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Friday, March 26, 2021

Additional Notification of Issues for The International Court of Justice

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the matter of the Great Fraud against the lawful American Government by foreign commercial interests acting in Gross Breach of Trust:
Our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors, which have been operated as private, for-profit commercial corporations, have claimed to be our Trustees -- thereby making us their dependents -- even though we are also the purported Donors of these Public Trusts which they have created in our names, and even though we have ordered their dissolution and dispersal back to the States and People to whom the assets belong. These foreign commercial corporations have also claimed that we are their legal dependents and that they are under a legal duty to support us as a result of exercising our delegated powers "for" us.
Read that: they insure their operations as commercial corporations and thereby secondarily insure us, so they have claimed that we are their legal dependents, even though they work for us and charge us for their insurance costs.
They have been getting away with this outrageous claim of "legal dependency" because we were not "otherwise insured" ---- which for us means "indemnified" with an indemnity bond lodged with a bank somewhere.
The United States Treasury is our bank, so in 2017, learning of this claim and circumstance, we lodged and allocated the AMR10001-AMR100001 Bond and Bond Series as an Indemnification Bond for all fifty States of the Union to put an end to the idea that we are legal dependents of these corporations in our employ.
These lawful Indemnity Bonds are lodged in the name(s) of Anna Maria Riezinger, the Fiduciary acting for our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776.
Proof of this action is hereby provided in the form of jpeg files of each page of the referenced Indemnity Bond and Series and the associated mailing receipts which are attached to this communication.
This is additional proof that our American Government is alive and well and conducting its international business in a responsible and logical fashion despite interference and fraud and unsupportable claims on the part of certain Federal Subcontractors that have been taking their paychecks with one hand and criminally subjugating their Employers with the other.


  1. So it is claimed that the "Jews" were made to wear a yellow star of david, in order to be recognized by the "Authorities", and places of "Business".
    Jewish Badge: During the Nazi Era | Holocaust Encyclopedia
    Look around people, do ewe see what's coming? Maybe not an iron patch on our lapel, or an arm band. How about an app on ewer smart phone ? Are eyes open yet? What is it going to take for US to say "No" and mean it?

    1. OUTCRY TO THE WORLD, FROM ISRAEL!!! (NL+ENG subtitles) - YouTube
      Now we will see how or "Jewish" Brothers, and Sisters actually take a stand to this tyranny that is revisiting their culture.

    2. In their "Own Country" to boot no less.

    3. What comes around, goes around; and usually comes back twice as hard.

  2. In math and Logic this is how I see and 1/2 people here also see.

    IF A agrees with B [ who agreed C who agreed D on the same topic ].

    It means: A also agrees with D on that same topic. If A denies, that she/he doesn't agree with D, on that same topic. You know A is not honest.

    1. When I was younger, and conflicted with determining what was being put forth as the truth I would mentally deconstruct any statement or “theory" that crated doubt in my being. I would also notice that through time, during rare instances, others out of the blue would bring forth or utter something that would facilitate me in my determination. When this happened on two or more instances, with two or more random people on a subject I was trying to figure out its validity was when I knew my conclusions were close to the "truth". However, now this test doesn't work anymore.
      Jonah was instructed by our Creator to tell the People of Ninevah to repent. Even though he hated them and wanted to see them all destroyed Jonah eventually told them. They did repent, and were spared the total annihilation of the likes that was inflicted upon Sodom, and Gomorrah. What did Jonah say, or do to get this whole city/state to do an about face? Was the wearing of sackcloth, and ashes the factor of their salvation? Will we all be wearing sackcloth, and ashes before too long? At this point will it even help when the majority of peoples hearts are so hardened, and ignorant to our Creator’s ways? This to me is very perplexing. I sure would like to know what was said, or done to convince such a large group of people to jump track. Looks like at this juncture there is only going to be one true answer for our salvation, and redemption. “Repentance”.

      The “Media” in the past would mock, and jeer at some old disheveled bearded man holding up a sign that read “Repent, the end is here”. Very few listened then, how may will listen now?

    2. Pigs already are flying. Look at Lolita Express flight log!
      Some will make it, but most will not. Most important is to love thy Lord with all your might and don't look back after being delivered. Meaning don't dwell on the fate of the unbelievers AND
      realize your deliverence is Allah's beneficence. God is the corporeal form of Allah showing power/force to rule OVER things.
      And Jesus said we could be even BETTER than himself.

    3. "MinisterMark", in ewer above comment ewe make an assertion of a statement that "Jesus" said; "And Jesus said we could be even BETTER than himself." Once again, that is not at all what "Jesus" said. Read this short snippet as many times as it takes to sink in, and never add or take away again.
      John 14:12; "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."

      "Jesus", let every one know he was the Alpha, and Omega(Aleph/Tav) First and the Last.
      Period. No one can do better than the Creator. Period. Better works only happen through the divine inspiration and initial work that our Creator bestows upon each of US.
      Seems like ewe have been mislead, and now are attempting to mislead others. Like I was told by one of my darker friend's Grandfather who was born in the late 1800's; "Boy you better tighten up!"

    4. Also "MinisterMark", "Most important is to love thy Lord with all your might". We are not instructed "to love thy Lord with all all our might" , because our flesh is weak. We love the lord with all our Heart intrinsically from within. Our whole being manifests this Love for our Creator that those that have this Love don't even have to think about what their doing. It just happens. This happens instinctively, no might is involved.
      Matthew 22:37; Jesus said unto him, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind".
      Now again why would ewe bring up something that is as profane as the “Lolita Express flight log”, that hasn’t even been determined to be factual. My above post’s subject was directly focused towards all those that are unwilling to “Repent”, and come home to the realization of who our true Creator is. Why do ewe think our Creator gave Moses the “Name YHWH”, which is an unpronounceable word? Exodus 3:14; And God said unto Moses, “I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you”.
      Once anyone attaches a “Name” to anything that automatically puts that something in a box, and there are those that even try to do this to our Creator. Utter foolishness. So by ewer short post one should be highly suspect of ewer Ministry, because on all 3 counts ewe have been exposed.

    5. The book of Jasher states that there are 70 Steps that the King’s throne sits atop of;
      Book of Jasher, Chapter 48;
      44 And it was their custom throughout the land of Egypt, that every man who came to speak to the king, if he was a prince or one that was estimable in the sight of the king, he ascended to the king's throne as far as the thirty-first step, and the king would descend to the thirty-sixth step, and speak with him. 45 If he was one of the common people, he ascended to the third step, and the king would descend to the fourth and speak to him, and their custom was, moreover, that any man who understood to speak in all the seventy languages, he ascended the seventy steps, and went up and spoke till he reached the king. 46 And any man who could not complete the seventy, he ascended as many steps as the languages which he knew to speak in. 47 And it was customary in those days in Egypt that no one should reign over them, but who understood to speak in the seventy languages. 48 And when Joseph came before the king he bowed down to the ground before the king, and he ascended to the third step, and the king sat upon the fourth step and spoke with Joseph.
      Book of Jasher continues on in Chapter 49;
      9 And all the officers answered the king and said, But surely it is written in the laws of Egypt, and it should not be violated, that no man shall reign over Egypt, nor be the second to the king, but one who has knowledge in all the languages of the sons of men. 14 And the angel roused him from his sleep, and Joseph rose up and stood upon his legs, and behold the angel of the Lord was standing opposite to him; and the angel of the Lord spoke with Joseph, and he taught him all the languages of man in that night, and he called his name Jehoseph. 17 And the king came forth and ascended the steps of the throne, and Joseph spoke unto the king in all languages, and Joseph went up to him and spoke unto the king until he arrived before the king in the seventieth step, and he sat before the king. 30 And Joseph upon his horse lifted up his eyes to heaven, and called out and said, "He raiseth the poor man from the dust, He lifteth up the needy from the dunghill. O Lord of Hosts, happy is the man who trusteth in thee".
      Now having this ancient historical custom revealed describing the process that a king deals with those of different languages, and customs it should become quite apparent why our “Countries Forefathers” decided to “Contract” with the “Vatican”, and “Monarchy of England” to handle our “International Trade affairs”. Is there anyone reading this that is fluent in 70 languages? Can we all comprehend what we are up against now, and what Anna and all the good people behind the scenes have been doing for US on our behalf. Still waiting for the “one who has knowledge in all the languages of the sons of men”. That’s “Seventy Languages” <70> folks.

  3. I came into this world a "free" man not a "human", given birth by Nature and Natures God not any other. Birth parents were not known till later as time passed and they had certain beliefs one catholic the other southern Baptist as for me my choice is neither and anyone can practice what ever they want so long as it doesn't infringe on my rights a religion to me is a cult including and not limited to political parties and their affiliations accumulated

  4. .
    Another B.S. court - when there wrong or comment a crime who do these purported judges get put in jail by their BOSS?


    1. Maximums. Glad your awaken.

    2. Reagan secret law or Retirement program 702(j) used to exist in the past, Reagan created it for people for 1.7x extra retirement. Tax free.. . The Conspirators took it away, and confusing ppl saying: a fake retirement plan that doesn't exist anymore. The newly Retirement Tax-free for Corporations is their SITUS-Trust, probably the same 702(j).. You can tell by their changing laws coupling with their enormous Foreclosure Fraud, to acquire Sinful /Thievery Cash to park in their 2X~7X Growth in SITUS Trust, tax-free income.

      Root of The Vermin Great Problems?
      Since 1868 (the Q & P altered American Constitution), then again in 1871..74 (for their Wa DC. creation). Confusingly and Noticeably too many law changed from 1930 to the last few years !! In proper Legal course, and in honest sensible world, only the organic CANON and Constitutional Laws are valid.
      Not Legislations, not Tribunal Tax codes, made up by "the Govt Service Corporations" against their Employers (us).

      This is the Vermin latest illegitimate law changes to American older law >> 18 U.S.C 1918. To hurt their employers. Search YouTube to learn more. 😨😒😧😦

  5. This is the first time that I can recall that Anna has actually posted a copy of the Indemnity Bond. Download and save all the PDFs for your records!

  6. Great move to post those bonds. Downloaded and archived, thanks! In my opinion anything that affects anyone other than herself and her family should be posted.

  7. The International Court of Justice was created, disrupted, reborn, and is the Vermin πŸ‘† UK* + FRANCE courts, just like any of their local Tribunal Courts ripping off people properties and justice.

    I don't see how this Bond-Series going to work. Anna contradicted her own words that these Bonds won't work after the U. S. A. INC WENT BANKRUPTED in April 9-10, 2017.

    All inner Trusts created by their agents were meant to increase their profits against their Assume Lawful money's, backed by their stolen gold, Still legal in their Eu. position to Americans, Except to the gold owners.

    1. Anna already posted in 2018~19 the haywire in wrongful Bankruptcy 😴that the Vermin ran away with their 1 Quadrillion some times in 4. 2017 via canadian Court, same subject matter.

      That must be their strategy over poor Anna view. She assumed again that the assets belong to America and Canada wrongfully. The Vermin just went silent, and let her and you betting wrong, to continue assuming forever. 😨😧


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