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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

In Very Plain and Simple Words

By Anna Von Reitz

I am on the receiving end of a lot of lies and gossip right now, so you can bet that our team is over target. The gist of this gossip is that I am encouraging people to do things they don’t understand and that I am some dark, sinister character misleading the innocent. 

Let’s get this straight— I am a great-grandmother from Big Lake, Alaska. I was born and raised in Wisconsin where my family has lived since the 1850’s.  I have been a Lutheran all my life and I have no reason in this world to mislead anyone about anything. 

My research and the research of many, many other Americans leads without exception to the following conclusions: 

1. Your identity as an American has been stolen.
2. You have been deliberately misidentified as a United States Citizen (first) also known as a [British]Territorial United States Citizen, as if you were in the U.S. Military or a military dependent or someone who was born in the “Territories or Possessions” —like Guam or Puerto Rico. 
3. Next, you were further misidentified as a Dual Citizen — and saddled with Municipal United States citizenship, too, as if you were a Federal Civil Service Employees or Dependent, too.
4. All this, when you are actually —in all likelihood— not in the military, not a Federal Civil Service member— not a Federal “citizen” or Federal dependent of any kind at all. 
5. So why are you being misidentified as either kind of Federal worker?  Or as someone born in the offshore islands called the “Insular States”?

That requires more disconcerting information. 

6.  It turns out that what we mistakenly call The American Civil War was not a war.  It was a mercenary conflict like Vietnam and it was not fought by our States. 
7. The men who mustered out to fight in the Civil War went as agents of business organizations called States of States, like The State of New York.
8. These organizations, both North and South, were all originally members of the Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation adopted March 1, 1781.
9. Each State of our original Federation of States doing business as The United States of America created a State of State as a business instrumentality and these States of States then formed their own Confederation doing business as the States of America.
10. I repeat— The Federation = States = The United States of America.
11. The Confederation = States of States = States of America. 
12. At the end of the Civil War, the States were still clicking along, but the Northern States of State were bankrupt and Southern States of States were destroyed. 
13. This vital part of our Government structure disappeared “pending Reconstruction”.
14.  The job of reconstructing the Confederation has never been finished. 
15. And this, strangely enough, is how and why your identity as an American has been stolen and the guarantees owed to you under the Federal Constitution have been evaded. 
16. We have been left in the dark about the situation and unable to correct it.
17. Why? 

That requires still more unsettling information. 

18. At the end of the Civil War there was no official peace treaty, only a cessation of hostilities and surrender of Lee’s Army. 
19. President Johnson declared “Peace” three times in Public, but the Grand Army of the Republic continued to be in control and to occupy the whole country. 
20. We have been under occupation ever since and our whole country has been declared a battlefield. This is internationally recognized worldwide— except in America.
21. The other countries have been told that our government is “in abeyance”— which we have not been told, and which is only partially true. 
22. The States and their Federation remain and we remain— and we have the duty and ability to reconstruct the rest, once we wake up and do it.  

So how does this all tie together with the identity theft? 

23.  The British Territorial United States Government runs the United States Military. 
24. The U.S. Military came in and set up “temporary” Territorial States of States to replace the original American States of States pending the Reconstruction. 
25. These Territorial States of States took over the business functions and providing the services that were supposed to be provided by American States of States. 
26. Most people were clueless about this change.  Prior to the war there was an entity called “The State of New York” and afterward there was “the” State of New York. 
27. By this simple substitution and semantic deceit, our own military under the influence of the British Monarch usurped against our civilian government “of, for, and by” the people of this country. 
28. The motive for this is simple— profit and control. 
29. They began a process of registering American babies as U.S. Citizens and claiming (falsely) that these babies were of unknown origin abandoned on the “battlefield” and surrendered as wards of their Territorial States of States.
30. They formed trusts in the names of all these children and placed liens on their trust assets—the children and the land and their labor and everything these American children would naturally inherit. 
31.  All this was done to fund the military via a system of “hypothecation” of debt.
32. Eventually, the military colluded in 1937, via a secret “Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States”, to share power with the Municipal Government. 
33. From then on, BOTH the Territorial (Military) Government which is partially under the control of the British Government, and the Municipal United States Government which is under the control of the Roman Curia, have been colluding to profit themselves at the expense of American babies. 

Heinous, yes, and a capital war crime, too, under both The Hague and Geneva Conventions. 

34. Thankfully, many other governments in the world know more about our history than we do. 
And they have been holding the door open for us to wake up and restore our lawful government, reclaim our heritage—- and regain control of our own military and Federal Civil Service Employees who have not only been a problem for us, but for the rest of the world, too. 
35 . So—this is how the tail has been wagging the dog, this is how these huge debts have been piled up, this is how Americans have been misidentified “accidentally on purpose” as US citizens, this is how we have been defrauded, this is how our public servants have evaded the Constitutions, this is how we have been denied our Constitutional Guarantees, it is the key to all the corruption of our Federal Government and the key to the mistreatment that so many Americans have suffered. 

We have to declare and claim our proper political status, assemble our States, and finish the “Reconstruction” to solve this problem and restore our lawful government.

So now you know, and like me, you can’t “unknow”. 

This has all been documented and proven beyond reasonable doubt by numerous researchers, as well as vast amounts of supporting details have come to light in support of this brief report. 

Indeed, many elements of the abuses that have occurred here have a very long history on Earth and the attendant evils are part of  pre-Christian civilizations that depended on slavery as their source of wealth. 

Our identity has been stolen and our credit both as individuals and as a nation has been abused. 

We have been enslaved here in the Land of the Free by our own employees and International Trustees acting in Gross Breach of Trust. 

We’ve been kept dumbed down about our own history so that we could not take appropriate corrective action—- but that ignorance has come to an end. 

Now this is not Happy News and many people don’t like hearing it. I don’t blame them. But it is what it is and ranting at me for bringing it forward will not change it. Only facing up to the facts and taking action will fix this situation so I suggest that everyone hunker down and get on with the job that needs to be done. 

My next post will detail what we are doing in answer to this circumstance in similarly stripped down form.  


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  1. Anna did not write this... ~grin
    Shes a 'Mathamagician' and this article
    has No#6, #12 is used twice and #32 is missing...
    Now where is the real Anna and what did you do to her ?

    the only person that can draft/write faster than I can read.

    1. It's Kabbala magic
      Read the updates of how the script is being altered as they go

      Yes, isn't it amazing that this 70+ year old woman can write articles out the wazoo, talk to IRS representatives, work with the previous Pope, seems to have all kinds of connections and inside information of which is never revealed, the list goes on and on and yet provides no proof of any of it?

      I've said it before something just not adding up here folks

    2. Proofs in the pudding. Go back and see how often I am right.

    3. Quote/Maxim - Mark Twain, "It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled."

      Anna, thanks for the heavy lifting; although, it seems many may never see clearly from out the stupor into which they have been so long immersed.

      On the brighter-side those remaining within their stupor, at least, do prove out Mark Twain's proverbial quote, which elevates it to a maxim, I think?

    4. Toy,
      I don't know what your looking at but the article I am looking at has One number 6, One number 12 and includes a number 32

  2. Thank you for this brief! I can easily share with others!

  3. Nit picking DONT change the FACTS ..................

  4. Anna, I am sending to you best wishes, to only be reminded, that solid people, who learned your wisdom, are appreciative to what no words can explain.They teach their children and continue reseraching, learning, spreading news and correcting wrong doings There has never, ever, ever happened to "modern" society, where trails of their "nobility" have been offered berelly for free, global fraud structure uncovered, ready to act, to fix for common good, so we, and new generations would be brought up with abundance, healthy minds and earth, no sick customs or traditions forced to transmit as diseases.
    There will always be a new wave of bullies, unfortunate aggressive ones, without concepts of society other that commercial construct implemented. Please keep your articles going, at your pace and determined importance. Silly people will always interfere, but normal social boundaries will wrap them up to be sorry and appologise. Now you can reap what you have sown. Your harvest is plentiful and was sown at the right time with best intentions. Have a great day, Anna!

  5. Bellerian 1 - seems someone said they'd received a zero account balance & they'd sent a bill for crediting. Was it on the Monday night video chat. Maybe bill one went out in July??? Don't know, just guessing - but someone posted about activity.

  6. I would ask do we know any of these folks claiming remedy?

    Whole groups of people set up and working the narrative for the 'globalist'

    Just because someone types something on a blog does not make it true, they too could be splitting up the weekly donations for their participation?

    Same thing with crisis actors getting paid to put on a show that will be put on tell lie vision as true??

    Just some things to ponder on

  7. @Bellerian1

    Did you not read the entire Article???

    29. They began a process of registering American babies as U.S. Citizens and claiming (falsely) that these babies were of unknown origin abandoned on the “battlefield” and surrendered as wards of their Territorial States of States.
    30. They formed trusts in the names of all these children and placed liens on their trust assets—the children and the land and their labor and everything these American children would naturally inherit.
    31. All this was done to fund the military via a system of “hypothecation” of debt.

    Anna has been bringing forth the evidence of the DEAD Baby Scam for a very long time.

    Annie McShane
    On tDelaware

  8. To all "The Trolls" either open your mind or go back to living under your bridge. The Genie of truth has been let out of the bottle....and nothing you do can ever get it back in!

  9. Yes, tis true, as anyone of us are also virtual, as here. So who knows who is actualy factual? But lets give it a measure of trust in that chances are They is They, You is You & We is We.

    Still too much remains a mystery, including whether or not credit is made. It just shows up a '0'? Weird, ok, cuz we don't see a transaction, only the results of jew-black-cult-magic. Poof! You owe Trillions! Poof! Zero.

    Go here & may have to click twice, cuz ya know how JEWS don't want this info out there, it strips their Parasitical tentacles of their little claws: to 'Join our Weekly Webinar' to hear live Monday evenings on Zoom ==>
    go down a bit to 'Webinar Recordings' to February 10, 2020
    'Watch Webinar' <<== click, watch video. See Chat, open Chat, read Chat.
    These are folks who are known by some in the Chat. They're saying what they experience. WHO KNOWS whats going on >>> but if we're looking for info, someone has something.

    thanks & stay sane


  10. I am on the receiving end of a lot of lies and gossip right now, so you can bet that our team is over target. The gist of this gossip is that I am encouraging people to do things they don’t understand and that I am some dark, sinister character misleading the innocent....Judge Anna

    It appears you are focused on symptoms, and ignoring the disease.
    Here are my conclusions:

    1. Open condemnation, and ridicule of nearly ALL other freedom groups.
    2. My way or the highway as an attitude
    3. Belittling others because they disagree with you on USC #3zillion08-C
    4. Failure to take personal responsibility for causing disharmony within the freedom movement.
    5. Apparent failure of your 'official documents' filed to illicit any response, or result from any 'official sources'.

    It is not my intent to troll, or be overly harsh, but as the 'Great Emancipator'(lol) once said, "A house divided...cannot stand", and I'm sure you know isolation breeds contempt.

    1. Condor - We're not sure the docs 'recorded' haven't elicited more responses, that's part of the conundrum. Indicators are recordings have caused waves, so to say, waves counter to their sewer flow. Some are getting proper passports, albeit, with several incidents of being rejected as some kinda belligerent. Even walked out of the post office by a UN agent! Then after 2 more attempts at other post offices, the passport app is accepted.
      So stuff is happening.
      We think there could be a burst coming becuz their wrongful system can't compete with correctness.
      Its also imperative for us to not only know the info, record docs, then... then... how to present oneself in correctness. So like letters to agencies trying to capture us, or steal our property, or force us to comply... stuff like that.
      Then our learning & shared experiences along w shared documents others have written, sent, then counter letters etc to accomplish a things.
      One being to resolve the attempted attack upon us, the other to tweak their operations in order to accommodate our correct standing … and what IF it ends up tweaking people themselves reading & handling these correct documents?
      We have to learn how to use our standing.
      So, like a liquefaction below the surface destabilizes the whole terrain. Mud slide! or in their case Sludge slide.

      Hang in there. Hopefully some results will be forthcoming that's sharable. thanks & stay sane

    2. Where is this queer idea that I cause problems to the freedom movement coming from? I started a lot of the freedom movement in this country and I try my best to support anyone who is "standing up" --- and the ONLY times that I squawk are: (1) when I see someone veering off on a rabbit trail that is known to be a red herring issue, and (2) when I see someone doing something that won't work for known reasons and (3)especially when someone is doing something that leaves them open to arrest or other endangerment for no good reason.

      I protested long and loud before Bruce Doucette and the Colorado Nine went riding off into the sunset because I cared about these men and I KNEW they were acting on wrong premises that would get them into trouble.

      I told Steve Curry not to go back into their courtrooms without doing his paperwork and being ready for whatever they threw at him. He didn't listen either, and when they prosecuted him as a State Slave, I got an angry letter from his wife saying that I didn't care.

      The plain fact is that I care a great deal and I suffer from this kind of crap, but I can't make horses drink water no matter how often I offer it.

      So I plod along and I do my best and most of the time the only thanks I get is a kick in the butt for the effort and a bunch of back-biting from people who never heard a word I said in the first place, or who listened at first, and then got ideas of their own and got into trouble trying those out.

    3. I have never claimed that I have done all this research on my own. I have been a student of many great Americans who tore into their portion of the puzzle and came out with the results. So when I am telling you something, I am relying first and foremost on the history that is proven, on the public records that are proven, on the experience of literally hundreds of other people and researchers, on the logic of the material -- does A follow B or does B follow A?---- and finally, on the composite result of all that information and consideration.

      And I still get it wrong sometimes. Why? Number One -- because things change. Just this morning I got word from one of our guys who got a letter from the Social Security Administration telling him he would have to contact Department of Homeland Security if he wanted to settle his ACCOUNT with them.

      So when did that duty get shifted from the SSA itself to DHS? Nobody sent me a Notice about such a change, and that's not the way they used to handle these same issues.

      But things do change. They get reassigned, annotated, renumbered, repealed, etc., etc., etc., all the time.

      And the second way I get things wrong is by not having quite all the information yet. Occasionally, some piece of the puzzle that doesn't seem that important turns out to be important --- but that's rare.

      Anyway, point to all of you, I admit mistakes. I admit my debt to hundreds if not thousands of other Americans every day. And I am not here to be contentious or to put anyone down--- but I don't see any point in wasting time going over material and questions and issues that have already been investigated competently and completely by others, nor do I see any point in wasting effort doing things that we already know don't work, and last, no point in doing things that endanger good people for no good reason.

      Just the other day I was asked my opinion about a Habeas Corpus action in behalf of Field McConnell. I replied I didn't see much point, since he is still so far as I know claiming to be a Federal Citizen, and Habeas Corpus for Federal Citizens has been suspended since the Civil War.

      Now that might sound like a put down, but its not meant that way. It's just telling people WHY something that they are trying to do won't work. That may surprise them. That may disappoint them. But the real point of it, is to turn them toward doing something that will work.

      Same thing with the NLA. I don't hate the NLA. But what they are doing won't work, and others among us including me know why it won't work. We've tried to tell them, and they won't listen. Instead, they will carp all day that we are spoilers and we are "agents" and this and that --- but ten years later, they are still spinning their wheels.

      Ask yourself --- what kind of friend or even "patriot" would I be by nodding my head and going along and supporting something that I KNEW wouldn't pan out? Just go along to get along and be nice and let all those good people spend their time and money on wasted efforts and not say a thing?

      Strangely enough, that's the kind of thing an actual Disinfo Agent would do. Just sit back and smile and attend meetings and encourage everyone on the Useless Path.


    4. And why are those actions useless? Because those pursuing them are not using a full deck. They don't account for the actual history and circumstance. They are still acting upon what they were told in Eighth Grade -- and believed -- without question.

      And they were not told about the actual structure of the Federal Government. They were not told about the unfinished "Reconstruction". They were not told -- ever-- the difference between a State Citizen of The United States and a U.S. Citizen.... and on and on.

      How could people acting upon such limited and distorted information get anywhere or do anything to "solve the problem" when they are prevented by induced ignorance from ever properly defining "the problem" in the first place?

      My knowledge didn't come from any teacher in any public school. My knowledge came from direct observation, hard knocks, independent study, and joining together with others who were hard at work doing their studies, too.

      So, yes, I come out of left field. The Living Law Firm comes out of left field. We say things that nobody else says. We point out things that most other groups either aren't aware of, or discount because they don't have the skills or the background to evaluate.

      So then we get accused of being "off the wall" and "way out there" --- and yet, the proof is in the pudding. How often do we turn out to be right?

      How many times over the years do I get the bittersweet satisfaction of "being right" --- AFTER the misery has already been visited on someone I care about? AFTER people have spent years of effort that goes nowhere?

      We are at a point now where all the main portions of the Great Fraud from 1860 to today are known and proven and set in cement, solid to walk on. And its time to move on.

      Just this morning I got a query about "Form 56" and it was clear from the question that people are: (1) not aware that there are many different versions of Form 56, and (2) not grasping why we name Mnuchin as a Fiduciary for the STRAWMAN Municipal Trusts.

      After three years and talking myself silly and explaining it dozens of times, it still isn't sinking in.

      There are people out there claiming to be Executors of their own ESTATES. Hello?

      There are people out there claiming to be and accepting the role of "Authorized Representatives" of these Municipal CORPORATIONS--- and unwittingly admitting to being accomplices in crime.

      How do you think that makes me feel, after I have tried my best to explain precisely WHY we "surrender" the Municipal PERSONS to Mnuchin?

      Why? Because these PERSONS are criminals by definition. Because these PERSONS are carrying huge amounts of debt. Because these PERSONS are not Americans. Because these PERSONS were created by foreign governments to enrich themselves at our expense. Because these PERSONS are toxic until and unless we "redeem" them by expatriating them-- but before we do that, we turn them in to Steven T. Mnuchin, an Interpol Officer, and make him responsible for the situation and the settling of the ACCOUNTS --- not us.

      We didn't create the STRAWMEN. We didn't register our Good Names as Territorial U.S. Citizens. None of this is our doing and we aren't taking responsibility for it. THAT's why we fill out a Form 56 and make Mnuchin responsible for it.

      Anyway, if you all knew what I go through every single day, you would understand that I am not "sowing discord" by telling you unwelcome facts. And you would see also that the discord arises because the facts don't fit people's belief in our "freedom" and our "shining city on the hill".

      It's my duty as an American (your duty, too) to ferret out the facts as best I can and face them, square on. And then, it's my duty to act. So I do. Every day, I get up and I chew another mouthful out of that elephant that is sitting in the middle of our American living room, demanding our attention.

    5. Thank-You Anna!
      That seems somewhat inadequate but, you are improving every step along the way! One of your best articles yet & the comments help a lot! i'll just show my appreciation with a contribution, like most people would do anyhow...
      All The Best, Wirkin

    6. Maxim - "There is freedom, even amid barriers."

      C.S. Lewis described "Screw Tape,"(red tape?)

      "Tape" representing BARRIERS, which you may wish to bypass or dissolve?

      Will you claim freedom, via: material(rock-paper-scissors) methods,strategy,or devices? Or via: patience, paper, and perception?

      Will your free yourself? Or more so, free others? Or might you further entrap yourself along with others by error, hubris, or design?

      Perhaps you wish not to be "set free?" Preferring to join in with screw tape? When in Rome do as the Romans!

      All are destined to be "set free," one day, regardless.

      Consider the trail blazed at Maybe you will find your way through the maze of "screw tape" revealed?

      Will you be among the many to dissolve the deceptions? Will you guide another along the way to something better?

      Stars are a crown in eternal heavens. Or can you imagine no heaven at all?

      Free the mind with truth, and who knows what next follows?

      be well,

  11. The truth always comes out in the end. And you naysayers are helping get it out. Whether you realize it or not every new and original post is indexed by the search engines, and they rank our websites higher in their search results because it's original content. The search engines just gobble up the new and original content every day like it's candy. So keep up the good work. You are helping more than you know.
    That's not to say you should get nasty with foul language. I still have the delete button in my hand.

    1. Good Work, Paul!
      Much Obliged!
      All The Best, Wirkin

  12. IF I can get a straight answer on why the black paper with white Z and white paper with a black Z on them, on our window does, that'd be great.

    1. @CAROL: The crooks use your HJR 192 credit to buy the house for you, if that's a brand new house. Then they pretend to lend you moneys, by placing their "Deed of Trust" below it. When the crooks put you in default, they will attempt to Fraud-close on you. Then you prepare to exercise your right before their Theft, by Issuing a Regulation Z 226.23(h), by 226.23(a)(1)?(2) read, Then list their fault, such as Undisclosed Credits tampering, Fraud, plus any other scamming payments you paid them, mention 226.23(d),(1-2), to get your money back. The crooks would give you quiet title (meaning to leave you alone by a Release Deed) or they would ignore your action, to challenge how far you want to fight back. That's fine, you can tell them you own the prop. Show them your Warranty Deed, that's your Title to property.

    2. It's because of Federal Reserve Board of Governor's Regulation Z which is meant to identify and protect private property from search and seizure. You put the "Z" symbols up to "fully inform" government agents that you are claiming exemption for yourself and your private property. It's like a coded "No Trespass" sign that both the military and the Federal Civil Service and any UN Personnel can read whether or not it means anything to Joe Across the Street. The day may yet come when you are damned happy you put that sign up and claimed your private property exemptions -- and Joe Across the Street will be crying in his beer as he watches his car get towed.

    3. If your name is spelt in ALL-CAPT, that means they trap you by ID fraud, if you hav't fixed it. Even if you tried, the crooks won't help you. So it's not Anna's fault.

      My BC ID's are NOT tampered by the crooks, even so, they still steal my prop., by assuming me being a US resident. Under their altered 14th Amendment. That's why the Thieves are in BIG TROUBLE running scare to face jail and Treason charge.

    4. Anna, the police and real estate agents are same team, they are poorly trained in law, they accept Admiralty as real American law. They already came around to harass other people and me. They even talked to my neighbors to scare me to leave my house..

    5. Pinkham - we have real estate agents in our family & they're awake. They tell us how the unelected appointed real estate board is commandeering real estate toward what they think is Federal control. Something to the effect of real estate agents will have to be Federal agents, or that's what they suspect is the roll out.
      Also, there are very choking rules & regs w the Realtors, which they have to be in order to access computerized property MLS system, where they put for sale info.
      They say Realtor is a nasty political lobbyist aiding in destroying private property, by helping property tax assessors have direct access to Realtor agents intellectual property info, to then use that info to hype up property taxes. They view the inside of peoples homes to garner value of furnishings, art work etc, then its thought hype up the taxes based on some sense the home owners have too much wealth.

      Realtor also dumped big shekels on Hildabeast when the agents did not agree.

      The actual MLS system data base that's used to put the property info into is another franchise, & they steal the agents intellectual property, share it with their sort of 'partners' who own other national home selling sites like Zillow.
      Zillow keeps the agents intellectual property (property listing info) on their sites forever, enriching themselves, stealing from the agents.
      Then, dig this, those other sites will show "sold" properties at very odd prices. When the agents look to see when the property 'sold', it did not sell at all. We think maybe the site is making it up, or there was a refinancing, but the properties did not sell!
      This is the clincher, when buyers want to make an offer, they always use those sites for comparables which are incorrect, often much lower than agents comparables supporting the listing price.
      Literally several buyers will make an offer far, far less & even the exact same price as on these 'fake' real estate sites. Sellers think the agent is telling the buyers to offer that low price, but its not the agents, its those sites, with bogus comparable info.
      We hear about it often. Right now Realtor is making the local MLS systems info go national. so some jerk agent from Jew York City will have access to their intellectual property for their clients to buy without the agent seeing the property.
      Its going national & they fear soon to Federal control.
      There is NO FREE MARKET & property values are being determined by these rogue entities, who make profit off of stolen intellectual property of the agents.

      Its not good people. And who has destroyed Realtor? Ya got it JEWS... all over it. And who owns the fake competing sites stealing info? JEWS. Many of those sites are owned by the same entities, just faking competing sites. ALL FAKE.

      Another JEW is trying to get approval ratings for agents, turning their life long skills into a friggin approval number from people who have never been to the state, never met the agents, & of course.... who will get the most up votes? JEWS.

      That's the kind of stuff we learn from them. thanks & stay sane

  13. Anagram for wuhan turning the letter 'W' upside down is 'HUMAN'
    Crafty little deceivers

  14. And here's dis info agent himself Robert David Steal reporting to the Tehran Times, see information in the update provided

    And as per stated in the below article, was that 'nation state' set up to eliminate them?

    Since it begs to question that the whole Rome story was fabricated by the Hasidic ones and they created two separate 'religions' to disguise those that they wanted to eliminate, one has to ponder on this narrative?

    Wink Wink interested in your take

    Being that the NOAHIDE 'Laws' are in play and the so called rabbid ones are interpreting these as they see fit as per the bible, are these so called rabbid ones really hasidic or Roman?

    Study the information in the below link it will literally boggle the mind

    And this one in particular pertaining to the Sanhedrin

    Hmm where have we heard Sanhedrin before, oh thats right when the entire set up of Israel took place over in SWITZERLAND

    Which leads right back to his book Greenland Theory


    Based on what I'm reading hell they pretty much decide anything and everything that is allowed or not allowed based on their interpretation, and being that they have men running around wearing womans clothes after of course they helped that along, these men will now be persecuted for that very act

    Also not woman not allowed to wear means clothes, hmm does that mean pants? Back to skirts or dresses for all?

    Check this stuff out, I'm telling you whole lot more going on here than file that birth certificate paperwork

    1. And just who are the judges of the Sanhedrin?

      If you do not comply you are eliminated from Heaven which that means current day earth (my interpretation)

      And remember those PROGRESSIVES have been working night and day to make Heaven on Earth!!!

      Not kidding, remember their commercial by PROGRESSIVE singing we'll make heaven a place on earth


    2. And in that same link I left above about judges of the Sanhedrin it says the following

      a gentile who reinterprets the details of the Noahide Laws in a way that diverges from the traditions taught by the rabbis is subject to death by the hands of G-d

      And if you think this is far fetched than not looking at the Talmudic aspect hiding behind the mask


    3. Well it appears that Chabad has an answer for that

      And on this page read all of it

      See Globalization and the End of Work, link below

      The Global Shift

      Tellin you folks this is way bigger than you imagine and been going on for very very very long time

    4. Go watch the video on the link I left above called The World is Flat

      He states that the borders of Israel are to expand and include the entire world

      Which is why the groups around the country in the Councils of Governments probably all come from within their world organization and THEY ARE IMPLEMENTING THEIR CREATED UN AGENDA

    5. just so folks know, THESE TORTURES OF INNOCENT ANIMALS is done in front of their JEW CHILDREN. They witness the torture of animals regularly. WHAT DOES THIS DO TO CHILDREN? What do JEWS tell us about what we can & cannot do with our Gentile Children aka JEW RUN CPS, while JEWS PERMIT the torture of animals as a JEW RITE.

      The same for Muslim Children are shown how to slaughter an innocent animal as early as they can lift a stick.

      They are NOT equal, they are NOT like us. They are despicable. They are EVERYWHERE IN OUR NATION thanks to the JEWS. All of this is JEW collateral damage. And we consent to it every friggin day.

    6. Thank you Wink Wink

  15. Yes, Annie, I was one of the first and most dogged sources of information on this exact issue. I did not follow it down to its ultimate ends as Kurt Kallenbach has, but certainly have exposed it and have long advocated the end of all such registration activities on American soil. The problem has been that technically, the Federal Corporations and the foreign governments running them, can impose all sorts of requirements on their "citizens" --- their employees and their dependents. This will require both political organization and public outrage to fully overcome, but I believe that with more people waking up and taking action, that will happen and relatively soon.

  16. VIRGINIA passes legislation to ban the sale of all

    Other articles on his page about these bills

    1. Whole lot of bribed 'elected' going along with the plan

      VIRGINIA Coordinators be advised and all others, sure this is to spread across the land as per the plan to disarm all in preparation for the green new deal world utopia

  17. Shelby. You are straying very far off topic. Although the search engines like original content it doesn't serve to just jam the comments section with links going to other websites. I am trying to protect the integrity of this blog, not drive traffic to others blogs. If you have something to say on all these other subjects that you link to, please start your own blog.
    We like to hear the opinions of those who read Anna's articles in your own words, not send people to far flung off topic opinions of other bloggers or websites. I can tolerate a link here and there as long as it's right on topic, but let this serve as a heads up.

    1. Understood Paul - guess I will keep the information to myself

      I publish link to this site on others as well, guess I will not do that anymore either, to keep it fair

    2. In fact I published your link to a video that had 3 million viewers just this morning, I will go back and remove it

    3. The internet search engines index this blog any way.

  18. Belletrain1 - and wouldn't it be interesting to see the Order Form, the contract, who signed it, for how much, how was it paid, when etc AND WHO MANUFACTURED those guillotines.
    Wow, what an impressive order to be fulfilled.

    Yeah, >>> Just who manufactured those thousands of guillotines?<<< How & on what or whom were they tested? Extract blood, dna samples from the blades.


    It is OUR DUTY to know who is behind it. Their own executions may benefit from the quality of their handiwork, quick & clean, with their heads falling into a basket the color of their choosing, any color, so long as its black.

  19. How about manufactured in China, you know the ones who woke up and are helping us free the world with their BRICS deal

    I'm sure they were shipped for free and bypassed all ports or border checks due to NAFTA and the USMCA

    Orange man just made new deal with them too, hmm I wonder what they be shipping in up through those free unchecked trading zones their chinese military personnel

  20. And they are biometrically friendly

  21. FEMA Orders 16,000 Guillotine Blades From Mexico

    Dave Hodges

    "they first began coming in from Saudi Arabia and Japan, and later Chinese manufacturers,....ordered from China through former Senator “Scoop” Jackson and his partner Richard “Prince of darkness” Perle."

  22. ICD-10 billing 'REVENUE'codes

    Affordable Care Act was not about helping anyone it was about implementing these various attributes, bring in the poor, start collecting their data and then target populations based on the analysis of that data

    So you see when they execute you they can bill the universal insurance carrier, that would be Medicare for All, and then they get all insurance money from policies they have taken out on the herd, and then they get the trust as well


  23. Global healthcare policy makers and hundreds of thousands attend March this year in Florida

    Public policymakers and big announcements take center stage at HIMSS20

    Action plan for technology-enabled health transformation


  24. Ready - ahhhh ha ha ha! Tick friggin Tock. thanks for that one. and the jew'cies all over it. Getting ready to Bolshevik us. Ohhh the slime does seep.

  25. jewcy's & their (((awards))). We follow their awards, track em down. jewcy's love their awards:
    The Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson Distinguished Service Award ... In 1982, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) was proud to honor Senator Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson with the first "Distinguished Service Award." After the Senator's untimely death in 1983, JINSA, in cooperation with Mrs. Helen Jackson, renamed the award in the Senator's memory.

    And Perle's wife: Leslie Joan Barr. Any relation to USAG Barr?

    Prince of Darkness: Richard Perle - Alan Weisman - Book ...
    Dec 16, 2007Despite its thunderous subtitle — "The Kingdom, the Power, and the End of Empire in America" — Alan Weisman's "Prince of Darkness: Richard Perle" has little to say about the way forward.

    Such loves, those jewcy's are, eh.

  26. Why death by guillotine? Because after they kill you, they want to make money off the sale of your organs!

    "So why don’t they use those already in use “so called” humane methods to kill the Christians they will eventually have in their jails? BECAUSE THE ORGANS WOULD BE POISONED AND NOT WORTHY OF HARVESTING!"

    "An excerpt from Bill #1274 in the Georgia House of Representatives. (I highlighted for obvious reasons…) Notice how the bill lets the cat out of the bag as to WHY they want guillotines.


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