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Friday, March 26, 2021

Is Pope Francis Guilty?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The first question must be, guilty of what?
Obviously, anyone who becomes Pope has plenty of skeletons in his closet, if only to assure his loyalty to the thugs of Rome.
The darker the secrets, the better, from the perspective of the Roman Hierarchy.
Pope Benedict XVI, who admitted the Great Fraud and wished to correct it, was promptly removed; and the punishment didn't stop with the loss of his office.
There were several exposes in the Italian Press disclosing his sexual orientation and other gossipy issues, and, as always, threats against his life.
We forget, and we should not forget, that Italy was a home to Fascism. We should not overlook the fact that the Italian Government was up to its ears in the recent "US" election scandals.
As for Pope Francis, he circled the wagons and plumped up the coffers, which we can hardly blame him for as the Chief Executive of the Church Temporal, and he cut loose the Bar Association Privateers to sink or swim on their own --- another wise business move on his part.
There remain two (2) very serious and very public issues with Francis.
The first is his continuing promotion of "war" between the two governmental corporations on our shores, the US, INC. and the USA, Inc., that he ultimately owns and controls.
Now, obviously, other Popes have promoted this same Cash Cow for sixteen decades and it has proven extraordinarily profitable, so from that perspective he has little reason to Cease and Desist the harvesting of American lives and American assets.
The bad Public Relations and bad advertising for the Church, he no doubt figures he can sidestep and overcome with the help of all the major media corporations he also owns.
So despite the downsides, he and his henchmen have decided to try to brazen it out and pretend that they have nothing to do with the destruction of America, and the pillaging and plundering that has gone on here, and the criminal mis-administration of the Federal Subcontractors involved.
He can try.
Speaking from my own direct experience, it doesn't take very long to figure out which way the water flows in this world, because it always flows downhill and straight into a giant sluice drain in Rome.
So I don't personally give him much chance of escaping the consequences of that reality.
The responsibility for the mismanagement of the "federal" government, and culpability for any violence that erupts here, is also squarely on his shoulders first and foremost, although some of that burden is shared by the Queen.
What else is Francis guilty of, besides whatever personal darkness earned him the trust of the Roman Hierarchy?
In my mind, it is hard to reconcile his formal education in science, and particularly, chemistry, with his stance on the Paris New Green Deal and the whole topic of Climate Change.
As a scientist he is bound to know such basics as the Water Cycle, the Carbon Cycle, and Photosynthesis. I would be hard-pressed to find an eighth grader who is not fully familiar with these topics, so..... how can the Pope, with his education, miss the whole point?
The wholesale slaughter of the plant kingdom on this planet, by direct poisoning (Fukushima) and more generally by water pollution of all kinds including injection wells and fracking, and by wholesale stripping of the Amazon Basin and Equatorial Forests, leads inexorably to two phenomena that we are seeing: (1) drastic drop in atmospheric oxygen, because there are fewer plants to produce it and (2) drastic increase in carbon dioxide, because there are no plants to use it up and recycle it into oxygen.
There is no more important issue than finding a way to stop the China Syndrome scenario taking place in Japan, and there is no hope of moderating the situation by "reducing our carbon footprint".
The Fwits in Rome and "Eastminster" have really done it this time, and they are still trying to chisel some profit out of it with their Carbon Taxes.
Everyone who lives on the Pacific Rim, including certain people in Alaska, have a major bone to pick with Rome and those running it and everything else into the ground, for the sake of digits entered on a computer screen.
Why not have done with the nonsense once and for all? Just have a big party?
Start with the number one (1) on the screen, and then let every "President" of every governmental services corporation on Earth stand there and punch the "O" key for as long as he or she can keep standing ---- that's how much "money" their country gets in the Big Nothing Lottery Game.
It makes as much sense as anything else that Francis and his friends have tried thus far, but despite having no viable, fair, or sensible solution themselves, they keep on trying and meddling and won't listen to anybody else.
Meantime, Fukushima keeps rolling and the Pacific Biome continues to be polluted and yes, at least a third of the fish and sea mammals are dead or dying, and yes, the flora of the Pacific --- vast amounts of the algae, corals, and seaweed and other sea plants are already dead, gas hydrates are melting in the coastal waters of California and as far north as the Bering Sea, and if somebody in Rome doesn't wake up, soon, and focus on the actual problem ---- there will be nothing left for them to argue about.
For guys who have been arguing about such things as how many angels can sit on the head of a pin for the last dozen centuries, that will be quite a loss.
Is Pope Francis guilty? What do you think?
What I do know is that we have one of the biggest nightmare scenarios in human history breathing down our backs, and instead of addressing it honestly and dealing with it --- telling the corporations in the US to stand down and be at peace, cleaning up the accounting practices, and cleaning up the pollution that is killing the plants --- they are all busy trying to make a profit off of the disasters, including the Wuhan Virus, that they created.

Which leaves the rest of us to thwart their Ferengie-like efforts to profit at any cost, and deal with the disasters they have caused.


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  1. What I see here is all speculation an assumption, what is needed is hard facts, no facts to present is mere speculation. The Pope was of a Continuing body politic and then is responsible for all action.

  2. Now to ad to the mess are millions of masks turning up in masse on beaches, laying around here and there and made of toxic plastics and materials that harm animals and life.


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