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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Mailbag 17 November 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s Sunday so I am faithfully attempting to answer my mail. I hope those who have sent me letters are reading these replies. It’s the best I can do for now. 

1. For Marcellus: How can a few people hope to change the world?  

It’s always a few people who change the world for better or worse, Marcellus.  There is no other way it can be, because the basic unit of mankind is one man or one woman.  It’s always just me and you and Liz and Joe and Bob and.... 

Think about the Spartans at Thermopylae and the twelve Disciples, Buddha sitting under his tree and the RAF during the Blitz.  

Where would we be, except for a few people? 

This present situation is no different.  

There are no special rewards or honors for being one of the few, no advantage I can think of or offer.  It’s often thankless and always requires sacrifices.  Quite often, other people think you are daft or they feel threatened or they simply won’t listen—- and you are left standing in the gap, alone. 

But then, some other “knot head” comes along, sees what needs to be done, and then there are two instead of one....

2.  For Judd and Peggy:  I share your concern that people are mistaking privileges for rights and vice versa.

Liberty can look like freedom. 

Relief can look like remedy.

A tax exemption can look like freedom from taxation. 

A “natural person” can look like one of the people. 

A “Jural Assembly” can look like a “State Assembly” because it’s part of a State Assembly.

Civil rights can look like natural and unalienable rights. 

A Federal Grand Jury can look like an American Grand Jury. 

An IRS Agent can look like Melody Gibson, your Fourth Grade teacher. 

A “democracy” can look like a republic.

A cease-fire can appear to be a peace settlement. 

A US Citizen can look like an American State Citizen. 

Discernment  and awareness come by making the effort to think and to study.  
The hardest thing we struggle with is ignorance, not ill-will.  And the worst kind of ignorance arises from assuming that you know something, when you don’t.  

So, we have to learn and we have to educate and there’s no easy way around it. 

3.  For Ken: I have learned not to worry about money or failure or much of anything else.  

I have been doing this full time for eight years now and have seldom had more than a few hundred dollars extra—- but at the same time, no matter what the needs have been, there has always been enough.  

Now, deride me for this, but I believe and my experience has borne out, that when we act in good faith, things fall into place. 

It’s as if the Universe knows you are being honest and trying to do something good, so the Universe responds in kind.  Help comes in the most unexpected ways and it is always exactly what is needed, right on time. 

So, we might as well check our worries about timing and money at the door.  When you decide to take on the corruption infesting world government, you are already riding the Divine Wind.  Those who are destined  to help you, hear the call and cone shuffling through the door....

4. For Marilyn:  Yes, of course, I am in danger. Everyone is. 

Every day we live, we could die. 

We all know this, but somehow it still seems like a surprise. 

To me, it just makes each moment more precious and the urgency of doing what good we can do, more urgent. 

I am already an old woman. I am not going to be here forever.  That’s fine by me.  How my story ends is less important than the fact that I began it and that I have lived it with gusto and with good faith, with love, and with honesty.  

Somehow, I feel sure that I have already had the desired impact.  Enough people are now awake and thinking, enough Shinola Sensors are turned on.  America is rumbling and grumbling awake. 

I recently saw a video tape of Johnny Cash’s last public performance.  He was unsteady on his feet, but when he sat down and picked up that guitar, his fingers found the frets and the magic flowed through him just as true as it had ever been, and it was perhaps more detailed and more sweet, for all the years and tears and telling. 

As I face my ending, however and whenever it comes, I fully accept that it is all okay, that I came here in the palm of God’s hand, and that I will leave the same way.   I know that I have been created and supported every moment —and not the least bit of my life has been happenstance.  There has always been a plan, and a purpose, though I haven’t always known it.  I trust in that Greater Wisdom. 

5.  For Mack— there isn’t time for individual court cases any more.  I do a little poking and prodding —like testing legal theories and checking out the practical limits of a particular court’s jurisdiction.  Lately, I have been finding out which courts are still in existence, which have been vacated, and I and my cohorts have begun the process of reopening courts to serve living people. 

This has been made unnecessarily difficult by 
widespread ignorance and a dearth of people to serve—-thanks to the fact that most Americans have been misidentified as foreign citizens and therefore have no access to actual American Courts, our “customers” are still few and far between.  

I get lots of good laughs watching former Bar Attorneys trying to function in our courts.  The bare and mighty simplicity of our Public Law often leaves them at a loss, groping for a missing Procedures Manuel.   But it’s all good. 

As one former Bar Attorney said, “I am finally engaging in my profession!”  He seemed both stunned and elated.  For them, and for the rest of us, a whole new world is opening up.

6.  For John, Penny, and Brenda:  Most people get interested and involved in things because they have an ax to grind.  

They don’t just walk in off the street one day and say, “Gee, I am supposed to be living my life as an American! What do I have to do?” 

Almost always they come because they are in trouble or in some kind of need.  They don’t start thinking about their government until they have need of it, and so, start groping around and realizing that it’s not there to help them anymore. 

The good ole American Government has faded away to a shadow, and they are left standing there alone facing a corporate machine intent on putting them in jail for victimless crimes, or stealing their homes or devaluing their money or taking away their kids or taxing them into oblivion.  

THAT is when I give them The Self-Governance Lecture —basically, you are supposed to be providing your own government.  If you don’t do that, you get stuck living under someone else’s laws and paying taxes, tithes, and fees for the privilege. 

So declare your proper political status, organize your State Assemblies, elect your Sheriffs, fill your jury pools, and serve yourselves. Nobody else can do it for you. 

This is not a comforting message. 

No, that is not what people want to hear.

They want to talk and argue about their rights, but they don’t want to do the work to exercise those rights. 

Almost to a man, they want everything served on a platter, already taken care of, one size fits all.  That’s what they expect when they walk through my door. 

Imagine the discomfort and often anger that is precipitated when they realize that hey, there is just this one little office and one little old lady and all by myself, I don’t look like much firepower arrayed against the unholy power of “the” US Government. 

I am, actually, a lot of firepower, but Joe Average doesn’t know that.  He sits there in complete state of confusion. 

But I am an American! I’ve got rights! 

Not if you don’t exercise them, I calmly reply. 

It slowly dawns on Joe that he is looking at the last vestiges of his rightful and lawful government of the people, for the people and by the people.  

While he was busy with other things, foreign interlopers came in and did his job “for” him, so now they are literally cracking the whip over him, telling him when to sit and when to stand up. 

It’s a long road to Tipperary. 

But so we begin.... declare your political status. Record it.  Assemble.  Organize your State Assembly....

7.  For Alyce:  see above.  The right to self-govern is not the same as being self-governing. 

I may have the right to possess a solid gold bath tub, too, but if I don’t do the work, I am never going to have one. 

8. For Tom:  Yes, I know it’s complex and a pain in the butt learning all this stuff and doing all the paperwork. 

And even after you learn and do all this you may still have to fight like a hellcat to make the Interlopers respect it. 

They make a lot of money off you and your assets. They derive a lot of power from controlling you. 

They aren’t going to jump up and be overjoyed that you are claiming back all the stuff they say you”donated” to them “voluntarily”. 

They like being able to spend your money and accrue debt against your assets.  They like telling you what to do, how to think, how high to jump. 

Resurrecting your own government after such a long “absence” is going to be a lot of hard work and cause a lot of consternation and confusion. 

But it’s either this or a bunch of brigands hijacking the planet and ruling over the rest of us like The Pigs in Animal Farm. 

8. For Jackie:  see above.

Because the Interlopers derive a lot of money and power by providing us with government services, they don’t want us to serve ourselves. 

They will Pooh-Pooh the entire concept of self-governance and tell you to go back to sleep. Just move along, everything is fine, nothing to see here, pay no attention to the giant lien I just placed on your property, or how my spending is devaluing your currency....

They will tell you that being a US Citizen is the same as being an American—— but then, they will tell you that a Federal Reserve Note is the same as a US Dollar, too.  And a “natural person” is the same as one of the People.  And a land title is the same as a patent and a patent is the same as a free hold.  And of course, JOHN MARK DOE is the same as John Mark Doe.... we just hit the Caps Lock on the keyboard.  By mistake. 

They will tell you any amount of lies to keep control of you and your money

They will try to keep control and keep spending your money and obligating your assets however they see fit —-for as long as you let them, and as long as you believe them. 

I say it’s time to put an end to all of this nonsense of employees ruling over their employers.  

I say it’s all self-serving Bushwah. 

But it is still up to you to figure it out. 

9. For Tony:  what do I recommend besides “everything else” on the people’s agenda?  

You mean, besides the mop and bucket? 

I think we ought to fire the entire Federal Government, but do it in an orderly, peaceful fashion. 

It’s just business. 

They are employees.  We are employers. 

So we start with the Federal Civil Service.... everyone whose last name begins with “T” is fired effective November 20th....

Those who wish to keep their jobs take a new loyalty affirmation and agree to serve the best interests of and to honor the Will of the States and People of this country, or they take a hike.  

Once we are rid of the openly disloyal chaff clogging up the Federal Government System we do the same with the Agencies and Military. 

Fire each and every one of them and make them choose —on the record— where their loyalties are. 

Any General that doesn’t want to obey the civilian (not civil) government of this country is welcome to find other employment.  

Any Admiral in the United States Navy who thinks his obligation to the Queen outweighs his obligation to the States and People is welcome to join the unemployment line. 

And most of the Agencies which are private subcontractors to our foreign subcontractors— shouldn’t even exist. 

Why should we hire the Congress  to do work for us, and let them have entire Departments to help do the work assigned, and then let the Departments hire more subcontractors to do their work for them? 

Can we agree that letting subcontractors hire subcontractors is nuts?   

How many US Citizens does it takes to change a light bulb? 

If Congress is supposed to regulate the currency, how are they palming their job off on the Federal Reserve?  

Then coming back shame-faced after a hundred years of this malfeasance to say, uh, well, we weren’t minding  the shop and quadrillions of “dollars” just up and walked away?  

And all this embezzlement happened while your industries, roads, and bridges decayed, your courts malfunctioned, your children were used as lab rats and cheap mercenaries, civilians were ambushed and murdered on your public roads, your school test scores plummeted, your medical care costs increased 50,000%, and well, gee, aren’t we doing a fine job “for” you? 

We all know it has to be done, and the first order of business beyond organizing ourselves is to fire—in a nice, orderly way— all employees of the Federal Government.  

Let them all tender their resignations and come to grips with who their actual employers are and what their actual “services” are supposed to be. 


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  1. Any of you watch that show Live PD? I have been watching it lately and the police are not only violating peoples rights but cocky enough to put it on live TV. Is there a class available anywhere on how to deal with these crooks during a traffic stop. The first time they try to put hand cuffs on me for no reason claiming they are just detaining me til they can figure things out I will probably get arrested for resisting. They are out of control like we live in Nazi Germany or something. We need to be educated on our rights more than ever right now! Is there a class anywhere on this???

    1. Floyd - Take Neo's class - It's outstanding. Right on point to what you seek and much more.
      -Will in Denver

  2. How many US Citizens does it take to change a light bulb? They can't, they are just a piece of paper!

  3. Verification of loyalty is a WONDERFUL way to start .No hidden codeacills .........................


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