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Thursday, February 13, 2020

More Confusion Addressed

By Anna Von Reitz

The names “United States” and “United States of America” were both used PRIOR to the Revolution by Benjamin Franklin and a group of investors associated with him who started providing private Postal Services throughout the colonies and also set up the first Commonwealth Trust in North America in the decades prior to the Revolution.

These pre-Revolution business entities and activities and any and all treaties and business contracts associated with them have a varied history and place in the American story but should not be confused with the unincorporated Federation of States formed in 1776, doing business as The United States of America --- an unincorporated Holding Company.

Franklin's "United States of America" did become the Federal Subcontractor providing Postal Services after the War.

Everyone is hopefully aware that there is a "Postal Service" and also a "Post Office" --- so this should not be unduly confusing. The Post Office oversees the Postal Service. The Post Office is run by "the" United States and the Postal Service is run by "the" USA, Inc.

Both are Federal Civil Service occupations and both are foreign with respect to our Government "of, for, and by" the people, except that when they traverse upon our land and soil they become responsible for obeying our "Law of the Land" and for honoring their constitutional guarantees to us.

As a researcher into this increasingly distant era, you have to route your way through all this silliness of similar names being used for different entities operating in different jurisdictions, sometimes related and sometimes not, sometimes private, sometimes public, and sometimes private subcontractors fulfilling public contracts, just as we do today.

We also need to be aware that the styles and usages of the names changed somewhat over the course of time, too. For example, the use of "the" United States in discussions taking place during the War of Independence self-evidently did not refer to the Municipal Government formed a decade later under the auspices of The Constitution of the United States.

Throughout you can be sure that when any entity is referenced using "the" you are talking about a business entity of some kind operating in a mercantile or commercial capacity --- and not as a true government or subdivision of government --- which requires "The" and the address of a Proper Name in English, as in "The United States" and "The United States of America".

One of the most pernicious confusions of this kind has again reared its head in the form of treaties and documents formed during the Revolution. This confusion arises from the bad habit of referring to "States of States" as Confederate States, which is then too easily shortened to "States" and then confused with the actual States. This same conundrum also bedevils us when we talk about The American Civil War.

All the "States" participating in that action were in fact "States of States" and members of the original Confederation doing business as "the" States of America. And in the same way, all the "States" participating in this referenced Treaty:
The entities being referenced as "the" Thirteen United States of North America are States of States, commercial business entities and members of the States of America Confederation. In other words, they are not the "States" fighting in The War of Independence.

You might easily be confused by the language and think that our actual Government was indebted to King George, if you didn't already know that it is the States of States that are being referenced.

The States of States borrowed money from the Pope, through King George as the Pope's Commonwealth Overseer, which was then delivered via conduit by the French King, a good Catholic, to the French Parishioners in Louisiana and to British Loyalists who were displaced and forced to seek assistance from the Commonwealth as a result of the war.

The States of States doing business as "the" States of America came out of The War of Independence owing a considerable amount of money to the Pope, albeit, this debt was being collected by George III, as the Pope's Protector (I call it Overseer) of the Commonwealth interests. You get another blast of this relationship in The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, where George III is recognized as "the Prince of the United States" and "Arch-Treasurer". They are talking about his role with respect to the Municipal Government and the Commonwealth interests ---- not a thing to do with us and our lawful government.

If you take away no other clear and helpful messages from this, be aware that entities referred to using "the" are business instrumentalities, not the actual government subdivisions which require "The" and are not incorporated.

And, be aware that States of States, also called "Confederate States", can be deceptively referred to as "States" and be confused with the actual States of the Union. This results in a lot of confusions and false assumptions about our actual States and Government.

The idea that our States came out of The War of Independence deeply indebted to King George III is one of those misunderstandings promoted by this verbal landmine. The idea that our States were involved in The American Civil War is another example of the same conundrum, where "States of States" are called "States".

The State of New York is a business entity, while New York is a sovereign State Government; calling both of these entities "States" leads to mammoth potential for error and misunderstanding.

Let it stand in everyone's memory, that calling something a "State" doesn't necessarily mean its a State of the Union -- not in 1783 and certainly not today.


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  1. Article 1 of the March 1, 1781 Articles of Confederation is:
    The Style of this confederacy shall be “The United States of America.”

    This is an example of the usage of "The Entity." Are there others?

    Also, why does Anna assert that the title “The United States of America” refers to the preceding Federation of States rather than the Confederation of States of States?

    1. Spiral and other readers, it is good someone has looked to an Organic Law - the Articles of Confederation - to get clarity.

      A careful reading of The A.o.C. will reveal the Articles were written by people who represented other living people of organic (non-incorporated) States, which are land areas defined by borders, among other such organic, non-incorporated, sovereign States. Land "assemblies" of living people coalesced into action groups to conduct the business of their concern for the benefit of their organic sovereign States and to respond to the pressing purpose of creating an army to defend their land against the British overlords. States and the people living ON them (not "within the States" as current jargon deceptively puts it) to The United States of America was to create a means and plan of cooperation to organize and gather from the people of these organic States an army, and equip and pay for the same through taxation of the organic States, who were to count their number of inhabitants to then attempt to collect the war monies by a per capita (headcount) basis to pay the respective States share of the war cost.

      Once the Constitution of 1787 was written, the objectives sought were far more complicated, combining among many other changes the former representatives of organic States into a Senate, creating a "President of the United States" who did not exist in that persona before, bringing forward the "President of the United States of America", who had formerly been elected for a one year term by the former representatives of the Articles of Confederation, the creation of a "House of Representatives", etc., etc. and that Constitution made radical changes to the concept of States, per its own descriptions, which changes were allegedly eventually "ratified" by a sufficient number of "States" of a kind now defined by the Constitution as different States than those who formed the Articles of Confederation.

      In order to pull this off, the Articles of Confederation were not merely amended , but simply thrown into the shadows of forgetful time onto a pile of troublesome documents making the aspiring "United States Citizen",(people aspiring to take power to lead the new "United States" as a propertied class of rulers looking to further their self interests while trying to eliminate any conception of a sovereign people, as was expressed in the Articles of Confederation.

      Yes, all students of freedom must not only read but know well the contents of each one of these four Organic Laws to be able to see where the slippery slopes were first created that we now find fully in effect today.

  2. When it gets this confusing, you can be sure who is the source of it, the Bible says Satan is the author of confusion. God help us to sort it all out!

  3. Beyond all the word games, it is paramount to know who you are. Acting and speaking like a soveriegn and treating our employees with respect and kindness and patience is what will move us forward. Those of us who have studied this for all these years cannkt expect the low IQ public servant to comprehend what has taken us years to grasp. Having lived our lives being taught one thing and finding out after 40-50 years it was all self interested lies and the opposite of tge truth can be overwhelming. I have made it my mission to bring light to the darkness at serious personal peril yet I keep going. Even after the personal attacks from the queen I still stand...have courage and never give up.

    1. Happy Valentine's day to all. May our hearts beat as one!

  4. QUESTION: So when one does all this paperwork to become supposedly FREE. The Secretary of State putting For use in: Indonesia, when I Authenticated my home, it CANCELED OUT what I tried to do right?

    Then when I did the Birth Certificate wherein they would NOT authenticate my original which did not have my name in all CAPS, (there excuse was because they could not verify those that signed it because they were no longer living to do so)they then CREATED a new birth certificate with all CAPS as well as my parents names. They also took out/left out the time of birth and original address) then stating, The State of Maryland top of the page has written: Office of the Secretary of State: This certification is not valid for use anywhere within the United States of America, its territories and possessions. This certification does not certify the content the documents in which it is issued. (DOESN'T THIS CANCEL ITS AUTHENTICITY)? Furthermore I found it interesting that they printed the name of Kentucky as such instead of all caps like everything else for my Mothers birth and the same with my Dad of Illinois, and written normally for the county of birth also. Why is that? I'm certain there is something to be read in this but I do not know what.


    Per having this Authenticated by United States of America, Department of State having to send it to Virginia for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo I Certify THAT the document hereunto annexed is under the Seal of the Secretary of State of the State(s) of Maryland, and that such Seal(s) is/are entitled to full faith and credit.*
    * For the contents of the annexed document, the Department assumes no responsibility
    This certificate is not valid if it is removed or altered in any way whatsoever

    So does any of this pack any weight whatsoever or is it just fluff and cancels out by what they have printed on it? thanks

  5. No answer? Will I get one? thanks


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