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Sunday, November 17, 2019

White Hats Report 48: The Tale is Told

By Anna Von Reitz

Episode One of The White Hats Report Number 48 has finally been released. This has been awaited for months now and it was not a disappointment, especially because under military protocols, it means that the enforcement is already in place and complete.
This in turn means that the attempted private sell-out of America to the Chinese has been intercepted and the "Crimson Gate" closed; President Trump's Executive Order collapsing the CIA now makes complete sense and so do the extraordinary happenings at Wright-Patterson AFB and Langley.
Episode One may not make a whole lot of sense to many Americans. It starts out with an impassioned and flustered speech by Lord James of Blackheath to the House of Lords in 2010.

This speech by a single brave member of Parliament revealed serious large scale financial transactions involving $15 trillion dollars being transferred in three $5 trillion packets from America to HSBC -- none of which could be adequately explained or validated. There was, at the same, or nearly the same time, correspondence about billions more "disappearing" that belonged to private asset holders. He also revealed, almost as an aside, a very serious discrepancy in the worldwide amount of previously mined gold bullion being reported to the British Government.
Despite his best efforts to get to the bottom of it all, Lord  Blackheath was at a loss to explain or do anything about these apparent aberrations in the financial system. It appeared to be some kind of mammoth money laundering scheme or other fraud on the Bank of Scotland. So, Lord James was asking his Peers to approve a formal Inquiry--- which, eventually--- after Lord James was found dead, they did.
As you watch this speech by Lord James, realize why he was so flustered-- and yet, so determined. He knew he was likely signing his own death warrant, but he was going to expose the rot anyway. And he did. Bless him forever.
Four years prior to that, very close to the same amount, $15 Trillion was sequestered by the DOD's Division of Fiscal Services in California. This was, at the time, the amount of the American National Credit owed to the States and People by the Municipal United States Government.
DOD established a lien for repayment of the debt on the Federal Reserve, E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the North American Water and Power Alliance.
In practical terms, they were establishing a lien against us, "for" us.
The debt was owed to the American States and People, and they were placing liens on assets belonging to the American States and People to secure the debt, as crazy as that may sound.
This is also when I stepped into their mud puddle and pulled my ESTATE out of the slush pile and began the whole process of reclaiming and placing liens on the assets owed to the States and People of The United States of America.
I "extracted" my own names and then began the lien process to recapture the American National Credit, because I knew the rats were getting ready to ship that mammoth debt (the credit owed to us) offshore, and withhold it or steal it outright.
I surmised that because our historical research had already proven that they had done this same thing at least twice before---shipping our stolen gold to the Philippines between 1898 and 1906, shipping our silver through the Federal Reserve hoax from 1913 to 1971, compiling huge amounts of in-house debt then cashiering the debt (credit actually owed to us) offshore.
If they got away with it again, millions of Americans would be defrauded out of a $15 Trillion credit owed to them, plus, the Bad Actors would get another hundred year lease on a $15 Trillion "Investment Fund" for themselves and their operations.
That secretive credit, secured by our labor, our land, our water, our public utilities, our remaining trust assets--- and actually all owed to us, not them ---- was what they were depositing as their credit with HSBC. And, of course, the credit back to them could not be validated, because it was never their credit to begin with. And our liens were squarely blocking it.
There are times "when you have to throw yourself in front of a train and leave the rest to God" because the results of inaction are too unjust to contemplate.
There are a lot of twists and turns of where the story went from there, but basically, it comes down to this:
Traitors lodged in high places in the American and EU and Middle Eastern Governments, had decided to pull a crime so heinous and so vast it staggers the imagination.
They would pass their debts off as our debts, embezzle the credit they owed to us, secure their debt with our assets, embezzle the American gold and silver assets they purloined using the Philippine Trusteeship Scam, Federal Reserve Note Scam and Federal Reserve System bankruptcy as "abandoned assets", sell our land assets to pay off their debts to the Chinese, cash out the bottomry bonds they had placed on our "vessels" as Life Force Value Annuities, and move their operations to China where the colluding Chinese Government would offer them asylum and freedom from extradition.
Once resettled in China, they'd start their same old game and use the Chinese as cheap mercenaries, just like they used the Americans for the better part of two centuries.
They'd have gotten away with it, too, except that the world has gotten a lot smaller since 1701, when they pulled this same gambit in Europe, up-ended The Dutch East India Company --complete with all the cargo belonging to others-- and moved their operations to New York, with the blessings of the King.
History does repeat itself for the simple reason that criminal schemes that prove successful against one generation get replayed against another. You have to detect the crime and stomp on the crooks hard enough to discourage them from trying it again, or the crime simply gets recycled like ugly wallpaper.
The politicians and bankers and Robber Barons got away with the phony name and identity substitution deceits and bankruptcy frauds in 1868, 1907 and again in 1933, so they milked the situation, devalued our currency by 96%, and waited almost a hundred years to try pulling it all again.
But this time, we were waiting for them.
They had set December 21st of this year "to sacrifice" America. If they had been successful, jack-booted UN Corporation thugs and Chinese troops would have begun mass evictions of Americans from their homes, loaded them up in cattle cars, and taken them to Hitler-style concentration camps.
And the actual perpetrators would have sat snug as toads in Rome and London and Beijing and Dubai and New York, and sagely clucked their tongues about "the stupid Americans".
Not quite so stupid, after all.
I can't wait for Episode Two. Bring the popcorn.


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  1. It's Lord James of Blackheath (not Blackwell). See here:

  2. White Hats Report #48 - Episode I - Follow The Money

    1. Just now entered the link in the upper search box and had no problem getting to the video.

      CENSORED Trump Poisoned? by Mike Adams with Alex Jones

    2. In 2018, a U.S. Secret Service agent traveling with President Trump in Scotland died from a stroke, USA Today reported. “A Secret Service agent traveling as part of President Donald Trump’s security detail died Tuesday in Scotland after suffering a severe stroke… The agent, a 19-year veteran of the agency, suffered the stroke on Sunday and was treated in Scotland.”

      InfoWars’ Millie Weaver reported today that this U.S. Secret Service agent who died from a stroke in Scotland was also a food tester for the President. He was reportedly in good health before his sudden death.

      “This is how power behind the throne always tries to take people out very quietly so that they don’t become martyrs,” explained Alex Jones during his InfoWars broadcast. “It is common knowledge there have been multiple attempts on the President’s life.”

    3. If Trump is killed - you can be sure this group ordered it:
      "Yet the Assassination Bureau is absolutely real. It exists in Europe and the United States solely to do the bidding of the Committee of 300 to carry out high-level assassinations where all other remedies have failed. It was PERMINDEX which ran the Kennedy assassination under the direction of Sir William Stephenson, for years the Queen of England's number one "pest control" operative. The operations were and probably still are financed by the Oltramaire family--Swiss Black Nobility, owners of the Lombard Odier Bank of Geneva, a Committee of 300 operation. The primary contact man was Jacques Soustelle-- this according to U.S. Army-G2 intelligence files."

      “Another strange face we see attaching itself to the Holy Christian Order of St. John of Jerusalem, and I use the word stranger as it is used in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament to denote the lineage of an individual, is that of Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, the man who helped plan the murder of John F. Kennedy. We see photos of this "strange" man wearing with pride the Cross of Malta, the same cross worn on the sleeve of the Knights of the Order of the Garter. If such a person as John F. Kennedy should stumble onto the truth about who directs world events, and cannot be bought, he is assassinated."

      In the case of John F. Kennedy, the assassination was carried out with great attendant publicity and with the utmost brutality to serve as a warning to world leaders not to get out of line. Pope John Paul I was quietly murdered because he was getting close to the Committee of 300 through Freemasons in the Vatican hierarchy. His successor, Pope John Paul 11, was publicly humiliated as a warning to cease and desist--which he has done. As we shall see, certain Vatican leaders are today seated on the Committee of 300."

  3. No speech to watch, where can we find the speech?

    1. Thanks for the links everyone

    2. The timing of Gold transactions from 1940 – 1992 or Now by the Philippines is after the facts. It is SUSPICIOUS and UNTRUST-ABLE after the massive GOLD stolen from SE Asia by the Crooked UK, FRANCE, and DEEP-STATE from 1868 – 1940’s, which erupted into WWII. The French attempted to hold on to SE Asia unsuccessfully, the Japanese also had the same interest, came in and kick the French out. The Jap took over SE Asia for a few years, the Deep-state returned to Bomb Japan on August 6 -, 1945; the Jap surrendered. The French, UK, and Deep states of America still attempted to retain SE Asia from 1953 – 1974. Eventually they couldn’t fight with the Anam/Vietcong. Several western mercenary wars injected into every state of Indochina to confuse them, by Eisenhower, a bit by JFK but he had a chance of heart, then LBJ killed JFK for not going along funding the war. LBJ couldn’t fight with Vietcong, neither can NIXON, etc.. They refused to call “Indochina War” the way it is; they called it deceptively as “Vietnam war”, because they occupied part of Indochina State, calling it deceitfully as Thailand for their US major Air-base hub of US Bombing campaign on SE Asia, at American and SE Asian expenses.

      It is convenient for the Crooked UK to assign all assets to her own common wealth Bankers. The Indochina has well over 100 pieces of Evidence of Gold Extraction from their Lands, by these 3 countries, naming themselves as “Anonymous Corporations”. France was the Front-runner of UK, Deep-state, and Vatican. They all came to SE Asia, with their Freemason lodges there.

      Siam partnered with the west crooks, changing their Name to Thailand to steal Indochina land and Gold as well, due to the word “Thai” is a closer-Name to "Tai" the ethnic of Indochina’ minority, where Gold was much extracted.

      Originally SE Asian temples were made out of Gold, later after much gold stolen, they simply paint their temple with Gold color. The French had been touring SE Asia since 1689. Their 1800’s books said so.

      The UK controls SIAM (Thailand) eve since the old time, conspired on killing their King 8, and made it like an accident on King 9.

      Indochina had no choice, but to team up with Russia and China to go after the west crooks.

    3. The vietnam war was about installing a central bank, a proxy government and giving access to all oil and gas leases to the Rockefellers

      And the same gang removed practically everyone from the gulf states with man made Katrina and the gulf oil spill to take over the entire gulf region

      You think Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and West Virginia lost all their manufacturing jobs by accident

      They are now looking to mine copper in Lake Superior and FOXXCONN the Chinese manufacturing plant is to be built in Wisconsin with direct route for the raw materials to go strait to the plant

      This is being done to support the BRICS deal they made and to bring those nations up to speed with 5G and IoT, for their global take over via cashless society and blockchain

      India is biometrically marking all of their population, iris scans, fingerprints, everything and without doing it they cannot receive any benefits I believe the program is called ADHR or something like that

      The ROCKY boys and the BRICS deal

  4. Dear Anna, Thank you for fighting the sovereignty of all Americans. In the above quote "---shipping our stolen gold to the Philippines between 1898 and 1906, shipping our silver through the Federal Reserve hoax from 1913 to 1971"; how can you explain this documentary that this King Solomon World Assets long prior to 1800 is controlled by TVM? See link:

    1. Your search - ... - did not match any documents.

      or google search:Urgent letter to QUEEN ELIZABETH II from HM. KING TVM-LSM

      This documentary shows that there is over a Million Metric Tons of Gold World Assets inherited from King Solomon, Emperors, Monarchies, etc. TVM has control of the Alpha Omega Trust and he is offering this assets for Humanitarian Projects to eradicate poverty. Also, the documentary mentions the 911 event and assassination of JFK. The value is $500 Decadillion ($500 with 42 zeroes). The gold were deposited to different banks throughout the world including the Federal Reserve Banks and Forth Knox. How can we say that we own this gold?

    4. Anonymous. please use your name as we all do. Thank you for that link. I REALLY hope Anna see's it. My Lord! How can we fight this MONSTER??? TVM-666 is not benevolent. This clearly show over 5000 years of domination, G.O.D ( as in: "In GOD we trust" is really (gold,order,dominion) and the K.O.R.A.N not being the so called word of allah, but an agenda of a signatory.When you get to 1:09.24 in the video and look and all those signor's and the seals and their "commissions"! How can Kim Gougen or any other person claim any holdings including ASN'S (us) when the whole enchilada is ENTIRELY wrapped up??? When you look at the titles associated with these signatories-and the references to the seventh seal and the 7th white stallion, and Revelation 20:10-11 and Michael Almatin(Archangel)and then see the photos and seals of;
      Rockefeller, Brzezinski, Mondale, Reagan, Kissinger, Carrington,TVM do they think they are the saviors of mankind???Who exactly died and left them in charge??? If this is "real" you have to wonder how it got out in such a fashion. Alpha-Omega actually has a facebook page! Is this just crap???? One can only hope.

    5. Danika et al, my search has found removed Video. Be sure you copy everything on the link property, and also BEWARE the vermins had been removing MANY DOCUMENTS and VIDEOS to hide-and-seek games.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. All our patents being handed over to the Chinese since 1984, hmm funny that 1984 like Orwells novel that was not fiction but their blueprint
    Compliments of the 'leaders'

    1. Hey Shelby - yep, our patents, everything, even our 'ideas' are stolen via Talpiot & Unit 8200 straight to Isrhaell, who then dole out OUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY for big shekels. Seems Utah Data Base Center is USA hub. Gee whiz, what could possibly go wrong?

  7. There exist at least two separately operated CIA’s. The United States (1) and Switzerland (2). It remains to be seen where Trump stands with regard to the alive and well represented Greco Roman Empire that supposedly ceased to exist but in fact did not and now wishes to openly compete for world domination using weather and satellite warfare technologies. The Paradise CA fires are an example of the capabilities of these weapons technologies. Many unaccounted for lives were lost. They were incinerated.

  8. anybody here have any educational material on how to make a lien apply to wrongdoers?

    1. I can not recall the post # from
      Anna wrote about how to go after the bond (insurance) that allows public officials to be in office. Without a bond, or even claims against the bond, would hurt the reputation of the public official, this could lead to removal of said public official.
      Can anyone help recite the post #???
      Thank you, and sorry I couldn't help more

      Documented American Assemble and Educate

    2. the search feature on Anna's website is really great. try that

    3. If you send a criminal complaint on a public official to the Insurance Commissioner of the State, it becomes instantly and automatically a lien against the bond of the official, the judge or district attorney and he's dead. He cannot function without bonding. This is held in suspension until the issue is resolved................just found this in one of's articles.

    4. Jill do you have a direct link to that page on
      As far as making a lien apply I believe you have to file a UCC-1


  9. "Despite his best efforts to get to the bottom of it all, Lord Blackwell was at a loss to explain or do anything about these apparent aberrations in the financial system."

    It is not Lord Blackwell but Lord David James of Blackheath.

    According to the link below & shown by the listings in Hansard, Lord James of Blackheath is alive & well.

    As of 4th April 2019, Lord David James of Blackheath is listed on page 19 of said website (Refer above url).

    Hansard would not include Lord James's name or photo within this information if Lord James was deceased. It is therefore fair to state that Lord James is alive and well, still a member of the House of Lords, and still active.

    It is also fair to state that the original information via MI5 and Wikipedia is, and was, False information.

    What cannot be confirmed is whether the Lord David James as recorded 4th April 2019 is the original or a clone on the original. That fact has yet to be established.

    1. >>direct appeal to the United Nations seeking their support for bringing the European Commission into strict conformity
      with the requirements of Clause 46.1

      The Queen dishonesty, their house of inequity, their connection to Large UK-American JPMorgan~Chase, BofA, etc, their Ownership of UN Corporation, etc.. All Destroyed people Trusts in many ways.

      THEIR HOLLYWOOD-Play WILL NOT BRING BACK ANY PUBLIC TRUST IN GOV'T, In ref: their crimes in IRAQ or else where.

  10. Globalist depopulation agenda as presented to 'Carter'
    Take note that 'Carter' is now a world elder
    Who knew the world had 10 elders looking out for all of us especially when those elders were predented with DEPOPULATION AGENDAS

    1. And those depopulation plans included the starvation of billions of people in third world nations and the poisoning of the worlds food supply to create disease for profit
      And the AMA knows about it

  11. The Committee of 300 and their plans for the world which aligns with the UN agenda being rolled out now

    Nuclear power is about clean affordable energy for the world not nuclear weapons

    Wind and solar is the green new deal for all the crooks in the know about the entire swindle of taking all the oil and all other natural assets for themselves

    1. Read the .pdf document from above especially the part about the first FEMA drill using 3 mile island nuclear plant
      Interesting that this year they will close 3 mile island?
      Their green new deal is about global serfdom for all except them

      Read also about how they provided classes to the brain dead senators and congressman about The Aquarian Age and astrology

      Interesting to note the CHIPS system and the 666 system they have set up as well

      All of it centers around the drug trade - billions of dollars involved - free trade deals and zones is about bypassing any check points and moving their drugs through their pipelines (and yes it could very well be that what we call pipelines for oil) may be the drug pipelines

      I watched as the steel town I grew up in get decimanted and as they then moved in gambling and heroin from Pittsburgh
      Entire towns lost dozens of people to herion overdoses and gambling suicides

      This is controlled demolition and they are all part of it

      Aquarian age my a$$

      Drills to produce data for the crisis cloud and resilient cities initiatives

      Resilient cities a Rockefeller Foundation spawn and how it relates to 5G and the IoT (internet of things)

      Their aim is no upward mobility for any nation or people on this planet - no new technologies to help the world just green global serfdom for all

      And the so called brits (queen) who is said to be running this show is German not British

  12. i’m having thoughts about the white-hats. This smells a bit like freemasonry to me. Whenever there is a number 33 inserted somewhere in the narrative you can bet at least one of those on the so called good guys side is a freemason. American Society has no place for secret societies in religion, politics and finance. Freemasonry operates in shadows. I hate that!

    1. Netal Shepherd - The White Hats report is old news in itself. Maybe the relevant thing is in their research, confirmations, vetting, etc. Then that its presented to higher-ups. So the WH reports would be its actual factual, vetted & presented.
      OR is it just the info is exposed so vastly as populace awakens, it can't be denied, so WH's publish it? Could it be WH reports are indicative of enough population % awakened?
      Yeah, was waiting for some startling new info, too, tho it may be in its vetting. Weird.

  13. The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime
    All the Plenary Men


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