Municipal PERSON back to being a Territorial Person on the High Seas, and from there you can step back on the land (State) and from State level you can step back on the soil— the County level.

I am pointing this out because you have to return by the same path you left, and too many people think there is a short cut.

You have to come back home by moving from State to County, because, as a baby, you were moved from County to State.

“As a thing is bound, so it is unbound.”

Now that you know how you were bound, you are in a position to untie the knots and keep them untied. 

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  1. .
    Those who have profited themselves at our expense have done so using a very ancient form of law—- Roman Civil Law.

    Thats half right for the wrong reasons

    you missed Vatican - Church law - cannon - ecclesiastical

    you missed Hammurabi law

    there is more but you get the picture............... or not


    1. .
      This one declaration of law was from the self declared Vicar -- in 1213

    2. Maximus you make a valid point about these various forms of law, however the context in which you are attempting to make your point is ill defined.

      Anna's is speaking of two specific things:

      1) the four primary jurisdictions that the criminals are corrupting.
      2) the reversal process required to navigate back to our correct jurisdiction.

      There are many subtleties in what Anna is teaching us.

      Subtlety #1: We can only restore things to their proper functioning through merit. Merit is a universe law and no one is immune to it. That is why we cannot cut corners and take shortcuts. The restoration this planet needs MUST be done by the book, and that book is entitled MERIT.

      Subtlety #2: The reversal process only works one way (there are no exceptions to this one). In the context of our four planetary jurisdictions it works like this (reading from left to right):

      1 - 2 - 3 - 4 | 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

      1 = soil
      2 = land
      3 = sea
      4 = air

      This reversal process is the road map we must use to make the required corrections through the system of merit. This is the natural/universe law that has always governed our planet through good times and bad. There is nothing man made about that reversal process, and to ignore it will only lead to our demise as a species.

      Subtlety #3: Merit = "earning" your responsibilities and the fruits of your labor. Reversal = following the mechanics of the jurisdiction system and how they were designed to operate. This is where maintaining proper context and perspective can get tricky. Reversal DOES NOT mean undoing every single wrong that was committed in the past. Clearly that is impossible. These wrongs are now part of history and are unchangeable, as if they have been written in stone. What reversal DOES mean is that we can, and must, undo the resulting DAMAGE that we are confronted with today, in the present time. We can LEARN from the past, but we CANNOT CHANGE the past. We can most definitely make changes in our present time that will ensure that we will be on a good path going forward, and that is our currently responsibility and task at hand, both as individuals and nations.

      So getting back to the context of the matter. I'll be brave and stick my neck out (knowing full well that Anna might give me a good slap for speaking on her behalf), and say that even though Anna dredges up the past a great deal, she does so for educational purposes only, and she isn't telling anyone to go down that ancient path as a means of dealing with our current problems. Yes we should learn the lessons the past has to teach us, but we should not otherwise get caught up in these historical issues and attempt to reactivate them in the present. We must learn from the past but also leave it in the past. We are not meant to become the past as living breathing archives of nasty old crimes. Learn from it and move on.

      We need to learn from the past, but live in the present and create our solution to the current problems in the here and now, and to the extent we are capable of, prepare and plan for the future.

      If you would like to learn more about merit, and the 4 jurisdictions from a foundational and technical perspective then you might find my new jurisdictions web site interesting. It offers a series of 10 concise lessons, with numerous graphics and additional charts and diagrams, as well as a new 35 page Jurisdiction Specification Manual. Here's the link:

    3. Part 2. Online info:
      What does Annuit Coeptis mean? and what does Novus Ordo Seclorum mean?
      😨😧 › en/Annuit_cœptis
      ^ "ANNUIT COEPTIS - Origin and Meaning of the Motto Above the Pyramid & Eye". ... Founding Fathers, Secret Societies: Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and the Decoding of the Great Seal. Inner Traditions / Bear & Co. pp. 111–. ISBN 978-1-59477-865-0. Hide
      😯😢😴😕 (Beware the Greatseal has changed, see YTb)

      So MANY MILLIONS years ago, including the Sun, with 67% energies left now (appx).
      God created the Universe (Earth, all planets and Stars FOR Analog DATA ENCODING, DECODING), tested and retested) BEFORE the Jew's, Egyptians, and Arabians discovered their light-weight Astrologies. There are 4 types, 8 one of them is Scientific, matching Tarot Reading, up to 99% accuracy. The rest of them not working any better than Tarot, of up to ~80% accuracy. So DO Not assume that any one talking about planets losing their mind, as you also focusing on non-sense or assumption.

      WATCH OUT, FOR WHAT YOU BET on being the beneficiary of Anna's imaginary Richness, the cheating way. You could be drafted to go die for the Richest men in WW3.

      What does Annuit Coeptis mean? and what does Novus Ordo Seclorum mean?
      Here's ONE PERSON VIEW below, assumed to hide something, the men are unaware of. › …ANNUIT -COEPTIS …
      These Latin words mean "New order of the ages." Charles Thomson, a statesman involved in the design of The Great Seal of the United States, proposed the phrase to signify the beginning of what he called "the new American Era," which he said began in 1776 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

    4. Marco Polo claimed the Chinese had paper money in the 1200's. Could have been even earlier?

    5. What "Carpenter" always brings forth sure does make one contemplate the knowledge the three wise man had when foretelling the "Messiah's birth". Not to mention tracking Joseph, and Mary down.

  2. Bellarian1,

    I have read your opinion on this several times and I must respectfully challenge you a bit:

    I agree that the maxim of law, "fraud vitiates everything [ab initio]" means exactly that - whatever has been created or done via fraud is NULL and VOID from the beginning.

    I also agree with the notion that "possession by pirates does not change ownership".

    Where I differ with you is your contention that making a declaration of one's nature, standing and status, memorializing it on paper and recording the memorial (as a benefit to others) in order to expose and correct the fraud perpetrated upon us, validates the fraud and legitimizes the continued fraud taking place.

    The realm of REGISTRATIONS is not our realm - it is the realm of the DEAD and of those who choose to operate in it for nefarious and criminal purposes. Without lawful force behind our declarations, we are still facing the heavily armed, misguided, ignorant military and law enforcement officers who do not have a clue (for the most part) that they are defending the ongoing fraud.

    The fraud needs to be exposed more and more so enough people become aware and awake resulting in the end of this criminal enterprise once and for all. It is not enough to try and HALT registrations since the evil actors still have forceful backup or will just devise another trap. We need to initiate critical mass awakening so those who are unwittingly defending this evil by force will cease and desist which will prevent the criminal thugs from ever operating again and the people from being deceived any longer.

    Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for FULL liability and Self-Governance as it is required to be done. Not everyone will choose the righteous path. The Lawful Assembly brings together those who are ready and willing to do the necessary work it takes to live free and responsibly.

  3. The corporate courts will never acknowledge this process . If anyone has changed their status after completing this process and had a judge acknowledge this is the courts. Please place your success story here.

    1. Nobody wishes to waste their valuables on one who has no values except the pufferies of their own minds.

  4. Black Robe "Judges" are trained to trap and entrap using certain words, asking certain questions and soliciting certain answers. The 'corporate courts' you refer to is NOT the building nor the room - their "court" is the proceeding itself since these "corporate administrative tribunals" are taking place in buildings and rooms owned by the people. They are almost exclusively occupying and using those facilities since that is the ONLY business taking place the majority of the time. Few, if any, hold their own lawful court of record due to lack of competency, ignorance, and the interference by corrupt "officials" who either knowingly or unknowingly block access to the people's buildings.

    There have been successes by people who know what to say, what not to say, and how to answer properly (verbally or on paper). The very few that may succeed have the cases sealed or expunged from the record so as to hide the outcome.

    This is the reason Anna suggests people correct the fraudulent status imposed upon them by presumption and gather in their Lawful State Assemblies to form and hold their own courts. Any record or judgment filed in a court of competent jurisdiction stands as true in ALL courts. The missing element for State Nationals and State Citizens at this time is the enforcement arm. Our numbers need to increase until critical mass is achieved whereby those in the military and law enforcement, who make up the majority of the ranks, turn around and stand with us.

  5. I had no ID years ago at a border where I was in a truck that did not stop going in Canada but came back real quick. The Canadians waved us down serious like and had us come in for questioning. I was acting as Daniel Joe Johnson a name that came in to my head. I never met by dad and my mom died when I was younger. Born in a shed and had no ID. The guy actually stared laughing and said. I see what you are doing. So he looked at next box and said "Ill just put x on these next of kin boxes and put away the paper and said see you, escorting me out. My friend spent three days in jail and had to pay a fine. Not really a success but it was the fact he could not charge a non-existing real man that I did not know at the time but was glad to be free


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