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Thursday, February 13, 2020

For All Americans and All State Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

The first message I have for everyone is: Don't Wait.

It seems that many people in this country don't care if they have any protection under the Constitutions and are content to give up 80% of their earnings and accept literally "slave wages" and Noahide Laws as their lot in life --- until that reality comes home to them and they are faced with being homeless, taxed to death, imprisoned, and abused. 

It also seems that a good many folks who don't like this prospect are nonetheless too scared and politically correct to do anything about it. 

In either case, I have news for you --- time is of the essence.

Declare your political status and place your declaration on the public record to preserve it.  Claim your birthright as an American and your God-given Natural and Unalienable Rights.  Do so now before things get any worse.

Then, join and support and fully restore your State Assemblies.  Work together with others of like-mind and determination to restore the fully functioning government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Your lawful government has been badly eroded, but not fully overcome.

The second message I have for you all is: Waiting has costs.

Every day I get loads of messages, most of which I cannot answer, from individuals all over this country who are under attack by foreign privateers operating as "courts". 

These are not our courts, and for the most part, they have no standing to address any American unless we are actual Federal Employees or Dependents thereof, or are engaged in the manufacture, sale or interstate transportation of alcohol, tobacco or firearms. 

They do, however, have plenary control of both kinds of "US citizen". 

So what happens is that they misidentify you as some species of "US citizen" and they haul you into their foreign court under this presumption, and you have absolutely no admissible evidence otherwise, no claim on the public record declaring your political status as an American. 

This is how they subject you to their foreign statutes, codes, and regulations.

Once they have their hooks in YOUR NAME,  you are stuck fighting a losing battle with well-organized privateers and your chances of winning against them are only about 4% on average. 

This is because the foreign PERSON they named after you is already judged and declared guilty, so all they have to do is collect money and other assets, and decide how long they are going to profit themselves by keeping you in jail. 

Sadly, many Americans are sitting around on their thumbs and not taking steps to protect themselves from these predators, and not educating themselves about these issues, either. 

By the time they wake up and do their paperwork and educate themselves, they are already engaged in some kind of legal altercation with these fiends.  Then, all of a sudden, they are ready to claim their political status as an American and finally join their State Assembly and they expect that this should be a Magic Bullet.

Your action claiming American political status AFTER the fact of being addressed by these courts has no effect and merely appears to be a self-interested ploy to escape punishment.

If you want to claim your EXEMPT status, you need to get your ducks in order and be prepared to defend yourself and your property interests BEFORE you are on the receiving end of these abuses. And you must understand what your political status is.

Unless you are a Federal Employee, you are an American State Citizen of The United States --- a Wisconsinite, a Texan, a Virginian, etc.  This is a very different political status quite apart from being either a "United States Citizen" [Territorial] or "citizen of the United States" [Municipal].

To put an end to the predation of the foreign courts in your State of the Union requires you to join your State Assembly and organize your own courts and fill your own Jury Pools, elect your own Justices of the Peace, and elect your own Lawful Sheriffs.  

Once you do, the provisions of Milligan Ex Parte kick in and the quasi-military Tribunals have to stand down and let your own civilian courts take over. 

So stop whining.  This is what has to be done to solve the problem. Get yourselves organized.  Explain the situation to your friends and neighbors. 

Put it to them straight --- do you want to claim your heritage as an American and have the protections of the Constitutions and the Public Law --or not?

If not, don't come running to us when you get in trouble. 

It's up to all of us to stand up and act together to address these issues head on.  We have provided the history and the knowledge and the means, but it is up to each of you and every State of the Union to take action.


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  1. I've had these questions and it seems that I'm not able to find my state rep to ask so I hope someone can help me out here

    1. You can email

    2. If you look back at 'recorded history as told by the crooks running the show and creating all the narratives up to and including today' you will find they all have links to each other including judges, DA's, lawyers, doctors, courts, military intelligence, media, hollywood, etc etc etc

      Some say this guy is a fraud but I say he is spot on

      One of his latest write up is about the connection to a case and how it spawned a legislative action

      Kind of like Sandy Hook that spawned The Sandy Hook Promise, a 501c3 NON PROFIT, thieving orgainzation, and their installation of a school sureveillance program across the nation complete with a tattle tale program designed to coach your children on what to look for and report it back to the school, like the question do your parents own guns?

      Same with this bio terror initiative and their planning that went in to this phase of the war on the population

      Use it as a guide to see how your loving officials have orchestrated all these events for eventual lock down of entire nations for their continued assault on all

    3. Another one of interest, there is no deed that they will not devise and carry out

  2. Your STATES/States of state(Wa D.C.) rep's are ALL corrupt. They will only waste your times, putting you on their phone list to pretend helping you, as a constituent. The Vermins are good at only playing mind games, pretending to help you/us at our expenses. Then they sent their secret bills to extract our HJR 192 credits in secret, to collect our $funds from their IRS. All fake loans work in the same manner.

    All utility Corps are doing the same scams. Our power plants & Sewer systems had been paid by our taxes $$, own by us in their controls, including the public records. They like to pretend giving Govt help, there is no such a Free Govt help.

  3. >> privateers and your chances of winning against them are only about 4% on average.

    i see only 1%, if you hire their Bar attorneys, to play their delay games, to extend your slavery down the road.

  4. If you are receiving SSI are you seriously a Federal Employee or Dependent?

    1. None of them. But they misidentified you, by asking you this entrapping question. Are a US citizen (when you applied for it) ? I bet you answered yes. They also checked your ID, passport, etc.. I bet they identified you as a US citizen (of the British). The devil likes to omit the key, to detecting them.

  5. So what qualufies you as a Federal employee? I work for the state of KY public school system and I also have a handicapped grandchild who draws a SSI check that they won't let the mother put in her name so it is paid to me. Does that qualify me as a Federal employee?

  6. Have a case going on so I can not turn in my paperwork til this case is up.

  7. Read the following

    The people are being set up to challange them so they can be targeted

  8. I can emphatically state to you Anna, I began my paperwork long before any trouble was dealt, there is no charge/fine to pay money, they mean to Kill me, or lock me up and abuse me, of which after 30 days I will lose my PAID INTO social security. Ive never been given a State Assembly for Kentucky to contact and when I did talk to whomever, they never divulge that to me. No, I cannot in my total disability handle starting one either, I don't have the health for it.

  9. And btw, furthermore, I never did anything WRONG! Unless you deem using my freedom of speech wrong cussing the thieving cops who were stealing my TRUCK off my property, without a WARRANT, without any evidence of infringing as accused on the neighbors property. I've been a prisoner of my home for NINE MONTHS, but you all can't help me, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND, not!

  10. From Anna Von Reitz:

    Carol— I cannot fight the battles of 350 million people. I have given you multiple suggestions. Unfortunately, Kentucky is a Commonwealth and is operating its STATE OF STATE government under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition. So your situation is not normal and not easily addressed by normal means —the four States that have largely been taken captive by the Municipal Rats are all being operated as Commonwealths. Your recourse is to complain directly to the Archbishop and the COMMISSIONERS of the Health and Social Services Departments—- while standing firmly by your State Citizen political status and making it clear that neither you nor your assets have been knowingly, willingly, or voluntarily donated or pledged to any Municipal entity.

  11. I am confounded

    Does anyone have "PROOF" [acknowledgement from the alleged authority] that they are NOT a UNITED STATES CITIZEN - a UNITED STATES citizen.

    Does anyone have "PROOF" [acknowledgement from the alleged authority] that they have terminated all connections to the oligarchy and UNITED STATES [any and all versions]?

    Does anyone have "PROOF" [acknowledgement from the alleged authority] that they are "alive"? NOT a decident (decedent, not alive); debtor; enemy of the state?

    Does anyone have "PROOF" [acknowledgement from the alleged authority] that they are a real live living "Man"?

    Does anyone have "PROOF" [acknowledgement from the alleged authority] that the courts (any) recognize the "man" instead of the legal entity?

    Does anyone have "PROOF" [acknowledgement from the alleged authority] that the Birth Certificate is not connected to them - directly or indirectly?

    Does anyone have "PROOF" [acknowledgement from the alleged authority] that they are in a fiction – illusion (corporate entity); that they are out of the fiction – illusion (corporate entity)

    Does anyone have "PROOF" [acknowledgement-certified documents from the alleged authority] that they are OR that they are NOT a state citizen?

    Therefore how can anyone be something they are not ?

    How can anyone sit on a “jury trial” – trial by jury and not be a US citizen (don’t care how you spell-say it)

    Then how can you be in the assemblies if you are not alive?

    Gratitude– keep moving forward

  12. .
    Can there be fraud in a illusion - fiction - corporate entity?

    Very difficult to "PROVE" as the BAR has made it a difficult task.

    see comment below form Maximus June 28, 2020 at 6:34 AM


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