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Friday, March 26, 2021

No, We Are Not Working For or With "The Vatican"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, the idiocy abounds.
We are addressing the Vatican and the Holy See at an international level concerning the Great Fraud (and their culpability for it) and various people in our Assemblies have served Notice on the Archbishops to fully inform them of the skullduggery going on and their personal and professional liability for it.
This is not the same as working with the Vatican.
What we are doing is serving Notice and Due Process to the Holy See, which is a different part of the Church Hierarchy entirely --- and the Principal (besides the Pope) which is ultimately responsible for the misadministration of The Constitution of the United States and the Municipal Government of the United States.
Most Americans have yet to learn that they have Federal Subcontractors, much less the fact of who these Subcontractors are, or the fact that these Subcontractors have been operating in Breach of Trust, even though these same people suffer the consequences of this situation every day.
As I noted yesterday, there are many people in America who are ignorant or can't read or both.
They don't know the difference between "the Vatican" and "the Holy See"---all they've heard about is "the Vatican" so they assume that what we are doing concerns the Vatican operations--- which it does, but only tangentially and as a result of mis-administration by the Holy See.
They also can't distinguish the difference between acting as a "private attorney" for a Pope to serve Due Process on employees of his (which I did for seven years during the tenure of Pope Benedict XVI) versus being "an Agent of the Vatican".
That's rather like mistaking a draft horse for a goat.

They don't know what they are talking about or what we are doing or why, and they are not bothering to learn. Educate them if you can. Ignore them and move on if you can't.


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  1. Here's a sign of Ww3 heading to warm up. For those wanting to be the beneficiary of somebody assets, underthe the controls of the Richest men.

    Iran and China Have Signed a Strategic Pact. That’s Bad News for the West. › …irans…with…news… 

    Chinese-Iranian ties will inevitably reshape the political landscape of the region in favor of Iran and China, further undermining U.S. influence. Indeed, the agreement allows China to play a greater role in one of the most important regions in the world. The strategic landscape has shifted since the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

  2. The People of the Lie - Everyday Evil

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  3. Well a Suggestion to Anna... Once again, review her interview with Robert David Steele ( 2 or 3 tines) and SGT Report. What did each interviewer basically say at the end.... "This is still very confusing". IS the problem with the message or the person hearing the message?
    Telling a story of the historical crime of America, the narrative over, over and over..... the same way is the message. However, with no Socratic method (asking beginning questions) of engaging a person's brain, you never know if they are understanding your message... They are just listening.
    The reason, they don't "get it" ?? Well the same story being told always begins in chapter three. You see, the story should begin with a discussion of the Treaties and the players prior to and during the set up of the country. When you begin talking of "sub-contractors" and State v State of State and different Constitutions without any real explanation... how we got to our form of government.... the one they know nothing about... what do you expect... CONFUSION.
    Also, Anna never speaks of USC Title 8, Section 1101, Sub (a) 21, 22 and 23 which states two forms of nationals or citizens in this country... SO.... which one are YOU ????? That should be a question to jog someone's cranium to think.... Being born in a state (a) 21 but finding out you have been identified as a Citizen of the United states - corporation, as determined in the federal governments law, not just your opinion (the story).... WHY ??? If a person cannot be interested to pursue the information from there and to find out the differences... YOU ARE BABYSITTING THE WRONG PERSON....
    To this day... David Robert Steele and Sean of SGT Report with their large audiences are STILL CONFUSED...

    1. Anna has most certainly mentioned USC Title 8, Section 1101, Sub (a) 21, 22 and 23. While I had already gone back to definitions before finding Anna's website, the confusion is not in the code but in a man's mind. Freedom is knowing who you are and where you stand. The Knowing is between your ears. The Code "MATRIX" can't tell you who you are. Even those definitions are con-fusing. Look up "Living Being" in a Law dictionary. The DEAD can not define the living. Living Beings don't exist in LEGAL FICTIONLAND.
      Annie McShane
      The Delaware Assembly

    2. Be careful, Steele is likely a shill.

  4. "Idiocy abounds. They cant distinguish. They dont know the difference. Mistaking draft horse for a goat."
    Bunch of tards "they" are. Is it us?!
    We would love for this question to be treated fairly and openly and honestly, without disparaging who have questions.
    (which I did for seven years during the tenure of Pope Benedict XVI)
    This does not touch her claim to be "in service of his holiness, pope Francis." Which is penned and posted by Anna of her own freewill, and thus she caused the question, and continues to ignore it - even while appearing to address it.

    1. Right u r, Paul. Anna used to brag about how her family has been in service to the devil, uh, i mean il papa, for many GENERATIONS! She is a liar and a dissembler. She's lied repeatedly about that stupid flag that her silly husband embraces. Little Jimmy Belcher, aka King Jimmy, is so full of hot air, he'd fly away to Santa Fe if Anna didn't keep him tied down to the agenda at hand. Someone remind us of how long Little Jimmy served for fraud, or whatever it was. Doesn't really matter. Anna is the real fraud.

    2. @StevenCharles... What are you doing to help the People? How many hours of your day do you help your fellow man? Did you look up the definition for "Private Attorney-in-Fact"? Check Blacks Law 5th. Anna has done more to bring the "Fraud" being perpetrated against us than most. Name calling is for little children. Where are the facts bacling up your finger pointing. If you can't post facts then your accusations of Fraud are hearsay.

      If you are flying the Federal Flag on your "Ship" identifying your home and our American Land as a Federal Enclave, then you are the the foreign U.S. CITIZEN. Make sure you pay your Tax. We have the right to self determination which includes the choice of Flags to fly. The nation states are not Federal, we're never to be Federal in nature and to claim there are Federal Districts on our Land is without fact and that Silly Flag is proof there of.
      Annie McShane
      The Delaware Assembly

  5. How nice to attack the people who have been asking the question of loyalty and integrity with honest intentions. Are you saying we shouldn't, couldn't or can't ask and expect a REAL explanation of why you STAND with them but are "AGAINST" them? You think us dumbasses are just not able to comprehend some "difference" between being an agent for the Vatican or acting as a private attorney (on his payroll) for both Pope's. Well you said it yourself a few times....
    "They don't know the difference between "the Vatican" and "the Holy See"---all they've heard about is "the Vatican" so they assume that what we are doing concerns the Vatican operations--- which it does, but only tangentially and as a result of mis-administration by the Holy See.
    As we can see from the above statement, the holy see "touches" upon the vatican operations and "mis-administrates" the OPERATIONS!
    And here you are unequivocally a LOYALIST not to US but to the VATICAN; My blood seal stands upon the record of the Vatican
    Chancery Court in Witness of what I am going to show you tonight. I am from a family that has served the Catholic Church
    since the First Holy Roman Empire, Hereditary Grand Marshals of the Holy Roman Empire, Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. I
    have myself served as an International Services Agent and as a private attorney in service to his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
    and now, Pope Francis".
    Now you collect everyone's information and a pledge (as an Assembly, ASA) and then you commit our ASA's collective power to your blood sealed "Oath" to serve this all-mighty power and in my lowly opinion, we just have a "new" master, same as the old master and as you like to say we belong again to the people at the "bottom of the dog pile"...
    "There are three international Trustees named as caretakers of The United States Trust (1789).
    They are the Pope, in His Temporal Office, the British Monarch, and The United States Postmaster (Civil)...(you said this)
    You also point out (quite corrctly); "the Supreme Pontiff, who was obligated by solemn treaty to act as their Trustee..."
    So you act as our "trustee" while in "service" to this outfit and we are the "tards"?
    They have not "re-venued" anything back to us, and you have NO access and NONE of your PROCESSES work at all, PERIOD. If they did we would have all sang your praises from the roof tops. Been there, done that, got crushed. If any of it worked and your influence with the "church, vatican, pontiff, pope, whoever, was really valid or effective you wouldn't have to defend yourself in such a manner.
    You said; Remember — I am an officer of the Church, too.
    You have so much knowledge and have done so much research and have exposed it all and demanded they "fix" it and yet you are still loyal to them?????
    HOW? Pretend like we are intelligent enough to understand how you can serve TWO masters and don't start in the middle of the book and jump all around explaining it, or as you say; tangentially explain things. After all, you can't expect blind followers now can you?


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