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Sunday, November 17, 2019

"Benefit" is a Dirty Word

By Anna Von Reitz

This is what happens: the "Federal" corporations providing us with "essential government services" spin off some new program or offer to contract addressed to their employees. But it isn't explained that this new whiz-bang is for their employees.
They make it look like it applies to everyone and that it is a good deal for everyone ---- when it is never a good deal for Americans and may not be a good deal for their employees, either.
These programs and policies are often imposed under color of law, making it look like it is a requirement of "the government" in general to join or pay or participate in something, for example, Selective Service, when in fact it is a "private requirement" or "policy" of a foreign governmental services corporation being imposed upon its employees and dependents.
For another example, Social Security.
If you go back and read the legislative history and the newspaper articles and discussions presented by Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the time that Social Security was introduced, you would never pick up on the fact that this program was limited to Federal Employees (Civil Service) and their Dependents.
You'd hear a great deal about preparing for our old age and being responsible for our own care, etc., but nary a word about the fact that this program was for Federal Civil Service Employees and that for Joe Average American it was: (1) not required; and (2) involved very substantial losses, including the presumed loss of our birthright political status.
In point of law and fact, Social Security was limited to Federal Employees and was introduced as a Federal Pension Program, however, it contained some tricky legal language that let federal welfare benefit seekers and federal political asylum seekers sign up and participate in the program, too.
All these people --- federal welfare recipients and federal political asylum seekers and Federal Civil Service Employees are "citizens of the United States" [Municipal Government] by definition.
There isn't supposed to be an American in the whole dog pile.
Yet millions of innocent Americans who never sought welfare, never needed political asylum, and who were under no obligation to participate in Social Security at all, were entrapped and given false information to the effect that they "had to" enroll in Social Security and "had to" have a Social Security Number to get a job in this country.
Any requirement to apply for or have a Social Security Number is, in fact, only for those seeking Military or Federal Civil Service jobs or, alternatively, Federal welfare benefits---a fact that was not disclosed to millions of Americans--- a non-disclosure which counts as one of the biggest "Sins by Omission" ever in recorded history.
As we enrolled in this miasma of foreign corporate deceit and got sucked into paying 7.5 percent of our lifetime earnings (an amount matched by our equally imposed-upon private employers) we also unwittingly provided the crooks with an excuse to "presume" that we were knowingly adopting Municipal United States citizenship, and that we were seeking Federal Welfare Benefits.
In other words, unknown and undisclosed to us, "applying for" a Social Security account changed our "presumed" political status and subjected us to many, many obligations that accrue to Federal Employees, Federal Welfare Recipients, and Federal Asylum Seekers---- without our knowledge or consent.
This is just one example of the process of entrapment and non-disclosure and "attachment" via adhesion contracts that has resulted in Americans being suborned and presumed against and fleeced "as if" they were Federal citizens, when they are not naturally Federal citizens, and not knowingly needing or seeking any such political status, either.
The current flap over Phil Hudok's Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020 is a similar obfuscation.
If you are in fact a Federal citizen, you are already a subject of the Queen and the Pope and you land assets, if you have any, are already held in trust. So it doesn't further hurt you to admit to being a "natural person" and it doesn't matter if you accept a Municipal "title" to your land.
Also, if you are a Federal citizen, you might want to establish a Peace Treaty 2020, because Federal citizens actually fought the Civil War and the Civil War was never officially ended and that has caused trouble and legal mischief for 150 years.
The problem comes when average Americans get caught in the middle and unwittingly sign up for "Arbitration Awards" meant for Federal citizens--- and thereby allow the "presumption" again, that they are freely and voluntarily and knowingly adopting Federal citizenship and its obligations---and giving up all the advantages and guarantees and freedoms and assets owed to Americans, including their Constitutional guarantees and property rights.
Put bluntly--- what stands as a "benefit" to a Federal Employee often stands as a terrible loss for an American.
Federal Civil Rights protections, for example, may be a great leap forward for Federal citizens who had no rights at all prior to the adoption of these measures; but Federal Civil Rights are no match for, nor rational replacement for, the Natural and Unalienable Rights owed to American State Citizens.
If you are an average American, you have never been directly employed by the federal government -- except perhaps for a stint in the military, and you have no actual reason to adopt Federal citizenship, which is a decidedly disadvantageous political status compared to your birthright political status as an American State National or American State Citizen.
Even those who have served in the Federal Civil Service would be shocked to learn that "US" citizenship involves such very serious losses of material rights and the acceptance of so many disadvantageous obligations--- so much so that most people who had other options would avoid such employment and such obligations and would joyously set aside Federal citizenship at the earliest opportunity.
The Second Class nature of Federal citizenship has been kept a secret from most Americans, who would be naturally offended to know that others living on our shores were being, comparatively, mistreated by these foreign government organizations operated ultimately by the British Monarchs and the Popes.
The fact remains that Federal Citizenship of both kinds --- British Territorial United States Citizenship and Municipal "citizenship of the United States" --- involve foreign political statuses and very substantial loss of rights and property interests owed to Americans.
If you are in fact an American and not a Federal Employee or Dependent, which includes American Retirees from Federal Employment, both Military and Civil Service, you are free to come home and receive back your original political status --- including your property rights and your constitutional guarantees.
Unfortunately, thanks to the above-described improper practices engaged in by our foreign subcontractors--- seeking to claim Americans and American property for the benefit of foreign interests--- we must all be ever-vigilant and knowledgeable about our political status and not get drawn into any federal program applications and intrigues that can serve as a means to deprive us of the property and rights owed to us as Americans.


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  1. I recall hearing that common law marriage was filthy and immoral. So one of my grandfathers, even a large number of my family are filthy and immoral due to not having a marriage license ( due to none required or available and common law used up to the time the "new" clean and wholesome licenses appeared. Recall a license is permission of the owner. So these U.S. Citizen created in the 1860s owe apology to my family who came here in 1754 and been here ever since. I worked military for years and now have to fight them, paper work, claims and months and months just to get some food. Finally a kind oral surgeon at a volunteer place pulled out all my teeth. VA could not help by "legal" rules and I was dying of infection. Yes they will use you if they can and toss you in the trash.

    1. AirCarvings, the worst thing, that everyone does is Register & License Everything.
      You just gave yourself -Spouse & Children or Property away to the STATE OF STATE.
      Land Record everything, at the Land recording office in your County. Marriage, write it down in the Family Bible.
      It's very hard to deal w/ all the stuff we have to do too become free; never give up(not my quote) study truth and win~

  2. All the enforcement laws for the collection of Income taxes, like liens and levy's, are in Title 27 not Title 26. Title 27 has to do with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. In 1971 they merged the collection of federal employee's, which was in Title 26 and moved it to Title 27.
    Most of us, now being labeled as federal employees of Washington DC, now have our Individual Master File at the IRS as being involved in profit and gain in ATF. That's another reason that these tax agencies have so much power over us.

    Our own true unincorporated united states of America could of provided the same thing as SS for the free 50 states and not have to be labeled as a gov't employee. They have the nerve to call it an entitlement.

  3. Title 26 is damaged by the Crooks, they can extort all they wanted, the living proof is there in Europe. From where and who did they steal many things from to build their cities and everything? THEN:

    GWB stole $26+ Trillion from Ambassador Lee Wanta on 9-11, who took advantage of Russia.

    It was the Russians who unknowingly helped the EU Crooks to propel. Thereafter the EU Crooks made this statement:

    2. S.Res.139 — 101st Congress (1989-1990) A resolution to designate June 6, 1989, as "National D-Day Remembrance Day, and to recognize the sacrifices made by the American and other Allied soldiers who gave their lives to liberate Europe and save the world from Adolf Hitler.

    SAME Extortion.

  4. According to this
    1954 Communist Control Act go figure cc = 33
    According to this the CORPORATE MEDIA has displayed this pronouncement of everyone in The United States of America to be communist??

    Just putting it out there

    I know Anna does not like this group but it is interesting information to say the least
    Evidently the 'leaders' have told the world that we The United States of America agreed to be communist???
    Through the DMV??
    Gold star in the upper corner of ID2020 ring any bells for anyone??

  5. Worth a watch - dates and how the trojan horse sitting in DC plays his part

  6. How climate change, cc = 33 will be used to usher in save mother earth
    global climate change equals green global serfdom for all - the peasants live in global poverty while the RBF Brothers hoard all the gas and oil making green new deals for themselves
    An interdependent world of green global serfdom for all except for those who run foundations and make green new deals!!
    The BRICS deal and how the north american union will now become the global slaves (welcome all immigrants for low paying jobs and sleep in a tent)
    While they steal all of our high technology (.com bust) ENRON CON, 2008 housing con, 2001 demolition con meeting their set 21 goals to depopulate the continent while they immigrate their new work forces and army
    NGO's and COG all over the country bringing in immigrants
    CORPORATIONS GALORE working on the green new global serfdom for all

  7. In a local walmart today, have robots now roaming around the store - literally robots, huge white like looking robots navigating around the floor

    1. we have them (robots) out here is california too!

  8. Their world wide 't e r r o r' plots

  9. Retweeted
    Mukhi Mindset@MukhiMindset

    Must Watch following video - The Truth Hidden In Plain Sight
    This is a clip from the show "X-Files" and literally talks about how the One World Order/Governments are run
    They put it in plain sight because they know people wouldn't even bat an eye, its straight mockery
    The world isn't really our world

  10. Anyone receiving SSI or SSDI benefits are unintended Federal Employees??

  11. Much of this SSN business began with FDR's work programs. Desperate people, people who had no jobs or money, were lured into the scheme to build stone buildings and such in the national parks and other programs, in other words, make work. They were told that they had to have a SSN number to work these jobs. What's desperate man to do? He had no idea what a SSN was or that he was signing up for US citizenship or that he had just approved the creation of a "person" that was subject to the laws of a foreign corporation. No one told him. He was just desperate to provide for his family. Despicable, eh?

    The legal term "person" had no meaning for this hapless victim. As far as he knew, "his" government was just lending a helping hand. The fact that he had just agreed to occupy an office of the United States was way beyond his understanding. As far as he was concerned FDR was a Good Guy, and he passed that on to his children who passed it on to theirs, ad nauseam. Those folks were up against an evil so insidious and so cunning as to be powerless against it and were without the understanding to counter it. The brilliance of the scheme and its playing on the desperation of the poor folks who fell for it out of need leaves one gasping for words.

    Well, we know better now. Our persons are our property and, for the sake of dealing with government, we can, by our prerogative, assign them any status we wish, such as state citizen or a person of the people's state or state national and claim for them full protections provided by our state constitutions, even though those constitutions are corporate in nature. The only law we, as men and women, are subject to is God's law. We created government. It is subject to us. The big snag is making that perfectly clear to them. They will challenge you every step of the way. Unfortunately, the State of State and/or STATE OF STATE requires some form of person to work with as it is an artificial entity and cannot deal with a man or woman. That person can be a US person, property of the Unites States or it can be some sort of state person, property of the man. It's your choice. Good luck, though, it ain't as easy as it sounds. Paperwork can bolster your claim but it must come from within. You must say it, at least three times, to these occupiers, these interlopers, "I am Gumby, dammit! My person is not your property." That's what it looks like to me at this time.

    1. And I would bet that is exactly what they doing to immigrants bringing them in and signing them up for 'benefits'
      I've worked with the data, I've seen it myself, people already working and not yet been assigned a social security number


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