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Thursday, February 13, 2020

About Reports of China Using High-Potency Vitamin C Therapy

By Anna Von Reitz

Vitamin C is helpful because it is the cellular energy transfer system that is being harmed by the corona virus.  Some citrus essential oils are also very, very effective and powerful surface germ-killers, too.

In terms of killing the corona virus or any other virus on solid surfaces ( and bacteria, too) a cleaning solution made by boiling peels from half a dozen oranges in two quarts water, 1/2 c. vinegar per quart of water, and 1 Tbs. salt and using in a spray bottle is very effective.  Lemon peel can also be used.  If you don't like the smell of citrus (I do, but some people don't) you can also substitute eucalyptus, tea tree, or oregano oil for the citrus peel and get the same germ killing power.

The same basic solution can be used to rinse your mouth or hands or sprayed on laundry as a pre-wash, though I prefer using coconut oil with a little essential oil of cinnamon or cloves as a germ-killing mouth wash.   Stripping off street clothes promptly, spraying them lightly, and storing the dirty clothes in plastic bags until you are ready to wash them helps kills any virus or bacteria and isolates the pathogens you pick up from getting spread around inside the house.  Adding a few drops of a germ-killing essential oil to your laundry detergent will not only help kill virus and bacteria, but will make your clothes smell wonderful.

Giving a quick spray to your shoes and keeping them sequestered near the door helps keep both germs and dirt outside.  Orange oil mixed with a good carrier oil and a little beeswax makes a good (and disinfectant)  boot oil that kills germs on contact.

Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg essential oils all kill bacteria and viruses very effectively.  During the Bubonic Plague, sailors on the spice ships proved immune because of their constant handling of these spices.  The importance of this was not immediately realized, but after the fact has contributed to the use of these essential oils in diffusers and in carrier oils as one of the few truly effective means of combating and overcoming all forms of viral pneumonia.  I suffered viral pneumonia every year for five years straight and nearly died one winter, before a friend brought me a diffuser and essential oils. 

One company, Be Young, even makes a mixture of essential oils called "Spice of Life" that mimics the combination of oils that would have been found on the medieval spice ships that proved so effective in combating the Plague.

A ten to one ratio of a good carrier oil (I would prefer coconut oil for its antiseptic properties, but almond oil, avocado oil, and olive oil all work fine) to any of these germ-killing essential oils works as a good and long lasting barrier on your skin.  During cold season I regularly apply these diluted essential oils to my lips and around the rim of my nostrils and as long as I do so, I never get colds. The essential oils are effective in penetrating and killing virus and bacteria in the nasal passages.  

Rubbing these diluted essential oils on your hands before going grocery shopping, wiping it on the steering wheel of your car, and other surfaces, is a sure way of cutting down or eliminating germs of all sorts.

This is no time for hysteria, and I am not suggesting any, but keeping good hygiene practices and protecting your health is always a good idea no matter what.

Once you get used to buying and using a few of Nature's plentiful and (most-often) pleasant smelling essential oils as part of your cleaning routine and learning how effective they are, you will throw away the majority of the expensive over the counter cleansers and spray bottle products you now use --- saving yourself money and promoting your family's health at the same time.

Always remember that essential oils are very, very concentrated.  Only a drop or two goes a long way and they should always be used in a diluted form---either by adding to carrier oils or by floating them on the surface of water, as in a boiling pot of water on the stove, or in a ultrasonic diffuser. 

Just the act of making the citrus peel-vinegar-salt solution has a strongly disinfecting effect on your kitchen and you can obtain a similar effect by adding a few drops of essential oil to hot bathwater or running an ultrasonic diffuser in your bathroom.  Running an ultrasonic diffuser in your bedroom can help calm your nerves and disinfect your surroundings and air passages at the same time.  Try a mixture of orange and cinnamon oil with a few drops of lavender or rose oil. 

In no time at all, you will notice the health benefits and the way your mood lifts, too.  We were meant to be in close contact with the natural world, and essential oils help bring us back in contact with all that is most life-affirming and life-sustaining.  During the Dark Ages --- then as now --- when witchcraft involving Black Magic was widely practiced, essential oils were used to protect homes from "evil spirits". 

I'm not sure that a good dose of lavender oil and Bay Leaves in a quart of water bubbling on the back burner could really keep Bill Clinton away, but it couldn't hurt!


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  1. A 'virus' or a massive cover up?
    Turning on hundreds of thousands of 5G small cells?

    1. Bingo, Wuhan the future Smart City, starting with Smart Health in the hospitals. Planned years ago.

  2. "consider producing ionic silver at home as a preventive measure. Taken daily could be a help. Here is a site to glance at." anonymous

  3. WARNING to all signs This year 2020. It will be similar Disappointed Theme from the Vermin’s like year 2012, May-June. Think back. Similar or worse disappointment from the crooks will reappear.

    Do not make a deal, appointed to receive your owing $$ from them during this time: 20-April – May – June. The Inter-banking will screw you. Why? Venus will retrograde in May – June 2020. Indicating problems.

    If the vermin's coarsened, they will pay the price any way, make a note.

    1. Better than astrological nonsense?⚡

    2. What you think it's real, and better is like this one:


    3. Naw...Bin Dead for years didn't remotely have ANYTHING to do with 911 Pinky💗


      First off, whoever was killed in that house was not shot by any US forces!

  4. A very effective combination of oils is called "Thi8eves Oil." You can find the recipe with a quick search.

  5. Chlorine Dioxide

  6. I'd say look in to ORACLE8i and PROMIS software

    In the above link it states the following
    'this software can indeed control a complex GENOCIDE AGENDA in the form of an engineered, worldwide VIRAL PANDEMIC from beginning to end ­ Alpha to Omega. Evidence suggests that this agenda was indeed systematically set in motion in March of 2009.'


    The reason for the herding of people in to the mega cities is for massive kill zones (more bang for thier buck), quick clean up and the elimination of the corpses before anything can be found of their crime

    CERN, IBM, Q and the software listed above are the computer power




  7. Human coronavirus is listed on the back of lysol disinfectant spray, my can is at least 4 years old...look for yourselves.

  8. You should treat this as a bioweapon and necessary precautions pertaining. Chaga mushroom is reportedly very effective in helping to prevent covid19 from reproducing/replicating. Fruiting body - mycellium is unlikely to have developed the anti-protease magic of the adult mushroom.

  9. In 2014 when Ebola was the Bio-Threat, Dr Rima Laibow recommended Nano Silver 10 ppm to many Countries, Sierra Leone ( West Africa) stood up to the WHO to protect his Country, and accepted her protocol. At the time, FDA, CDC and the WHO said their were no approved treatments for Ebola, and of course the mortality rates were very high. After the presentation by Dr Rima, President Ernest BAI Koroma unceremoniously sent the WHO representative out of the country!
    Dr. Rima’s silver, 200 bottles of it, along with 100 tubes of Nano Silver gel, all donated by a generous Sierra Leone Imam and his caring family, has finally arrived at Freetown, been met with a military hovercraft escort,and were presented to the Parliament before being deployed for the treatment of 100 patients in Stage I and II of the disease.(for clinical trials)
    They listend to Dr Rima and her husband,Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III, on the "science" of Nano Silver and it's purported benefits. Here is a quote from Dr Rima (who had to leave the Country years ago over FDA persecution)-
    "Then we learned that a Defense Department research agency (the DTRA) had funded a secret study of the very same manufacturer’s Nano Silver. That study was declassified and we found it.[3] The DTRA in vitro live-cell study showed that our Nano Silver 10 PPM supported normal cell membrane integrity, in the presence of some of the world’s most virulent viruses. The viruses could not penetrate the living cell membrane and thus could not replicate to cause disease. The natural human microbiome (all the microscopic critters that share our bodies) is kept in balance by our immune system. Nano Silver elegantly supports that system, preserving your health and vitality".
    Here is her site;

    I have several bottles in our go bags, and give it to the grandkids after their mandated vaccines! Good to have on hand even if a little pricey!

    1. Ionic silver easy to make with distilled water if one can afford a $259 basic unit.

      If nebulizer desired ~ more pricey 💰

      G. Edward Griffin 


      "I have been using colloidal silver for over twenty years. It has served my family well for the control of every kind of infection imaginable. I even use it as a deodorant, because of its ability to kill odor-causing bacteria. In the past, I made this product at home with a device that cost more than SilverLungs but only produced a liquid form. Now I use the vaporizer, which delivers the silver directly to the lungs for faster absorption." 

      Mike Adams 


      "What's really cool about the SilverLungs deluxe kit is that it includes a vaporizer which allows you to inhale silver vapor directly into your lungs as a way to kill bacteria. The outright censorship and oppression of colloidal silver is one of the most astonishing stories of oppression in the history of medicine and science, and one day I have no doubt that silver will finally be widely recognized as powerful medicine. 

      The SilverLungs Generator product is really impressive because it allows you to make your own colloidal silver for mere pennies per serving." 


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