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Friday, March 26, 2021

Housekeeping With Grandma

 By Anna Von Reitz

This week, I have had people accusing me of "stealing" my own work, because unscrupulous con artists published my work as theirs.  They simply plagiarized entire books, claimed author-ship, and the resulting controversy wasn't settled until I totally lost my temper and asked, "Who in this group (the offenders) has the knowledge and ability to write something like this?" 

Dead silence. The Truth and the writing style and everything else was suddenly apparent and we were able to determine who wrote what and who didn't write anything at all---- just "misappropriated" someone else's work and claimed it was their group's publication. 

This kind of skullduggery is unfortunately all too common.  

To repeat--- my policy is to allow reposting and republication for educational purposes so long as the content is not altered and the source is fully credited. 

Just this morning I gave such permission to someone who is publishing a compendium of information for home school families, so it isn't hard to obtain so long as you: (1) don't alter the material, and (2) credit the source.

This cuts me out of a lot of income from royalties and publication permission deals, but it gets the word out, and will hopefully save both American property and American lives which is the whole point. 

While we are on this topic --- let me point out that there are reasons why people should abide by this simple set of copyright rules.  

First, I am responsible for what I say. I know the sources and the validity of the records on which I stand. People who copycat and plagiarize do not.  They won't be able to defend the things I have written and will get themselves in trouble if a court or other authority questions them and they claim authorship --- so it isn't only a matter of "credit" for me --- it's a matter of protection for you, to accurately present what I have written and attribute it to me. 

Second, it's the right thing to do.  Your thoughts are your property just as much as your bicycle or your car.  Stealing thoughts and words are theft in just the same way as if you'd broken into my garage and taken my bike. So consider that when you are sharing information that I've written or transcripts of what I've said.  

The other thing that has raised its ugly head this week is that many people are struggling with an inability to read.  I don't mean absolute illiteracy, such that they can't read basic things like road signs and telephone bills, but they can't read more complex material to save themselves.  Many young people below the age of forty are struggling with very poor reading skills. And many of them are embarrassed or angry to admit it. 

This is one of the worst failings of an educational system that I can imagine and many parents and grandparents need to be made aware of the situation. 

We have two generations of Americans who are reading at the level of third graders. 

Throughout this entire effort, I have often been amazed because I have been attacked for saying things I never said, writing things I didn't write, or doing things I didn't do. 

And in review, most of those incidents are because the people attacking couldn't read at a high enough level to be able to rightly interpret the content of what they were reading. 

A prime example is the idea that I ever worked for the Vatican, because in the process of serving Due Process on Municipal Government officials, I acted in the capacity of "personal attorney" for Pope Benedict XVI, who never intended for them to be conducting business in the manner they were (and are) conducting it.  

People who can't  read very well misinterpret that whole scenario, because the Vatican is all they know about the Church, and they don't know what a "private attorney" is.  

Another example is the idea that Americans are all U.S. Citizens of some kind. 

People who can't read well don't notice the difference between "U.S. Citizen" and "US CITIZEN" and "United States Citizen" and so on, much less do they catch the nuances of the different meanings attached to these descriptors. 

This inability to read well enough to catch the drift, then leaves these people open to be defrauded and preyed upon.  

As parents and grandparents we owe it to our children and they owe it to themselves, to develop their reading skills-- which includes the use of dictionaries.  

I have the pleasure of talking to people of all ages every day.  One of the most astounding observations I've made is that young people don't know when they need to look a word up in a dictionary--- they just try to "gloss over" it and guess at its meaning from context.  

This is especially dangerous when legalese is involved, and you may in fact need not only a legal dictionary but a financial dictionary as well.  

I cannot count the times that I thought I knew the meaning of a word, only to find out that some enterprising legal beagle had found an arcane meaning for it, and was trying to pass something off on me.  

If this is still happening to me after forty years of sifting legal crappola through fine sieves, it is certainly no shame for any young person to grab a dictionary off the shelf (or pull it up on the computer), yet many of them are too lazy or too embarrassed to admit that they don't know the meaning of a word to take the necessary action. 

Remember that we are all ignorant.  It's just a spectrum of "more ignorant" or "less ignorant".  There's no shame in admitting this and even less shame in doing something to improve upon our situation.  

So take a half an hour, here and there, Grandpa and Grandma, to explore the dictionary with your children and grandchildren. Show them the different kinds of dictionaries at the Public Library.  Teach them how to look words up in a dictionary and impress it upon them that the dictionary is their friend. And there is never any shame in consulting a dictionary. 

You'll be doing them, yourselves, and your country a big favor. 


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  1. Bravo! I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Dear Judge Anna Von Reitz,
    I hope you are well!
    I personally wish to thank you for helping us all to think and understand what the corrupt, concocted, and criminal system has done to us all. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I always give credit to you and your site if I use any of your logical reasoning. Thank you for the privilege of being able to use them to try to help bring FREEDOM BACK to AMERICA. I AM NOT THEIR PERSONAL PEASANT SLAVE; BUT THEIR MASTER! THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN FRAUD AND RESULTING EXTREME STAGGERING DEBTS!! NEVER & NOT WE THE PEOPLE!
    Dear Anna, THANK YOU AGAIN!!
    GOD Bless and Best Regards, LET FREEDOM RING,
    Arizona John

    1. AZ John.. I applaud and support your comments 99.5 %...
      And the devil is in the details... You have fallen prey to the very thing Anna warns about in this article by mis-using ONE Word,,,. Anna is a Justice, involving Land Law.... not a Judge,, which is deals with "legal" issues,, lawful and legal,, 2 very different jurisdictions,, and a root of the problem..

  3. "Many young people below the age of forty are struggling with very poor reading skills. And many of them are embarrassed or angry to admit it. "

    One only needs to read the comments at the end of Anna's articles for definitive proof that the above statement is very true! Strangely enough it tends to be the most prolific commenters, those who claim superior knowledge and understanding that are also the most illiterate. They prove it with their behavior. It's sad indeed, especially when you consider that electronic dictionaries, thesaurus, and writing aids are everywhere. The average commenter to these blogs can't even see the value in using a spell checker before clicking the Publish button. It's very sad indeed.

    The day phonics was removed from schools is the day functional illiteracy moved in. The middle aged group is having trouble, but their children are in a far worse situation. They can't hand write, they can't construct a thought pattern longer than a 140 character twitter post, they can't converse face to face, and they certainly can't participate in a healthy debate, and it only gets worse from there.

    1. "TBG",I've noticed this as well, not only with those that make comments to articles posted here but just about everywhere. I've noticed that even professional journalists who are paid write at an elementary level. I was told by my mom that newspapers were written at a 7th grade level. Later on in life I found this out to be true as well. There is what is called a "classical education". The only one that I could qualify to having one was my YaYa who was born in 1908 Smyrna, Greece. Who had to flee the Turks to Cairo, Egypt. When she came to Ohio at age 16 she could read, write, and converse in 6 different languages, and was a mathematician. Her own daughter, my mother had none of the skills that her mother had (being educated in the States). So, that's nearly one hundred years of crappy education that all of US have been subjected to by design.
      Now "TBG" please don't get too upset, but the last sentence in the comment above, "They can't hand write, they can't construct a thought pattern longer than a 140 character twitter post, they can't converse face to face, and they certainly can't participate in a healthy debate, and it only gets worse from there."; my mom would have made me rewrite that. Hint; How many "theys" does one need? I can hear her now. LOL

    2. Fun fact; Noah Webster new 28 Languages!

    3. And don't forget the lack of punctuation! I can't read sentences without any to very little punctuation! it's ridiculous.

    4. Thanks Anna for bringing into focus the need for people to use words carefully and our English language skillfully. Slang, lazy speech, incomplete sentences, bad spelling and unclear thoughts are other sources of challenges to those who wish to communicate or be communicated with clearly. Many people use slang and informal idioms which may not have clear meaning to the hearer. Another real problem with good communication is people using profanity as a means of trying to seem profound. The problem is profanity makes the user mark himself as a lazy and profane speaker. Consider this thought on profanity: "profanity is the attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcibly". Isn't it a lazy habit to grab a profane word to use instead of carefully considering the best word to use to communicate the idea with clarity?

      I suggest we bloggers try to be short and concise and as clear as possible in our blogging message as we can be to make the blog a good experience for others. Let's avoid profanity. Let's choose words that express our thought as clearly as possible.


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